Download Linux Mint 9 Isadora

Linux Mint 9 is done. An official announcement is still pending; however, all the ISOs are now available for download.


Mint is an operating system designed to be completely functional out of the box. Linux Mint 9, which is based on Ubuntu 10.04, is in some ways, a refined version of an already excellent distro. Check out the videos embedded below to see Isadora in action.

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Linux Mint boasts of a host of new and improved features including a new software manager, backup tool, tweaked interface, improved update manager and Mint4Win.

CD as well as DVD images for Linux Mint 9 are available. The DVD version is just about 100 MB larger than the CD version and simply includes additional wallpapers and packages such as Sun Java, Samba and ttf-DejaVu, which could not fit into the CD.

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Linux Mint 9 is Expected to Release Very Soon

mint-logo According to Clem at the Linux Mint Blog, version 9 of Linux Mint will soon be ready for public release. Here’s what Clem says about it:

Looking at the remaining bugs and considering the amount of testing needed I would say we’re about 1 week away from releasing Linux Mint 9. I know most operating systems and distributions stick to release dates and announce them well in advance but I see no reason not to release something once it’s ready …

Clem stated this on Monday of this week, so we can expect to see some action shortly after the coming weekend. Last week, our Linux guru, Pallab, gave us a quick run-down on the features we can expect to see in the new Mint. I enjoy using Mint and nearly always keep a copy of it on home machines. Here’s a snapshot of version 8 on my netbook:


Here’s a video showing off the look and feel of Mint 9.

Link to video

The major change for Mint 9 will be that it’s running on top of the new Ubuntu 10.4. Mint is one of the best versions of Linux for new users because it’s ready to use as soon as it’s installed. Ubuntu is often missing multimedia codecs, players such as Adobe Flash and support for some types of movie files.

New users will also have no problems figuring out the program menus which are similar to those used in Windows. When my nieces and nephews drop in for a visit, I often make them use Mint to surf the net. That way, I don’t have to worry about my PC getting infected with the latest Facebook or MySpace bugs. It’s bullet proof! (kid proof)

I am looking forward to trying out the new Mint next week. What are you doing next week?

Linux Mint 9 Isadora Release Candidate Now Available for Download

Linux Mint started off as a tiny project, but has managed to gain a fairly large following over the years. Distrowatch ranks it as the third most popular Linux distro, after Ubuntu and Fedora. In many ways, Linux Mint is Ubuntu simplified.


Linux Mint 9 is based on the recently released Ubuntu 10.04. If you are an existing Mint user, you will feel right at home, since this release looks and feels the same as Helena. The planned metallic visual refresh was dropped from this release due to performance issues. However, this is not to say that there aren’t big changes in this release.

Some of the major changes in Linux Mint 9 are:

New Software Manager


The Software Manager was re-written from scratch and now integrates the best ideas from the original Software Manager, Gnome App-Install and the new Ubuntu Software Center. Get access to around 30,000 packages along with user reviews with the new software manager.

New Backup Tool

The backup was also re-written and features huge improvements. You can now backup your files, software selection and system preferences with Mint’s Backup Tool.


Mint4Win – the Windows installer for Mint (based on Wubi) makes a comeback in this release.

Improved Appearance

Mint 9 includes new artwork (wallpapers), with tons more being available from the software repository. Mint also includes other visual tweaks including transparent Menu.

The full changelog is available here. Be aware that this is an RC release and has several known issues.

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