Play HTML5 Videos in Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is one of the several mainstream browsers which do not support HTML5 videos which is now being beta tested by and Vimeo. However, what Microsoft could not do yet has been done by a codec developer.

The software in question, Xiph.Org Ogg Codec provides users with an option to add support for the <video> tag in Internet Explorer, in turn allowing IE to play HTML5 videos.


I installed the codec and enabled the HTML5 support, and gave it a test run on Internet Explorer 8. The videos from YouTube played just fine, however, it is not a perfect solution yet and a bit buggy. Some videos took way too long to load, and some never played at all. Nevertheless, something is better than nothing right?



Note: Before you can view HTML5 videos in YouTube, you will have to join the beta club by visiting this link After that you will have to copy the <video> code to a new HTML page to watch the video and follow the instructions given here.

Techie Buzz Verdict

This software is not perfect yet, so use it at your own risk. Another problem I saw was that the software did not provide an option to disable HTML5 videos once it was installed, so the only way to disable it is to uninstall the software. Once it is enabled, you will not be able to watch videos on YouTube due to the restrictions with adding a additional attribute to the video code.

Again, this is a tool which is still being developed, so I think that it will definitely become better with time. However, if you are someone who does not like to mess up with things, stay away from it.

I would suggest you to download and use instead, if you are looking forward to experiencing HTML5 videos.

Rating: 2.5/5 (Average)

Download Xiph.Org Ogg Codec [via Download Squad]

Webby Wednesday: Learn To Cook Anything, Privacy Policy Generator, Post Music To Facebook, Fill PDF Forms Online, New Collaborative Blogging

Welcome to Webby Wednesday, a day where we will talk about web apps which you can use. We will try to cover several useful apps which we could not during the week, so that you don’t miss out on any web goodness. Want to reach out your own web application or software to the masses? Add it to the Techie Buzz Forum and we will do our best to showcase it.

How To Cook Anything: Cook Thing

Learn To Cook Anything

Want to learn how to cook Pasta or a Pizza or may be bake a cake? Cook Thing is a new web service which will allow you to search for things to cook, then choose the ingredients you want to use and display recipes on how you can cook something. Pretty decent for newbie’s, however, it has a bit of limited options, but that is definitely going to grow in future. Check out

Privacy Policy Generator


Remember how we told you to generate free privacy policy for your blog or website? If not, here is another service which will allow you to generate a free privacy policy that you can use on your blog or website. Check out Privacy Policy Generator.

Post Music to Facebook:

Feed Music to Facebook

Want to share your favorite music to your profile? provides and easy way to do that, just connect your Facebook profile to, search for song or artist and feed the song to your profile. Oh and you can also listen to the music while you Feed it. More at

New Collaborative Blogging Platform makes blogging simple and collaborative. With content channels that anyone can contribute to, ReachBy’s unique ReStream function separates it from being just another blog. It also plays quite nicely with all social media and even recently launched Google Buzz.

With a ReachBy Stream, teams and groups of friends can collaborate and develop a content channel on almost any topic. The Head Writer of a Stream can edit content and select what gets published. Anyone can start a Stream and become a Head Writer.

Learn more at

Free PDF Editor: Fill Any PDF

Fill PDF Forms Online

Fill Any PDF provides users with an easy to use online PDF editor which can be used for free. Users can upload their PDF files and create PDF forms without having to specify fields inside the PDF files itself. Once your PDF form is created you can easily share the link with people who you want to collect information from.

No software installation is required, and it also helps is saving printer ink and paper, give it a try at

Don’t forget to add your web apps and software to the Techie Buzz forum so that we can feature it in future editions of Webby Wednesday.

Create Your Own Wifi Hotspot – Connectify Updated to 1.0

connectify-program-icon A few weeks ago, I wrote about a new free application, called Connectify. It makes use of an unfinished feature in Windows 7 which allows you to create a personal wifi hotspot that can be shared with others.

* Please note that this application only works in Windows 7. You will also have to register at the Connectify website with a name and email address.

New and improved!

Recently, Connectify has been updated with a few minor features to bring it up to Version 1.0. The new and improved features include improved notification tray icons, support for more wireless cards, improved memory management, recovery from sleep/hibernate, support for multiple Windows accounts and more.

Why do I need Connectify?

I can think of at least two cases where Connectify would be nice.

If you don’t have a wireless router in your home, you won’t need one with Connectify. Any PC with a wireless card, that’s hooked up to the internet, can become a local wifi hotspot. Now you can broadcast the internet to your Xbox or wifi enabled phone or other devices.

