Certain Apple Stores Will Replace Less Than 30 Days Old iPad 3 With The Fourth-Generation One

Yesterday, Apple surprised everyone by announcing the fourth generation iPad with a much faster A6X SoC (System-on-Chip), a new Lighting port, updated LTE baseband and upgraded FaceTime HD camera. Refreshing a product within six months of its release is not something Apple is known for, and this move has clearly disappointed many existing iPad 3 owners.

If you got an iPad recently, you will certainly be feeling the burnt more. Thankfully, certain Apple stores will be replacing the iPad 3 for the fourth-generation iPad, only if the device is less than 30 days old. CNET reports that this is not a company wide policy, and so not all Apple stores will be replacing the iPad 3 for the new iPad.

Oh! and don’t think Apple will replace your third generation iPad for the new one if you give your for servicing due to some hardware fault. Apple has a big pile of refurbished iDevices, and will promptly replace your iPad with a third-gen iPad only.


Tablet Showdown: Google Nexus 7 vs Microsoft Surface vs Apple iPad 3

The launch of Nexus 7 by Google has set the tablet industry ablaze, not for producing a super cheap tablet, but for packing in a fully featured tablet for a small price tag of $199. So let’s see how well does it stacked up against the new iPad, the current undisputed king of the tablet world, and Microsoft’s own Surface, which was released just two weeks back.

Comparison: Google Nexus 7 vs Microsoft Surface vs Apple iPad 3Nexus 7 vs Microsoft Surface vs Apple iPad 3

SpecNexus 7Microsoft SurfaceNew iPad
Operating SystemAndroid 4.1 Jelly BeanWindows 8iOS 6
Display7” 1280×800 IPS Display10.6” ClearType HD Display9.7” 2048×1536 IPS Display
Camera1.2MP front camera

5MP rear and 0.3MP front camera

Memory1 GB RAM



Storage8GB and 16GB32GB, 64GB for Surface RT and 64GB, 128GB for Surface Pro16GB, 32GB and 64GB
CPUQuad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 processor

Nvidia ARM processor on Surface RT and Intel iCore i5 on Surface Pro

1.0 Ghz Dual-core Apple A5X processor

  • WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
  • Bluetooth
  • MicroUSB
  • NFC
  • GPS
Surface RT is WiFi Only while Surface Pro will be WiFi + 3G/4G LTE
  • WiFi 802.11 b/g/n/a
  • Bluetooth
  • MicroUSB
  • HDMI
  • 3G/4G
  • Google now
  • Play Music
  • Play Magazines
  • Play Books
  • Play Movies
  • Office
  • Touch Cover
  • Pen with Palm Block
  • Siri
  • Newstand
  • Game Center
  • Photo Booth
Dimensions198.5 x 120 x 10.45mmUnknown241.2 x 185.7 x 9.4 mm
Thickness10.45mmSurface RT – 9.3mm
Surface Pro – 13.5mm
Battery4325 mAh (Upto 8 hours of active use)Unknown11560 mAh (Upto 10 hours of active use)


This ‘pure Google experience’ tablet has fragmented the tablet market into two sections — The premium section led by the iPad and the affordable section for which the Nexus 7 has been made for.

In the upcoming 6-7 months, I’m pretty sure that the Nexus 7 will cover a significant tablet market share by focusing sorely on the ‘Affordable’ section while iPad will undoubtedly remain the king of the ‘Premium’ section. The real challenge will certainly be felt by the Microsoft Surface, which will have a tough time trying to enter in a market that exists between these two sections.

Four Issues With The New iPad and Their Solution

It’s been a week now since the ‘new iPad’ hit the retail stores in the United States. The early reviews of the tablet are out, and like every time, Apple has not failed to impress users and shut up its critics, even though the initial reaction of the new iPad was underwhelming.

However, the new iPad, like some of the past few product releases from Apple, has some launch issues that will be sorted out as time progresses. Below is a list of the popular problems, which owners of the new iPad are facing, right now-:

1) Hot! – So yeah, the new iPad is hot, and I mean literally. Reports have already suggested that the new iPad is up to 9.6 degrees Fahrenheit hotter than the iPad 2. Apple forums are already flooded with complaints from user about the new iPad overheating.

