Enable Multi-Touch Gestures On iPhone/iPad Running iOS 4.3 Using Sn0wbreeze

Today morning, iOS hacker iH8sn0w has released an updated version of his application sn0wbreeze which brings some nifty features for iOS device owners.

The latest beta of sn0wbreeze brings with it hosts of performance improvements and bug fixes.

The beta also adds an option to enable multi-touch gestures for iTouch devices running iOS 4.3. Yes, the same multi-touch gestures which were first introduced by Apple in the iOS 4.3 betas, which were seeded to developers.

Below is a video showing the multi-touch gestures :


However, these handy multi-touch gestures were dropped from the final version of iOS 4.3.

sn0wbreeze allows iOS owners to jailbreak their iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4 and the iPad 1/2. Readers can simply download sn0wbreeze from here and follow the on-screen instructions on how to jailbreak their device.

However, the app will only tether’ jailbreak your iTouch device running iOS 4.3, which means that the jailbreak will be lost once a user restarts his iTouch device.

Hopefully, the next major update of the iOS will bring these handy multi-touch gestures to all iTouch devices. Until then, iTouch owners can use sn0wbreeze to activate these hidden multi-touch gestures.

Comex Jailbreaks the iPad 2

Just a few days after the has been out, it has been successfully jailbroken by Comex, a developer team member of the jailbreaking community.

iPad 2 Jailbreak

Comex posted images of a jailbroken 2 running Cydia, however, no details are available as to when the jailbreak will be made available to public or whether this jailbreak can help users unlock their iPad 2 3G devices.

We are following updates on this and will update this post when more information becomes available. iPad 2 runs iOS 4.3, so you can also expect a jailbreak for other iOS devices like the and to be made available soon.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Wi-Fi Priced at $399; Launching on April 4

The Samsung Galaxy Tab was the first successful Android tablet which was launched back in 2010. It was the only tablet other than the iPad which had good sales, but compared to the iPad, it was a relative flop, mainly due to its high pricing.

It was priced at $599 which was perceived to be quite high, as the iPad started at just $499. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 will likely be priced even higher, but here’s some good news for Android tablet fans.

The Wi-Fi only version of the Galaxy Tab will be priced at $399, which is exactly the same as the first generation iPad. It will be launched on April 4. Though the Galaxy Tab Wi-Fi has much better hardware specifications, the iPad offers a better OS and more tablet apps.

With the Motorola Xoom Wi-Fi coming in the next month, we don’t know how much of a success the Galaxy Tab Wi-Fi will be, but if Samsung announces an upgrade to Android 3.0 Honeycomb for the Galaxy Tab, it could be a very interesting device.

By the way, you can also expect a Wi-Fi only version of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 soon, but it will likely be priced much higher, closer to the $600 mark.

Galaxy Tab Wi-Fi

via Droid-Life

iPad 2 Goes on Sale Online

As promised Apple has now gone ahead with the sale of on it’s online store. Users can purchase the 2 by visiting http://store.apple.com

Buy iPad 2

Users can purchase the Wi-Fi or 3G device from the store starting at $499 and above. You can purchase both the black as well as the white iPad 2. However, shipping of the product will take 2-3 weeks so you might receive the iPad 2 late March or early April.

You can get a iPad 2 3G version with a contract with either AT&T or Verizon. Additionally you can also buy accessories for the iPad online. Online orders for the iPad 2 are limited to 2, you can also buy the iPad 2 in stores later today evening.

So are you going to buy an iPad 2? Do let me know if you would.

How To Update to iOS 4.3 From iTunes/Manually

Apple released the iOS 4.3 update for the , and earlier today and it includes a lot of new and exciting features (Read: What’s new in iOS 4.3). Upgrading to iOS 4.3 is a easy task and you just need to connect your device to the PC and check for updates.

iOS 4.3

If you are unsure on how to update your device to iOS 4.3 here are the simple steps to update to the latest OS from Apple.

How To Update to iOS 4.3 Through iTunes

Step 1: Connect your device to iTunes using the USB cable.

