Nimbuzz Clocks 1 Million Downloads in Ovi Store

Nimbuzz the popular multi-protocol IM client and VoIP client has reached a milestone of completing more than 1 million downloads in Nokia’s Ovi Store.

Nimbuzz Logo

Nimbuzz is a free mobile application which was launched in May 2008 and enables millions of users worldwide to enjoy free calls and instant messaging with friends across multiple instant messaging networks and social networking site including Skype, Facebook, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, AIM, Google Talk (Orkut), ICQ, MySpace, Gadu Gadu and others.

Evert-Jaap Lugt, founder & CEO of Nimbuzz, Nokia’s Ovi Store users have downloaded Nimbuzz more than 1 million times in more than 180 countries. This in turn amounts to 40% of Nimbuzz’s total market share.

I have been using Nimbuzz for a while now and have found it handy on my older Nokia N95 device. It allows me to access several instant messenger accounts with ease. Have you used Nimbuzz before? Are you one of the 1 million users who have download Nimbuzz from the Ovi Store? Do let me know through your comments.

Facebook Goes After GTalk, Launches Chat With Jabber Support

Quite recently, Google released , a direct competitor to sites like , and FriendFeed. However, it looks like Facebook has given a tit for tat to Google with the launch of a Global Facebook Chat with support for the Jabber protocol and XMPP protocol.

Facebook Global Chat

Google Talk is IMHO one of the most easiest and simplest way of communicating with people. Google Talk worked everywhere and anywhere. Facebook Chat on the other hand was only limited to Facebook, however, with the opening up of Facebook Chat, Google Talk and for that matter other chat services like Yahoo will run into a major competitor with a solid user base of over 400 million users.

However, the means of communication has quickly grown and people use several modes to communicate with each other. Facebook chat just adds another way with which you can communicate with people. However, with so many different ways to communicate it definitely becomes difficult to manage everything.

What is your preferred way of communicating? Do you prefer email, instant messaging, social networking or any other forms of communications? Do let me know through your comments.

ICQ 7 Jumps On The Social Networking Bandwagon

The ICQ messenger is probably one of the most oldest instant messaging tool and service which still exists. However, instant messaging is no longer just about chatting with friends. Several IM clients like Yahoo Messenger 10, Windows Live Messenger and Digsby have made that jump to add features which support social networking sites like and .


The team behind ICQ have now released a new version, ICQ 7, which easily integrates with your Facebook and Twitter account. This release came three years after the release of ICQ 6 beta, which is a long time considering that the way we communicate has changed since then.

New Features in ICQ 7

  • Integration with Feeds from social networking sites including: Facebook, Twitter, and  
  • Track and keep tabs on your online activity
  • Easily Share pictures with your friends on ICQ
  • Import contacts from other accounts
  • More personalization options etc.

Download ICQ 7 [via Download Squad]

Yahoo Messenger 10 Released

After a fairly prolonged beta period, Yahoo released the final version of Yahoo Messenger 10 earlier today. The final build includes several bug fixes and Windows 7 compatibility. You can find our review of Yahoo Messenger 10 here. The main highlights of this release are:


  • High-quality video calls
    The webcam feature has been completely redesigned. It now supports high quality video call with synced audio from the IM window itself.
  • New Y! Updatesview of your contact list
    Yahoo Messenger 10 introduces an alternate view of your contact list, which allows you to quickly catch up with your friend’s latest activities. The Y!Updates mode displays a real-time stream of their updates including status message changes. If your contacts have chosen to share their social activity with Yahoo, you will be able to keep track of what your contacts are saying on Twitter, reading on Yahoo! Buzz or listening on
  • Find more to chat about
    If you want to chat with your friend about their updates, you can do so through a hover menu which allows you to IM a friend about their updates. When you do this, the update also appears inline in the conversation window, so that your friend will be aware of the context.
  • Change your language easily
    Yahoo Messenger 10 introduces a Language menu (visible in the sign-in screen), which allows you to instantly chose any of the 16 available languages. You can also change your language from Messenger –> Preferences –> Language.

The official Yahoo Messenger 10 download link will offer you the web-installer. If you have a poor internet connection or simply prefer to download the full installer, you can do so from Softpedia.

Download Messenger Plus! Live to Enhance Windows Live Messenger

Windows Live Messenger is a very popular instant messenger from Microsoft. It provides users with lots of options to customize the look and feel of the IM. However, it still does not provide users with a lot of features.


Messenger Plus! Live is a WLM add-on which enhances your experience by providing you with tons of customization options, including skin messenger to change the complete look and feel of WLM, custom emotion sounds and formatting options, organized history of your chat logs, and tons of scripts that are built using their platform.


Messenger Plus! Live also allows you to quickly lock your messenger Window using and chat with several contacts using a tabbed interface.

Techie Buzz Verdict

If you are a Windows Live Messenger user, this is a must download. It adds tons of features, which makes instant messaging more fun.