If you happen to be at an airport or an internet cafe, you can share your connection and possibly help someone avoid being charged with a connection fee. Just don’t tell anyone that I said you can do this. I don’t know if it’s legal in all cases.

How to use Connectify

● Download the Connectify client
● Install it
● Look for the Connectify icon in the system tray

● Click on the icon once to open it


● Set the wifi name
● Set a password of 8 characters or more
● Select either Local or Wireless in the pull down (your current internet connection)
● Select either Access Point or Ad Hoc in the pull down (the new hotspot)
● Click the “Start Hotspot” button

As you can see, I’ve created a wifi hotspot named “skynet“.

Once it’s live, anyone with your password can connect to your hotspot. Connectify even identifies PCs and devices that are connected to it. You can see them in the window labeled “Connected Clients”. If you double click on a connected client, you can change the little icon next to it to make it easier to identify at a glance.

Techie-Buzz Verdict:

If you would like to share your internet connection wirelessly in your home or on the road, you could not ask for an easier way to do it. I have no problems giving this app a good recommendation.

Recommened Softwrae

Techie-Buzz Rating: 4/5 (Excellent)

Google Wave Invites Getting Closer

google_wave_logo Google Wave is almost an internet phenomenon right now. People who have access to it are praising it to no ends and people who don’t are eagerly awaiting their chance to get their hands on a Google Wave account.

Back in July we told you how Google would be giving away 100,000 Google Wave invites to users who signup early.

Google will be giving away the invites starting September 31st 2009. If you have not yet registered for it here is a chance to get into Google Wave early.

To be considered for a Google Wave invite, head to this form and register for a early bird account.

Click2Try Lets You Test Applications Before Downloading

Have ever come across a software that you liked from reviews, but after installing found not worth enough to use, many of us do and then eventually uninstall the application, leaving registry entries and other unwanted information behind.

However you can now test the applications online even before you download them with the help of Click2Try a service that allows users to test out open source applications and operating systems online without the need to download them to your computer.


Click2Try offers information about applications along with allowing you to test them out in a browser window, the application will work exactly as it will work on your local computer.

click2try_application_testing click2try_testing_eclipse

If you like the application you can then download it and use it on your local computer. Click2Try currently supports testing for over 50 open source applications, with more applications support regularly being added.

So the next time you want to test out a application before testing it, give Click2Try a try.

Click2Try [via Download Squad]

Send And Save Large Files Up To 2 GB Securely Online

Email services normally have a limitation on the size of file you can send via attachment. You can over come this limitation using the free services from DropSend. If you want to send large files, then this is the answer.

Using DropSend you can send files up to 2 GB, and the files can be of any format – jpegs, pdfs, media files: video and mp3’s. Since the files are sent over secure medium, you can use this service to send confidential files to your clients as well. They have a Desktop widget for Windows and Mac, once installed, you can directly send the file from your Desktop and there is no need to login to the webpage.


Using their free plan you can send files of Max size up to 2 GB, and store up to 250 MB of data online, which can be accessed from anywhere.

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DropSend provides you virtual hard drive, where in you can back up all your important files online. The files stored in your virtual hard drive can be accessed from anywhere where you have internet connectivity and you can share those files with others as well. However, the group-sharing facility is not available in the free package, you’ll have to upgrade your package to use this feature.

[ Visit DropSend ]

Cleanup Temporary IE Files and Settings With IEClean

[Internet Explorer only] IEClean is a small software that will allow you to clean IE history, cookies, temporary files, typed URLs and form history with a single click.

It is the fastest way to cleanup after yourself when you have used Internet Explorer on a computer, but do not want people to know where you surfed to. Or you can use this software to quickly reclaim some diskspace.

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Bookmarklet To Toggle All Checkboxes

Have you come across a situation where you have to check several text boxes, but the website in question does not provide you with a Check All/Uncheck All option?

Users now have a workaround to this situation in the form of a helpful browser bookmarklet, that will allow users to toggle between all checked and unchecked checkboxes.

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Torrent Search Toolbar

These days many users share files online through torrents rather than providing direct file downloads, these torrents are scattered every where across the internet.

Finding torrents can get pretty messy since there are 100s of torrent tracker websites which need to be checked.

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Test Your Internet Download Speed

Many ISPs proclaim that they will provide you with a certain amount of download speed, for example on our network the ISP provides us with a 4 MBPS (Megabytes per second) download speed, but are you getting as much as you are promised?

DownTester is a useful software, which will allow you to test your download speeds, to verify if you are getting as much as you have been promised.

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