Apple Launches New Maps App in iOS 6, Includes Turn-by-turn Navigation, and More

Today, Apple introduced a new Maps application in iOS 6 that will replace Google Maps as the default mapping application on the iPhone and iPad. The company is building its own real time traffic service and mapping is crowd sourced. It was designed by Apple from the scratch and everything was developed in-house. The entire new app looks incredible.

Maps logo iOS 6 

In the Maps app, turn by turn directions are provided, which will work with Siri. In addition, local search listing with 100 million business listings from around the world will be provided. Yelp is also integrated into the new Maps app and a 3D mapping feature called “Flyover”. will ship with iOS 6 later this fall.

Google must be terrified right now and navigation apps are probably having a bad day. Good riddance, really.

[Image Credit MacRumors]

WSJ: Apple to abandon Google Maps on iOS later this year

A few months ago, it was reported that Apple will drop Google Maps in iOS 6, which would be a major blow to the company. Now, The Wall Street Journal reemphasizes that Apple will indeed abandon Google Maps in iOS later this year. Present and former Apple employees have revealed this to the publication. Apple would instead “release a new mapping app that runs Apple’s own technology,” the report said.

One source also suggested that Apple may show off the new at WWDC 2012 next week in San Francisco, CA. Apple is also reportedly looking to convince third-party application developers to implement its technology into their apps.

WSJ’s report also revealed that Apple planning to ditch Google Maps has been in the works for years, and due to the rapid rise of Android sales, it is believed to have quickened the pace of the company’s plans.

Apple had previously hinted at the change when it went on a buying spree and bought a series of Mapping companies including – Placebase, an online mapping company; C3 Technologies, a mapping company that offers Photorealistic 3D maps; and Poly9, a Canadian 3D mapping startup. In fact, Apple may even make use of C3 Technologies’ 3D maps technology.

Also, earlier this year, it was revealed that Apple wasn’t using Google Maps in iPhoto for iOS, but instead using OpenStreetMap and other services to generate map data.


iOS 6 to Bring Systemwide Facebook Integration

WWDC 2012 is about a week away, and the rumors just don’t stop showing up. TechCrunch reports that iOS 6 will include system-level integration of Facebook, which would be similar to the Twitter integration added in iOS 5 last year. In fact, just a few days ago, Apple CEO Tim Cook hinted at Facebook integration and Siri improvements at the D10 Conference.

TechCrunch also says that Apple and Facebook are still working on how sharing items to Facebook will work, due to the varying levels of permissions on Facebook posts. The report also says that the Apple has been known to change its mind in the past, but as of right now Facebook integration in iOS 6 is a given. I really wouldn’t be surprised if Apple added this in iOS 6 though.

After much speculation, Facebook integration will indeed be baked into the latest version of iOS, we’ve learned. […]

To be clear, Twitter will still very much be a part of the new iOS (presumably named “iOS 6″ and codenamed “Sundance“), and that company will be holding sessions at WWDC to chat more about the continued partnership (including the integration into the forthcoming OS X Mountain Lion). But Facebook integration will be very important for iOS — tons of apps use Facebook for sign-ups and authentication (many use Facebook as the only way to do this, to the dismay of some). Apple was undoubtedly watching this activity and realized that it was time to formally bring Facebook on board.

iOS 6 is expected to be unveiled at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference later this month.