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New Features That Rock in iOS 4

iOS 4 has been released officially and is available for download. You can content yourself with a few screenshots if you are not one of the lucky iPhone users. iOS 4 has brought the power of multi-tasking to iPhone, the very features that made Android better than iOS. However, this feature needs a supported app and you can read more on iOS 4 multitasking here.


Here is a quick look at the new features offered by iOS 4.

The iOS 4 has the much advertised and talked about feature, multitasking. This puts the iOS at par with Android and also affects its battery life. However, battery is one thing people are least worried about. The feeling being able to Tweet, reply to Facebook comments and watch videos, all at the same time is too great.

Moving on, the next feature that has arrived with the iOS 4 is camera zoom. The latest iOS 4 features a camera zoom of up to 5X, eliminating the need for a paid app to do this very basic task.

Bluetooth Keyboard Tethering allows you to type in chat and any text area right from your PC or MAC keyboard. This comes in handy when your phone is connected to a computer.

The HD video recording on the iPhone 4 will get more powerful with a Video Autofocus feature. The feature will be seen on all devices though, not just the iPhone 4.

The iOS 4 supports Multiple Exchange Accounts allowing support for Exchange 2010 as well. This also allows syncing of notes.

This is a small list of what appears at this page.

With this release, Android has something big to compete against. This war will prove beneficial for users of both these current mobile OS giants.

Apple iPhone 4 Production Halved Due To Shortage of Retina Display

The iPhone 4 has been a runaway success. Apple said that they have received more than 600,000 pre-orders of the iPhone 4. One of the main highlight of the new iPhone is the Retina Display. The Retina Display of the iPhone has aiPhone 4 resolution of 960×640, which is the highest ever found in a mobile phone. Now it looks like there is a shortage of the IPS panel based Retina Display of the handset.

Mr Ashok Kumar, who is an analyst at Rodman Renshaw, said that the production has been halved due to the shortage of the display.

Kumar said Because production will be about half, a lot of demand will be left unsatiated.

Apple had planned to produce around 4 million iPhone 4s per month, but thanks to the shortage of displays, the output has now been halved to 2 million. Apple still has not confirmed the news so we shall take this news with a pinch of salt.


iOS4 Update For iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G and iPod Touch Coming This Monday? Are You Ready?

Apple will be releasing a free update for 3GS, iPhone 3G and iPod Touch this Monday, this will bring a lot of new features to your devices including multi-tasking, so are you ready?

However, before you upgrade, here is what you should know. iOS4 was specifically created with the in mind, and for older devices it is a big battery drain. Here is a tweet one of my friends posted who is using iOS4 GM on an iPod touch.

iOS4 Battery Drain

So, with multitasking and wallpaper support, your older iDevice will drain battery much faster than the iPhone 4, which has a better and newer battery itself.

Again, you can save battery life by turning off Wi-Fi and lowering the brightness of the device, however, with normal usage it will only run for 3 hours or so.


This goes on to show that other than iPhone 4, the earlier iDevices were not created for multi-tasking and iOS4 update will definitely have a huge impact on it. Of course, iOS4 brings a lot of new features, but those features come at a cost, so upgrade only if you are certain about it, because thanks to Apple, there will be no rollback.

Note: Multitasking and Wallpaper support will be enabled by default in iPhone 3GS, however, you can enable it in other devices if you jailbreak iPhone using redsn0w.

Facebook Application For iPod Touch/iPhone Updated

The Facebook application for the iPhone/iPod Touch just got updated. The Facebook application is one of the most popular applications for the iPhone/iPod Touch in the Apple App Store.clip_image001 The updated Facebook application is numbered version 3.1.3. The new version fixes many bugs, as well as adds new features.

The new features of the application include :

* Users can now view videos posted by their friends on Facebook.

* Ability to view and write on walls of events.

* The width of the uploaded photos has now been increased to 720 pixels.

The bugs fix list includes :

* Fixed the bug in which the birthday view showed months in the wrong order.

