Baby Name Finder: App For iPhone

Happy Baby


Are you soon parent-to-be? Or already a parent with no clue on where  to start searching a sweet name for your baby. Definitely you don’t want to end up like Rachael and Ross, Friends Fame, who end up stealing the name for their kid from Monica.

Baby Names finder is a new app on the 75,000+ apps that could be found on Apple’s app store. The app comes with a database of 15,000 names which definitely is one huge database to confuse you more than untangle the situation. But features like Add to favorite,"Name Search" and "Most popular" might just help you. And if you are already in the above Rachael and Ross situation, then please don’t steal your baby’s name from your friend, instead use "I feel lucky" random name generator.

Download from app store for $4.99.

Export iTunes MP3 Songs and Albums

iTunes is definitely not one of my favorite music players, and thanks to Keshav who showed me how to use a barebones player and convert Foobar2000 into a super music player, I have been using it more and more.

Of course if you have a iPod or iPhone you do require iTunes to transfer and manage music. But there are iTunes alternatives like Floola and iPhone PC Suite.


If you do not want to use a alternative but just want to export MP3 songs and albums for iTunes, iHandler a based application can definitely come in handy.

The software will basically allow you to load a iTunes Library and export the songs and albums and allow you to store it in another folder so that you can use it with other music players.

iHandler is based on Adobe Air so it can run on both Windows and Mac.

Download iHandler [via BlogsDNA]

Apple's Rock and Roll Event-Success or Failure?

Last night Apple’s Rock and Roll Event took place at San Francisco. The expectations were high from this event as it usually is with any other Apple event. The event specifically marked the return of Steve Jobs – the man behind Apple. The hopes were so high from Apple’s event and people were so hungry for getting the updates as fast as possible that popular sites like Twitter,  Gizmodo were capping out. So was the event a success or failure in terms of people’s expectations? According to me, the event was one of the most disappointing Apple event in recent times. 

First of all, Apple only increased the capacity of their iPod line-up along with a price cutapple_rockand-roll_event and updated the hardware of iPod Touch and iPod Nano and the most shocking part was the inclusion of a video camera in iPod Nano but nothing in the iPod Touch. Apple had to take such a tough decision to protect the sale of iPhone but I guess this move from them surely disappointed a lot of their fans. Secondly Apple did not update the iPod Shuffle with dedicated keys after they excluded all the hardware keys from it and added Voice based navigation on it.

The best part of the  event though has to be the return of Steve Jobs, the price cut on the iPod line-up especially on the iPod Touch making it priced at 199$, and of course iTunes 9 which comes with great new features like App Management, Genius Playlist etcetera and iPhone OS 3.1.

Sony Walkman Tops The Sales Chart In Japan This Month

This has to be a shocking news for many people. Sony Walkman players for the first time in 4 long years have managed to outsell Apple iPod’s in terms of number of players sold. Sony, which is a Japan based company, saw its Music Player Market share grow to 43%, which is 0.9% more than Apple’s market share in Japan itself. The sales of Music player’s fell by 13.5% during the month of August thanks to the ongoingarticle-1180774-04E7FC92000005DC-177_468x361 recession. This is the 5th straight month when the sales of personal music player have dropped in Japan.

Analysts have predicted that the sales of Apple iPod fell because Apple may release new iPod’s during their Rock n Roll event on September 9th.

Source: Bloomberg

Apple iPhone exploded in Southern France

Another Apple device exploded. This time a French teenager got injured when his girlfriend’s iPhone exploded and the screen was shattered, sending shreds of glasses up in the air.

The teenager thankfully didn’t lose his eyes. This happened only few weeks after an incident in Britain where a iPod Touch exploded. Before the explosion the device started making a hissing sound.

Apple has offered a refund to the owners of the exploded device in Britain but we don’t know if they will do that for this incident. Apple has kept quite on this topic and has not made any public statements.

Considering that Apple devices are exploding everywhere, we urge iPhone and iPod touch owners to be aware of it, if your device starts making a hissing noise please try and keep it away from yourself.

5 iPhones App For Social Networking

Apple App store is crowded with 65k+ apps. It gets quite hectic to search applications for your social networking needs. Here’s a compact list 5 best social networking apps that you will ever need to stay in touch with your contacts.


Tweetdeck is truely amazing software for all your twitter needs. With Tweetdeck you can create groups, search Twitter, manage multiple accounts and easily post your tweets or share photos, link and much more. Plus you can sync your existing TweetDeck columns between your desktop and iPhone. Moreover, it’s FREE.


Facebook app, as the name suggests is application to handle your facebook account. It’s an optimized version of mobile facebook for iPhone. Lets you update status, read comments, check inbox, chat and browse profiles, albums and notes. Again it’s FREE


Photoscatter lets you upload your images in gallery or fresh photos to photo sharing sites like Facebook, Flickr, Shutterfly, PhotoBucket, Picasa and Twitter (TwitPic). You can upload the photo to all the above photo sharing sites in one go or upload to selected few, it’s your choice. It will cost you $1.99.


Shozu is all in one social networking application for your iphone/ipod. Shozu lets you connect to more than 40 social networking sites. You can update status, upload pictures and do more using shozu.


Fring lets you login to your Skype ®, MSN Messenger ®, Google Talkâ„¢, ICQ, SIP, Twitter, Yahoo!â„¢ and AIM ® accounts. You can listen to music with your friends, check out what each other are up to on Facebook, receive alerts of new Google Mailâ„¢ and tailor make your very own fring by adding more cool experiences from fringAdd-onsâ„¢.

