13″ Retina MacBook Pro Specs Leak (Update: Mac Minis As Well!)

With just a few hours left for Apple’s event to start in California Theatre, the leaks regarding what Apple is going to announce is coming left, right and center. Thanks to Google Search, it is all but confirmed that Apple will unveil a new 13-inch MacBook Pro with a Retina screen.

The folks over at 9to5Mac have even got their hands on the specs of the new 13-inch MacBook Pros, which are as follows -:

  • 2.5 GHz, 128GB of Flash storage, 8GB of RAM
  • 2.5 GHz, 256 GB of Flash storage, 8GB of RAM
  • 2.9 GHz, 512GB of Flash storage, 8GB of RAM

9to5Mac suggests that the new 13″ MBPs will be available for pre-order right after the event gets over. While there is no word on the pricing, rumors suggest that the base 13″ rMBP will only cost $1199, which definitely makes them tempting.

The shift to a SSD alone should bring about a noticeable speed boost compared to the previous generation of MBPs, and along with the new Retina Display should make the new 13″ rMBPs a tempting deal.

Apple is expected to unveil a new 13-inch MacBook Pros with Retina screen, a 7-inch mini iPad, iOS 6.0.1, refreshed Mac Minis and iMacs and possibly a new new iPad with a lighting connector at its event today.

Update: Well, that was fast. 9to5Mac has managed to get the complete specs of the refreshed Mac Minis as well. There will be three variants of Mac Minis like previous year, with the third one running OS X server edition.

Below is the complete specs of the new Mac Minis -:

  • 2.5 GHz dual-core, 4GB RAM, 500GB Hard drive
  • 2.3 GHz quad-core, 4GB RAM, 1TB Hard drive
  • Server: 2.3 GHz quad-core 4GB of RAM, 2TB Hard drive

Apple has made 4GB of RAM standard across the Mini, with the base model getting a 3rd gen dual-core Core i5 processor, with the top-end consumer and server models getting a 2.3GHz quad-core processor.

Motorola DROID RAZR M Jelly Bean Firmware Leaks

Back in September, Google Motorola released a couple of trio of new RAZR branded handsets, the RAZR HD/HD MAXX and the RAZR M. The RAZR M is a small powerhouse, packing in a 4.3-inch Super-AMOLED display with an edge-to-edge design, and a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor.

The only problem is that the RAZR M runs on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, instead of Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean. Motorola promised that it will update all the three RAZR handsets to Jelly Bean by the end of this year, but by that time, Google would have released a new version of Android along with a new Nexus handset.

For all the impatient RAZR M owners out there, veteran Motorola developer – P3Droid – has leaked a Jelly Bean firmware for the handset.

Keep in mind that if flashing the leak on your phone will void its warranty. The installation steps are pretty easy. Simply download the zip file from here, and transfer it to the RAZR M’s memory card. Then, reboot your phone into recovery and select the install zip from SD card. Once the zip file has been flashed, reboot your handset. Do keep in mind that the first boot is going to take a long time, so please be patient.

Via – OMGDroid

Android 4.2 Gmail App To Feature Pinch To Zoom And Swipe To Delete/Archive A Message

With the launch of the next Nexus handset from LG coming closer, leaks have started flowing in almost daily. While we now know nearly everything about the next Nexus handset, what we don’t know is which version of Android it will run and what all new features it will bring on-board.

Today, the folks over at Android Police have managed to get their hands on the Gmail APK that will be included in Android 4.2. The latest version of the Gmail app brings with it one of the most requested and much needed features – the ability to pinch to zoom in an email.

Other than pinch-to-zoom, the new version of the app also includes the ability to swipe an email to archive it or delete it, which is thankfully user configurable and finally, the ability to mark an email as a phishing attempt. The Android Police guys managed to get the Gmail app work on their Galaxy Nexus running Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean without much of a hassle.

Sadly, they are not allowed to share the APK with the Internet, so we will have to wait until someone else leaks the APK or Google releases the Gmail app update in the Play Store.