* Removed the bug where users could not upload pictures smaller than a certain size.

* Fixed the broken photo album link in the News Feed.

What I would really like to see is a Facebook application for the iPad. Even though I can open Facebook from Safari on my iPad, I cannot comment on others status update because the commentbutton is missing. I guess this is due to some incompatibility. Hopefully, Facebook will solve this matter soon or release an iPad version of the Facebook application.

iPhone 4 Will Be Available For New O2 Customers in August


Apple’s iPhone 4 is not yet officially launched and we have already spotted people camping outside the Apple Store for the new iPhone 4. AT&T had to stop taking pre-orders as the supply exceeded demand with 600,000 iPhone 4’s being pre-ordered on the first day itself. Though the experience hasn’t been very magical for the US customers, the situation is not very hunky dory for the UK customers either.

Earlier the Apple store UK had to extend the Shipping date to 2’nd   July. Now we hear there are some flutters before the UK customers actually get to experience iPhone 4.

O2, a major British mobile carrier, in a public statement has mentioned that existing O2 customers will have to wait until late summer before they get their hands on iPhone 4. If you are a new customer you will have to wait until August. This arrangement had to be made due to product constraints. So it looks like the carrier is giving first preference to its existing customers.

Will Apple be able to keep up the pace for iPhone 4’s demand and create a history again?

iPhone 4 Wannabe User Camps Early Outside Apple Store

Looks like Apple fans are really fanatic about every new product Apple releases. A guy named Justin was spotted camped outside an Apple Store in Dallas, Texas to be first to purchase an .

iPhone 4 Camper

Way to go buddy, and I can Imagine the crazy lines outside Apple stores on June 24, the day the 4 will start selling officially. If you haven’t pre-ordered your iPhone 4 yet, you are too late, new iPhone 4 orders will only be shipped after July 14th now.


512 MB RAM for Apple iPhone 4

It has been just confirmed by Apple, as reported by MacRumors, that the iPhone 4 showcasing the brand new IOS 4 comes with 512 MB RAM. This boost in memory is sure to give a notable performance jump to the iPhone 4. The earlier iPhones iPhone 3G had 128 MB and iPhone 3GS had 256 MB RAM respectively.

The higher amount of RAM will be particularly useful as Apple finally brings multitasking to its IOS 4. This multitasking feature has been present in Blackberry and Android for quite some time now. This is also the reason why the older iPhones will not get multitasking they simply do not have enough RAM to support it.

Apple unlike other manufacturers have not yet released a spec-sheet of the exact hardware for the iPhone 4. They are laying greater emphasis on the applications and features of the phone rather than the hardware.

The increased amount of RAM is not the only new feature for iPhone to boost. It also comes with a gaming social network called Game Centre where players can meet and greet, show off achievements and make friends. The iPhone is slated to come with a 5.0 MP camera. This will enable it to shoot 720p HD videos and even edit them with the iMovie app.

The iPhone 4 sporting the beautiful IOS 4 is surely the product to look forward to and like all Apple products, it has the potential to be a definite trend setter.

600,000 iPhone 4 Pre-Ordered In One Day

In a record of sorts, Apple has sold 600,000 pre-orders of their next-gen device. This revelation came from Apple through a press release, earlier AT&T had said that they sold 10 times more pre-orders for the 4 than they had for the iPhone 3GS.

Apple’s Press Release for the iPhone 4 pre-orders read as follows (emphasis added):

CUPERTINO, Calif., June 16 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Yesterday Apple and its carrier partners took pre-orders for more than 600,000 of Apple’s new iPhone 4. It was the largest number of pre-orders Apple has ever taken in a single day and was far higher than we anticipated, resulting in many order and approval system malfunctions. Many customers were turned away or abandoned the process in frustration. We apologize to everyone who encountered difficulties, and hope that they will try again or visit an Apple or carrier store once the iPhone 4 is in stock.

