Linkedin Adds Facebook-style Mentions in Status Updates and Home-page Comments

Earlier today, Angela Yang, Associate Product Manager at LinkedIn, announced in a blog post that the professional social networking website will now support the ‘mentions’ feature that will help users to have better conversations among them. A feature that is very much similar to what Facebook and Twitter offers.

“We’re excited to introduce a new way for you to engage with your network through the ability to mention your connections and companies in conversations on LinkedIn,” the company said in a blog post.

How does it work?

  • If the feature has been enabled for you already, you can begin by typing the name of a connection or the name of company in your status update box or a comment field on the Homepage.
  • A drop-down list of connections will appear from you which you can select someone and complete your status or comment and post it.
  • At the same time, the person or company you’ve mentioned will receive a notification alerting them that they have been mentioned.

Apart from this, LinkedIn has also said that you can mention other LinkedIn members who are engaged in an on-going conversation in the comment sections of posts on the LinkedIn Homepage.

LinkedIn Mentions Feature

As of now the feature will begin rolling out to English-speaking members starting today and will be soon rolled out to all global members.

The new feature was earlier spotted by The Next Web member when he discovered LinkedIn mentions on his account this morning along with a tooltip next to his status entry box.

LinkedIn Reaches 200 Million User Milestone

In a blog post, LinkedIn announced that it had passed a new milestone of 200 million members on its site. The popular business-oriented social networking site was launched in 2003, and had reportedly passed the 100 million marks in 2011. LinkedIn has added more than 13 million members since its last announcement on November 1, 2012.

LinkedIn serves its members in 19 languages in 200 countries or territories. It has 74 million members in the U.S., while 64 percent of them are outside the U.S, including 11 million members in the U.K., 7 million in Canada, 18 million in India, and 11 million are based in Brazil. The site’s fastest growing countries are Turkey, Colombia and Indonesia. Approximately 2 members join LinkedIn every second. That’s, 172,800 registrations per day!

Deep Nishar, Senior Vice President, Products & User Experience at LinkedIn, announced and thanked its users for helping them achieve this milestone:

I’d like to thank each of you for helping build the LinkedIn network into what it is today. It’s been amazing to see how our members have been able to transform their professional lives through LinkedIn. You truly grasp the power of LinkedIn when you start to focus on these individual success stories.

According to the stats shared by LinkedIn, the IT sector represents the largest industry within LinkedIn at four million users, with two million in financial services and 1.95 million in higher education.

The U.S. remains its biggest market, followed by India. Here’s a break down based on the number of users:

  • USA (74m)
  • India (18m)
  • UK (11m)
  • Brazil (11m)
  • Canada (7m)

LinkedIn reported its earnings for Q3 2012 in November, and it had its revenue increased to $252 million, up more than 80% year-over-year. The company had an IPO price of $45 in May 2011, and is now trading at $112.25, up by 77 percent over the past 12 months.

LinkedIn 200 million User Milestone

LinkedIn Reports Q3 Earnings; Revenue Up 80% to $252M

LinkedIn reported its earnings for Q3 2012, with revenue increasing to $252 million, up more than 80% year-over-year. Its net income increased to $2.3 million, compared to a loss of $1.6 million last year, despite it continuing to expand rapidly across geographies.

Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn, said:

“LinkedIn had a strong third quarter with all of our key operating and financial metrics showing solid growth. The last few months mark the most significant period of product development in the company’s history. This accelerated pace of innovation is fundamental to our goal of driving greater engagement on the LinkedIn platform.”

Talent solutions accounted for most of its revenue, with sales increasing to $138.4 million, up 95% year-over-year. Marketing solutions accounted for $64 million in revenue, up 60% year-over-year. Premium LinkedIn subscriptions accounted for $49.6 million in sales, up 74% year-over-year.

Revenue from the US added up to $162.4 million, while international revenue was $89.7 million.

LinkedIn made quite a few improvements in Q3; it redesigned its homepage to make it more social, it also added notifications and launched Endorsements, an easier type of recommendations.

It also upgraded Company Pages to enable companies to engage with professional audiences.

LinkedIn’s cash reserves (and short term investments) increased to $675 million by the end of Q3 2012.

Linkedin Unveils New Profile Design Making It Easier to Engage and Connect Better

In a live event in Mountain View called “Meet The New LinkedIn”, the company discussed its directions and announced some new features for its site. CEO Jeff Weiner discussed the history of LinkedIn, how it is being used today, and how it serves as a social networking site for professionals, with integrations of several social features.

