iPhone iOS 4.0.2 and iPad iOS 3.2.2 Released to Patch JailbreakMe PDF Exploit

After the successful   jailbreaking by @comex through Jailbreakme.com, Apple has released a new update which patches the PDF exploit used by Jailbreakme.com to jailbreak iPhone and devices. The exploit which was used by @comex could also jailbreak the new .

Jailbreak iPhone

Apple released iOS 4.0.2 and iOS 3.2.2 which patch the PDF exploit used by Jailbreakme.com, the update will be displayed to you when you connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to iTunes.

If you rely on the jailbreak, it is highly recommended to skip this update since you will not be able to jailbreak iPhone or jailbreak iPod Touch once the new update is applied. This update will also the unlocked iPhone useless, so stay away from it till an update is available from the dev team.

(Source: Redmond Pie)

Fix Unknown Error Occurred (0xE8008001) While Installing Apps

Sometimes when you use iTunes to sync your or , you might get a error at the end of the sync which says that certain apps could not be synched to the phone because of an unknown error 0xE8008001 occurred because of which the apps could not be installed on the iPhone or iPod Touch.

Apple Logo

The error occurs when you try to directly install .IPA files on your iPhone or iPod Touch and because the Mobile Installation through iTunes does not support this.

In order to get rid of this error you will first of all have to jailbreak iPhone or jailbreak iPod Touch and then install a Cydia app called AppSync, which patches the Mobile Installation files and allows you to get rid of the above error thrown by iTunes. This problem also occurs on the recently released .

If you do not know how to install the AppSync app, take a look at how to install AppSync on iPhone and iPod Touch.

Install AppSync 4.0 on iOS 4 for .IPA Files on iPhone/iPod Touch

If you have an jailbroken iPhone or jailbroken iPod Touch running or iOS 4.0.1 you will not be able to install apps using .ipa files. AppSync is a Cydia app which patches the Mobile Installation file on iOS allowing users to install .ipa files manually without having to use iTunes.

Cydia Sources

However, the older version of AppSync will not work on iOS 4 and you will have to install AppSync 4.0 on your or in order to directly install .ipa files on the device. You will need to add a new repository to Cydia in order for this to work, learn how to add new repository to Cydia.

To install AppSync 4.0 on your jailbroken iPhone or jailbroken iPod Touch, start Cydia and click on the “Manage” tab on the bottom. Now click the “Edit” button and then click on the “Add” button. This should bring up a screen where you can add a new repository to Cydia.


Enter http://cydia.hackulo.us in the textbox provided and click on the “Add Source” button. Now go back to Cydia and click the “Search” button at the bottom and search for “AppSync”, from the available options select “AppSync for OS 4.0″ and Install it.

That’s it you will now be able to install .IPA files to your iPhone or iPod Touch without having to use iTunes, please remember that you will need to jailbreak iPhone before you can install AppSync.

Symbian Ships 300,000 Devices a Day, 50% More Than Android

SymbianClose on the heels of Google’s announcement that nearly 200,000 Android devices are now being shipped per day, the Symbian foundation today issued a release which states that over 300,000 Symbian devices are being shipped every day (with around 27 million devices in the last quarter), 50% more than the number of Android devices.

“These figures make for very positive news for the Symbian community. The smartphone market place has become more crowded than ever. So the fact we continue to outsell our competitors by such large margins, combined with all the feature commitments and developments published on our roadmaps, make us highly confident in our outlook and we will continue to embrace the challenges ahead.” said Lee M. Williams, Executive Director of Symbian.

Android may now be the leading OS in the US market, but it might be a long time before it overtakes Symbian in worldwide sales. Symbian smartphones are mostly priced in the budget segment while Android smartphones are priced relatively high.

Symbian has now mostly been relegated to the sidelines while Android and iOS take the smartphone war to the next level. Even Nokia will move to the MeeGo platform for its high end devices now; the Nokia N8 will probably be the last major Symbian release in the high end segment.

Source: Symbian.Org

Jailbreak iPhone iOS 4, iOS 4.0.1, iOS 3 iPad 3.2 With Jailbreakme.com Without Any Software

WOW, here is the simplest of all jailbreaks ever released for the . @comex has created a website called jailbreakme.com which will allow you to jailbreak iPhone, using a web browser including Safari.

Jailbreak iPhone Without Software Jailbreakme.com Safari

All you jailbreak fans out there, here is the simplest and most easy jailbreak you will ever come across, a software jailbreak through a website which makes use of an exploit. Just visit http://jailbreakme.com through Safari or any other browser you use and just "slide to jailbreak" your device with one easy step.

This is by far the easiest jailbreak ever released for any Apple devices and supports , iOS 4.0.1, iOS 3.1.3, iOS 3.1.2 and 3.2.1. Definitely a great job by @comex and kudos to him for achieving this.