Samsung Galaxy S III Mini Specs Leak; Not Much Of A Power House After All

Just a day before Samsung is going to announce the Galaxy S III Mini, the specs of the handset have leaked online. While the name of the handset will lead many people to believe that the Mini is just a smaller version of the S3, that is not the case according to the leaked specs.

The Galaxy S III Mini will sport a smaller 4-inch Super-AMOLED display with WVGA (800×480) resolution, 1GB of RAM, Bluetooth, GPS, 16GB of internal memory, NFC, microSD card slot, and a 5MP camera at the back aided by an LED flash. Sadly, the S III Mini will be powered by a dual-core 1GHz ST-Ericsson NovaThor U8420 SoC coupled with an ARM Mali-400 GPU.

From the specs of the handset, it is clear that Samsung will be positioning the S III Mini a notch below the Galaxy S2. Even then, the name of the handset might just mislead people into thinking that the S III Mini is just a smaller variant of the Galaxy S III when it actually is a pretty huge downgrade, specs wise.

Also, releasing a mid-tier handset with Jelly Bean while your previous flagship handset is still running Ice Cream Sandwich? Not cool, Samsung!

Via- MobileGeeks

HTC Droid Incredible X Specs Leak; Packs 5-inch 1080p Screen and Qualcomm S4 Pro Processor

Rumors have been floating around on the Internet for quite sometime now that HTC is working on a Galaxy Note competitor with a 5-inch 1080p screen resolution. Reports suggested that the screen of the device, which is apparently manufactured by Sharp, recently went into production.

Today, Football, a very popular HTC custom ROM developer and known for his RUU leaks, has revealed the full specs of this 5-inch device from HTC. The HTC DLX (DROID Incredible X?) will be powered by a 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor,and  an Adreno 320 GPU. There will also be 1.5GB of RAM, 16GB of on-board storage space, a 12MP snapper at the back and a 2MP camera in the front. . He did not mention anything about a microSD card slot, and given HTC’s recent hatred towards them, don’t be surprised if the device lacks one.

The device will be powered by a 2500mAh non-removable battery. From the leaks and its name, it is clear that the DLX will be arriving first on Verizon’s network by the end of this year. It was just a year ago that phones with 720p screens were released into the market by Samsung and HTC. A year later, and we are looking at screens with Full HD resolution!

It will be interesting to see if HTC spins the European version of the DLX into a Nexus device or not, like LG is going to do with its Optimus G handset.

Sprint Galaxy S3 Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Firmware Leaks

Samsung recently started rolling out the Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean update for the international Galaxy S III. The company has, however, been mum on the Jelly Bean roll-out plans for the U.S variants of the S3, thanks mainly to the carriers. The AT&T and Verizon variants of the Galaxy S3 have already had their fair share of Jelly Bean firmware leaks. Today, joining this list is the Sprint version of the Galaxy S3.

The firmware contains all the Jelly Bean goodies including the enhanced notification bar, Google Now, Project Butter and more. Advanced users who have already flashed the firmware on their phone report that the firmware has no bugs whatsoever, with the ‘Butter’ effect being clearly visible. The firmware also contains a new radio that has apparently improved the network reception for some Sprint users.

The leaked firmware is available in both odexed and de-odexed versions and can be downloaded from here.

Oh! and if you don’t like Samsung’s TouchWIZ UI, the Sprint Galaxy S3 has a perfectly stable CM10 build available for it.

XBMC APK For Android Leaks; Try It Out Now! (Update: Compiled, Not Leaked)

Earlier today, the folks behind XBMC (Xbox Media Center) announced that they will be bringing a full-fledged version of XBMC to Android. The full-fledged version is not going to be a remote or thin client, but a full XBMC install. This will allow users to convert any of their Android powered device into a full-fledged media client.

The developer of XBMC did not announce as to when they would release the app into the Play Store since it’s “not quite ready for prime-time”, but did mention that it the source-code of the app is already available online. The developers were also planning on releasing apks for interested beta testers in the “coming weeks.”

However, it looks like someone has managed to get his hands on the XMBC APK or has compiled one himself and uploaded it online for all Android owners to enjoy. Keep in mind that the app is not even in beta stage, so some issues and bugs are to be expected. The leaked XBMC APK can be downloaded from here or here.

