Google+ Open For Everyone With a Google Account

For the past week or so you might have heard a lot about , it was launched on 28th June and opened for invites shortly thereafter.  However, for over a week, Google stopped accepting new users and also denied existing users from inviting new ones.

Google Plus Open For Everyone

If you have been mystified with Google’s new take at social networking, here is some Google news. Google+ is now officially open to anyone with a Google account. All you have to do is to go to and Sign in with your account and you will be in. Existing and new users will also be able to invite anyone they want to join the service. So no need to ask anyone for invites anymore and also can finally get rid of those spammy Google+ invites.

By the way, we have been using Google+ for over a week and you might want to read through our series of articles which will be helpful to you when it comes to using and understanding Google+.

Have fun with Google+.

Update: Looks like there is some glitch, but the signups have definitely opened up and so have the invites. Please sign in in next few hours to get in. This is very much apparent because earlier Google did not allow users to Sign In, also invites are definitely back on.

Google+ Early Users Given Invites To Hand Out, Get Yours Here

As we are all aware at this point, Google launched their newest project revolving around social interaction yesterday. Google+ is already one of the most talked about things on the internet. It has caught Twitter by storm, and people are raving about both the web interface and mobile app , which is currently only for Android Phones.

Google Plus Invites Screen

The biggest complaint among users up to this point was the inability to invite anyone new to the service, beyond an initial 10 or 15 people. Google recently changed that policy, giving all existing users (myself included) a currently unknown number of new invites. They warn that these invitations are not unlimited, however.

It seems that Google recognizes that the biggest issue they will have with Google+ is getting people to use it. I felt that not letting users send out invitations was a poor choice for Google. It would appear that they heard all of our cries for Google+, and have given us what we really wanted.

While a full review is coming in the next day or so, let me give you a few of my early thoughts on Google+ right now. To put it simply: It’s awesome. I think that the full integration with their mobile platform, the beautiful linking of social and search, and the great web interface all make Google+ a defiant player in the social space.

As I said, there will be a full review of Google+ as a product and a service coming soon. Keep your eyes peeled for that. If you have any questions about Google+, feel free to post them in the comments below.

Comment and Get a Google Plus Invite
Update: Google has closed Google+ invites for now. We will send out more when they open back up. Thanks for your patience.

Update 2: Google+ is now open to everyone with a Google+ account, please visit and sign in with your Gmail account to get access to Google+.

Update 3:  Don’t miss out on some really good articles on using Google+ along with several other editorials we have written for you. Is The New Image Board From The Founder Of 4Chan–Invites Inside

After all the trolling, the hating, the hacking and the lulz-ing it must be hard for anyone to not know about 4chan. Yes, the same 4chan that allegedly gave birth to Anonymous (although I personally maintain that the image board is just a dumping ground for untargeted hate by the rest of the internet, and 4chan soaks it up because… well because it’s 4chan and they largely do things for the lulz) and the same 4chan that is the creator of mostly every meme on the internet right now such as Lolcats and the Rage Comics.


However, 4chan is also full of extremely terrible images and pornography, making it unsuitable for children or those with a poor hearts or bowel movements. It is also an especially fertile breeding ground for those who wish to do unlawful things online. This is because it is very easy to be anonymous on 4chan. The image board does not store its images indefinitely on the servers and thus has no archive of all the discussions that go on there. Stuff that may (and allegedly has) caused a lot of harm in real life.

So Moot (the founder of 4chan whose real identity is Christopher Poole) decided to make a better image board system one that took all the good points of 4chan (relative anonymity, fast posting, instant remixing of content) and threw away the questionable points (not safe for work/lunch images, complete anonymity) and put in a few fun parts (stickers!) to create is a new community that compels you to participate actively right from day one. Activity is extremely high and lurking is not as much fun here. Even the act of likinga post or even sharing a post, per se demands some amount of activity on your part, as explained later. The jokes range from hilarious to vile to what-in-the-world-is-this-and-why-am-i-looking-at-it (although admittedly not as bad as 4chan). It is the bright artsy little sister to 4chan and she’s just getting warmed up with her creativity, jokes, memes and wants every sticker you have.

Lots of Stickers!

Stickers are the refined response to Facebook’s bland Likebutton, in my opinion. They are also the only way you can hide or flag a post.’ stickers are round symbols of a small range of human expression viz. =D, D=, =O, LOL, ?, <3, #1, Cookie, and the inimitable gentleman with a handlebar wearing a monocle. These stickers are to be dragged and stuckinto posts which elicit the appropriate expression. As the community has expanded, a few thumb-rules for a few select stickers follow:-

If it has a cute girl or a   cat in an appropriately cute pose give it a <3.
If it has a moustache and a monocle somewhere give it the appropriate monocle-moustache salute.
If it has #1 anywhere blindly give it a #1. 101: Guess what stickers this post is going to get?

So, in summary, what is beyond the image-board part?

Very good question, internet newbie. Unfortunately, it’s also a question that cannot be answered in a few words since, well it is an image-board and you know the old adage about pictures, right? There was no way we could classify 4chan and the other slew of image boards under the overarching banner of image boards(I know what I just did and I am hoping you will keep quiet about it before everyone gets to know. Hush!). is a natural progression of the 4chan of yesterday as a meme factory.

A lovely way to introduce people to!