Listen To Your Favorite Movies On Your iPod

I sometimes get so facinated by the dialogues in a movie that I want to hear them over and over. Usually it requires watching the movie again but that is not always possible. So I gave it some thought and came up with a way to just listen to a movie. Here’s how to do it:

1. Find The Script:

Once you know which movie you want to listen to, try to find the original script for that movie. The best resource for finding movie scripts is IMSDB is the Internet Movie Scripts Database and contains scripts from hundreds of movies. You can search for a movie or browse by genre to find something like. It also contains transcripts from a lot of TV shows.

2. Save The Script:

The script is in plain text so you can simply copy and paste it into a text file. You can also edit the script to take out parts that you don’t like or delete any words like Cont’d. Once you are done editing, save it as a simple text file.

3. Convert To Audio:

There are a number of tools to do that with Spesoft and Zamzar being a couple of good ones. Just use them to convert the text file into an MP3 format.

4. Import into iTunes:

The MP3 files can be easily imported into iTunes, or better yet, you can convert them to the audio book format. Once imported into iTunes, you can listen to the movie whenever you want. If you import it as an audio book, your iPod will automatically remember your position in the file so you don’t have to remember where you left off.

This, ofcourse, would not be as fun as watching the actual movie since you won’t be hearing the dialogues from the original actors, but it can still provide a lot of entertainment value.

Create An iPod AudioBook From Multiple MP3 Files

If you have ever tried to download a free audio book, you will know that it is usually split into multiple MP3 files; and even though you can import these multiple MP3 files into your iTunes, it ruins all the fun. You have to switch from one file to another and you always have to remember where you stopped. But, now you can get all the cool features of the ipod audio book format by merging multiple mp3 files together and creating an iPod compatible audio b0ok.

To do so, simply download this free converter, choose the files you want to merge and click submit. It will take a few minutes but will provide you with a single audio book file for seamless listening.  You would no longer have to remember which file you stopped on because when listening to an audio book, iPod automatically remembers your last position.

You can also use this to convert each MP3 file into a separate audiobook file. During the conversion, you will be opted to add tags to the file such as author name, genre e.t.c.

Game Review: Need For Speed Underground(iPhone)

Games for me has always been limited to racing or something related to cars, yeah I like the Speed. I must tell you this is one game every gaming fan should get. And if you are yet not an iPhone owner, I suggest, grab one.

Electronics Arts for a long period of time has been my favourite. They deliver—what we call: polished game. With NFS undercover there is no disappointment either. It’s a mission based game, where as the title of the game suggests you are an undercover agent and your sole job is to spot the gangs and spot them from from auto-theft. Then you do it by neglecting the police or by smashing your car into them, its your choice. But for me it was fun smashing the car into the police.

The story is continued with live-action instead of incorporating some fictional characters. For some reason best known to EA it has cheesy hot actresses. Maybe they want guys to like it. But I am sure this might be distraction for them in completeing the 8 jobs that need to be done(good for us girls, we can concentrate on getting the job done).


Grafically the game looks beautiful. Developers definitely have grafics a lot of attention. What I most like is, there is no lag in the game. Most of the graficaly heavy games that I have played I encountered this problem and trust me its frustrating. EA has managed to overcome it and I am blessfull towards them. Thank You.

As per EA’s rule, they have integrated some awesome songs into the game. You may play your own playlist. But I noticed EA’s songs were better than my playlist :D

I can’t wait to talk about the car handling. I really like the real-time gaming experience. Tilt the iPhone left or left-turn, right or right-turn, upwards for nitro boost and downwards to slow down your car. Amazing! Oh and yeah tap the screen for brakes. I had fun time getting into full speed and tapping the screen and performaing a 360 degree. The car accelerates automatically and there is no way you could control the acceleration.


What I miss in the game is even after hitting the car I can’t see the damage when its on track. And the drama in the game could’ve been cut short. I mean when I am completeing the job there comes a almost 5-10 minutes of stupid story-telling, I know its important but they could’ve cut it short. Also if you are a gaming guru then you would find the tracks pretty easy. I, myself was able to finsih off the game in plain 2 days, but yeah that meant I was playing 8-9 hours a day. It took me sometime in adjusting with the handling but once it was done the game moves like breeze. The overall experience has been neat.

With NFS undercover, EA have taken themselves and iPhone gaming experience to next level. PSP should feel threatened iPhone is coming baby. NFS undercover ought to be the best game available on Apple App store as of now.

Yowza!! App For iPhone



Last week when I ordered Pizza over phone I spent a good amount of time searching for the discount coupon. I thought of starting something that would give discount coupons from all stores at one place. Luckily Yowza!! has saved me from the pain of starting a new business J

Yowza!! Is a new app that aims to deliver discount coupons/ best deal to the consumers. The best thing about the app is ITS FREE. All the user of this app needs to do is show the barcode or digital mobile coupon on their iPhone or iPod Touch at the checkout counter and they would imediately avail the discount applicable on the purchace. This app is available on iPhone(all versions) and iPod.

So far many common names in Brands have signed with yowza!! Brands like sears,McDonald’s,Finish Lines, ESPN Zone, The container Stores, Islands Restaurants, Sports Authority, Rubio’s Fresh Mexican Grill, Pier 1 Imports, REI,, Saks Fifth Avenue, Regency Shopping Centres, California Pizza Kitchen, American Golf Corporation, Cavallo Point Lodge, Marmalade Café, Traditional Jewelers, American Car Movers,Aveda Salon/Spa,Inner you pillates, JRK Hotel Group, Cheeseburger Restaurants, Keihl’s, Midway Car Rental,Santana Row Shopping Centre, Seaton, Jill Roberts and Paige Premium Denim. PHEW! More merchants will be announced in coming weeks. !