Windows Live Writer 2010 Looks Awesome, Wave 4 Leaked Screenshots

Quite sometime back we had posted leaked screenshots of Wave 4 which included screens for Windows Live Writer 2010 and Windows Live Messenger 2010. A new batch of screenshots has now emerged, courtesy of geekSmack, which shows off Windows Live Writer 2010, Windows Live Photo Gallery 2010 and Windows Live Mail 2010, which will be included in Wave 4.





It is definitely good to see that Microsoft has continued to develop Windows Live Writer and Windows Live Mail, which are actually pretty good and available as free downloads for everyone.

Out here, many of us prefer to use Windows Live Writer because of its ease of use and absolutely awesome features. We certainly look forward to Microsoft releasing Wave 4 to the general public. However, we will try out best to get our hands on it before that if we can.

What do you think about the new features in WLW 2010 and Wave 4 in general?

Samsung Bada UI Leaked Screenshots

samsung bada logoSamsung Bada is a mobile operating system being developed by Samsung Electronics. It is designed for use in smartphones. Its name is derived from the Korean word for ocean. The first mobile phone handsets based on bada are expected to be displayed in the first half of 2010 and to go on sale in the second half of 2010. Samsung also plans to open a bada application store.

Check out the exclusive leaked screenshots of Samsung Bada UI below.

samsung bada screenshot

samsung bada screenshot

samsung bada screenshot

samsung bada screenshot

[ via. Samsung Hub ]

Windows Live Messenger 2010 and Windows Live Writer 2010 [Screenshots]

Neowin has posted some screenshots of Windows Live Messenger 2010 and Windows Live Writer 2010, both of the products are freely available for download from Microsoft, however, these screenshot are from Wave 4, a bundle of applications from Microsoft which will be available for downloads sometime soon.

Windows Live Messenger 2010

As you can see from the screenshot above, Windows Live Messenger 2010, focuses more on Social networking and delivers updates from your friends in the sidebar. This is no surprise as even Yahoo Messenger 10 has more focus on social updates.

Windows Live Writer 2010

What is even more interesting is the new Windows Live Writer 2010 to be included in Wave 4 (click for larger screenshot).

The new version completely does away with the old menu and introduces ribbon menu which is popular in Office products including . I am very excited about WLW 2010 as it looks like a perfect tool for created rich text posts and also has ease of use written all over it.

What do you think of the new Wave 4 products? Do they look interesting to you?

Motorola Droid Sholes Tablet Gets HDMI Port [Leaked Pictures & Specs]

We have posted some pictures of Motorola Droid earlier, along with some leaked specs for the phone. However, looks like Motorola is just rolling the dice on this new phone codenamed Sholes Tablet which will run on Android 2.0 or 2.1.


BGR just came across the new specs and pictures for Motorola Droid 2.0. The most interesting feature in the new phone is the introduction of a HDMI Port.

Motorola Droid Shoes Tablet Specifications

  • 550MHz OMAP TI 3430 processor.
  • 3.7″ touch screen, 800 x 480 resolution
  • HDMI port
  • 3.5mm headset jack
  • 8 megapixel camera, and a xenon flash;
  • Android 2.0 or 2.1 depending on launch

Office 2010 Leaked on Torrents Before Release [Screenshots]

beta was supposed to be released sometime next week. However, like always a copy of Office 2010 beta is already doing the rounds on the internet on torrent sites.

Office 2010 beta has several new features as compared to the Technical preview version. Craving Tech has posted some screenshots of the Office 2010 beta.




Manan has also posted an article which compares the changes between Office 2010 Technical Preview and Office 2010 Beta. You can check out his post to learn more about it.

Exclusive Leaked Screenshots Of Windows Mobile 7

Pocketnow has recently shared some exclusive leaked screenshots of Windows Mobile 7. In the screenshots shown below, the top pictures shows the vanilla Windows Mobile 6.5 and the bottom pictures are the re-designed Windows Mobile user interface which they call it Windows Mobile 7.