Along with that, Jeff Weiner also announced and unveiled a new design for the site, making LinkedIn even more easy to use for users to edit their profile and connect with colleagues and friends in their professional network.

Before we get into a detailed review of the new design, here are some interesting stats that Deep Nishar, LinkedIn’s senior VP of products and user experience, shared about the growth of LinkedIn since January 2009:

  • Membership has grown from 32 million to 175 million users
  • Monthly unique visitors has grown from 12 million to 135 million
  • Use of mobile apps has increased from 10 percent to 23 percent

The new LinkedIn profile design is interactive and graphic oriented, which is quite easier for a user to make a powerful first impression and showcase the skills and accomplishments in a better way. In the top section, you’ll notice a new “Improve Your Profile” button, which is a replacement for the text messages you see like, “Hey, add your college”, etc.

Additionally, the new visual design shows you insights about the people and companies in your network. These insights help the user to expand their network by discovering new people outside their network and quickly establish common ground to make more meaningful connections.

The new layout has a right sidebar, showcasing some stats about the user like the “People You May Know” feature. The “Profile Strength” is graphically represented showcasing how well he/she is connected with other people.

To promote engagement and interactions with a user’s network, LinkedIn has now added the ‘your recent activity’ to the top of all profiles, which enables you to stay updated with what’s going on within your connections.

Here’s what it looks like when you visit someone else’s profile:

LinkedIn New Profile Design

If you’re very excited about the new LinkedIn design and want to be the first in your connections to get the new design, you can request for an invite here. However, these profile pages will be rolled out over the next few months, according to the company.

Google is the ‘Most InDemand Employer’ in the World

Google might no longer be the cool new kid in the block, but it still hasn’t lost all of its street cred. It tops LinkedIn’s ‘Most InDemand Employers 2012’ list not just in the US, but also around the world. The results for Europe are yet to be announced, and that might have an impact on Google’s final global ranking, but, being the most in demand employer in the US alone is a big victory for Google.

The biggest challenge that companies trying to change the world face is lack of enough skilled and talented people that share their vision. A company’s ability to attract talent is crucial in today’s fiercely competitive market, and when it comes to attracting talent, perception matters. Yahoo has been bleeding talent over the past few years, while new kings of the Silicon Valley like Facebook have been drawing in rockstar employees.

Most In Demand Employers in US and Around the World

LinkedIn analyzed billions of data points between members and companies and compared the data with surveys of thousands of members to determine a company’s familiarity and engagement score. Apple, which asks its employees to take pride in the fact that they can change the world through their work, ranks at #4 in the US list, behind Walt Disney and Facebook. Google is #2 in Canada, where Suncor Energy is the most in demand employer. It is #2 in Australia and #10 in India. Accenture, HP, and Oracle form the top 3 employers in India. Microsoft, Dell, Pepsico, and IBM are other top rated employers that make an appearance in several regional lists.

LinkedIn Announces Endorsements to Increase Engagement

LinkedIn has been really focused on improving the user experience in the last couple of months. It revamped its entire user interface, and also rolled out updated mobile apps. It has been adding new features to make the platform more engaging, and today, it introduced Endorsements. It’s a new feature which lets users recognize their connections for their specific skills and expertise.

LinkedIn has had a recommendation feature for a long time, but it was too cumbersome compared to this one. Users can endorse their connections using just one click. The feature has launched across multiple global markets, and will be launched worldwide soon.

Here’s LinkedIn’s official announcement:

“On LinkedIn, you have many smart, talented, and skilled professional connections. Starting today, we are introducing Endorsements, a new feature that makes it easier to recognize them for their skills and expertise.

With just one click, you can now endorse your connections for a skill they’ve listed on their profile or recommend one they haven’t added yet. Think your connection is great at programming AND project management? Let them know!

Here’s how you can endorse your connections:
On the top of a connection’s profile, you’ll see recommended endorsements for them. You can suggest additional skills as well.
You can also endorse them from the new Skills & Expertise section that now showcases these endorsements.

