Skyfire Browser Pulled Out From App Store Due To Heavy Demand

Guess what. After opening up the app store a wee bit, web browsers are now heavily in demand in the Apple App store. First Opera Mini for iPhone saw several million downloads and now Skyfire; which was recently launched for the and converts Flash content to ; has just been knocked out of the app store.

Skyfire iPhone Sold Out

No, Apple did not take out Skyfire, it was taken down by the developers themselves due to heavy demand. In case of Skyfire, Apple did not take them out and instead they themselves stopped sales due to overwhelming demand. If you try to visit the app store link for Skyfire, you will see a notice as displayed below.


Unlike , which is free, Skyfire is priced at $2.99, but the number of sales they got resulted in bad user experience for the video conversions. The developers blogged about taking the app out of the app store:

Skyfire for iPhone has been received with unbelievable enthusiasm. Despite our best attempts and predictions, the demand far exceeds our initial projections.

The user experience was performing well for the first few hours, but as the surge continued, the peak load on our servers and bandwidth caused the video experience to degrade.

Thus we are effectively sold out’ and will temporarily not accept new purchases from the App Store.  We are working really hard to increase capacity and will be accepting new purchases from the App Store as soon as we can support it.

We are very grateful for the demand. Within 5 hours, Skyfire for iPhone became the top grossing app, the third highest paid app overall and the top application in the Utilities category. Wow!

So within 5 hours of being released, users managed to take down the app out of the app store, which suggests that they might have roughly sold anywhere between 300K to 750K copies. Now, that’s not bad business at all for 5 hours, is it?


Apple Store Gets Take Down Notice for VLC App

ipad-image2Tuesday, Rémi Denis-Courmont, the lead developer of the open source VLC media player, sent a legal notice to the Apple Store to force the VLC app’s removal. VLC can only be modified or distributed under Gnu GPL (General Public License), and Apple’s restrictive licensing violates that. It’s expected that Apple will do so, because this situation isn’t new. Apple was previously forced to remove other open source apps.

To users of iOS devices, this means you’d better grab VLC from the Apple Store while you can.


The VLC app was released in September. Even then, some people speculated that it would eventually be killed. Below is a little of the letter that Rémi sent out to the public.

Espoo, Finland – Today, a formal notification of copyright infringement
was sent to Apple Inc. regarding distribution of the VLC media player for
iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. VLC media player is free software licensed
solely under the terms of the open source GNU General Public License
(a.k.a. GPL). Those terms are contradicted by the products usage rules of
the AppStore through which Apple delivers applications to users of its
mobile devices.

Rémi is also angry that he’s being blamed for depriving users of the app. He states that he must defend VLC’s unrestricted use under GPL, and those who made this app available should be getting the blame.

VLC will always be available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Top 5 Halloween Apps For iPhone/iPad

Halloween is about kids wearing scary costumes, trick-or-treating people, jack-o-lanterns, bonfires, attending parties wearing wacky costumes, watching horror movies etcetera. Now that Halloween is almost here, we list out the top 5 Halloween applications for your , and to get you into the spirit of Halloween on your iDevice.halloween_Costume

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#5 Costume Ideas Halloween: Need to attend a Halloween party but confused what to wear? Confused what your kids should wear for that yearly Halloween party? Then Costume Ideas Halloween is the perfect application for you. The application suggests you what to wear every time you shake your iPhone/iPod Touch. The application also has some spooky sound effects for that Halloween feel. The application also suggests where you might find the Halloween costume the app just suggested you. Download this application from the iTunes App Store for $0.99.

#4 Halloween Sound Box: So you will be playing a spooky prank on your friend but can’t find some spooky tunes? The Halloween Sound Box application comes to your rescue then. The app contains 16 spooky Halloween tunes to fulfill all your scary’ requirements. Download the application from the App Store for free.

#3 Halloween Sniper: Halloween is all about ghosts, zombies and other Halloween monsters. Fulfill all your dreams of killing all these Halloween Monsters by playing the Halloween Sniper HD game on your iPad. Who will win this battle between you and Halloween? Buy the app for $0.99 from the App Store and find out the answer.

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HootSuite For iPhone and Android Free On October 13

HootSuite is a popular client which allows you to manage your Twitter accounts and allow multiple users to access and post to them.


In addition to that web interface, HootSuite also has an app for the , and . However, the is paid which might deter using from buying it. However, if you haven’t bought the app because of the $2.99 price, here is your chance to get it free.

