Evernote To Flip It’s Lid on July 14

Evernote one of my favorite note-taking application just sent out a launch notice which says that they will be releasing something big on July 14th. The launch invite says that Evernote has a big secret which will revealed on July 14, 2010 at 10AM.


It also says that "Evernote’s going to flip its lid" which means that Evernote has definitely changed a lot of things or have added some exciting new features to the already popular note-taking software.

I am a very big fan and would definitely wait for July 14 for the revelation of the secret. In the mean time we will send out our detectives to figure out what Evernote is cooking under the hood. More details to follow when our detectives report back to us.

Live iPhone 4 Launch Stream From Palo Alto, CA

will be officially launched tomorrow and there have been people who had already lined up a week ago. Tonight will be crazy for several Apple stores and other retailers including Best Buy and Walmart who will also be selling the iPhone.

If you cannot be at the iPhone 4 Launch tomorrow, you can watch a live stream of the iPhone 4 launch being streamed by Into Mobile from the Palo Alto Apple Store in California.

Watch the video below to see how people rush towards getting their hands on Apple’s latest device.

Are you going to stand in line tonight to get your hands on the iPhone 4? If yes, don’t forget to send in some pictures to us.