The app took sometime to start on my Galaxy Nexus running Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean, but has worked without any issues after that. The developers will hopefully also work on improving the theme of the app in future versions, since right now the UI is not that touch-friendly.

Update: The APK has in fact been compiled by the folks over at Miniand Forums, and is not a leak.

Thanks to Jesse for the tip!

Another Ice Cream Sandwich Firmware For HTC Rezound Leaks

Back in late November last year, HTC and Verizon announced the Rezound which was the first handset from HTC to sport the Beats Audio logo in the United States. It was also the first handset from HTC to use a 720p resolution screen. However, the biggest problem with the Rezound was that it was Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich “compatible” and did not ship with the latest version of Android right out of the box.

HTC did promise to release the ICS update for the Rezound sometime in early Q1, but the company has failed pretty miserably. With Q1 already over and no ICS update for the handset in sight, the few Rezound owners are pretty much pissed. The only silver lining here is that a few Ice Cream Sandwich based firmware for the Rezound has leaked in the last couple of months, thus filling the ICS thirst for all advanced Rezound owners.

Yesterday, the folks over at Android Police managed to get their hands on a new Ice Cream Sandwich leak for the Rezound. This new leak is not the final version, but is pretty darn close to the final version. Below is the change-log of the new build compared to the previous leaks -:

  • Facebook force close when you tap a video album
  • Roaming charges when in Canada & Mexico
  • Resets
  • “Android updating” message on power up
  • Camera not launching
  • Hotspot turning off after 10 minutes
  • Exchange mail account removed after FOTA
  • Car dock limiting charging current
  • “Set Current Date” popping up frequently
  • BUA+ (multiple issues)
  • Flash player removed
  • OTA over incorrect APN
  • OTA SW update time
  • Camera dark when using Facelock
  • Text field difficult to read
With the official Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Rezound still nowhere in sight, these unofficial leaks are probably the best bet for Rezound owners to taste ICS. Head over to Android Police for the download link and the flashing instructions for the leak.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Leaks Again In Pictures; Looks Pretty Genuine!

The highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S3 will be announced in a couple of days from today in London by Samsung. The Galaxy S3 has become the iPhone of the Android world, and rumors about the phone are reaching an all new level. Over the last few days, quite a few pictures of the handset have leaked online from various sources, but none of them looked genuine to me and were from unreliable sources.

Today however, the folks over at SamMobile have got their hands on a couple of pictures of the Galaxy S III. From the leaked pictures, it looks like the Galaxy S III will come with highly curved corners and will use capacitive buttons instead of on-screen buttons like on the Galaxy Nexus. The pictures also suggest that the Galaxy S III will come with a notification led, which will be a first for the Galaxy S series of handsets from Samsung.

The tipster also stated that the S3 will come with a 12MP camera, and will run on Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich out of the box and the model number of the handset will be GT-I9300. Finally, the tipster suggests that Samsung will be showing more than one handset at its event in London, and this mysterious device model number is apparently the GT-I9800.

T-Mobile ‘s HTC Amaze 4G Tastes Ice Cream Sandwich Thanks To A Leaked Update

HTC has started rolling out the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update for quite a few of its handsets, including the Sensation, Sensation XE, and the Vivid 4G. There are still quite a lot of handsets from HTC, which are yet t get the ICS update, including the Rezound and Amaze 4G. The Rezound has had its fair share of Ice Cream Sandwich leaks, so chances are advanced users are already running ICS on their handset.

However, until now there had been no Ice Cream Sandwich firmware leaks for the T-Mobile Amaze 4G. Now, thanks to XDA member, football, Amaze 4G owners can get a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich with Sense 3.6 on top of it. Many users, who have already installed the RUU, have not complained about any bugs or serious issues. There is a very high probability that this leaked RUU might just be pushed out as an official OTA update in the upcoming weeks.

To install the leaked RUU manually, users need to make sure they have S-OFF, an ENG HBOOT and a locked bootloader. Ironically, S-OFF for the Amaze 4G along with a few other HTC handsets was made possible only this last weekend. The download link of the leaked ICS RUU, along with further discussions about it can be found here.