Windows Live Messenger For iPhone Clocks 1 Million Downloads

I must admit that I am not a huge Windows Live Messenger fan and rarely use it, however, it looks like there are now a million plus users who use the WLM for iPhone.

Windows Live Messenger iPhone App

Michael Chang, a Group Product Manager of the Windows Live Messenger made an announcement that the Windows Live Messenger app for iPhone has been downloaded over a million times in 5 days.

Now that is a huge milestone for Microsoft and shows that WLM is still being widely used by the 400 million active Windows Live Hotmail users they have. The good thing about the iPhone app is that it allows you to comment on friends photos and also view status updates from Windows Live, and MySpace and also allows you to view what your friend are sharing on and .

The social integration is definitely a huge plus for this app, and if that is not enough you can also access your Hotmail account and compose, read and reply to emails.

Interested to join the millions of users using this app? Head over to this iTunes link to download the Windows Live Messenger iPhone app.

FarmVille App Now Available for Free on iPhone/iPod Touch

At the event, Zynga had demoed the Farmville app for the and iPod Touch with the availability schedule for later this month. If you have been a Farmville fan on , you can now also play the same game on your iPhone or iPod Touch too.

Farmville iPhone App

Zynga has officially released the Farmville app for iPhone and iPod Touch for free. The app has a similar experience to what you get on Facebook, however, to play the game you will have to sign in using your Facebook account.

Farmville iPhone Game Play

Farmville has been a crazy success for Zynga, taking the online social gaming company to a $5 billion valuation, and now with the availability of the app on or earlier devices will bring in more success and revenue their way.

You can download the Farmville application for free for your iPhone or iPod Touch by clicking on this iTunes link.

Pandora and WordPress Updated for iOS 4

was released today and there are couple of exciting app updates available which make use of multitasking and task switching in iOS4.

Pandora and WordPress iOS 4 update

The first update came for Pandora which added multitasking support allowing users to listen to music in the background while they worked with other apps on the foreground. However, the multitasking on Pandora will only work on supported devices, which include 3GS and certain iPod Touch devices. However, you can jailbreak iPhone to activate multitasking and wallpaper support on earlier versions.

You can download the Pandora app from iTunes here, or use the App store to update to the latest version of Pandora.

Another major app which got an update for iOS4 support is WordPress, the new WordPress 2.5 includes support for fast app switching and also for the retina display. Other major enhancements include bug fixes and performance enhancements. You can read more about WordPress 2.5 for iPhone here or download it from here.

iPad and iPhone Audio/Video Converter, Transfer and Backup Software

Recently I got myself a 16GB (Non-3G version) to fulfill my high internet and multimedia usage. The device has been downright impressive, but the only problem for me until now has been to find a good video converter software.

iPad Video Transfer

iTunes does what it is intended to do, but can only supports a limited number of video formats. This basically ruled out transferring videos to iPad, whose format iTunes did not support.


While searching for a good video converter, I bumped across ImTOO iPad Mate. The software does everything I was looking for, plus offers some extra novelties as well. The video converter of the software works as it is supposed to do. It supports all the major video formats right out of the box. ImTOO iPad Mate not only supports iPad, but also iPhone and iPod Touch, and the various other generations of the iPod).

Users can connect and manage two or more iPad/iTouch devices simultaneously via the ImTOO iPad Mate. The software can also rip videos from a DVD and convert and transfer them to your iPad/iTouch. The software also allows users to convert ISO files to iPad-supported format.


The time taken to convert videos will significantly vary depending on your system’s configuration, the settings you convert the movies, and ultimately the size of the movie itself. I managed to convert a 1.98GB Mkv format video file to iPad format (1280*720) in just under an hour on my 3.4GHz Core 2 Duo PC.

ImTOO iPad Mate also allows users to delete specific songs, pictures and videos from their iPad and other iDevices. Along with this, users can also transfer videos, pictures and music from their iPad/iTouch to their PC. This feature of the ImTOO iPad Mate makes your a iPad a media library backup device. The software also allows users to modify ID3 information of the songs already present on your iPad/iTouch.

The only problem, which I faced with the software, was that it required a proper working internet connection while transferring files to iPad, and few other selected iTouch devices. It remains a mystery to me why the software needs a proper working internet connectivity for transferring files to my iPad.


You can learn more about the features and supported videos and more at the ImToo site.

Techie Buzz Verdict

The ImTOO iPad Mate is a must have software for every iPad owner. Heck, every iTouch owner should own it. The software combines the features of multiple software into one and offers them in a nice slick package.

ImTOO iPad mate is available for both Windows and Mac OS X. At 59.95$, the price of the software is a bit on the steep side though but it worth what you will spend. You can also download a free version of the software and use it before you purchase the software.

Techie Buzz Rating: 3.5/5

Downloads: Download  ImTOO for Windows | Download ImTOO for Mac

IPL 2010 iPhone App For IPL Schedules

IPL 2010 which is the third season of the Indian Premiere League will kick off in March. If you are a cricket and IPL fan and own an , here is some good news, the IPL 2010 Schedule app for the iPhone will allow you to keep a track on the games and find out when they are being played.