Step 2: Once iTunes has detected your device, click on the device name in the left hand menu and click on the “Check for Update” in the device description box.


Step 3: Apple will show you a popup message as seen above if an update for your device is available. Click on the “Download and Update” button.

Step 4: Apple will download the iOS 4.3 update and install it on your device. It is important that you DO NOT disconnect the device from the computer during the process. It is also recommended to keep your computer plugged in to the power outlet during the process.

That’s it. The process might take around 10-30 minutes depending on how long it takes to download the update to your computer and install it. Once iOS 4.3 is installed, iTunes will sync your device and you can use it again.

How To Update to iOS 4.3 Manually

In some cases, the iTunes update process might not work for you for several reasons. In those cases, you can also update your device to iOS 4.3 manually. Here are the steps to manually update your device to iOS 4.3.

Step 1: Download the iOS 4.3 IPSW file for your device using the iOS 4.3 IPSW direct download links.

Step 2: Connect your device to the computer using the USB cable and wait for iTunes to detect it.

Step 3: Once your device has been detected – follow the steps given below for different OS.

  • For Windows – Hold the Shift key and then click on the “Check for Update/Update” button.
  • For Mac OS X – Hold the Option key and then click on the “Check for Update/Update” button.

Step 4: In the next dialog browse to the file that you downloaded from Step 1 and select the IPSW file.

Step 5: iTunes will now use the IPSW file and update your device to iOS 4.3. The process should take around 10-20 minutes.

That’s it. Your device will be updated to iOS 4.3 with ease. Please feel free to post your questions in the comments box below.

iOS 4.3 Released; Download iOS 4.3 for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad

Apple has released the iOS 4.3 Update for , and users. The iOS 4.3 update will be applicable to iPhone 3 and , iPod Touch 3G and and the iPad 1.


The OS was supposed to be released on March 11, but was released today itself. This follows the iTunes 10.2.1 update released earlier today by Apple.

You can download the iOS 4.3 update for your device by connecting your device to your PC and clicking on the “Check for Updates” button in iTunes.

For a list of changes in iOS 4.3 head over to our earlier post on what’s new in iOS 4.3.

Apple Slashes iPad Prices in India; Starts at Rs 24500

Apple iPadApple launched the iPad in India on January 29, 2011, about an year after it was first announced. Despite being a bit late, the iPad was received warmly in India and many people I know went ahead and bought one, despite it being priced at Rs 27900, which is quite high for an year old product.

Just a week back, Apple officially announced the iPad 2, confirming my suspicion that Apple was just dumping the remaining stock of the iPad on India. After the iPad 2 launch, Apple announced that it would slash the price of the original iPad by $100, pricing the entry level 16 GB Wi-Fi iPad at $399. It also announced that it would refund $100 to anyone who had recently bought an iPad.

Today, Apple India has changed the iPad pricing details, and revised the pricing of all the iPad models. The iPad now starts at just Rs 24500 and goes up all the way to Rs 41900.

Here is a list of the revised Apple iPad prices in India:

Apple iPad with Wi-Fi only

16 GB – Rs. 24,500
32 GB – Rs. 29,500
64 GB – Rs. 34,500

Apple iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G

16 GB – Rs. 31,900
32 GB – Rs. 36,900
64 GB – Rs. 41,900

The iPad 2 doesn’t offer any major improvements over the iPad; it comes only with a pair of cameras and a faster processor with more RAM. The iPad is still a good buy, and at this price point, I would definitely recommend it. Also, considering Apple’s love for India, the iPad 2 will probably be launched here in the next century, so it wouldn’t be unwise to get the iPad now.

via Apple India

Best Mobile Apps Of The Week for iOS, Android and Symbian – #8

Welcome to the eight edition of Best Mobile Apps of the Week for iOS, Android and Symbian. First of all, I would like to apologize to our readers as I did not post the Best Mobile Apps for the last 2 weeks. I had to give my Android phone to the service center, and was using a dumbphone for nearly two weeks.

