Access Apple App Store On Web Browser Without Installing iTunes

iPod Touch and iPhone users are required to install iTunes in order to sync their device and upload songs, pictures and videos. However, if you decide to use an iTunes alternative or the iPhone PC suite, you lose the functionality of accessing the iTunes store and can only access it from your iPod touch or iPhone.


Don’t fret yet, you can access the iTunes store from a web browser by visiting this Appscot app store link. The online link makes it easier to browse the app store from any web browser of your choice.


Using the web interface you can browse the apps, view app description and reviews and more. You can also open the app links directly in iTunes, using the links provided on the webpage.

Please note: You will not be able to install the apps using your web browser.


How to Find Your iPhone/iPod Touch OS Version?

Want to know which version of iPhone/iPod Touch OS you are using? No problem, all it takes is a few seconds. Follow the steps given below to find the version of OS installed on your iPhone or iPod touch.

iphone_ipod_touch_settings  ipod_touch_settings_screen iphone_ipod_current_os_version

Step 1: Click on the home button on your iPhone and go to settings. In the settings screen, click on General.

Step 2: At the top of the general screen click on About. Scroll down a bit and you will see your current OS version.

How to Uninstall/Remove Apps from iPod Touch & iPhone

Apple has a huge app store, full of useful apps and games. Sometimes, you might install apps just to try them out. However, what if you don’t like the app? How do you uninstall or remove them?

Turns out that, uninstalling or removing apps is not pretty straightforward on an iPod Touch & iPhone. Here are some easy steps for uninstalling or removing unwanted apps from your iPod touch & iPhone.


Step 1: Click and hold a app icon for a few seconds. Once you do that, you will see a remove icon on all the apps. In addition to that the app icons will start to shake.


Step 2: Click on the close button on the app, which you want remove from your iPod touch or iPhone. Click on the Delete button in the confirmation message to completely remove the app.

Step 3: The app icons will continue to have the remove icon, even after you have deleted the app. To go back to normal screen, click on the home button.

How To Take Screenshots in iPod Touch & iPhone

I just got hold of a brand new 32GB  iPod Touch, and have been playing around with it, installing apps and listening to music. There have been so many things that I am discovering with it, so expect a lot of and how to posts in the future.

I was trying to look for an app to take screenshots on the iPod Touch/iPhone. However, I did not find one. Turns out that it is pretty easy to take screenshots on an iPod Touch/iPhone.


To Take a screenshot on a iPod Touch or iPhone, press the power button on the top and the home button simultaneously. When you do that, the phone will flicker for a second and you will hear a sound.

That’s it, the screenshot has been taken. It will be saved in a new album named as Saved Photos.

Transfer Files From iPod To Computer With iPod Computer Wizard

How will you transfer all your excellent collections of songs from iPod to your newly purchased laptop? The answer is quite simple – iPod Computer Wizard. This program will help you to easily transfer all your files from iPod to any computer. We know that iTunes does not allow us to get the contents back from our iPod to computer, therefore I recommend you to use this freeware as it will fulfill all your needs.

iPod Computer Wizard


  • Easily transfer music files from iPod to computer
  • Search the songs easily
  • Sync songs, videos and playlists back to iTunes library
  • Restore the rating, play counts and artworks from iPod to iTunes
  • Preview and transfer all the pictures or photos from iPod to computer
  • Organize the output song files based on the title, artist, album
  • Build-in mini player that plays the music directly iPod without iTunes
  • Auto-detect and extract the photos with the maximum quality

How To Use iPod Computer Wizard

    1) Enable the “Disk Use” of the iPod.
    2) Connect your iPod to the computer via USB cable.
    3) Browse and select the songs, videos or photos you want to transfer.
    4) Click on the “Copy” button to start the transfer.

iPod Computer Manager support all types of iPod, iPod Touch and iPhone. The free edition of iPod can transfer only one song at a time.

[ Download iPod Computer Wizard ]

Apple's Rock and Roll Event-Success or Failure?

Last night Apple’s Rock and Roll Event took place at San Francisco. The expectations were high from this event as it usually is with any other Apple event. The event specifically marked the return of Steve Jobs – the man behind Apple. The hopes were so high from Apple’s event and people were so hungry for getting the updates as fast as possible that popular sites like Twitter,  Gizmodo were capping out. So was the event a success or failure in terms of people’s expectations? According to me, the event was one of the most disappointing Apple event in recent times. 