The reason behind the new iPad overheating is the new A5X SoC, specifically the PowerVR SGX543MP4 GPU, and the Retina Display. To power such a pixel-full display, Apple had to make sure that the new iPad had a very powerful GPU and the PowerVR SGX543MP4 certainly fulfills that requirement. More pixels means the GPU has to work harder thus generating more heat. The A5X SoC is quite a bit larger than A5, which is the main culprit behind the new iPad getting warm. However, a gadget getting hot, sometimes too hot to be unusable, is nothing new. The popular Galaxy S II also has a similar issue, where it would sometimes get so hot that the user actually has to wait for the phone to cool down before he could again use it.

2) Poor Wi-Fi Reception – Since the last couple of days, quite a few users are reporting that the new iPad has poor Wi-Fi reception. Compared to the iPad 2, the new iPad reports two-third of the signal strength. For some users, the new iPad will simply drop Wi-Fi networks after sometime.

The original iPad had also faced similar Wi-Fi issues, and so this is nothing to be surprised about. Hopefully, the next iOS update from Apple will fix the poor Wi-Fi reception issue on the new iPad.

3) Poor Battery Life – The new iPad sports a battery bigger than the one found in MacBook Air (2010) model. The 42.5whr battery has enough juice to power the Retina Display, the 4G LTE baseband and the quad-GPU for up to 9 hours. However, some users are reporting poor battery life with their new iPad.

Reports have confirmed that the new iPad continues charging itself for up to 1 hour after the battery indicator shows 100%, and it actually helps in increasing the battery life. Also, if you are gaming too much or watching too much video on your new iPad on YouTube via Verizon’s or AT&T LTE network, your iPad is bound to get hot and last only a few hours.

Since the battery capacity has increased tremendously, the new iPad will also take longer time to charge than its predecessors.

4) Heavier Apps – Thanks to the Retina display on the new iPad, all apps optimized for the tablet will be up to 5 times heavier than its iPad 2 version. There is not much developers or users can do about it, except for making sure that they buy a higher capacity variant of the iPad.

Frankly, I don’t think any of the above issues are really a deal breaker for the new iPad owners. New iPad owners will ultimately get used to the device heating up and the longer charging time. Apple should fix the Wi-Fi connectivity issue in the next iOS update, until and unless it’s a hardware issue.

Pre-Order New iPad 3 Right Now

will be launching in US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Honk Kong, Singapore and Australia on March 16th 2012. The prices for the WiFi/4G version of the device is similar to the .

iPad 3

Apple will begin shipping the iPad 3/iPad HD device on March 16th. However, as a user you can start pre-ordering the iPad 3 right now. To pre-order the iPad 3 you can visit the the Apple Store at http://store.apple.com/us/browse/home/shop_ipad/family/ipad.

Apple 3 will also be available at retailers across this country. Read the iPad 3 specifications and also learn about the price for the latest iPad or as they call it the "New iPad".

iPad3 Specification: Improved Display, Camera, and Processor

Apple has just unveiled iPad 3. The conference is still going on, but no major surprises so far. The new iPad features a higher resolution display, improved camera, and a significantly faster processor. We have already discussed the US launch prices of various iPad 3 models. Listed below is iPad 3’s hardware specs.


iPad3 Specification

241.2 x 185.7 x 9.4 mm dimension.
9.7-inch multi-touch capable capacitive screen with a resolution of 2047 x 1536 pixels (Retina Display – 264ppi).
A5X processor (Dual-core 1 GHz Cortex-A9) with quad-core graphics (probably PowerVR SGX543MP4).
5-megapixel iSight camera with 5-element lens, backside illumination, and hybrid IR filter. The new camera supports video recording at 1080p. Image resolution is 2592 x 1944 pixels.
4G LTE support for AT&T and Verizon.
Bluetooth 4.0.
10 hours battery life on 4G, and 9 hours on 3G.

iPad 3/iPad HD Price for iPad WiFi and iPad 4G

The was officially announced at the the Apple event today and it definitely has some exciting new features with Retina display at 2048 x 1536 pixels. The 3 also sports a new camera which supports 1080HD video recording and a new camera from the .

The pricing for the iPad 3 remains similar to the older version. You can order the iPad 3 in either WiFi or 4G versions. Here is the price for the new iPad from Apple.

iPad 3 WiFi version Price

  • 16 GB for $499
  • 32 GB for $599
  • 64 GB for $699

iPad 3 4G version Price

  • 16 GB for $629
  • 32 GB for $729
  • 64 GB for $829

You can start pre-ordering the iPad today. Shipments for iPad 3 will begin on March 16, 2012 for 10 countries which include US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Honk Kong, Singapore and Australia.

