Orkut Drops Support for IE6

In case you have missed the recent buzz around IE6, there is a virtual campaign going on by web developers to kill IE6. According to them, IE6 is so much lacking in support and innovation that it should be replaced with other popular browsers such as IE8, Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

The latest blow to IE6 comes from Google ‘s social network Orkut, which has dropped support for IE6. Orkut is still more popular than Facebook in some parts of the world and this decision by Google would affect millions of users. If you try to login to Orkut using IE6 now, you will be prompted to use one of the other popular browsers.

This campaign about killing IE6 is gaining more and more momentum as web companies and networks are deciding to drop support for it. A number of websites have also popped up to make people aware of the Kill IE6 campaign, such as this and this. A lot of Twitter profile pics can also be seen having a Kill IE6 logo on them.

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Highly Critical Javascript Vulnerability Found in Firefox 3.5

Last week a critical bug was discovered in Mozilla Firefox’s JavaScript engine. Unfortunately, the details of exploiting this bug was released yesterday and is currently doing the rounds on the internet. This bug affects Firefox’s new JavaScript rendering engine(TraceMonkey) and has been termed as highly critical by the Secunia.com. Hackers can gain control of any user’s system by installing rogue software when they visit an exploited website.

Mozilla has confirmed that they are working on a fix. In the meantime there are a couple quick fixes you can implement.

  • This vulnerability only affects the new Just In Time compiler that is a part of Tracemonkey JavaScript engine. Hence, you would be safe if you disable the new engine.
    • Type “about:config” in the address bar and press Enter. Ignore the warning.
    • In the filter box type “jit”. You should notice an entry titled “javascript.options.jit.content”.
    • Change its value from True to False. You can change the value by double clicking on the line or using Toggle option from the right click context menu.
      This will force Firefox to use the older rendering engine which is slower, but immune to this exploit. Once a patch is released simply change the value back to true.
  • Another solution is to simply block JavaScript on all untrusted websites using No-Script extension.

Firefox : Config Screen

The critical nature of this vulnerability coupled with the full disclosure of the exploit is extremely worrying. Until a fix is released by Mozilla we would highly recommend that all Firefox users apply these quick fixes and stay on the safer side.

Disable Sending HTTP Referrers In Opera

When you browse the web you send out a lot of information to sites that you visit, referrers strings are a part of the information that gets sent out, basically the referrer strings tells websites from which external website a request has come to them. Read more about Http Referrers.

This may not create a lot of problems, however sometimes it could lead to a privacy concern for users, in this series we will tell you how to disable sending referrers on different browsers, starting out with .

Disabling sending HTTP Referrers in Opera is really very simple, just follow the steps listed below.

Step 1: Press F12 in a open Opera window.


Step 2: Uncheck the box next to the Send Referrer Information.

That’s it referrers will not be sent when you click on a link on a webpage in Opera. We will be dealing with other browsers soon so keep tuned to know how to do it in your favorite browsers.

Disable Pages From Auto Refreshing In Internet Explorer

One of the most annoying things that we have come across while browsing media sites is that they keep auto refreshing the pages every few minutes, though this is done to update the page for fresh news, on a limited bandwidth network it can eat up a lot of bandwidth if you have pages opened up a webpage and left it unattended.

If you are annoyed by the auto refreshing of pages, here is a simple trick to disable them in Internet Explorer, we will also be covering other browsers soon, so look out for posts to disable auto-refresh for your favorite browsers.

To disable auto-refresh or meta refresh as it is called in Internet explorer follow the simple steps listed below.

Step 1: In Internet Explorer go to Tools > Internet Options and click on the security tab.

Step 2: In the security tab click on the Custom level button towards the bottom.


Step 3: In the security settings window, scroll down till you come across the Miscellaneous group and select disable in Allow META REFRESH option and click on Ok.

That’s it the auto-refreshing of the page won’t happen once you make this change.

iPhone Clone Web Browser For Windows – iPhone Drift

Browsers are a ton a penny, however there are few browsers which have made the cut, and few which are just unique by themselves. We just came across a unique piece of work called iPhone Drift, which is actually a web browser for Windows based PC.


The browser looks just like a iPhone and also lets you browser web pages and show them how they will look on a real iPhone. This is unlike the mobile web browser simulation we had told you earlier.

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Microsoft Working On A New Secure Web Browser Gazelle?

Just when we thought the browser market was crowded enough, there is some news that Microsoft is working on a new browser named Gazelle. This news highly undermines the work Microsoft has put into developing Internet Explorer 8 [IE8].

Image of a Gazelle. Image Credit

More research on the topic led us to some technical papers that delve on what Microsoft Gazelle is all about. The information provided is more technical at this point, but it certainly tells us more about what this new web browser Gazelle from Microsoft will be like.

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Convert Webpages To PDF Files In Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari

Sometimes back we had told you about a Firefox add-on that will help you save entire webpages as PDF files. However if you are a , Internet explorer, Safari or user you can also save webpages as PDF files with the help of a handy bookmarklet.


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Watch Videos and Do Your Work With A Transparent Web Browser

There are several times when you may want to browse a particular webpage and perform the steps listed in it, or watch a tutorial video and simultaneously perform the actions listed in it, however it becomes pretty hard to do both of the things together when you are on a single monitor setup.

Double Vision is a innovative browser that aims to address this problem, by providing users with a transparent browser that will allow users to view videos and browse the web in a transparent browse whilst continuing to do their work in other applications.

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Stop Using Internet Explorer Right Now

Techie Buzz has a mix of people visiting us using browsers such as , , , Internet Explorer among others, however people using Internet Explorer are at a serious risk, because of a vulnerability being discovered in Microsoft’s default browser.

The vulnerability in Internet explorer, can allow a attacker to take control of people’s computer and steal their passwords according to security experts. However this is not the first time Internet Explorer has been attacked, and it is probably termed as one of the weakest browser available today.

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We want to know your Favorite Browser [User Poll]

In this every competing world of Internet there are several browsers available to users for browsing the Internet. Each browser have their own good and bad and users tend to have their own favorites.

In this ever going trend, we are truly amazed on how browsers keep on becoming better and better. We are more than curious about what our readers favorite browsers are.

So go ahead tell us through your comments, which browser is your favorite and why you think it is better than the others, we will compile a list from the comments and let the world know why they should use any particular browser based on your feedback.

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