In this edition of Best Mobile Apps of the week, I will introduce our readers to an awesome eye-candy widget for your Android homescreen, a new unlock screen for you Symbian handset. For iOS owners, I will tell them about an app that will allow them to wake up their PC remotely!

Below are the Best Mobile Apps Of The Week For iOS, Android and Symbian :

Wake (iOS)

As the name suggests, Wake’ enables iOS users to remotely wake up their PC. The app uses WOL Wake On Lan feature which is found in nearly all PCs and Macs computers. Users need to make sure that the WOL’ feature is enabled on their PC. They can do so from the BIOS of their PC.


The app is designed to work with both iPhone and iPad. This app is an extremely useful one for users who want total control on their PC, when they are away from it. iOS owners can purchase Wake’ from the App Store for $0.99 from here.

Maze Lock (Symbian)

In the last edition of BMATW, I introduced our readers to Nokia Bubbles. The app allows users to unlock their phone in a fun and yet efficient manner. Today, I would like to introduce our readers to Maze Lock from ThinkChange.

Below is a video of Maze Lock in action :


Maze Lock for Symbian is similar to the pattern unlock option found in Android 2.1+ handsets. The app is configurable to quite an extent and allows users to change the lock screen background, the date and time display style etc. The app supports all the latest Symbian handsets from Nokia as well as the older S60v5 based ones like the X6 and 5800.

Symbian owners can download Maze Lock for free from the Ovi Store.

Honeycomb Clock (Android)

The tablet version of Android Honeycomb looks stellar! The whole Tron like theme and animations definitely look very cool! Well, Android handset owners are not going to get the next version of Android with all these eye-candies anytime soon. Until then, they can get the Honeycomb look on their phone by using a Honeycomb theme for ADW Launcher.


Along with this, they can download and use the Honeycomb Clock widget from the Android Market. This widget replicates the awesome looking clock widget as seen in Honeycomb OS. Unlike the clock widget in Android 3.0, Honeycomb clock comes in multiple color choices for people who don’t like the blue color.

A free as well as a paid version of this widget is available on the Android Market. Android handset owners can download the app from here.

Watch iPad 2 Announcement Video by Steve Jobs

By now all you people might already have heard about the announcement of the new , but if you missed watching the event online you probably want to see it for two reasons.

  1. The iPad 2
  2. Steve Jobs

So go ahead and see how Steve Jobs talked about the 2 while bringing down PC creators and the competition. You will also see what the new iPad 2 has to offer and what the pricing is, new features are and more.

So without ado, click the play button on the video below. You will require the QuickTIme plugin from Apple for browsers to be able to watch the video embedded at Apple. Unfortunately we couldn’t embed it into the post.

iPad 2 Makes It To eBay for For $1,159; Stay Away from Purchasing It

Earlier today, Apple unveiled the . The device is not yet available for pre-orders but will start shipping in the United States on March 11, 2011 and in 26 other countries by March 25, 2011.

iPad 2 eBay

The tablet is priced at the same cost the had, starting out at $499 for the 16GB Wi-Fi version. The 64GB version of the iPad 2 Wi-Fi version costs $699 and the 3G version costs $829. However, some sellers on eBay are already looking to make a killing out of this price by selling the iPad 2 for $1,159.

The price listed above is for the 64GB 3G version and costs $330 more than the actual retail price. The product though won’t ship until March 22 or March 23 and will cost you another $20 for shipping costs.

I also found several other iPad 2 listings on eBay for other versions, for example this iPad 2 version costs about $999 and though it does not list which version it will be shipping. The seller is also shipping the iPad 2 between March 7 and March 9. This listing is a total sham because Apple itself is not selling the iPad 2 till March 11.

eBay sellers have been known to make a huge killing on Apple based products in countries such as India and wherever the they are not available legally. Users are OK with paying a premium for the products, but make sure to know the facts before you order the device. If you are not able to purchase the iPad 2 in your country, you are better off having it bought by a friend or relative rather than using the eBay channel.