How To Catch up iPad 3/iPad HD Event Online

In around 6-8 hours, depending on your time zone, Apple will announce the best tablet out there, iPad 3 or as the latest rumors have been calling it, the iPad HD.

The iPad 3/iPad HD is the first ever product that Apple is going to announce after the legendary Steve Jobs passed away. While the iPad is still the undisputed leader in the tablet market, the iPad 3 along with the next version of iOS have a very strong contender coming their way, Microsoft’s Windows 8.

Early reviews of Windows 8 suggests that the next major version of Windows might not be suited for PCs, but is perfect for tablets and other touch-screen operated PCs. The Metro UI does an excellent job of showing all the important info to the user by just glancing at the screen once, and the UI looks stellar and is touch-friendly as well.

The iPad 3/iPad HD is undoubtedly going to be the best performing tablet out there when Apple releases it. It will absolutely smoke all the Android tablets in performance, including the Asus Transformer Prime. The Retina Display screen will make users forget all the Super-AMOLED goodness they have been hearing from Samsung nowadays.

So yeah, chances are you must have become excited about the third-generation iPad by now. Apple will be announcing the iPad 3 at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco at 10AM PST tonight. Sadly, until now Apple has only streamed one of their product launches online. This means that Apple won’t be streaming the iPad 3 event online, so if you are not present at the event physically, you are out luck…not!

Readers might be able to watch the live-stream from here. An audio stream might also be available from here. Alternatively, if the live-stream links don’t work then users can resort to following the live blogs of The Verge, gdgt and Mac Rumors.

iOS 5.1 Will Have Facebook Integration

A few months back Apple and had a problem over API access in iTunes Ping which led to Apple removing Facebook integration from Ping and then ditching them completely in favor of Twitter in iOS 5. However, it looks like the fight between Facebook and Apple might finally be over.

Last month we had reported that Facebook integration was spotted in iOS 5.1 Beta 3 and it looks like iOS 5.1 might actually have a deeper integration with the social networking website.

Facbeook iOS 5.1 Integration

Since the problems between Apple and Facebook arose, Facebook started displaying "via mobile" as the update method for their . However, it looks like few hours before the iPad 3/iPad HD event, Facebook has started to display the "via Facebook for iPhone" again.

Our editors Parth and Sathya tested out that updates sent from the / or iPad show the via as seen in the image above. I also tested the same for and continued seeing "via mobile".

So will iOS now have Facebook integration like it has for ? Well, our editors think that we should definitely see it during tomorrows announcement. We’ll keep you updated with more information if we come across it and keep you in the loop.

Apple’s iPad 3 Launch Causing Strain on Freight Shipments

iPad 3 is just around the corner and rumors are coming out like anything. Today, MacRumors reports that even though the rumors regarding iPad 3 shipments being en route have already been popping up, they are now hearing from shipping representatives at other companies who are having a hard time even getting their products shipped over to the United States from China as Apple prepares for the iPad 3 launch. This is apparently “squeezing” the air freight industry.

A shipping company told MacRumors  that last week his freight agent in China had been rushing to find space for his company’s shipments. In addition, shipping rates have increased 20% in one week due to Apple claiming available capacity at premium rates. Some shipping carriers have even said that they aren’t able to find space with its usual carrier due to Apple’s demand. It is causing them to scramble to find alternatives.

AppleInsider also reported a similar story, but it was specifically related to shipments going through DHL, one of the major international carriers sometimes used by Apple. Hmmm, I’m trying to think of the last time Android tablet shipments had the same effect on freight shipments?

Banner at Yerba Buena for iPad 3 Media Event Goes Up

Instead of reporting on a rumor about next week’s event, this post will consist cool pictures of the banner going up at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts for Apple’s iPad 3 media event. As we know by now, they are expected to announce the iPad 3 next week. Yesterday, it was rumored that the launch in the US would occur on March 16th.

Yerba Buena Apple iPad 3 media event

Earlier this morning, the company started redecorating San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts with a colorful banner featuring the company’s logo. On Friday morning, construction workers had begun covering the glass windows on the center. Apple usually hypes its product unveilings with decorations throughout the center.

Yerba Buena iPad 3 final

This year’s invitation shows a picture of an iPad with a fingertip touching the iOS Calendar application icon. The date on the calendar is Wednesday, March 7, which is when the media event will be held.

[Image credits AppleInsider and Resolve Digital developer David Jones (@d_jones)]