Stop Using Internet Explorer Right Now

Techie Buzz has a mix of people visiting us using browsers such as , , , Internet Explorer among others, however people using Internet Explorer are at a serious risk, because of a vulnerability being discovered in Microsoft’s default browser.

The vulnerability in Internet explorer, can allow a attacker to take control of people’s computer and steal their passwords according to security experts. However this is not the first time Internet Explorer has been attacked, and it is probably termed as one of the weakest browser available today.

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Incomplete Testing Can Lose You Traffic

Many a times people make mistake and unlike everyone we are imperfect too and made a mistake of not testing new changes we rolled out last weekend properly. The change we made was including the Lightbox plugin for which would make browsing images much more easier for our readers.


However to our surprise over the weekend we lost quite a lot of traffic and earnings, which left me wondering what was wrong or what went wrong, checked out stats and everything just to make sure that we were getting good SE traffic as well as good social networking traffic.

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Customize Internet Explorer Title [Hacks n Mods]

By default Internet Explorer adds the title Windows Internet Explorerto each and every window, if you are bored with the title and want a change in it, you can easily change the Internet Explorer title with the help of a small registry hack courtesy TechnixUpdate.


To change the title to something like Powered by Keith Dsouzaor something you desire, follow the simple steps.

Note: You should always your registry before making any changes to it.

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Fix for Internet Explorer Site Aborted Operation / Cannot Display Page Error [How To]

One of our readers Rick recently emailed us asking us another interesting question:

Whenever I do a “google search”, I get a screen that says ” Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage”. I key in “ebay” and this is the message. How do I fix this? The I’m feeling lucky button seems to work but not the google search.

The site aborted operation error occurs because of the page rendering engine in Internet explorer. If any webpage tries to modify the content before the entire page is loaded you may see a site aborted operation error.


This error can be attributed to any website you are trying to load has poorly written webpages that use JavaScript to modify the content before everything between the body tags has been loaded or to a add-on that tries to do that same.

The official Internet Explorer blog has a good article on this called What happened to Operation Aborted. The good news is that IE8 which is in the making is more lenient towards developers simply raising a JavaScript error like other browsers do.

In Rick’s case we suspect the Internet Explorer cannot display the webpageerror being to one of the add-ons he is using. You can try to load Internet Explorer without any add-ons and then try to perform the same action, if everything goes fine you will have to enable each add-on one by one to find the faulty add-in that is causing the issue.

To load Internet Explorer in no add-ons mode, click Start, point to All Programs, point to Accessories, point to System Tools, and then click Internet Explorer (No Add-ons).

Microsoft has a length Knowledge base article discussing this issue. You can visit the knowledge base article You receive an error message in Internet Explorer 7: “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage to get more information about this issue.

Hope this helps solve your issue Rick, if our readers have any problem feel free to ask us, we will try our best to find a solution for it.

Internet Explorer Team Send Mozilla Firefox Team A Cake To Congratulate Firefox 3 Release

Not sure whether this is true or not but Internet Explorer team allegedly send a cake to congratulate the Mozilla team to commensurate the release of Firefox 3.

The cake sports a Internet Explorer logo and a message saying

Congratulations on Shipping! Love, the IE Team

Check out the images of the cake found via Flickr

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Backup Your Bookmarks In Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Flock and Opera

Bookmarking is a integral part of your browser and over a period of time you may have collected hundreds and thousands of bookmarks. There are various ways to synchronize and backup your bookmarks that we have already talked about. But the fact that many people do not know the basic way to backup bookmarks from browsers led us to write this post.

In this post we will basically tell you how to backup your bookmarks in Firefox 3, Firefox 2, Internet Explorer, Flock, Safari and Opera. Note you do not need any additional tools to backup your bookmarks with the tips we will discuss in this post.

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Internet Explorer 8 Is The Name

Well many of us cringe when they hear about Internet Explorer but the real fact is that it performs better when memory comes into the question. Nirmal has done an extensive test on browsers to come up the fact that Firefox uses up the most memory among browsers.

I have been using IE7 along with Firefox for a long time. The reason I started using both the browsers was because I started up a new account for Google AdSense which could not be accessed within the same browser.

I had used the beta version of IE7 before for quite some time and I can tell you all the beta versions were crap. The browser either crashed or did something it was not supposed to.

The final version of IE7 is much more stable and performs much better than most of the other browsers. Well what more we are now going to get nextG of Internet Explorer Browser which is now officially called Internet Explorer 8.

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