Social Video Discovery and Identification App IntoNow Debuts on Android


Back in January this year, an almost magical app for iOS called IntoNow made its first appearance. In less than three months, even before IntoNow had gotten around to building an user base, Yahoo swooped in and acquired it for something in the range of twenty to thirty million dollars. Even more interestingly, multiple players including Shazam and Twitter were also in talks.

IntoNow’s rapid rise isn’t really a surprise given that it’s a one of a kind app that works amazingly well. IntoNow is in many ways Shazam or Soundhound for television. It listens to the content you are watching and identifies not only the show you are watching, but also the episode. There are plenty of other social-discovery tools built around television – GetGlue and Miso are probably the most familiar ones. However, IntoNow one-ups them through its intuitiveness. Not only that, IntoNow also puts a lot more focus on making the television watching experience social. That difference between GetGlue and IntoNow’s priorities become obvious by just taking a look at the home screens of the respective apps.

IntoNow Home Screen

IntoNow for Android

The good news is the IntoNow is no longer restricted to the iPhone. A short while back, IntoNow made its debut on the Android platform. The Android app is sleek, intuitive, and a joy to use. In short, it is head and shoulders above VideoSurf, GetGlue, Miso and other competitors. The bad news is that due to some inexplicable reason, IntoNow is region limited. If you are outside the US, you can still install and use IntoNow, but you will have to grab the APK from unofficial sources.

Yahoo Buys TV Tagging Startup IntoNow

IntoNow which is an iOS based TV tagging app, has been acquired by Yahoo!



For the uninitiated, IntoNow lets users check-in to TV content while they are watching the program on the TV. The app then lets users share it with their Facebook, twitter friends. According to TechCrunch, Yahoo grabbed the deal for the $20-$30 million. If that’s true then IntoNow made 2.5 million for each week they worked on the app, since the app has been live for only 12 weeks now.

IntoNow will enable Yahoo! to provide enhanced media experiences and video programming, bolstering its social engagement across the Yahoo! network and on all screens. IntoNow users are able to easily engage with friends around the shows they enjoy most. IntoNow helps people discover new shows, discuss favorites with friends and learn more about them, and provides recommendations for what is currently airing based on their interests and those they are connected to. The application is also integrated with Facebook, Twitter, iTunes and Netflix to enable more sharing and information gathering.

While Yahoo made this acquisition, Facebook and Google have somewhat similar product in their kitty with the ability to stream content online. It’s to be seen whether Yahoo implements similar feature in their new product. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if the app gets neglected in coming months, considering Yahoo’s reputation, all I hope is it doesn’t get killed or gets rumored to be sunset’d.