Spirit Jailbreak Application Updated To Support iTunes 9.2

The Spirit jailbreak application has been updated to support iTunes 9.2. Other than support for iTunes 9.2, no new features have been added. The Spirit application is one of the easiest way to jailbreak your iPhone/iPodios4_logo Touch or the iPad. Sadly, the Spirit application still does not support iOS4 and/or iPhone 4.

Currently, the Spirit application supports iOS 3.1.3 and 3.1.2 for iPhone 3GS, 3G, and the iPhone 2G. All version of iPod Touch are supported as well. For the iPad, iOS 3.2 is supported. Users who want to jailbreak their iPhone 3GS/3G or iPod Touch running on iOS4 can use either sn0wbreeze or PwnageTool 4.0. On a personal note, I would suggest iPhone 3G owners not to upgrade to iOS 4.

The iPhone 3G does not have enough horsepower to run iOS4 properly. If by chance, you have already updated your iPhone 3G to iOS 4 and want to go back to iOS 3.1.3, follow this guide.


iPhone 4 Coming to India In September 2010

Good news for users who are waiting for the to be launched in India. There is confirmed news that the 4 will be launched in India on September 2010 with the 16GB iPhone 4 costing Rs. 35,500 and the 32GB iPhone 4 costing Rs. 41,500.

iPhone 4 India

A few days ago we had also told you that Vodafone will be launching iPhone 4, however, the iPhone 4 might also be launched by Airtel, the major telecom player in India. However, considering the high demand for the iPhone 4 in US and UK, which has delayed production of new units, so expect the September date to be pushed a little ahead.

Unlike other versions of the iPhone, iPhone 4 has a front facing camera and an amazing retina display. You can read the full iPhone 4 Specifications and Features to know more about this device.

Coming back to the Indian launch, Apple has not seen much success with the iPhone in India thanks to the cost of the phone, and the iPhone 4 may see a same fate. Most of the iPhone 4 buyers are usually Apple fans, with general public being less inclined towards buying the phone.

Considering that the average cost of handsets in India is Rs. 2000 or a little bit higher, the Rs. 35,500 price tag looks a bit of a hard sell.

iPhone 4 will launch in September 2010 and we will keep you updated on the exact release date and availability as more information becomes available.

Microsoft Hits Back Against Critics by Flaunting Big Numbers

MicrosoftOf late, Microsoft has been having somewhat of a rough time. On the Mobile space, Apple rocked the world this year with the iPad and the iPhone 4 and Google is making steady inroads with Android, while Microsoft is yet to release Windows Phone 7. Even on the web, Microsoft is struggling to make a breakthrough. In fact, the Redmond based giant’s online division has been bleeding money, even as it continues to try and play catch up. Microsoft remains restricted to its traditional stronghold thanks to the dominance of Windows and Office.

Stung by the criticism, Frank Shaw, Microsoft’s Corporate VP of Corporate Communications, hit back by flaunting the numbers. Amidst all the iPhone and iPad frenzy, it’s quite easy to forget that Microsoft still remains a behemoth that is still doing an incredible job at raking in money.

Here’s a synopsis of the numbers touted by Shaw.

  • Windows 7: It is the fastest growing OS in the history with 150,000,000 copies sold so far.
  • PC: While people are busy forecasting the death of the PC, they are still forgetting that the projected PC sales (for 2010) dwarf the iPad and Netbook sales. 355 million PCs are expected to be sold this year, compared to 7.1 million iPads and 58 million Netbooks.
  • Netbooks: Speaking of Netbooks, this is another market Microsoft dominates. 96% of Netbooks sold in the US run on Microsoft Windows.
  • Server Market: While the Server market is not amongst Microsoft’s strong points, Linux hasn’t been doing too well either. Its current market share is 21.2%, down from 24% in 2005 and significantly less than the 33% market share it was predicted to achieve by 2007.
  • Office: 9,000,000 is the total number of customer downloads of the Office 2010 beta.
  • Xbox Live: With 23 million Xbox Live subscribers, Microsoft outnumbers both Netflix and the largest 25 US daily newspapers combined.
  • Bing: Bing has also been slowly making progress and gained 21.4 million new users in one year.
  • Windows Live Hotmail: Hotmail is an oft ignored and frequently derided online property, but it is still a market leader. Hotmail has 360 million users compared to 173 million and 284 million Gmail and Yahoo! users respectively. In fact, with 299 million active Windows Live Messenger accounts, WLM is the most popular instant messaging service in the world.
  • Net Income: Apple may have passed Microsoft in the market caps, but Microsoft’s net income of $14.5 Billion is still a lot more than Apple’s ($5.7 Billion) or Google’s ($6.5 Billion) net income. Microsoft’s total revenue has also grown from $23.0 billion in 2000 to $58.4 billion in 2009.

White iPhone 4 Spotted in UK

Well while US users have to wait till next month to get their hands on the white thanks to production issues, it looks like their counterparts across the ocean in UK have the privilege to lay their hands on one.

Sky News have their hands on the White 4 version. According to a new video they posted on their site, there are glimpses of the White iPhone at 1:23 in the video and a full fledged segment where a reporter is holding a White iPhone around 1:31 into the video.