One of the reasons for its label as a meme factorythat I easily applied is that it is extremely easy to change or add things to a picture on it. The remixbutton opens up a toned-down Photoshop on-site for you to play with, complete with layer importing. It is extremely simple to use and its always-available nature makes users want to change an image to their liking.

It is extremely dynamic (the memes there hardly stay for more than half a day), but is not completely original as yet, mostly because the /b/-tards (users of the 4chan random image board) feel like dumping the memes from 4chan back there on a day-to-day basis and also because many people prefer to have yesteryears’ memes have a short run for free karma.

Necessary Minecraft Post

So amidst the general son-i-am-disappoints and One does not simply QWOP/walk into Mordorgifs, there are also draw yourself, especially if you are a bad artistthreads, and threads that mostly constitute adding moustaches and monocles to every upper-lip and left eye one finds (respectively).

It is an endearingly interactive group much more interactive than 4chan could have ever been, and it allows you to maintain relative anonymity. What’s not to like?

So if you wish to participate in this new melting pot of pop-cultures, comment on this thread with a request for a invite. We have plenty to give away!

How To Get Invites For Google Music Beta

Earlier Today, Google launched Google Music at Google I/O 2011. The new music service will seamlessly integrate with mobiles and Android tablets.


Sadly, the service will be limited to US only for the initial period and there is no information on when it will be rolled out to other countries. Google Music is a service which gives you access to your personal music collection without the need to use wires or sync. You can add your music collection to Google music and access it from the web or any other compatible Android device.

If you are interested in trying out the new service, you can request a beta invite for the service by visiting You can learn more about Google Music by visiting this page.

Request Invite For Facebook Social Messaging/Email

today announced the next generation of messaging dubbed as Facebook Social Messaging. Using the service you can communicate with your friends using IM, SMS and of course email too.

Facebook Email and Social Messaging

However, Facebook Social Messaging is only a invite-only affair right now and you will have to wait to get an invite before you can use it. Excited? Well, so am I, but am still waiting for that elusive invite to come by.

If you cannot wait to get your hands on an invite you can request for one at the official Facebook site. Be aware that lot of scams for the Facebook messaging invites will come by in the next few days, so be wary of what you click or share. Go ahead and request an invite for Facebook Mail/Social Messaging at

More Google Wave Invites

We have just accumulated another round of invites, if you are interested, leave a comment on this post that you want an invite.

Please don’t leave your email address in the comment, instead use the email address you want your Google Wave invite sent to in the form, and we will do the needful. All invites will be sent out on a first come first serve basis. We will keep pitching in as and when we can, so just leave a comment and we will keep you in mind.

In the mean time don’t forget to check out the of Google Wave tips and tricks.

We would more than happy if our readers want too want to chip in with their extra wave invites, just leave a comment on this post and we will get in touch with you for the invites.

Google Voice Invites

I have been using Google Voice for sometime now and have been pretty satisfied using  it. It has made a lot of things easier including managing messages and voice calls.

google_voice_logo Prior to today, Google Voice was invite only. It is still invite only, but Google has introduced a new ploy to market their service a la . Google has definitely made the best use of this strategy, just look at Gmail’s success today.

Starting today, Google Voice users can send out invites to other people. If you are interested in getting an invite. I have three Google Voice invites to giveaway. To get into the fray, just leave a comment on this post as to why you want one. Adding Techie Buzz rocksin the comment, will definitely earn you some goodie points :-).

Don’t fret if you don’t get an invite, you can always request an invite for Google Voice.

Google Wave Invites to be Sent Late US Time [Sydney Morning Time]

For those who are eagerly waiting for a Google wave invite you can hold your horses till Australia wakes up.

A Google Wave developer tweeted this about 3 hours ago.


Since the Wave team, who will be supporting the platform is in Sydney you have to wait till they can wake up.

Right now the time in Sydney is 3:15AM so you can safely assume to start getting Google Wave invites by around 7PM EDT or 4PM PDT on September 30th.

Sorry to be the deliverer of a bad news :-). Keep your fingers crossed will you. Thanks Karthik.

Google Wave Invites Getting Closer

google_wave_logo Google Wave is almost an internet phenomenon right now. People who have access to it are praising it to no ends and people who don’t are eagerly awaiting their chance to get their hands on a Google Wave account.

Back in July we told you how Google would be giving away 100,000 Google Wave invites to users who signup early.

Google will be giving away the invites starting September 31st 2009. If you have not yet registered for it here is a chance to get into Google Wave early.

To be considered for a Google Wave invite, head to this form and register for a early bird account.

100000 Google Wave Invites Coming Soon

Mashable reports that Google will be sending out 100,000 Google Wave invites to users starting September 30th 2009.

This revelation was made on the Google Wave developers blog where they said;

In other news: this morning we announced that we plan to start extending the Google Wave preview beyond developers on September 30th. This will take place on rather than the separate "sandbox" instance we are currently using, and we plan to involve about 100,000 users. In addition to the developers already using Wave, we will invite groups of users from the hundreds of thousands who offered to help report bugs when they signed up on


The invites will be sent out to users who have offered to help report bugs and more, we had covered earlier how you can signup for a early bird Google Wave invite.

If you are a developer you might be able to get a invite earlier, to get started you can take a look at the Google Wave APIs and also some of the sample applications.

This is definitely interesting news since Google Wave is by far one of the most awaited products from Google, and many people are dying to get a invite to use it.

Have you been waiting for a Google Wave invite? Let us know about it.

Image Credit: O’rielly Radar