Enable ‘Dislike’ Button Scam On Facebook

A new scam, “Enable Dislike Button” is  spreading on Facebook. When I logged in to Facebook today, a friend of mine posted on my wall stating, “I just enabled the new dislike button! Click ‘Enable’ to enable the feature!  Dislike Button enabled by 464,350 users”. At once, I figured out that it is a scam and  searched  on Google to confirm it. Facebook does not have a “dislike” button and might not have as well, so don’t fall for this scam.

Enable 'Dislike' Button Scam

Researchers from Sophos also spotted this scam and quoted,  There is no official dislike button provided by Facebook and there isn’t ever likely to be,.

Clicking on the link, will forward fake messages to your friends and run unwanted JavaScript on your computer.

Avoiding such scams is not an easy task on Facebook. You are always  tempted  to click on such links, but you can always follow caution. Clif had written a nice post on  How to Avoid Facebook LikeJacking Scams, it is definitely a worthwhile read to find and spot such scams.