Nimbuzz For iPhone Updated With iOS 4 Support

Nimbuzz, the popular multi-protocol Instant messaging and social networking client for desktops and mobile devices has been updated for the platform to take advantage of the new multitasking feature in .

Nimbuzz iOS 4 iPhone App

Nimbuzz for iPhone has been updated to support multitasking in the new . This new update allows you to continue to run Nimbuzz in the background while you play music, watch movies or check your email. Nimbuzz will also allow you to answer calls while the app runs in the background and also while navigating through other apps on your iPhone.

The new Nimbuzz app also supports fast app switching and fast push notifications. Another interesting feature in the new app is the addition of calling rates to the screen whenever you dial a number. This feature will allow you to view the call rate you will pay per minute before placing a call using NimbuzzOut.

The latest Nimbuzz app can be downloaded for free from the app store and can also be used on the . You can also download the app to iTunes by following this link.

iPhone 4 Catches Fire, Burns Hand And Melts Cable

Apple is already having lots of problems due to the antenna issue and now BGR is reporting that a very close AT&T sources have sent them some images of the latest iPhone 4. You may think what’s so exciting in that! But the shocking part is that, those are not the unboxing images of the latest iPhone, but those images shows the iPhone 4 in a miserable condition. Just have a look at the image below.

iphone4 fire

This image shows the burned iPhone 4 and the melted USB port. According to BGR, an iPhone 4 customer stepped into an AT&T store with the iPhone that caught fire. The customer said that the phone caught fire when he tried to connect it to his computer to sync using the Apple USB cable. The fire damaged the phone, USB port as well as burned his hand.

One of our very close AT&T sources just sent us in these images. Apparently a customer brought the phone into the store to try and get help with it, although it’s pretty evident that the phone is unrepairable. It’s the first time our guy has seen this happen (us too), but the brand new iPhone 4 caught on fire while being hooked up to a computer using the Apple USB cable that accompanied the device. The customer wanted to exchange the iPhone — obviously — for a new, non-charred unit however the AT&T store in question was out of stock.

To learn more, head over to this post at BGR.

DYK Thursday – HTC EVO 4G v/s iPhone 4 Videos

Hello, DYK Thursdays are themed posts where we post amazing facts and funny things happening in and around the technology world.

Today, I have a collection of some funny videos. In the recent past, there has been a lot of comparision going on between the Apple iPhone 4 and the HTC EVO 4G.

The videos below are funny and stress relieving ones which compare the two phones. Check out!

Warning: These videos are NOT SAFE FOR WORK. It has some profane words. So, you better put on your headphones if you are at work.

What do you think about the two phones? Which one is better? Do let us know through comments! Thanks.

iPhone 4 Diamond Edition Now Available For $20000

iPhone 4, one of the hottest selling device is currently available only in black and, the white edition is expected to be available at the end of this year. If you cant wait for the white edition and have $20,000 to spend, then you can buy the diamond edition of the popular iPhone 4. The luxurious Diamond Edition of iPhone 4 is available for sale at Stuart Hughes with a price tag of $20,000.

iphone4 diamond edition

If you are willing to buy the diamond edition of iPhone 4, then you should hurry up since only 50 diamond edition handset are available for sale. The luxurious diamond Edition is designed by luxury designer Stuart Hughes. The frame and its solid platinum Apple logo at the back of iPhone 4 Diamond Edition are encrusted with a total of around 6.5 carats of diamonds.

There are no major changes in the specs and the Diamond Edition is originally a White Edition of iPhone4 32GB model. You may have to wait for few months before you get this device. If you are planning to buy this handset, then head over to this page.

Apple’s Solution to Proximity Sensor Woes: Close the Window and Clean Your Ear!

Apple-iPhone All the hoopla surrounding the iPhone 4 antenna issues have drawn attention away from another problem numerous iPhone 4 users have been facing – the unpredictable proximity sensor. When TUAW‘s Aron Trimble experienced problems with his proximity sensor he decided to seek help from the Apple Store’s Genius Bar.

The designated genius at the Apple Store brushed aside Trimble’s complaint and suggested that he should simply try closing the window. According to the Apple employee, the proximity sensor in the iPhone 4 can be triggered by the extra ambient light bouncing around the caller’s ear.

So, now you have a phone that requires you to develop a special grip to make calls, clean your ears and stay in a dark environment! Steve Jobs’ you’re holding it wrong remark was callous. But, this definitely takes the cake.

