Linux Kernel 2.6.34 RC1 Released

The Linux Kernel version 2.6.34 RC1 has been released on Monday. This release lets us have a better insight into the next Linux kernel which will bring many new features. The release was announced by Linus Torvalds and this new Kernel has some amazing features.

There have been major improvements in graphics and a new file system has been added. Other than that there are improvements in virtualization and changes in nouveau.

Over at, Linus writes,

As usual, there’s tons of changes, with about 50% of the changes being
under drivers/. With an additional 5% in sound/, which has its own
subdirectory, and 10% being firmware/, we’re looking at about two thirds
being driver-related.

All in all, about 850 developers involved so far (there migth be a few
dups there, I didn’t check too closely), 6500+ files changed, 400,000+
lines added, ~175,000 lines deleted. Too much to really summarize, in
other words.

Kernel 2.6.34 has got a new filesystem, named Logfs. Logfs is a scalable flash filesystem and is suitable for large flash memory devices as well as for small ones. At present, Logfs is available only for the Linux platform. The GPU DRM updates make up a huge part of the 50% of changes mentioned in the quote above.

The news of the release appeared on Monday, 8th March at