IPL 2010 Schedule IPL 2010 Teams IPL 2010 Match Schedule

The IPL 2010 Schedule app has a simple interface and provides you schedules for teams, venue or stadiums and based on the date of the games. You can also keep a track on the games which will be played on any particular day and the points table for all the team.

Of course, the points table will not be useful right away and will come into play once IPL 2010 kicks off in March, so if you want to keep a track of the IPL 2010 schedule at the tip of your fingers, head over to this iTunes link to download the app for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

[via Web Trickz]

iPhone Apps Will Work With The iPad

Earlier today during the Apple Event as Apple was showcasing the new iPad, one thought which ran across most people’s mind was – “What about apps ? Will the existing ones work?”

To answer that – yes, the existing apps will work. As Apple had demonstrated during the event, existing iPhone / iPod Touch apps will run in two modes – one with the same resolution as the iPhone , at 320×240 centred on the iPad screen.

The apps can also make full use of the real estate, albeit in a zoomed manner. While this seems good, the flip side to this would be that the difference in resolution ( 320×240 for the iPhone / iPod Touch versus 1024×768 for the iPad) – would mean that the apps might not look as pretty since the image is going to be stretched a wee-bit more than 3 times the original resolution.

Apple has made available the iPad SDK to developers, so it shouldn’t be long before developers tweak their existing apps to suit the iPad’s gorgeous new high-res screen.

Free RSS Flash Google Reader App for iPhone

Another neat RSS reader iPhone/iPod Touch app is up for grabs. The RSS Flash g Lite is a paid to free app which synchronizes with your Google Reader account and allows you to easily read feeds on the go.


RSS Flash allows you to synchronize your feeds with your Google account. RSS Flash was earlier available for $1.99, but is now completely free. However, it does not include sharing features. Those can be additionally purchased for $0.99.

However, if you want to read on feeds on the go, this looks like a pretty good app.

Download Flash RSS Lite [iTunes Link]

CDN Solutions Launches Masala Pedia app for iPhone

CDN Solutions, a company which develops mobile applications has come up with a new application called Masala Pedia, which will allow users to lookup and convert the names of a masala (spice) into English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

masalapedia-iphone-home masalapedia-iphone-browse

There are times when you are cooking a dish from a recipe book and don’t know what a type of spice is called in the your language. The Masala Pedia app will allow you to lookup names of common spices. The free app for iPhone can help you lookup up to 20 masala names.

In addition to that you can also search for spices and view details about them, including images and descriptions. The app works on both the iPhone and iPod touch and was tested on a iPod Touch 3G edition.

The full app is can be purchased for $0.99. For more details and download links visit the Masala Pedia iPhone app page.

iPhone/iPod Touch Apps and Games Price Drops for Today

app_popular_iphone_app backstreet_cat_iphone_game isanta_iphone_game


iPhone/iPod Touch Apps Price Drops

File Ninja – File Ninja is a wireless hard drive, media browser and Google Documents reader rolled into one application. Was $4.99. iTunes link.

Breakdown – Stay safe. Wherever you are, 5 minutes from home or 100 miles away, you are always in control. Was $0.99. iTunes link.

App Popular – Find Top Apps & Save Money with Push Price Change Alerts. Was $0.99. iTunes link.

ColorCal (Calendar) – colorCal is a flexible, quick, and easy-to-use calendar to help you plan, document, and track your days!. Was $0.99, free till 25th December. iTunes link.

Kleio flux – Kleio flux is a no fuss expense tracker. It makes it a breeze to add and track your expenses while you are on the go. Was $0.99, free till end of the year. iTunes link.

Corkboard – A corkboard can store text notes and images. You can take a picture with a camera, choose a picture from photo library, or paste from pasteboard. Was $1.99. iTunes link.

iPhone/iPod Touch Games Price Drops

iWord Power Find the most convincing spells to suppress the contender the intelligence. Was $0.99. iTunes link.

Oceanic This is what the new movie by the famous French explorer Jacques Cousteau would look like. Was $0.99. iTunes link.

TouchBlocks Addictive and fast paced action puzzle game that uses iPhones multi-touch display. Was $0.99, free for one week. iTunes link.

TRIO PRO – TRIO PRO is a simple, fun and extremely addictive game! Create a sequence of three or more balls of the same color to make them disappear. Free app. iTunes link.

Charadium – Charadium is a fast & furious draw-and-guess multiplayer game that guarantees you’ll be drawn in. Free for today only. iTunes link.

iSanta 2010 Do you want to play Santa this Christmas and go riding on the sleigh dropping gifts through the Chimney? Was $0.99. iTunes link.

Levers – The goal of Levers is simple: keep all the objects out of the water. Was $0.99. iTunes link.

Backstreet Cat You are a cat. Your mission is to run on fences, jump into open windows, crash the dishes and nail the bird. Was $0.99. iTunes link.