P.S. The website may appear down for many of you since it is under very heavy usage, you might want to try it again tomorrow if it appears down for you.

White iPhone 4 Delayed Further

Apple-iPhone If you have been waiting for the white iPhone 4, I am afraid, I have bad news for you. The white model of the iPhone has been delayed, again. “White models of Apple’s new iPhone 4 have continued to be more challenging to manufacture than we originally expected, and as a result they will not be available until later this year”, read a statement issued by Apple.

Apple also clarified that sales of the black iPhone, which has been widely criticized for antenna and proximity sensor issues, will not be affected. Engadget had earlier speculated that the the glass manufacturer might be responsible for the delays. However, conspiracy theorists are already suggesting that Apple is delaying the release of the white iPhone 4 to fix the death grip problems. Whatever be the case, you will probably have to wait until the holiday season to get your hands on a white model of the iPhone 4.

Samsung Galaxy S Ad Makes Fun of the iPhone 4

Apple’s ads are well known for mocking their competitors in subtle and not so subtle ways. The Mac vs. PC ad campaign is perhaps the most well-known example of this. However, the much ballyhooed iPhone 4 Antennagate saga has turned the tables on Apple, which now finds itself at the receiving end of ridicule.

Apple is obviously keen to put the whole issue behind itself. But, its competitors have different ideas. The death grip problem has forced Apple to go on the defensive, and that doesn’t happen very often. It’s no wonder then that RIM, Nokia, HTC, Samsung and others are keen on keeping the discussion going.


The above ad for Samsung Galaxy S, which appeared in the UK press, is an obvious jab at the iPhone 4’s reception problems.

Adobe Brings Video Calling to Android, Calls it FlashTime

Adobe has released a demo application called FlashTime which enables video chat on Android devices. The app was built using Adobe Air 2.5 for the Android platform and uses your smartphone’s camera to enable video chat with other users.

They seem to be making a point to iPhone developers (Apple doesn’t allow Flash on the iOS platform) that it’s very easy to build powerful applications using Flash and then port them over to any supported platform (like Android) using Adobe AIR. This particular FlashTime demo app took just 3 days to build.

Mark Doherty, Flash Platform Evangelist, Mobile and Devices, Adobe, said on his blog, “This is not an Adobe product, but simply a feature demo that took 3 days. Any one can build P2P applications with Flash and AIR.”

Adobe had unveiled Flash and AIR support for Android, back at MWC, Barcelona in February.

Adobe Video Calling App on Android

Image credit: Engadget

Apple Makes $3.25 Billion Profit in 3rd Quarter, 78% Revenue Increase

Apple who have had a few big launches this year including the and have had a profitable 3rd quarter with a 78% increase in earnings. In the 3rd Quarter Apple made $15.7 billion in revenues and $3.25 billion in profits.

Apple Logo

In the 3rd quarter, Apple sold 3.47 million Macs which was a 33% increase YoY. They also sold 8.4 million which was a 61% growth over iPhone sales from same quarter last year. Apple also sold 3.27 million iPad during this period and 9.41 million iPods including .

It was a phenomenal quarter that exceeded our expectations all around, including the most successful product launch in Apple’s history with iPhone 4,said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. iPad is off to a terrific start, more people are buying Macs than ever before, and we have amazing new products still to come this year.

Steve Jobs hinted that there will be more amazing new products coming this year, which is basically the new line of iPod Touch devices with 5MP camera and FaceTime which is expected in September and may also include other new products in the iPod family. The new devices may also include new Macs too.

Overall Apple generated over $4 billion cash during the quarter and are expecting about $18 billion revenue in the 4th quarter. This is definitely a good quarter for Apple and with the iPhone 4 just launched it would add to their revenue coffers.

In addition to the US revenue, Apple is all set to launch iPad in 9 more countries this Friday and also launch the iPhone 4 in 18 more countries shortly. Also, unlike the iPhone 3GS, Apple was also supposed to launch the iPhone 4 in India this September, however, it is now confirmed that Airtel will launch iPhone 4 in India in October.

(Apple Press Release)

Apple iPhone 4 Unlocked….Again!

Last week, we had told you about Planetbeing unlocking his iPhone 4. Now MuscleNerd of the iPhone Dev Team has managed to unlock his iPhone 4 as well. The method used by MuscleNerd is different than the one used by iPhone 4 unlock Planetbeing. According to this tweet from MuscleNerd, there are apparently 3 ideas/ways to unlock the iPhone 4. The method used by Planetbeing is the first one, while MuscleNerd used the second idea.

Now both the modders will compare their unlocking method to see which method is the fastest and easiest. The fastest and the most efficient method will then be used in the next version of ultrasn0w to unlock the iPhone 4. The 3rd idea will not be used by both the modders for now. It will be saved for the future, in all probability. Hopefully, the next version of ultrasn0w will be released within the next one month by the iPhone Dev team.