The amount of pre-orders for iPhone 4 is not surprising though as it is a huge refresh from the iPhone 3GS and has an awesome display along with front-facing camera, better battery life and more. (iPhone 4 Features and Specs)

Now that is a huge number and Apple might sell millions of iPhone 4 devices in June itself. iPhone 4 pre-orders are still available, however they will now ship in July instead of June.

(Source: BI)

iPhone 4 Out of Stock in US, New Orders Will Ship In July and may Delay 18 Country Launch

Looks like the is under heavy demand and Apple ran out of stock on the first day of opening their pre-orders. If you go to Apple to pre-order a iPhone 4, you will be shown a message that new orders for the 4 will ship starting July 2 14.

iPhone 4 Out of Stock, Ships July 2

So if you go and pre-order an iPhone 4 now, it will ship 8 days after the original June 24 launch date. Of course, you can always hop on a Plane and fly to UK or Canada to pick up an unlocked iPhone 4, however, don’t book your tickets to Canada yet since the iPhone 4 will only be available there in September, however, UK users will be getting it on June 24.

The unprecedented demand for iPhone 4 may also put Apple’s 18 country July 4 launch in jeopardy, considering that they weren’t even ready with enough units for the US launch. Let’s hope everything goes fine there.

Canada and UK to Get Unlocked iPhone 4

Looks like AT&T is paying a hell lot of money to Apple since they have been the only exclusive provider for the in US since its launch. However, countries like UK and Canada are more lucky since they will be getting unlocked in their countries.

Unlocked iPhone 4

Though users in these countries will still have to sign contracts with their phones, they can always exchange the SIM with another one without having to Jailbreak iPhone or unlock it. Sigh, wonder when Apple will offer a “commitment-free” iPhone 4 in the US now?

If you want to see which providers will be selling the iPhone 4 in your country, you can view a list of Official Network Providers for iPhone 4.


iPhone 4 Pre-Orders Start From Tomorrow June 15

was announced by Steve Jobs at opening keynote, with pricing and availability of the device being disclosed too. 4 will sell in stores like Best Buy and Wal-Mart starting June 24th, the official launch date.

iPhone 4

However, if you cannot wait till June 24th you can start pre-ordering iPhone 4 starting tomorrow. Customers can start pre-ordering the iPhone 4 at Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile stores across the US.

Right now, there is no announcement as to whether Apple will also take pre-orders for the iPhone 4 online, we will update when it goes live.

iPhone 4 will sell for $199 for the 16GB version and 32GB for $299, the device will go on sale in five countries starting June 24 which include the US, France, Germany, UK and Japan. The device will also start selling in 18 more countries in July 2010.

Several countries carriers have already been confirmed. You can view the providers who will sell the iPhone 4 in your country by reading Confirmed Official Network Providers for Apple iPhone 4.


Unlock iOS4 iPhone 3GS Using Blacksn0w RC2

Steve has released the RC2 version of the Blacksn0w unlocks for iOS4. The RC2 version of blacksn0w is just a repackagedversion of the original iOS4 unlock released by geohot. The Blacksn0w RC2 also contains the binariesiPhone 3GS for 5.11.07 baseband for iPhone 3GS. The binary for 5.11.07 baseband was released by msft.guy a few days ago.

Use on Modem Firmware 05.11.07 ONLY!

V1.2: Support for 4.0 GM. Backwards compatible to 3.1.2/3 as well. V1.1: MyWi tethering fix

Geohot’s unlock for 3.1.2/3.1.3/4.0GM on the iPhone 3GS (and probably 3G). Please donate at http://blackra1n.com/ if you enjoy.

With 3.1.3 & 4.0 GM patch (when needed) by msft.guy. Packaged by Pushfix.info

This is an unofficial release but Geohot HAS given me permission to redistribute blacksn0w. All known issues with WiFi loss and boot loops seem to be fixed.   If it doesn’t work for some reason, you should still get the SpringBoard. This allows you to uninstall if necessary. It is a little slower to boot because of the increased safety of the release. A 3GS boots to cell connection established in about 90 seconds in iOS 4 now (50% slower than 3.1.X).