According to an announcement on the official HootSuite blog, HootSuite for iPhone and HootSuite for will be available for free on October 13, 2010. Users will be able to view clickthrough stats for your links, manage more than three social networks, and enjoy all the benefits of the full version of HootSuite mobile.

Download HootSuite for iPhone and HootSuite for Android free on October 13.

Facebook is facing The Privacy Heat Again, This Time for Its iPhone App

Facebook just does not stop upsetting people with privacy issues. An abrupt change in TOS is something people have just come to expect from Facebook by now. However, what has happened this time, goes a step further. Facebook is making phone numbers of personal contacts public on the Facebook iPhone app. This is caused by a technical glitch in the Facebook’s Contact Sync. Whether this is a problem or is a feature is in doubt. However, one thing is for sure. People would not want this to happen.


The mechanism of this problematic situation is even more amusing. According to Charles Arthur at  the Guardian,

Facebook’s Contact Sync feature links your friends’ Facebook profile pictures to the contact telephone number in your iPhone address book. The app then pushes these private phone numbers onto Facebook’s servers, and publishes them to Facebook’s Phonebook app. The Facebook app also appears to share numbers for contacts that you don’t have, but your Facebook friends do.

Apparently, the bug, which also poses as a feature for advertisers and others, was first sighted earlier this year and has been ignored by Facebook all this long. The Facebook Phonebook is one of my favorite features in the Facebook app. However, I use an Android and am free from this trouble. Nevertheless, I wonder what unexplored features the Android Facebook app has that can create an equal magnitude of dismay.

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WordPress 2.6 for iPhone and iPad Released

The WordPress team has released an updated WordPress app for the and . WordPress 2.6 contains several new features including video recording and upload, local drafts, auto-save, post revisions, media library and more.


The WordPress app for iPhone and iPad has been upgraded to include new features that will make it more easier to blog from your iDevice. It will now allow you to easily upload that video you recorded during your recent vacation with ease.

Users will also be able to save local drafts to their device so that they can always go back and add more thoughts to their posts before they publish it along with the ability to auto-save posts so that they you no longer have to worry about losing it because of a crash.

Complete features in WordPress 2.6 and iPad app include:

  • Video. Record, upload, attach, and play videos within the app.
  • Total rewrite of the way local drafts are handled, to prevent the unintentional loss of your pending posts.
  • Auto-save and post revisions.
  • Media Library to manage your media from your iDevice.

You can download the WordPress app from the iTunes store here or read the release post and release notes on the new changes.

Apple’s Changes App Store Policies, Still Allows Apps That Guess Bra Sizes

Apple’s App Store policies are notorious at its best, with apps being rejected for weird reasons and several new apps being included which should not have been there at all.

Today, Apple announced a change to their App store policy where they now allow developers to use development tools of their choice to create apps, instead of restricting them to tools only Apple provides as long as the apps do not download any code.

Fits BRA Size Apps

Earlier this year, Apple had changed its App store policy to not accept Overtly sexual apps, but they let through a Playboy app though. Just today, I got a press release for a new app which of all, allows you to check a Women’s Bra size by clicking a picture of them. Now, isn’t that derogatory to women, would that app now mean that people go around clicking pictures of women to just know their bra size?

Agreed that the people who developed the app wanted it to be used by the women themselves,  but what the hell, think about the misuse this app would entail. I won’t link to the App here, but if you are curious search the app store for FITS.

Do you think that the App Store policies are anywhere near being transparent? What would you suggest Apple to change with regards to the App Store policies? Give us your views through your comments.

Clipboard Manager for iPhone/iPod Touch

Apple had introduced a much needed copy-paste feature in iOS a long time back. It allowed users to copy and paste text among multiple applications.


However, what if you want to copy multiple text and then paste it in another application? Will you switch between both of them over and over again to copy and paste text? Well, if that sounds like an hassle to you, there is an app for that.

The Clipboard Manager and History app for and allows users to copy clipboard items and save them permanently in a database, send the note by email, copy it again to system clipboard, open in Safari and copy to the image gallery.

The best part of the Clipboard Manager and History is that it will store the copied data in a database, allowing you quick access to the copied text.

Techie Buzz Verdict

Clipboard Manager and History is definitely a worthy application to add to your iPhone or iPod Touch. It will definitely come in handy when you want to store some text for a long time and paste it across multiple applications.

The only problem I saw with the app is that it does not support multi-tasking in which makes it a bit tougher to copy paste multiple text in applications.