P.S. Keep an eye on the installation screens, the software will change your browser home page and install a toolbar, if you do not unselect the options during installation.

Techie Buzz Rating: 2.5/5 (Good)

Download Messenger Plus! Live

How To Create Your Own Private IRC Channel/Room

222271430_d833395bd1 Before the world went crazy about Twitter and Google Wave, there was something called IRC (Internet Relay Chat). In this post, I am not going to tell you how I used to enjoy IRC so many years agoor how things have changedsince then, because last week was the first time I experienced IRC to a considerable extent.

About four years ago, when I started using the Internet, Yahoo messenger was ruling the roost in Internet chat.  Everyone used it, so did I. I did hear of IRC back then, but ignored it, just because of the fact that it was old’. Although I got a taste of it when I tried out Ubuntu, I didn’t quite get the hang of it at that time. GTalk and Twitter triumphed.

We, the authors at Techie Buzz, frequently have conferences and group chats. Almost everytime, we create a room at TinyChat and hop in. It’s quick and easy, but the room had to be created everytime and it was not password protected. Moreover, there were not enough controls to please the geeks.  Move on, think of an alternative, we thought. Then it struck me, old is gold! IRC! I went ahead and got a private room which no one but the right people can join, and believe me it was easy. I’ll tell you how you can also create your own private room on IRC in a few minutes:

Choosing an IRC Client

Before we go ahead, you’ll need to download an IRC client. If you use Firefox, ChatZilla is a Firefox add-on that will allow you to perform chats using IRC from within the browser. If you prefer to use IRC from your desktop, Nettalk is the preferred alternative. These are two of my recommended clients for IRC. You can find more options for your own operating system in this list of IRC clients.

Selecting a Server

The next step involves setting up servers/networks. Think of a channel  as a small room, among many rooms in a hotel. To create a channel, you will need to enter a server first. You can create as many channels on a server as you wish, of course, rules and regulations for each server are different.

For this guide, we will be using Foonetic as our network/server. You can use any other server, depending on their rules.


Create and Register a Nickname

Let’s get it going. Pull up your geek socks. Open up Nettalk and enter /server The program will open the foonetic IRC server for you. Now you’ll need a nickname, just like you’d need one for twitter and email. To create your nickname, type  /nick nickname and press Enter. Replace nickname with your desired nickname. If the nickname is not available, try a different one.


Just like the government keeps a record of all newborn babies, an IRC nickname server will keep record of all the registered nicknames. This prevents users from registering duplicate nicknames on the same server. You can register your nickname so that no one else can grab it when you log off.

In IRC world, the ministry of nicknames is called NickServ. To register your nickname, type /msg nickserv register password email. Replace password and email with your desired values. The server will reply with a confirmation. In a short while, you will receive an email at the email address you registered. The email will contain a confirmation code from the server.

To verify your email address, type the command as it appears in the email message in the IRC server window. When that is done, the server will give a confirmation that your email has been verified. The next time you wish to login with your username, type /msg nickserv identify password and replace password with your password.

Create and Register a Room

Give yourself a pat on the back, you just created your username!  To start chatting on IRC, you need to create or join an existing room.  Think of a name for you room, and type /join #channelname. You will need to add a “#” before the channelname. If the room you want to join already exists, you will be entered into the room. However, if the room does not exist, the server will create a new room with the name you provided.

Congratulations, you have just created a functional room in IRC. You can now invite your friends and chat with them. However, like Tinychat, this room is not reserved permanently. You will have to register this room with ChanServ, a service that handles channel registrations.To register your channel, type /msg chanserv register #channelname password description. Replace channelname with the name of your channel, which you created earlier, and replace password and description with obvious values.


The password you set here will give you founder-level rights when you log in next time. Note, this password doesn’t password protect the room. It just recognizes you as the founder of the channel and assigns the channel to your nick (It will make you the channel operator). Initially, you will be logged in automatically. The next time, use /msg chanserv identify #channelname password and the server will give you founder-level access to your room.You can enter your room by typing /join #channelname.

The channel is now ready for regular use. Invite your friends and have a blast, but it is still not restricted. Until you set a password for the room, any user will be able to access it by typing /join #channelname. So let’s make it password protected.

Password Protecting Your Room

You can set a password for your channel by using /mode #channelname +k password. People can then join the channel with /join #channel password. If you login as the founder of the channel, as explained in the last step, you won’t need to use the password now.

Although the channel is password protected now, it is visible in the rooms list of the server. Set your new channel to secret by typing /mode #mynewchannel +s. If you don’t mind your new channel being public, don’t do anything. All new channels are automatically public.

Accessing the Private Room

Voila! You are done! Your password protected and secret IRC channel has just been made. Your friends might ask how they open it, right? Give them these three points:

  1. Type the command  /server [or the server you chose]
  2. Get a nickname with /nick nickname. Also consider registering it with /msg nickserv register password email.
  3. Join room with /join #channelname password (append password if you password protected it, if not, just drop the value.)

