SkyFire Browser iPhone App Store Submission Next Week

After Opera, the folks behind SkyFire have decided to release their browser for the iPhone. SkyFire is a very popular browser on many platforms due to its support for Flash, multiple tabs etcetera. According to MobileCrunch,Apple iPhone 4 the company behind SkyFire is soon going to submit their application for approval to the Apple’s AppStore. According to their sources, they plan to submit the browser for approval as soon as early next week.

As of now, it is unknown what all features SkyFire browser for the iPhone will feature. The company is expected to announce its AppStore submission after the weekend ends. It will be interesting to see whether Apple will approve the SkyFire browser or not. Apple’s AppStore policies clearly state that any application which competes with its own product won’t be allowed on the AppStore. However, Apple had to approve the Opera Mini browser due to the heavy media pressure and because of the limelight the whole thing got.

Blackberry Torch Price Slashed to $99

Blackberry TorchThe Blackberry Torch which was launched just 2 weeks back at $199 with an AT&T contract, is now available for only $99 on contract at Amazon. That is a 50% price cut in just 2 weeks.

The Blackberry Torch came with the new Blackberry 6 OS and had some great specifications. However, it hasn’t received many great reviews; it is definitely not the iPhone 4 or Droid X killer that RIM desperately needs. Even Goldman Sachs’ recent report called the Blackberry Torch launch underwhelming.

It was also revealed that RIM managed to sell only 150,000 Blackberry Torches at launch, compared to the iPhone 4’s launch statistics of 1.5 million sales.

With the Torch’s price being slashed to $99, the sales should probably increase, but it still won’t attract iPhone or Android fans, only existing users want to upgrade to a better Blackberry device.

CDMA iPhone 4 Coming to Verizon in January

Noted blogger and Apple fanboy, John Gruber, has put up a lengthy post which says that Apple is currently working on a CDMA version of the iPhone 4 which will probably launch in Jaunary 2011 on Verizon’s network. Even the guys over at Techcrunch seem to agree.


The CDMA variant of the iPhone 4 is codenamed the N92. According to Gruber’s sources, it isn’t in production yet and hasn’t even reached the prototype device verification test stage yet. It is in the engineering verification stage currently; which is exactly where it should be if it were to launch in January.

The CDMA iPhone 4 may also be made available worldwide with other CDMA providers; it isn’t exclusive to Verizon.

Experts project the sales of a CDMA iPhone 4 on Verizon’s network at about 2-3 million in the first week, considering that a lot of Apple fans aren’t using the iPhone just because it is on AT&T’s network. Bringing the iPhone 4 on Verizon’s network would surely boost sales.

200,000 Android Devices Sold Everyday

Yesterday, we told our readers that Android is the leading mobile OS in the US market. Today, Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt said that 200,000 Android based devices are sold all over the world from the different manufacturers.Android Logo This means that on a monthly basis around 6 million (!) Android devices are sold. However, this figure is not even close to the iPhone 4’s launch figure of 1.7 million in 3 days.

In May, around 100,000 Android devices were sold daily, while June this figure was pegged at around 160,000 devices. In the latest survey from NPD, Android managed to grab 33% market share in the U.S, followed by RIM at 28% and Apple at 22%. The high growth rate of Android OS can be credited to the launch of high-end handsets like the HTC EVO 4G, Samsung Galaxy S, Motorola Droid X etcetera in the recent months.

With Android making its way into the low-end phones, the growth rate of Android is surely not going to slow down anytime soon.


Jailbreak iPhone iOS 4, iOS 4.0.1, iOS 3 iPad 3.2 With Without Any Software

WOW, here is the simplest of all jailbreaks ever released for the . @comex has created a website called which will allow you to jailbreak iPhone, using a web browser including Safari.

Jailbreak iPhone Without Software Safari

All you jailbreak fans out there, here is the simplest and most easy jailbreak you will ever come across, a software jailbreak through a website which makes use of an exploit. Just visit through Safari or any other browser you use and just "slide to jailbreak" your device with one easy step.

This is by far the easiest jailbreak ever released for any Apple devices and supports , iOS 4.0.1, iOS 3.1.3, iOS 3.1.2 and 3.2.1. Definitely a great job by @comex and kudos to him for achieving this.

