Apple: 2 Million iPads Sold Worldwide In Less Than 60 Days

In a press release Apple has announced that it has sold more than 2 million iPads worldwide. Yes, two million.

Apple started shipping iPads on April 3rd, 2010 in the US. The 3G version came out a bit later. According to iPad’s Wikipedia page, Apple had sold a million iPads by May 3rd. About a week back iPads were launched in 9 countries other than the US.

With the iPad being made available in more countries next month, we’ll be seeing a lot more iPads. These sales numbers are quite staggering. According to Apple the iTunes App Store for the iPad has around 5,000 apps. These apps were crucial in the iPhone’s success and have been important in driving iPad sales.

It doesn’t look like the tablets announced by ASUS and MSI will be catching up anytime soon. Steve Jobs reality distortion field has worked again.

With the new iPhone around the corner, Apple is sure dominating the mobile computing market right now.

Jailbroken iPad 3G Can Send SMS [Video]

According to a Youtube video, the jailbreakers have been able to send messages using the SMS protocol from the iPad 3G.

The 3G iPad uses SIM cards to provide 3G services, which is what the dev team has leveraged for this hack. The iPhone Dev Team  for now has demonstrated sending SMS messages using the command line utility in OS X called, Terminal.

The hack is more of a Proof of Concept and we can expect a user-friendly interface. Video:

via RedmondPie