First of all, Apple only increased the capacity of their iPod line-up along with a price cutapple_rockand-roll_event and updated the hardware of iPod Touch and iPod Nano and the most shocking part was the inclusion of a video camera in iPod Nano but nothing in the iPod Touch. Apple had to take such a tough decision to protect the sale of iPhone but I guess this move from them surely disappointed a lot of their fans. Secondly Apple did not update the iPod Shuffle with dedicated keys after they excluded all the hardware keys from it and added Voice based navigation on it.

The best part of the  event though has to be the return of Steve Jobs, the price cut on the iPod line-up especially on the iPod Touch making it priced at 199$, and of course iTunes 9 which comes with great new features like App Management, Genius Playlist etcetera and iPhone OS 3.1.

Zune HD – Its Official And Its Coming Next Month!

Yes! Its official now. Zune HD will be launched next month and it will battle for the market share with iPod Touch 3rd Generation which will also be released around that time. The Zune HD features a OLED 3.3inch touchscreen and the processing power is provided by the Nvidia Tegra Processor. The Personal Media Player also features an inbuilt HDMI port so11825_ZuneHDBLK12 that you can directly connect it to your TV and also has the ‘standard’ features  including Wi-Fi, a Web Browser and an HD Radio Tuner.

Zune HD will be launched in 16GB and 32GB models and will cost 219.99$ and 289.99$ respectively. The Zune HD definitely looks stellar and it will be interesting to see how it stacks up against the 3rd Generation iPod Touch. The biggest advantage which the iPod Touch enjoys over the Zune HD is the App Store which has more than 55,000 applications and games available for the iPod Touch.

Download Yahoo Messenger For iPhone

The Yahoo team has finally released a version of their popular IM client for iPhone users, using this new application you can chat with your friends through a iPhone or iPod touch device.


This version of includes several features including;

  • Ability to send instant messages, including emoticons and web links.
  • Photo sharing to share photos from your iPhone.
  • Stealth mode: Ability to sign in as invisible or change your status to invisible.
  • Ability to set custom status messages.
  • Ability to view recent chat conversation history.
  • A special Idle state will keep you signed in to yahoo, if you make use of another application or attend to a phone call, however your status will be displayed as idle.
  • Ability to customize settings to sort contact list or to show or hide offline contacts.

Yahoo Messenger for iPhone is a free application, you can download it from iTunes App Store, however you can also download the application directly by clicking on this link.

If you use Yahoo Messenger on the desktop don’t forget to check out some handy tips and tricks for Yahoo Messenger, we also have a list of shortcut keys for Yahoo Messenger.

Yahoo Messenger for iPhone is here [Official Yahoo Messenger Blog]

First Impressions: LogMeIn Ignition for the iPhone/iPod Touch

This is a guest post by Rich Robinson who owns and writes at Minty White, a blog where he talks about Windows Tools, Help & Guides. Rich is also the author of the books and ‘Windows Vista – The Pocket Guide‘ and ‘Windows Vista – Customization Manual‘. If you would like to guest post for us, feel free to contact us.

logmein-00 When I heard about the public beta for LogMeIn for the iPhone, I knew that I–a current LogMeIn user–needed to get in on it.

LogMeIn is a remote access client that allows you to connect to your computer from anywhere in the world (with an internet connection.)

Needless to say, the beta didn’t disappoint me and LogMeIn Ignition was released for the iPhone yesterday (December 16.) At a whopping $29.99, this will probably be the most expensive app you’ll have on your phone. In this review, I’ll show you why it’s worth every penny and serves as a priceless replacement for using Safari to access LogMeIn online.

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Apple Releases Software Update For iPhone 2.0 and iPod Touch

Apple released a software update for iPhone 2.0 and iPod Touch, this update fixes several bugs with the earlier version of the software.


To update the software for your iPhone or iPod touch, connect the device to your Mac or PC and click Check for updatesin iTunes.

Your jailbreak applications may stop working after you apply this software update, so you may want to check the jailbreak application publisher, to see if there are any new updates available from them.

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