Apple Updates Pages, Numbers and Keynote for Mac and iOS

Today, Apple has updated both the iOS and Mac versions of iWork, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote for iOS. The full release notes are below:

Pages 1.7:

In this release Pages for iOS is updated for improved compatibility with Microsoft Word and Pages for Mac.

• Use Change Tracking to track changes to body text in a document
• Accept and reject individual changes as you review a document
• Import Pages and Microsoft Word documents with change tracking and continue to track changes to body text
• Preserve tracked changes in documents exported in Microsoft Word or Pages format
• Preserve calculations in tables when importing from and exporting to Pages for Mac
• Add reflections to shapes
• Lock and unlock objects

Numbers 1.7:

In this release Numbers for iOS is updated for improved compatibility with Microsoft Excel and Numbers for Mac.

• Hide and unhide rows and columns
• Import and export Numbers for Mac spreadsheets with filters, and turn filters on and off
• Preserve rich text in tables when importing and exporting
• Add reflections to shapes
• Lock and unlock objects

Keynote 1.7:

In this release Keynote for iOS is updated for improved compatibility with Microsoft PowerPoint and Keynote for Mac.

• Import and export all Microsoft PowerPoint and Keynote for Mac slide sizes
• Import and export presentation themes, complete with master slides and preset styles
• Play back all Keynote action builds including Move, Rotate, Scale, and Opacity
• Add new slide transitions including Shimmer and Sparkle
• Preserve calculations in tables when importing from and exporting to Keynote for Mac
• Add reflections to shapes
• New print layouts include options to print with presenter notes, with builds, and without backgrounds
• Lock and unlock objects

About iWork 9.3 for Mac:

iWork Update 9.3 adds support for iWork for iOS 1.7 apps.

This update is recommended for users of iWork 9.0 and later.

For detailed information on this update and individual application changes, please visit this site:

Apple Shutting Down on July 31

Yesterday, Apple sent out an email to users that are registered for its beta. The email says that the company will be discontinuing the service as of July 31st. This discontinuation comes as Apple continues to further focus on iCloud. iCloud already offers an easy way for users to keep documents in sync among their various iOS devices.

Dear user,

Thanks for participating in the public beta.

Last year, we launched iCloud, a service that stores your music, photos, documents, and more and wirelessly pushes them to all your devices. Today, there are already over 40 million documents stored on iCloud by millions of iWork customers. Learn more about iCloud.

With a new way to share iWork documents between your devices using iCloud, the public beta service will no longer be available. As of July 31, 2012, you will no longer be able to access your documents on the site or view them on the web.

We recommend that you sign in to before July 31, 2012, and download all your documents to your computer. For detailed instructions on how to save a copy of your documents on your computer, read this support article at

The iWork team

The shut down of will occur a month after Apple officially shuts down its MobileMe services. Apple has continued to support MobileMe since the introduction of iCloud so that users are given plenty of time to move over to the new service. However, as of June 30th, MobileMe and several of its features such as Gallery, iWeb, and iDesk will no longer be available.

Apple first launched the as a free beta in January 2009, with the company eventually hoping to offer the service with tools for collaboration on iWork documents for a fee. In the end, the service never exited beta, and due to iCloud offering similar features for moving documents, the company has decided to eliminate the program. Though iCloud does offer a variety of features, it does not offer the level of features once planned out for yet.