Our Kickstarter Pick: TYLT introduces an affordable 2-in-1 USB wall charger with battery

One of my favorite accessories brand, TYLT has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its upcoming product, the Energi 2K Travel Charger.

Utilizing TYLT’s patented technology, the brightly colored Energi 2K is an affordable 2-in-1 USB wall charger that doubles as a portable battery for on-the-go charging. The Energi 2K prototype was unveiled at CES 2014 earlier this year, and won a few awards as well.


The charger features foldable AC wall prongs to make it very portable. It packs in a rechargeable 2200 mAh battery with an LED battery status indicator. With a universal USB port, you can use the charger for any smartphone or similar device. The Energi 2K can handle input of 110-240 Volts, and therefore, it can be used across the world, although, you’d need an adapter.

The Energi 2K was designed to replace your standard wall charger. The Intelligent Charging Technology prioritizes the charge to your device until your device is fully charged. It then charges the 2200mAh battery onboard. It will take 3-4 hours to fully charge the 2K. If nothing is connected, the charger stays in Intelligent Standby Mode.


Last year, TYLT completed two successful Kickstarter campaigns for the Energi+ Backpack and VU Wireless Charger. Now, TYLT is seeking $50,000 for UL testing fees and an initial production run, with a plan to deliver product to backers in July this year. There are several reward plans starting from $20, although the retail price is expected to be $39.99.

TYLT | Energi 2K on Kickstarter

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Our Kickstarter Pick: Dart aims to be the world’s smallest laptop adapter

While laptops evolved for the need of portable PCs, the ultrabooks and convertibles have taken portability to the next level. Of course, you still have to carry the power adapter when you head out for work or are travelling. What you lug around is a power adapter with a hefty brick and a long cable that is anything but compact. Continue reading Our Kickstarter Pick: Dart aims to be the world’s smallest laptop adapter

VLC Takes to Kickstarter to Fund Windows 8 App Development

2012 is probably going to go down as the year crowd funding grew up. Kickstarter projects reached unprecedented levels of success as the crowd funding service gained steam. Elevation Dock for iPhone became the first project to cross the million dollar mark in February 2012. Soon after, Pebble watch shattered all records and went on to raise more than $10 million, which was over hundred times its initial goal. Since then, we have seen numerous projects like Ouya, and Project Eternity surge past the million dollar milestone with ease. While initially most Kickstarter projects belonged to the art and media segment, this year saw hardware and software projects take the lead. Now, even established projects like VLC are also taking to Kickstarter to meet their goals.


The VideoLan team has started a funding drive on Kickstarter to back the development of Windows 8 User Experience (Metro) app for VLC. The team already has already built a working prototype with minimal features and is looking to raise at least £40,000. VLC is aiming to release a Windows Store compliant Metro app that will run on both Intel and ARM chipsets. The new app will be completely rewritten with the WinRT APIs and feature a touch optimized user interface, while retaining most of the best features of VLC including full-fledged equalizer, video filters and superior support for subtitles. Unlike the built-in media player, out of the box support for CDs, DVDs, as well as unencrypted Blu-Rays is also planned. VLC is hoping that the fund-raiser will allow it to hire professional designers to build a beautiful and clean user interface, in addition to allowing many of its experienced developers to work full-time on the project.

VLCs fund-raising drive will continue for a month, and you have a chance to get your name in the application by pledging as little as £3. If the fund-raising goal is met, VLC app for Windows 8 is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2013.

CodeHero Kickstarter Project Finishes Off in One Hour. Pledge to Play a Game that Teaches You to Make Games!

How would it be if you could play a game that teaches you the intricacies of code? How would it be if you can use this code in real time to modify the game world? How would it be if the bosses of this action-packed game world assaulted you with code and you had to develop dynamically to counter their attacks? Do I hear you scream “OMG AWESOMESAUCE JUST EXPLODED FROM THE MONITOR ON TO MY FACE”? (If you are not screaming something similar or dancing with euphoric release, I must say you are missing out on some tiny joys of life)


Of course, there is a game exactly like this, and is in need of your funding. CodeHero teaches you to “master the secrets of Codefoo to defeat the devious coding challenges” and with a special Code Gun (which uses snippets of code as ‘ammunition’) you can learn to manipulate things in and around the game world with Javascript and UnityScript. The game is made from the Unity3D free gaming engine that allows everyone to create, design and develop a game from scratch and publish it to mostly any modern gaming platform such as the PC, Mac, web client, Android and iPhone. By playing and mastering CodeHero, one can eventually make an entire video game (indeed, this is one of the challenges that await you as you face ShipBoss) in Unity3D.

This is history-making, in case the point did not hit the mark.

Now, the developers of CodeHero, Primer Labs, want you to help them out in their Kickstarter project. They have already reached the $100,000 goal they had set for themselves long back, but wish to take it further. Even a small pledge of $1 will get you the full game when it releases as well as access to the beta editions as they roll out. Awesome? You bet. The Kickstarter project ends in one hour so make it quick!

Tell us if you have bought CodeHero yet!

Elevation Dock for iPhone Breaks Kickstarter Record, Raises $1 Million through Crowd-funding

Today is a rather momentous day for the crowd-funding website Kickstarter. Elevation Dock – a stunningly well designed iPhone dock, broke LunaTik and TikTok’s record for the highest amount of funding for a single project, and also became the first project to raise more than a million bucks from Kickstarter.


Elevation Dock is a high-end iPhone dock that is designed with the kind of precision and care that would make even Apple proud. It is precision engineered from solid billets of aircraft grade aluminum, and then hand buffed, glass bead blasted, electro-chemically micropolished, hard anodized and sealed. Elevation Dock features a unique low friction connection that allows hassle-free single handed undocking; all you need to do is pull the phone up. Even more impressively, Elevation Dock works equally well on iPhones with or without a case. Elevation Dock adheres to Apples design principles to the T, and in doing so makes Apple’s own iPhone dock look cheap and shabby. It is simple, elegant, drop dead gorgeous, and intuitive to use.

It is worth noting that the previous record holder on Kickstarter was also an Apple related project. Scott Wilson managed to raise $942,578 for his iPod Nano watch. The TikTok project also paid meticulous attention to design and construction. The iPod watches were engineered from premium material, and were both beautiful and convenient.

Elevation Dock is the first to reach the $1 million mark; however, its reign at the top will be fairly short lived. Indie video game Double Fine Adventure, which was announced earlier today, has already shattered the record for the most funds raised in 24 hours with more than $800,000, and it still has 33 days to go.