Tic Tac Toe Connect – If you’ve played Tic Tac Toe, the most frustrating part is that it often ends in a tie. Not so in this game. Was $1.99, free till December 18th. iTunes link.

Minim – In Minim you start with more but end with less, if you have the skill. Was $1.99, free for today only. iTunes link.

DaVinci’s Secret Machines DaVinci’s Secret Machines is a unique puzzle game in which your goal is to complete the ‘machines’ and achieve the objectives of the game’s levels. Was $1.99, free till December 22nd. iTunes link.

Pixo Spot – When something is going on right in front of your eyes, do you see it? Was $0.99. iTunes link.

Go! Go! Rescue Squad! – Go! Go! Rescue Squad! is an elegant piece of design dressed up in funfair clothing. Was $0.99. iTunes link.

Stunt Junkie You are an amateur stunt man who risks life and limb for glory. Was $0.99, free for today only. iTunes link.

iVolcano One day there was a volcano eruption in a peaceful island. People evacuated, and firefighters took off to put out the fire by helicopters. Was $0.99. iTunes link.

Power Grid – Your goal is to restore power to the apartment complex by manipulating the flow of power in the Power Grid. Was $0.99. iTunes link.

Port Defender 2D Tower Defense – Port Defender is a fun tower defense game that has frequent and substantial updates. Was $0.99, free for today only. iTunes link.

UniWar – UniWar is the online multiplayer turn-based strategy game for the iPhone. Was $2.99, free for today only. iTunes link.

Monster Ball Monster Ball is a turn based strategy game that builds on the simplicity of checkers. Was $0.99. iTunes link.

Trigger Happy Christmas – Santa is running hither and thither trying to gather them back up again. Was $0.99. iTunes link.

Price drop hat tips to App Shopper

iPhone/iPod Touch Apps and Games Price Drops for Today

kingfish_iphone_game  ace_destroyer_iphone_game color_ball_iphone_game

iPhone/iPod Touch Apps Price Drops

Chat ‘n Walk – for Twitter, Facebook, SMS and Email – Chat ‘n Walk displays the world around you while at the same time allowing you to compose messages that can be posted to your favorite sites. Was $0.99, free for 24 hours. iTunes link.

Caster – Create and publish podcasts on your iPhone. Was $4.99. iTunes link.

ArithmeTick – Math Flash Cards – ArithmeTick is challenging math game where you solve addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems. Was $0.99. iTunes link.

Cube Paint Pro Cube Paint is the 3D pixel drawing application for iPhone. Was $1.99. iTunes link.

MyCalculator – 2D, 3D & Time Graphing Calculator MyCalculator also supports complex numbers, scientific and engineering notation, trig and hyperbolic trig functions. Was $2.99, free till 2010. iTunes link.

iPhone/iPod Touch Games Price Drops

Seed 1 Rise of the Darkness Adventure within a thriving universe in this fantasy-RPG. Was $2.99. iTunes link.

1945 Ace Destroyer – 1945 Ace Destroyer is the classic simulation of WWII pacific air combat. Was $0.99. iTunes link.

2079 Tilt to move, shake to blast, shoot to kill. Was $2.99. iTunes link.

Color Ball Your challenge is to get the colored balls into the matching slots. Was $1.99, free for next 100000 downloads. iTunes link.

Santa’s Delivery Dash Help Santa deliver the presents. Was $1.99, free for one day. iTunes link.

Ex Machina – Click on the particle dots to test your reaction speed. Was $0.99, free for one week. iTunes link.

IDooZ – IDooZ is an awesome, new and exciting puzzle game for the iPhone and iPod touch. Was $0.99. iTunes link.

Dr Angula Dr. Arugula is a fancy, brand spanking new true 3D zombie shooter. Was $0.99. iTunes link.

Arcs Arcs is a new type of puzzle game for iPhone and iPod Touch with a new spin on the classic sliding tile puzzle game. Was $0.99. iTunes link.

Cheese Collect In this fun puzzle game, you are a mouse who tries to steal cheese without setting off the traps set by the cat. Was $0.99. iTunes link.

7 Cities – 7 Cities takes you back to the ages past when pirates attacked the Seven Golden Cities of the Amazon. Was $2.99, free for one day. iTunes link.

Bit Flip A new FLIP on the classic match-three genre! bitFLIP combines quality aesthetics and sound to create a fun and frantic game. Was $1.99. iTunes link.

The Stick Zombie Massacre Set in a spooky, stormy graveyard, your only defense against the hordes of zombies are quick fingers and a sense of humor. Was $0.99. iTunes link.

Football Pinball Bring the excitement and thrills of Pro Football to your iPhone. Was $0.99. iTunes link.

Amazing Hangman Classic hangman game with bluetooth support. Was $0.99. iTunes link.

King Fish Be the king of the ocean by eating other fish. Was $0.99. iTunes link.

Price drop hat tips to App Shopper.