P.S. The website may appear down for many of you since it is under very heavy usage, you might want to try it again tomorrow if it appears down for you.

iPhone 4 Launch In 17 Countries This Friday

After a problematic launch and shortage of devices along with the Antenna issues and promise of free bumpers and full refunds for iPhone 4 users, Apple is finally going to launch the in 17 more countries this Friday.


According to a Press Release from Apple, 4 will launch in 17 countries this Friday, July 30. Customers from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland can purchase the iPhone 4 through Apple’s retail and online stores and Apple Authorized resellers.

The pricing for the iPhone in these countries have not yet been announced, however, the US 16 GB iPhone 4 sells for $199 and 32GB model sells for $299. Users can expect the price to be slightly higher than this. Except for UK and Canada most of the countries will only be able to purchase a locked iPhone 4 with a contract.

(Source: Apple PR)

Apple Posts Antenna Performance Video Targeting Droid X

The antenna issue with the latest iPhone 4 has become a major headache for Apple. When Apple announced free cases for all iPhone 4 owners, many thought that the issue is behind us but interestingly Apple doesn’t want to leave it at that. Apple recently created an Antenna performance page on its website that compares iPhone 4’s antenna issues with other major smart phones in an effort to prove Apple’s point that iPhone 4 is not any different when it comes to antenna issues.

Apple does that by posting pictures and videos that show the drop in signal for other smart phones when held in a way that attenuated the signal. Up til now, Apple had targeted Blackberry Bold 9700, HTC Droid Eris, Samsung Omnia and Nokia N97 Mini. However, now Apple has also added Droid X to the list and in addition to posting pictures and video about the antenna test with Droid X, Apple has also post the video to its YouTube page. Apple’s targeting Droid X is a little bit different than other smart phones since Droid X has been called a “serious iPhone ┬ácompetitor”. The strategy Apple has adopted to tackle this issue is not winning Apple any friends in the mobile phone industry. In fact, by calling out names and forcing people to see how other smart phones also have issues, Apple is giving its competitors another chance to come together against Apple’s growing share of the mobile phone market.

White iPhone 4 Delayed Further

Apple-iPhone If you have been waiting for the white iPhone 4, I am afraid, I have bad news for you. The white model of the iPhone has been delayed, again. “White models of Apple’s new iPhone 4 have continued to be more challenging to manufacture than we originally expected, and as a result they will not be available until later this year”, read a statement issued by Apple.

Apple also clarified that sales of the black iPhone, which has been widely criticized for antenna and proximity sensor issues, will not be affected. Engadget had earlier speculated that the the glass manufacturer might be responsible for the delays. However, conspiracy theorists are already suggesting that Apple is delaying the release of the white iPhone 4 to fix the death grip problems. Whatever be the case, you will probably have to wait until the holiday season to get your hands on a white model of the iPhone 4.

Samsung Galaxy S Ad Makes Fun of the iPhone 4

Apple’s ads are well known for mocking their competitors in subtle and not so subtle ways. The Mac vs. PC ad campaign is perhaps the most well-known example of this. However, the much ballyhooed iPhone 4 Antennagate saga has turned the tables on Apple, which now finds itself at the receiving end of ridicule.

Apple is obviously keen to put the whole issue behind itself. But, its competitors have different ideas. The death grip problem has forced Apple to go on the defensive, and that doesn’t happen very often. It’s no wonder then that RIM, Nokia, HTC, Samsung and others are keen on keeping the discussion going.


The above ad for Samsung Galaxy S, which appeared in the UK press, is an obvious jab at the iPhone 4’s reception problems.

Rumor: Geohot To Release ra1n?

It was just over a week ago, we had told you that Geohot will be leaving the iPod Touch/iPhone and iPad jailbreak scene. Geohot even wrote a blog post about this on his blog. He had also deleted his twitter account, and hasApple iPhone 4 made his blog an invite only one. Geohot had however said that he will make any major announcement through his friends Mike Cohen twitter account. Now, today mikecohenn tweeted that:

What’s a good time to make it ra1n?

Many of the reputed blogs online are saying that it might be possible that Geohot will return under a new name. It is also possible that he will release a new tool that will work for all iTouch devices and all the different versions of iOS before leaving the modding community, once and for all.

It is too early to speculate anything, and only time will tell us what Geohot is up to. However, many people are still pinning their hope on Geohot to release a new jailbreak application for the iOS4.