App for iPhone Now Available Worldwide

The hugely popular app for iPhone is now be available Worldwide in the iTunes app store. The nifty iPhone/iTouch app has been downloaded over 3 million times since it’s launch (our coverage of 1 million downloads) in US and Canada. With the worldwide release we expect it to notch up a few millions more in near short time.

For more information on the App, visit the Photoshop mobile page. You can download the app by searching for Photoshopin the App Store. Mobile for iPhone Available Worldwide [Adobe Blogs]

Tweetie 2.1 Approved for Apple App Store

The much awaited iPhone app for , Tweetie 2.1 has been approved by the folks at Apple iTunes App store.


Tweetie 2.1 packs in several new features including support for Twitter Lists, native retweets, Geo Tagging in Twitter and more. The app should show up in the App store in the next few hours. Tweetie 2.1 should be a free update for Tweetie 2.0 users, however, Tweetie 1.0 users will have to purchase the new app from the App store.

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Find Rejected Apple iPhone Apps at App Rejections

Apple has a pretty secretive and sometimes questionable way of rejecting or approving apps for the iTunes App store. There are more than 100,000 Apps in the app store right now, however there have been countless rejections too.


App Rejections is a site which aims to track all the rejected Apps that could not make it to the iTunes app store, and lists out reasons for rejections, given out to developers by Apple. Keep track of the site to find out whether some really good apps never made it to the iTunes store.

App Rejections [via DSQ]

Transfer Photos from iPhone/iPod Touch to PC/Mac using WifiPhoto

Of late, I have been creating a lot of screenshots using the iPod Touch, however transferring photos from the iPhone/iPod Touch to your PC is quite a pain, since I have to email individual photos to myself.


WiFiPhoto is a new app for iPhone/iPod touch which will allow you to transfer photos directly to your PC or Mac using a web browser. Once you have purchased the app, click on the app icon to launch it. In the beginning you will see a blank screen. Click on the add button to add images from to the gallery.

You can select as many images you want to download to the gallery. Click on the done button, once you have finished adding the images. To delete the images from the gallery, just click on the trash icon. This will only delete images from the gallery, and not from your device.


The app will display a URL at the bottom of the screen, just type it in your PC/Mac browser to open up the web interface for WiFiPhoto. Using the web interface you can download the images to your local disk. You can also download all the images in the gallery by clicking on the Download Zip file link.

Techie Buzz Verdict

techie-buzz-recommended-software[1] WiFiPhoto is a no-brainer, it is a steal at $0.99, I bought the app without even blinking twice :-). If you use your iPhone to click photos regularly or create screenshots, this app is a must-have. It will save you lots of time and efforts over the regular method of emailing each and every photo to yourself.

The only problem with the app as I saw it was that, once your iPhone/iPod Touch goes into power saving mode, it will lose all the images you had added to the gallery.You will need to re-add them using the add button. However, that is just a minor inconvenience.

Techie Buzz Rating: 4.5/5 (Superb)

Download WifiPhoto from the App Store

Wolfram Alpha: Would You Buy the $50 iPhone App? [Polls]

I am not sure about this, but why would someone pay $50 to buy a fancy search application from Wolfram Alpha?


There is no doubt that, Wolfram Alpha is a very good innovation, but seriously $50 for a iPhone app? I would just  browse Wolfram Alpha using  Safari on the iPhone or iPod Touch, and use the $50 to buy some cool games to waste my time, and then use Google Search for free.

What about you? Please take part in the poll below, to tell us whether or not you would but this app from the app store. iPhone App Clocks 1 Million Downloads

It has hardly been 10 days since Adobe released the app for iPhone, and the app has already clocked over 1 million downloads.


Not just that, it has also reached the #1 position in the free apps section of the App store. And to add to that, this app is not even available in global markets yet, and can only be downloaded in US and Canada.

Have you downloaded the App? What has your experience been with it? Do let us know through your comments.

Tweet Reel: Easily Send Videos To Twitter From iPhone

Do you own the new iPhone 3GS? If you do, then you can send videos of 640×480 resolution directly to Twitter with the help of Tweet Reel. Tweet Reel lets you shoot pictures and video on your iPhone, upload it to and then you can easily share them on Twitter.

Tweet Reel detects the orientation of both the video clips and photos and rotates them automatically for playback and viewing online. Tweet Reel also adds a short url to your tweets so that your followers can immediately find and view your videos. Tweet Reel supports multiple Twitter accounts and geo-tagging with the iPhone’s location feature.

Tweet Reel

[ Image Source – Razorianfly ]


  • Multiple accounts
  • Photo uploading from the iPhone/iPhone 3G
  • Video uploading from the iPhone 3GS
  • Trimming of saved album videos
  • Full resolution photo uploads
  • Sensed video orientation
  • Geo-tagging, attach location data from the device GPS to tweets

You can get Tweet Reel only for $2.99 from the App Store.

[ Download Tweet Reel In iTunes ]

Dropbox Now Available For Your iPhone And iPod Touch

Dropbox is a file access manager that syncs all of your files from your computer to the web. Recently Dropbox has introduced an iPhone app that will help iPhone users to access their files anywhere they want. Dropbox allows the users of iPhone and iPod touch to access their online Dropbox storage remotely. Dropbox is now available in the App Store for free.

Dropbox iPhone

It also allows you to view all the file supported by your iPhone which includes documents, photos, music and video files. You can even upload your photos or videos taken from your iPhone directly in your Dropbox account. Dropbox allows you to save any file as a favorite for offline viewing. You can even share your files with your friends.


  • Access your Dropbox directory
  • View your files
  • View photos
  • Download files to your iPhone
  • Sync downloaded files
  • Share links to Dropbox files
  • Take photos and videos and upload them to Dropbox

Dropbox’s free account is limited to 2GB while you can purchase a pro-version at $9.99/month for 50GB and $19.99/month for 100GB.

[ Dropbox App On iTunes ]

Wall Street Journal To Cost $2 Per Week For iPhone Users

There are rumors floating around the web that the Wall Street Journal app that you have been using for free on iPhone and Blackberry, will start costing you $2 per week.

Though the official date from which onwards WSJ app will start charging is not yet confirmed, it is speculated that it’s not more than a month far.  So within a month or so, you will be paying WSJ $2 per week to read the news.

"No final decision has been made," Murdoch said via Webcast at an investor conference today. The WSJ itself reports that subscription offerings will roll out for media content before the end of the year

Would you pay $2 per week for content where you can read elsewhere too?

New iPhone App To Track Swine Flu Outbreaks

A new iPhone application enables users to track and report outbreaks of infectious diseases like H1N1 or swine flu in real time.

The application, “Outbreaks Near Me“, builds upon the mission and proven capability of HealthMap, an online resource that collects, filters, maps and disseminates information about emerging infectious diseases.


Users can set alerts to be notified of new outbreaks nearby – and even if someone with the app who is sick enters their area. They can also submit photos of sick people and at-risk locations.

Additional functionality of Outbreaks Near Me is the ability to set alerts that will notify a user on their device or by e-mail when new outbreaks are reported in their proximity.


The new application also features an option for users to submit an outbreak report. This will enable individuals in cities and countries around the world to interact with the HealthMap team and participate in the public health surveillance process. Users may take photos – of situations and scenarios of, and/or leading to, disease – with their iPhone and submit them to the HealthMap system for review and eventual posting as an alert on the worldwide map. You can get this amazing app absolutely free.

[ Download Outbreaks Near Me ]