iPhone 5 Likely To Have a Bigger Display Screen

The upcoming generation of the iPhone is likely to have a larger display screen than the iPhone 4 or its predecessors. The screens of Apple’s new smartphone will hold a 4 inch display screen in order to compete better in the market and add extra value from a consumer point of view. The production of the new screens is likely to get underway next month (June).

As far as the launch of the iPhone 5 is concerned, it is likely to be unleashed towards the end of the year. Speculation persists that it will take place around October, keeping in mind the previous presentation launches of the iPhone. However, Apple remains secretive as usual. It remains happy to withhold information regarding the product specifications. As always, this has helped Apple to create a buzz in the industry it operates in. In turn, this move by Apple creates a lot of “followers” of its keynotes worldwide.

iPhone 5 Display Screen Rumors Persist

The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple ordered its Asian screen manufacturers to fabricate larger screens than the usual 3.5 inch display the present day iPhone holds. This would allow the new version of the iPhone to increase the display surface area by approximately 30%. Experts consider this to rival recent moves by its closest competitor, Samsung. The South Korean mobile manufacturer has recently launched the Samsung Galaxy S III which has a 4.8 inch display screen, considered to be one of the biggest displays in the smartphone arena. At the moment, Apple has been collaborating with LG, Sharp and Japan Display for the fabrication of screens.

Since the launch of the very first iPhone in 2007, Apple has always adhered to its policy of keeping a 3.5 inch display screen. Does this mean that Apple has been intimidated by Samsung’s S III or will it follow standard Apple protocol and release the iPhone 5 with a conventional 3.5 inch display screen? This question remains interesting.

Watch Apple’s ‘Let’s Talk iPhone’ Event Online

Unlike, all the previous years, Apple did not announce a new iPhone at this year’s WWDC. The company only announced iOS5, and a new version of Max OS X Lion.


A few days ago it was rumored that Apple will hold an event on October 4 to announce the next-generation iPhone. Apple confirmed the rumors by sending out press-invites for its Let’s Talk iPhone’ event. The event will be held at the company’s own Town Hall auditorium at its Headquarters in Cupertino, California.

This will be the first time, Apple’s new CEO Tim Cook will make a public appearance. It will be interesting to see whether Cook will be successfully able to fill in the large shoes of Steve Jobs or not. I hope Steve Jobs will also make a surprise visit at the event.

However, unlike last time, Apple won’t be live-streaming the event. This means, that people like who won’t be physically present at the location, will be missing all the action. Thankfully, some lucky folks from online media like Engadget, This Is My Next, Mac Rumors etc. will be present at the event, and will live blog it for the unlucky souls like us who won’t be there.

Below is a list of links where users can follow the event :





Alternatively, users might be able to watch the live-stream from here. An audio stream of the event might also be available here, when the event starts.

Apple Confirms October 4 iPhone Event!

Apple has just sent out press invites for its highly awaited iPhone event. Unlike all the previous years, this time the event will be held at Apple’s Town Hall auditorium at its Headquarter in Cupertino, California. Before this, all the previous events from Apple were held at the Yerba Buena Center for Arts at San Francisco, including the iPad 2 event. Since the Yerba Center is booked by Oracle this time, Apple decided to host the event at its own auditorium.


The invites from Apple confirm the earlier rumors of the next-generation iPhone event being held on Oct. 4th. The press-invites from Apple contain an image of the iCal, Clock, Phone and Maps logo, with the Let’s Talk iPhone’ tagline below it.

Rumors suggest that along with the iPhone 5, the Cupertino giant may also a cheaper variant of the iPhone 4, the iPhone 4S. In all probability, the next-gen iPhone will be powered by an A5 processor, and pack 1GB of RAM. There is also a very strong probability of the next-gen iPhone sporting a bigger screen.

The 4 logos in the image suggest that it may very well be possible that Apple will unveil a new Navigation service for iPhone owners, along with a highly  integrated voice-to-text Assistant’ feature.


Apple to Unveil iPhone 5 on October 4; Launch 1-2 Weeks Later?

As the rumored iPhone 5 launch date nears, the frequency of rumors about the device is almost at its peak. Most rumors have pointed to an iPhone 5 launch in October, and if John Paczkowski’s sources are to be believed, Apple will be launching the iPhone 5 in an event on October 4.

The launch will see Tim Cook, Apple’s new CEO, taking the stage and stepping into the shoes of Steve Jobs. Hopefully, we should also see Steve Jobs at the event for a final “One More Thing”. Phil Schiller and Scott Forstall will also be presenting at the event, just like they have done in the past, but the focus will be on Tim Cook. While we know that he is a terrific operations genius, we shall see if he is as good a showman as Jobs.