What do you think of it? Will you start using IRC (again)? Or do you think this is too geeky? Let me know your comments below! I am looking forward to them!

(Image Courtesy: Flickr user Mammal)

More Resources:

Wikihow | IRC Help | Wikipedia | NickServ Commands | ChanServ Commands | List of All Commands

Run Multiple Yahoo Messengers On Your PC

Quite sometime back, we had told you about a registry hack that allowed you to run multiple instances of on your PC.


If you are not comfortable with editing your registry, a simple called Messenger Multi Login will allow you to perform the hack by clicking a button.

Once you apply the hack you will be able to run multiple Yahoo Messenger instances on the same PC and login using separate IDs.


Pretty useful if you make use of separate ids for work and your personal use. Of course you might achieve the same by using a multi-protocol IM clients like .

Yahoo Messenger multi login is a and does not require any installation.

Download Yahoo Messenger Multi Login

Digsby Announces Better Twitter Support

has announced a new version of the multi-protocol instant messaging client with much better support for . The idea behind the changes are to make twitter look less of a timeline and more of a conversation between users.

Here are some screenshots of the new Digsby interface for Twitter, that will be demoed later today at DEMOFall 09.


In addition to that you can also reply to users from within the popup message for twitter updates. twitter_popups

Overall there are several new features in the new Digsby client which include the following.

  • Single column user interface that doesn’t take up your whole screen
  • Tweets are shown in chronological order so you read the conversation as it happens instead of seeing the tail end first and reading it backwards
  • Digsby keeps track of unread counts but you never have to mark tweets as read. Digsby does it for you automatically
  • Whenever you open the Twitter window, Digsby brings you right where you left off so you can continue reading the conversation without missing a tweet
  • Conquer information overload by filtering groups of users out of the main timeline so it is the most useful view and not the most cluttered
  • Snapshot view of recent tweets is still available in the Infobox along with the added ability to reply and retweet right inline
  • Reply and Retweet right from popup notifications so you can stay on task and stay in the loop
  • Automatic URL shortening when you paste links and automatic photo uploading when you paste pictures or screenshots

You can find more information at the official Digsby blog.

Yahoo Messenger 10 Beta Officially Available for Downloads

A few months back we had told you about a leaked version Yahoo Messenger 10 and reviewed it for you, however if you were afraid of downloading the version of here is some good news.


The messenger team have officially released the Yahoo Messenger 10 beta for downloads.

The Yahoo Messenger 10 beta has several exciting features available for including;

  • High-quality video calls
  • New Y! Updatesview of your contact list
  • Change your language easily
  • New ways to sort your contacts
  • New icons in the IM window

If you want to learn more about the other features in YM 10 don’t forget to read the YM 10 review we did earlier.

Download Yahoo Messenger 10 Beta

Introducing Yahoo! Messenger 10 Beta [Official YM Blog]

Pidgin 2.6 Released | Gets Voice And Video Support for GTalk

pidginThe popular multi-protocol client, Pidgin, got an interesting update yesterday. Some new features, some new fixes, and here, one of the best multi-protocol chat client got even better.

The spotlight in this releases falls on the new voice and video support for XMPP networks, that Google’s GTalk IM works on. Other important features to look for are theme support and p2p file transfer for the Yahoo Messenger network.

Feature List in Brief [Full Changelog]:

  • Voice & Video support, voice support with GTalk and voice and video support with the GMail web client.
  • Theme support in libpurple.
  • Support for receiving handwritten (ink) messages on MSN
  • Support for receiving audio clips on MSN.
  • Show when the user was last logged in when doing "Get Info" on an offline buddy, provided the server supports it.
  • New XMPP and Google Talk accounts require SSL by default.
  • P2P file transfers in Yahoo Messenger.
  • Sending text messages (address to +<countrycode><phone number>) from Yahoo Messenger.

Now here’s the raw deal. Pidgin released 2.6.0 yesterday and just after a few hours, also released 2.6.1 to fix some bugs. But neither of the new versions are available to download from the Pidgin Download page. The Window version that is available is still lingering on 2.5.8 and Ubuntu repositories and PPA haven’t yet been updated with the new version.

So, Windows users will have to wait while they update their site with the 2.6.1 version, but Ubuntu users should rejoice, as the latest version of Pidgin, i.e. 2.6.1 can be grabbed from GetDeb. So if you use Ubuntu, get yourself the .deb file and enjoy.

There’s still one glitch though. The WebUpd8 blog points out:

The biggest setback this far is that these features [voice and video] are not supported on Windows – but the Pidgin devs are working on it! And it also appears that the package from GetDeb does not provide voice/video support because Jaunty does not have the required library versions, so you probably must wait until Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala.

Disappointment! Anyhow, if you just want to try out the other features in this release, either wait for the Windows version, or get the deb file as linked above.