Steve Jobs Tells Bill Gates That He’s Sued Over iPhone 4 [Geeky Fun]

Ok, shouldn’t we have stopped with jokes about the Antenna issues already? Yes, we should have, but I just couldn’t let this pass away as it definitely made me laugh out loud.

Here is a conversation (manufactured) between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates where Steve Jobs tells Bill Gates that he is being sued because of the 4 and the hilarious response from Bill Gates.


(Image via Wild Ammo via @J3rwin)

BGR Says Apple PR Lied About Steve Jobs Email on iPhone 4

If you have been following the happenings in the mobile world for past 1 week, you might have definitely come across a story of an irate customers email exchange with Steve Jobs which was published on BGR.


Now, after the BGR story was published several other blogs caught up on it, however, there were few blogs like AppleInsider and Engadget who said that the story was false and that Steve Jobs never had an email exchange with the said person. Apple even went ahead and published an open letter about poor network reception which was not convincing enough.

Now after a few days since that post and all the Apple PR machinery denials, BGR has come up with another post, which claims that the entire story is true and still holds. They even went to the extent of saying that they had paid the person in question and have also accessed his Google Apps account to verify the authenticity of the emails.

Faking emails is definitely possible and easy, however, it is definitely hard to spoof IP addresses and according to BGR those were pretty much leading to Steve Jobs himself. Agreed that Apple is having a hard time with the 4 Antenna issues, however, is it fair for them to start lying about things to the world and their customers or do you still think that the BGR story is somehow fake?

Apple Publishes Open Letter About iPhone 4 Poor Network Reception Issue

Apparently, the death grip was not the culprit behind the poor network reception of the Apple iPhone 4. Apple has written an official letter to all the iPhone 4 owners with regard to the poor signal strength. The letter saysApple that Upon investigationthe engineers at Apple found that the formulaused to calculate the network strength was wrong.

In many circumstances, the wrong formula, used to display 2 more bars of signal than the actual network strength. To fix this issue, Apple is going to adopt AT&T’s network strength calculation formula. Along with this, Apple is also going to make the network bar 1, 2 and 3 taller so that users can easily see them. Apple is going to release a free software update to fix this issue.

The software update will be available within a few weeks and will use the new network signal formula. This software update will also be compatible with the iPhone 3GS, and the iPhone 3G. Reader’s can read the full letter from Apple here.

iOS 4 Is a Battery Drain For Older iPhone/iPod Touch

I had written a post before was officially released talking about how was a battery drain and whether or not you should upgrade to it. However, I did upgrade to iOS 4 and found it to be good feature wise. I have now been using the device for a couple of weeks and was disappointed with the battery performance after the switch.

iOS 4 Logo

Though iOS 4 has brought in a lot of nice changes like Folders and Multitasking, it also uses up battery pretty quickly even when the device is not being used. In my tests so far, the device holds up strictly OK and has a battery life of 7-8 hours in idle mode and approximately 3-4 hours with moderate use on an 3G. If you decide to play games or use heavy apps, the battery gets drained pretty quickly.

Now here is the problem, during the above tests, most of the apps I was using were not multitasking capable. With several apps already making use of the new multitasking feature, those numbers will go down even further.

Another problem I saw with my tests was that, if I left my device with 75%-80% battery overnight, the battery would run out in the morning. This is truly a pain since before the iPod Touch would run without  charge for 4-5 days. Now, I have to always remember to plug the device into the charging unit before I sleep. Also with heavy usage I have to usually keep the iPod Touch plugged into the charging unit.

This is definitely disappointing and like I had said it was something I had expected. You might see the same problem on an older . So if you want to use iOS4 you are better off doing it on an which has better battery life and was created specifically for iOS 4 features.

MicroSIM Adaptor For iPhone 4 and iPad SIM Card

If you have bought yourself and and have been trying to use the SIM card on another phone, you might not be able to do so because of the new MicroSIM being used in the newer devices.

MicroSIM Adaptor for iPhone 4 and iPad

However, with technology there is always a workaround to a problem. In case of the MicroSIM in iPhone 4, you will be able to use it on another device or an older iPhone using a new MicroSIM adaptor accessory which has a plastic form factor into which you can put in the MicroSIM and use on an older iPhone or any other phone which supports the older SIM card.

The device which is sold at the MicroSIM shop retails for €5.99 (~$7.5) and is sold through Austria. The adaptor was put through tests by the Unofficial Apple Weblog and it did work pretty well. So if you have been itching to get back to your older phone, but cannot do so because of the MicroSIM, go ahead and order the adaptor to put an end to the antenna reception issues, till it is fixed by Apple.