Thanks to Philip Elmer-DeWitt’s analysis, we also have an approximate time frame for the general availability of the iPhone 5, if   it is unveiled on October 4. If we go by the launch trends of the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and the iPad 2, all these devices were launched within 2-3 weeks of their official announcement. The iPhone 5 should also follow a similar timeline, so it will likely be launched before October 20, if not earlier.

Update: It’s very likely that Apple will be launching two new iPhones at the event – the iPhone 4 Plus and the iPhone 5.

Rumor: New Picture Taken With 8MP Camera of Apple’s iPhone 5

iPhone 5 Test Photo

Pocketnow.com reports that it has discovered a new photo that may have been taken by an iPhone 5. The data associated with the “test photo” reveals that the picture, cropped to a size of 5 megapixels,  was originally a much-higher resolution just short of 8 megapixels.  “What’s more, the lens was recorded as a 4.3mm f/2.4, which is closer to that of a point-and-shoot than the iPhone 4’s actual 3.85mm f/2.8,” the report said. In addition, the report claims that the picture was taken by an Apple engineer eating lunch at work.

This (very attractive) photo claims to have been taken by an iPhone 4, but the rest of its EXIF data tells a different story: although the image has been cropped to 2235×2291 (5.12 megapixels), the original picture was a much larger 3264×2448 — or just shy of eight megapixels. What’s more, the lens was recorded as a 4.3mm f/2.4, which is closer to that of a point-and-shoot than the iPhone 4’s actual 3.85mm f/2.8.

The rumored iPhone 5 photo is supported by numerous rumors that Apple’s next-generation will offer an 8-megapixel camera. This week, a new report suggested that Apple had contracted Largan Precision and Electronic Optical to supply those camera lenses for the next iPhone. Claimed part leaks from the “iPhone 5” revealed a rear camera identical to that from the iPhone 4.

MacRumors reports that the original image was posted on Flickr (now pulled) by an Apple software engineer working on Safari and WebKit for iOS.

Apple is expected to unveil its next iPhone in the coming weeks at a press event. Numerous rumors have suggested a launch in October.

[Rumor] Verizon To Offer Exclusive Samsung Nexus Prime

Last week, The Wall Street Journal reported that Verizon will not offer the Samsung Galaxy S II in US. This news surprised many because the latest flagship handset of Samsung, the Galaxy S II, has been a hit all over the world. According to reports, Samsung has sold 5 million Galaxy S II in 85 days. But now, things are appearing to make sense after the latest report by BGR.


According to BGR, Verizon has given up the offer of launching the Samsung Galaxy S II in return of getting a bigger and better offer. The report suggests that Verizon will launch the much awaited successor of Google’s Nexus S, the Nexus Prime (reports suggest it will be called DROID Prime) as exclusive, which will be made by Samsung. The device is suggested to be launched by Verizon as soon as October. The Nexus Prime/ DROID Prime will be the first device to sport Android 4.0 a.k.a. Ice Cream Sandwich. The model number of the device will be SCH-i515.


Verizon probably made this move because the Samsung Galaxy S II may find hard to stand against Apple’s iPhone 5, when it will launch in near future. And having the device, which will be the first device to sport Android 4.0, that too as an exclusive is a huge boost. It seems that Verizon’s subscribers will have the bragging rights in the end.


Wall Street Journal: Sprint to Carry iPhone 5 Alongside AT&T and Verizon

In the United States, it is always big news when the iPhone appears on carriers. There was a huge announcement by Verizon when they got their hands on Apple’s smart phone earlier this year. Swirling around with all the iPhone 5 rumors, we have heard talk that Apple will be offering it’s killer device to yet another American carrier this fall.

It looks like that is probably the case. The Wall Street Journal, which isn’t known for being wrong about Apple products, is reporting that Sprint will get Apple’s next iPhone at the same time that it launches on AT&T and Verizon. This will bring the world’s best selling smartphone to America’s third largest cellular carrier.


This is big news for data users, however. While AT&T and Verizon offer the ability to keep your unlimited plan when you upgrade, you cannot regain it if you lose it. Sprint, on the other hand, still offers unlimited data for a new and existing customers. This is also true unlimited data, unlike the plans offered by T-Mobile which become throttled after a certain amount of data use.

In their article, the Wall Street Journal also said that Sprint would begin selling the iPhone 5 in mid-October. This lines up with the rumored launch date I have previously reported. This also means that these potential sales will not contribute to fourth quarter profits for any carrier, as that ends in September.