Windows Mobile 7 Leaked Screenshots

Re-designed Calendar application

Windows Mobile 7 Leaked Screenshots

New call screen

Windows Mobile 7 Leaked Screenshots

Revamped Contacts application

Windows Mobile 7 Leaked Screenshots

Updated mail application

Windows Mobile 7 Leaked Screenshots

New UI for Text and SMS messages

[ via. MobileKnots ]

iPhone Killer: Verizon’s Motorola Droid First Pictures Emerge

We have seen several iPhone killers, come by and go in the past, without even causing a dent in the iPhone market. However, Verizon has been running a anti-iPhone ad-campaign, targeting the lack of features in Apple iPhone and promoting their own new offering, the Motorola Droid.

Motorola Droid, which is build on Android 2.0 to be made available on America’s Fastest 3G networkVerizon, could possibly pose a huge threat to the iPhone when it releases on October 30th 2009.

Boy Genius Report has had the chance to play around with Motorola Droid. According to them, it is the fastest Android device ever made, which uses a TI OMAP3430 processor. The phone is also a bit thicker than the iPhone, but it has a real QWERTY keyboard.

Here are some pictures of Verizon’s new Motorola Droid,   thanks to Boy Genius Report.

normal_MotorolaDroid-1 normal_MotorolaDroid-8

normal_MotorolaDroid-3 normal_MotorolaDroid-4




What do you think of the phone? Will it be the Real iPhone Killer? Let us know through your comments.

Leaked Screenshots: Microsoft Office 2010 Beta 1 Mondo Build 14.0.4417.1000

Microsoft has been a victim of numerous leaks. The beta 1 of Microsoft Office 2010 codenamed Mondo was leaked in August. It turns out that another Mondo build has made its way to the internet.

Here are some screenshots of the latest Microsoft Office 2010 Beta 1 Mondo Build 14.0.4414.1000. If you are looking to download the leaked builds, you may want to wait for a while. Microsoft will be releasing a public beta of Office 2010 shortly. You can download and test the latest version once they become available.

office_2010_product_key_activation office_2010_installation_complete

office_2010_anytime_upgrade office_2010_anytime_upgrade_packages






Images via Wzor

Leaked Screenshots: Microsoft Office 2010 Mondo Build 4417 Beta 1

technical preview was released sometime back but Microsoft has still been working on newer versions of the next generation Office product.

Turns out that a new beta of Microsoft Office 2010 Mondo with build 14.0.4417.1000 has hit the streets before Microsoft even told users about it, though there are not many changes from the original technical preview it is still creating quite a lot of buzz.

If you are wondering what the new build looks like here are some leaked screenshots of Microsoft Office 2010 Mondo Build 14.0.4417.1000.

Microsoft Office Mondo Beta 1 EULA

Microsoft Office Mondo Beta 1 Office Experience

 Microsoft Office Mondo Beta 1 Microsoft Word

Microsoft Office Mondo Beta 1 Excel Spreadsheet

Microsoft Office Mondo Beta 1 Outlook Calendar

Microsoft Office Mondo Beta 1 Visio

Microsoft Office Mondo Beta 1 Visio Diagram

Microsoft Office Mondo Beta 1 Upload Center

As you can see there is nothing exceptionally different in the screenshots, however there might be several things that might have been done under the hood.

Thinking of downloading the leaked copy? Well we would rather wait till Microsoft officially makes an update available since we are already using the technical preview of Office 2010.

Screenshots via Techno Path & Sizzled Core

Google Chrome OS Leaked Screenshots

Update: Engadget has confirmed that the screenshots are fake.

Before even the news of Google launching a operating system could settle down, Engadget has acquired a set of leaked screenshots of the Google Chrome OS.

Google Chrome OS

Google Chrome OS Boot Screen Google Chrome OS Version

Google Chrome OS Closeup Google Chrome OS Screenshot

There is nothing much to give away from these screenshots and these may be completely faked and photo shopped, however the leaker claims that these images were shot when a Google rep was demoing the OS to a Acer rep, however we are pretty sure that there will be more sets of screenshots leaked in the near future, we will keep an eye for those.

[via Engadget]