Want to see who has endorsed you? We’ll notify you via email and on LinkedIn whenever you are endorsed. You can scroll to the bottom of your profile page under “Skills and Expertise” to see the faces of people who think you’re great at what you do. You can also accept any new skills recommended by your peers that you may not have thought to include on your profile. Or you can also add a new skill by clicking on “add a skill” on your profile page.”

via LinkedIn Blog

LinkedIn Q2 2012 Earnings: Revenues Jump 90%

LinkedIn is one of the few internet stocks which hasn’t completely tanked below its IPO price, unlike recent disasters like Facebook, Zynga and Groupon.

It is trading at around $110, after receiving a boost right after it announced its earnings for the second quarter of 2012.

It had a pretty good quarter by all means, with revenue jumping 89% to $228 million. Its net income was around $2.8 million, and reported strong growth metrics.

Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn, said:

“LinkedIn had a strong second quarter with all of our key operating and financial metrics showing solid performance. Our ongoing investment in product innovation drove healthy engagement as measured by unique visiting members and member page views, and our three revenue streams all experienced significant growth.”

Revenue from Hiring Solutions, LinkedIn’s most valuable business, almost doubled to $122 million, while Marketing Solutions’ revenue increased 64% to $63 million. Premium Subscriptions’ revenue increased 82% to $44 million.

LinkedIn also made quite a few major advances in the last quarter. It launched its first iPad app, and completely revamped the design for its service. It also rolled out its new social news product, LinkedIn Today. It launched features like Targeted Status Updates, as well as Follower Statistics.

LinkedIn ended the quarter with nearly $616 million in cash and short term investments.

It also revised its earnings guidance for FY 2012 upwards, approaching nearly $925 million.

via LinkedIn – SEC

Facebook Working on a Social Jobs Board

Facebook may be working on a new jobs board feature, according to a new report by the WSJ. It will essentially act as a job postings aggregator and make them available to Facebook users.

With this move, Facebook is trying to leverage the power of social to enter the job search market. Instead of cutting off popular job search apps like BranchOut and JobVite on its platform, it is going to involve them in the new service. The new job board may directly compete with LinkedIn.

It’s not one of Facebook’s core focuses for now. It could initially be used just to drive user engagement on the website. However, if it eventually takes off, it could generate a sizable amount of revenue for Facebook, as recruitment solutions are a huge market.

While it is expected to be a standalone section of the site initially, it may be integrated into a user’s News Feed going forward.

Given Facebook’s massive user base, this could be the greatest threat LinkedIn has ever faced. Even apps like BranchOut and GlassDoor on Facebook have amassed a sizable user base in a matter of days due to the inherent virality or connectedness of the network. Since this is Facebook’s own baby, it could be reasonably expected to do even better.

LinkedIn Breaks Up with Twitter; Will No Longer Sync Twitter Updates

You will no longer be able to post your Twitter updates to LinkedIn, as the latter has made an announcement stating that, regardless of whether you push all your Twitter updates to LinkedIn, or simply filter them out with the #in hashtag, they will no longer be displayed on LinkedIn.

Here’s the update that was sent out LinkedIn users who took advantage of the Twitter-to-LinkedIn service:

LinkedIn and Twitter have worked together since 2009 to enable you to share your professional conversations on both
platforms. Twitter recently evolved its strategy and this will result in a change to the way Tweets appear in third-party applications. Starting today Tweets will no longer be displayed on LinkedIn.

We know that sharing updates from LinkedIn to Twitter is a valuable service for our members. Moving forward, you will still be able to share updates with your Twitter audience by posting them on LinkedIn.

However, you can continue posting updates through LinkedIn to Twitter via the “Share” button. After you compose your post, check the box with the Twitter icon, and click on “Share.” You post will be automatically published to both your LinkedIn connections and your Twitter followers.

Why This Change?
Twitter Birdhouse

Prior to the announcement by LinkedIn, Twitter’s Michael Sippey posted a change about Twitter’s policy indicating that the company is looking forward to “build engaging experiences into Twitter” and allow “developers to be able to build applications that run within Tweets.”

All it means to say is that Twitter wants it users to stick around its own website and mobile applications, and has been focusing a lot to achieve that. In other words, Twitter is trying to push out third-party partners who display tweets on their websites. This change in Twitter’s policy is because the company is expecting to boost its revenue from advertising, and according to some sources, it is expecting to generate over $1 billion revenue in advertising by 2014.

Twitter advertising business accounts to almost 90 percent of its revenue. And in order to achieve the $1 billion milestone, Twitter needs to grow its advertising business, no matter what. In 2011, Twitter managed to generate nearly $140 million in advertising revenue.