Now, you know where all the white iPhone’s went? To the place where they sell the iPhone 4 unlocked. Watch the video of the white iPhone 4 in action below.


iPhone 3194/1015 Error on Restore to 3.1.3 from iOS 4

Many users who were trying to downgrade iOS 4 to 3.1.3 have been facing a 3194 error. This error occurs when users try to restore the 3.1.3 firmware while downgrading from .

So is this issue fixable? Maybe. There was a forum post on TiPb which points users to a fix for this issue, apparently that is the same fix we listed in this post and it might not work when you are downgrading from iOS 4 to iPhone OS 3.1.3.

The problem actually lies with the fact that Apple signs the firmware now and you cannot upgrade or downgrade an iPhone using a firmware that Apple has not signed anymore, so this issue might go away if you use an older firmware which is signed by Apple.

Once again, using an Apple signed firmware may not fix this issue and we are actively researching on things that would help users to downgrade their iPhone or running iOS 4 to iPhone OS 3.1.3.

Download Official iOS 4 Manuals for iPhone/iPod Touch

If you recently got the or upgraded your older or to use the latest , there will several new features that you might not be aware of. I had briefly told you about couple of new features including creating folders in IOS 4 and multitasking in iOS 4.


However, what better way than to learn about your device from the manufacturer’s manual? Apple has made available downloadable version of manuals/user guides in PDF format for iPhone running iOS 4 and iPod Touch running iOS 4.

You can download the user guide (PDF files) from the official Apple site here. If you are looking to view the manuals click this link to view the iPhone 4 for iOS 4 user guide or click here to view the iPod Touch user guide for iOS 4.

Apple Provides iPhone Customers Toll-Free Numbers to Try Out FaceTime

Apple is encouraging new iPhone 4 owners to try out FaceTime by calling the toll-free number 1-888-FACETIME (332-3846). FaceTime is an open video telephony standard developed by Apple. At the moment it is available only on the iPhone 4; however, Apple is hoping that other influential players will also adapt and develop it.


Upon calling the toll-free number, users will reach an Apple representative who will initiate a FaceTime conversation and guide the user through different facets of this new service.

The iPhone is capable of seamlessly switching from a regular call to FaceTime mode. Once FaceTime is initiated you won’t be using your cell minutes. Instead, you will be communicating over the Wi-Fi, which is a necessary per-requisite for FaceTime. Either the front or the rear camera can be used during FaceTime.

Downgrade iOS4 to 3.1.3 on iPhone and iPod Touch

Earlier today we told you on how you can downgrade you and , the solution to downgrade from iOS 4 to iPhone OS 3.1.3 is pretty simple and straightforward and does not require much work.

Users have been downgrading their iPhone or iPod Touch because of the several problems which are caused by the new update on the iPhone and iPod touch, including battery drains and more.

We have been getting a lot of comments with regards to people draining the battery level because of this issue, you can read all the comments here, here and here to find out the different problems iOS4 has been causing for users.

If you are one of the users who have been affected by this problem, you can read our earlier guide on downgrading iOS 4 and using iPhone OS 3.1.3. Once you do that, you can also jailbreak your 3.1.3 device using the Spirit jailbreak.

iPhone 4 Reception Problem Lies In Your Hands

A lot of people who got their today have been complaining that placing their hands on the corner of the phone was causing problems with reception and dropping the connection bars.

This is not just a one-off problem and many people have been facing the issue if they put their hands on the steel bands. Ironically, according to Apple and Steve Jobs, the problem lies in your hands and the way you hold the phone and not the 4 itself or the latest .

Steve Jobs iPhone 4 Reception Problem Email

Engadget posted a reply to an email sent to Steve Jobs about the issue. In his usual short and sweet reply, Jobs said "Just avoid holding it in that way".

Apple has also released a public statement with regards to the iPhone 4 reception issue. It reads as such:

Gripping any mobile phone will result in some attenuation of its antenna performance, with certain places being worse than others depending on the placement of the antennas. This is a fact of life for every wireless phone. If you ever experience this on your iPhone 4, avoid gripping it in the lower left corner in a way that covers both sides of the black strip in the metal band, or simply use one of many available cases.

So now to fix the issue, you will have to train your hand to not touch the taboo part of the phone or better yet fill Apple’s coffers with a few more bucks by purchasing a case for the iPhone 4. So typical Apple right?

Nevertheless, this is a genuine issue and had also happened with the iPhone 3GS, however, that issue was later on fixed with an update. Here is a video of the iPhone 3G  in 2008 having a reception problem.

(Image and Other Credits to Engadget)

Live iPhone 4 Launch Stream From Palo Alto, CA

will be officially launched tomorrow and there have been people who had already lined up a week ago. Tonight will be crazy for several Apple stores and other retailers including Best Buy and Walmart who will also be selling the iPhone.

If you cannot be at the iPhone 4 Launch tomorrow, you can watch a live stream of the iPhone 4 launch being streamed by Into Mobile from the Palo Alto Apple Store in California.

Watch the video below to see how people rush towards getting their hands on Apple’s latest device.

Are you going to stand in line tonight to get your hands on the iPhone 4? If yes, don’t forget to send in some pictures to us.