Clipboard Manager usually sells for 99c, but is free for a short period of time. You can download it from iTunes store.

Ratings: 3/5

Top 5 Mobile Travel Apps For Labor Day Weekend

A long weekend is coming up this week and many people might take short trips across the United States during the Labor Day weekend. Grip’, a company who develop web and apps have spent several months testing various apps on different platforms like iPhone, Blackberry and to come up with top 5 travel apps.

If you are planning a getaway this weekend, or in future, make sure to install these apps which are highly recommended by the folks at Grip’


WeatherBug Mobile App

No matter whether you are travelling long distance or just a commute to work, knowing what the weather would be like plays an important factor on how you plan your travel.

WeatherBug provides users with the simplicity of Apple’s Weather app, but with a few extras for your phone. It’s the largest network of professional weather stations in the US and is the only source for truly live, local weather.

WeatherBug is available as a free download for several mobile platforms including iPhone, , Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Nokia. Download it from here.



BePut enables users to share their whereabouts with people they want to find them. Users simply use the application to locate their exact position and with a touch of a button, have the opportunity to send an email or text message to the desired recipient with their exact location. The recipient gets a special FindMe Key which is secure. The only guaranteed way to not get lost.

BePut is available as a download for iPhone and iPod Touch and costs 99c. You can download it from here.

Car Care & Roadside Emergencies

Roadside Emergencies App

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely hate it when things don’t go according to the plan. You have this important presentation, and you end up with a flat tire in an express way. Or maybe you are trying to get home from a concert, and your car doesn’t start up. These situations happen all the time, and they usually tend to happen when you expect them the least. Now some of us have a knack for breaking and fixing things as far as cars are concerned.

The Car Car & Roadside Emergencies app for iPhone and iPod Touch has instructions for several common problems you might face on a road trip, the step by step instructions make it easier to figure out what to do, so that you can quickly get it done and be on your way. Car Care & Roadside Emergencies can be downloaded from the App store and cost 99c. App Store link.


Waze Social Turn-by-Turn Navigation

Waze is a social mobile application that enables drivers to build and use real-time road intelligence. The service includes constantly-updated road maps, alerts on traffic and accidents, and data providing users with the fastest route to get to wherever they need to go. Map and traffic updates are automatically collected and generated as users drive with Waze activated, but drivers can also actively report and update other users with what’s happening on the road.

Waze is available as a free download for iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and Symbian. You can download it from


In the car for hours and can’t figure out the song playing on the radio? When you hear a song and wonder what it is, Shazam is there with the answer. Hold your iPhone to the music and within seconds Shazam will tell you the artist and track name. You can even download the song through iTunes on your iPhone.

Shazam is available for various platforms and can be download from

These are some of the apps which will make travel a bit easier for you. Do you prefer to use other apps while you are travelling? Do share them with us and our readers.

Download Paid iPhone Apps, iPod Touch Apps, iPad Apps For Free

Owning an , or is incomplete without the numerous useful apps available in the Apple app store. However, not all of the apps available out there are free of cost, and you might have to shell out a decent amount of money to get your hands on some useful apps and addicting games.

Free iPhone Apps and Games

I have owned my iPod Touch for quite a lot of time now and have more than 250 apps and games installed on it, most of the apps I have installed are paid apps which I have downloaded for free, well not illegally though. So how did I do it? Well by keeping an eye on price drops and free apps available every day.

So do you want to install paid ,   and for free? Well, here are some places where you can find free paid apps.

App Shopper


App Shopper which I had written about in the past is a website which tracks price drops and new apps in the app store. This is a one stop solution for finding paid apps which go free for a short period of time.

If you visit this website daily, you will find a lot of paid apps and paid games which are free and can download it to your iTunes account. This is definitely one of the best way to download apps whose price has dropped. Visit it at

Open Feint Free Games

Open Feint Logo

Open Feint is one of the biggest game tracking and socializing platform for iPhone games. However, in addition to adding the social network twist to your games, Open Feint also offers one free game everyday through their Game Spotlight program.

You can either find new free games by visiting or downloading their Game Spotlight iPhone App from here which will allow you to track paid games which go free on your iDevice.

Free App A Day

Free App A Day or FAAD as it is called ties up with several apps and games developers to offer a free app a day, you can download the app to your iDevice and use it for free. There are lot of interesting apps and games which can be downloaded for free from this website. Visit it at

There are many more options to find paid apps which can be downloaded for free, but trust me you won’t need anything else than these three websites to fill up your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad with some cool games and apps for FREE.