Improvements may be made in the future.

The Blacksn0w RC2 unlock is only for iPhone 3GS on 05.11.07 baseband, with an old bootrom.

Here are the steps to unlock your iPhone 3GS running on iOS4.

iPhone 4 Will Be Available At Wal-Mart On June 24th

Pre-ordering for the latest iPhone starts June 15th and it will be available at Apple and AT&T stores on June 24th. However, it seems like Apple has a more aggressive sale goals this time. For the first time, the new iPhone will also be sold through a number of large retail chains including Wal-Mart and BestBuy.

iPhone 4

Lot of retailers have previously carry iPhones but none of them have been lucky enough to sell the device on its launch day. This will provide people some convenient alternatives and cut the lines short at Apple and AT&T stores. From Apple’s point of view, it will be easier to cater to the already huge and growing demand of iPhone buyers and not make them wait for hours. Plus, this strategy is in sync with Apple’s plan to sell more iPhone units than ever before. According to this latest report from Apple Insider, Apple has ordered enough parts to sell an average of 3 Million iPhone 4’s per month.

Asia Optical is a company that makes VGA lens kits for Apple iPhone 4 camera and according to its chairman Robert Lai, they are currently delivering 3 million units per month to Apple. If Apple does sell 3 million units per month, this will be a 20% increase in year-over-year sales.

iPhone 4 has Wi-Fi Driver Issues, the Cause of the Wi-Fi Mishap at WWDC is Revealed

The WWDC Wi-Fi mishap has brought Steve Jobs and Apple a lot of embarrassment and has sent people all over the world out on a treasure hunt to find the cause for this. Earlier, it was believed that the number of Wi-Fi hotspots in the room was so high that the iPhone 4 could not fetch that list. Though recently, experts are of the opinion that it can as well be a real problem with the iPhone itself.

Experts believe that this is a pre-release version of iPhone 4 OS. That, coupled with some Wi-Fi driver issues caused the Wi-Fi problem at WWDC.  Glenn Fleishman at Ars Technica investigated into this and talked to  Phil Belanger in the process. Phil Belanger is a  renowned  network expert. Phil Kearney, who happens to be an ex-Apple employee,  was also contacted by Ars in this matter, was of the same opinion as Phil Belanger. This was indeed a driver problem.

The availability of multiple networks was surely a valid reason as it caused a huge congestion in the wireless network in that room. Though, given the power of a Mi-Fi network (being used at large in the room), it was not a powerful enough congestion to stop all communication!

Ars makes a roundup of the situation by pointing out that both the 3GS and 4G were in close proximity eliminating chances of any blind spot in a network. iPhone 4, powered by the improved 802.11n Wi-Fi chip was expected to perform better than the 802.11b powered devices. The blame clearly falls on the iPhone 4 OS Wi-Fi driver.

On a final thought, now that the cause of the Wi-Fi failure is public, iPhone 4 OS should soon get a better Wi-Fi driver that works.

Vodafone will Bring iPhone 4 to India

It’s no secret that Apple has never been bullish about the Indian market. As a result, Indians looking to buy Apple products have often ended up getting a raw deal. While iPhone 3GS was announced last year, Indians had to wait until April ’10 to get their hands on it.


The good news is that Apple has promised to roll out iPhone 4 to 88 countries within September and India is among one of them. Vodafone has also confirmed that it will launch the newest iPhone in India “in the coming months”.

Although, this is good news for fans anxious to get their hands on the drool worthy gadget from Apple’s stable, don’t expect it to be cheap. The initial price of iPhone 4 will probably start from Rs. 35,000, with the more spacious models (16 GB and 32 GB) costing in excess of Rs. 40,000. The iPhone 3GS is expected to replace the ageing iPhone 3G models.