Interestingly enough, Virgin Mobile, which operates under the Sprint umbrella in the States, has been working on restructuring it plans. The new plans will feature data throttling, and are set to launch in October. The obvious conclusion would be that Sprint will try to bring the iPhone to prepaid customers in the US for the first time.

Apple Working on a Cheaper iPhone

As the expected date of the iPhone 5 launch nears, the frequency of new rumors about the next iPhone has also increased. Every day, there is a new rumor which either speculates about either the specifications of the iPhone 5, or its launch date. However, this is new – Reuters posted that Apple is working on an inexpensive variant of the iPhone 4, which will ship alongside the iPhone 5.

Apple will be using the same strategy it adopted with the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS. The cheaper version of the iPhone 4 will come with 8 GB of internal storage. According to their sources, the flash drive will be manufactured by a Korean company. not Samsung, which did it for the iPhone 4.

The Apple iPhone 4 may be the most popular smartphone in the U.S., but the high price has deterred most smartphone users in the emerging markets and developing nations from buying the iPhone. With a cheaper version of the iPhone, Apple may have to take a slight hit on its huge margins, but it could make up on profits with increased sales. A cheaper iPhone could also help Apple beat Android, which is dominant at the budget end of the smartphone market.

Apple is increasingly looking to Asia for further growth in the smartphone market. It was recently in talks with China Mobile, which has close to 600 million subscribers in China.

While the cheap iPhone 4 will likely have specifications similar to the iPhone 4, the iPhone 5 is expected to ship with a larger display, a processor upgrade and 1 GB RAM. It will also sport an 8 MP camera, according to rumors.

iPhone 5 Preorders Starting September 30, Launching October 7? [Rumor]

It seems like we can’t go a single day without hearing a new rumor about the next iPhone. First we heard that it would be called the iPhone 4S, and would come “sometime this fall.” Next, we started hearing that it would be a big redesign deserving of the name iPhone 5.

Well, we have a new release date rumor to deal with. 9to5 Mac is reporting that, according to their sources, Apple is planning to launch the next generation smart phone on October the 7th. While they are reportable not completely sold on that date, it is the one they are leaning towards. 9to5 Mac is also reporting that Apple is planning to take preorders for the iPhone 5.

via MacRumors.com

This is a change from the launch of the iPad 2 earlier this year. With that launch, Apple did not take any preorders, which was viewed by many (myself included) as a bad move. However, it is clear that they wanted to have people waiting in lines outside of Apple stores, which they certainly got. It would seem they don’t see the need to force people into lines with the iPhone.

If we are to believe these dates, and I can’t see a reason not to consider them, then we can draw a couple easy conclusions. The first is that the iPhone 5 is probably in production or will be very soon. In order to meet the kind of demand that Apple has seen in the past, they would need a petty large number of these phones.

The second thing we can safely assume given these dates is the timing of a media event. If Apple does plan to take preorders starting on September 30th, then there has be a media event before that. Now, the timing is up in the air. It would be reasonable to think that the event would also be on the 30th, but it wouldn’t have to be. It’s possible that they would introduce the iPhone 5 at an iPod/iOS event earlier in the month, and then just announce the preorder and launch date.

Overall, this seems as possible as any there date we have heard so far. However, it is just a rumor, so don’t bank on it coming true. We will have to wait until Apple is ready to show us the new iPhone before we get out our checkbooks.

What are your thoughts on the iPhone 5 rumors? Do you like the sound of these dates? let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

Apple will Launch the iPhone 5 in October, Not September

You seriously thought Apple was going to launch the iPhone 5 in September? Hah!

According to yet another rumor about the iPhone 5, every rumor which said that the iPhone 5 will be launched in September is wrong. Apparently, “sources with knowledge of the situation” (the super-secret, anonymous kind) have claimed that the reports that the iPhone 5 will be launched in September are misinformed.

The sources also say that though AT&T is definitely blocking employee vacations for some launch event, it’s not going to be the iPhone 5 launch. According to them, the iPhone 5 will be launched only in October.

As the supposed launch date nears, the iPhone 5 rumor mill has gone into overdrive. There have been exactly 247 rumors about the iPhone 5 yet, with all of them claiming that it will be launched in September.

Normally I wouldn’t lend any credence at all to this new rumor. However, since this one has been published by AllThingsD, which has had a good track record so far, I’m really confused. It might turn out to be true after all.

Most rumors suggest that the iPhone 5 will come with an 8 MP camera and may sport a 4 inch display. It will also sport the new dual core A5 processor, like the iPad 2.