Hotstagram Borrows Facemash Idea to Compare Instagram Photos

Remember the Mark Zuck classic Facemash? Well the story didn’t go that well for him. Did you know yet that the inspiration behind it was Hot or Not? Many, borrowing the idea, came afterwards and made their mark. The whole idea of girl pics being compared is kinda too hot to resist. Isn’t it?


Yet another startup Hotstagram plans to exploit the idea. Instagram, not so while ago an iOS darling and then dished out for Android users to play with it and finally Facebook joined in to spoil acquire the whole party. Yet Instagram remains the most preferred app that still makes(and shares) those dull snaps look brilliant. 2011 figures suggest the number of images shared on the network is 400 million. That’s indeed a big number. The new startup plans to compare the people photos from Instagram based on how attractive(or HOT) they are. Users can choose to rate pictures of girls as well as guys. There’s no signup needed to vote on pictures. Instagram users who wish to get their pictures voted by random people can share their Instagram pics with Hotstagram by adding a simple #hotstagram tag to them. Hotstagram also provides a link for current matchup to share it elsewhere.

The idea although sounds a little creepy but the 27-year old founder who goes by the name Captain Kirk claims there’s nothing illegal. The whole picture sharing is compliant with the terms and conditions of Instagram. Facebook and Instagram is yet to issue any official statement to claim anything fishy about Hotstagram.

Seriously speaking the USP is intelligent. Tapping into a mammoth database of retro imagery and using a popular network to create content combined with the gender tickle will hardly be a failure. However the success banks on how the Instagram users are going to adopt it or rather how willing they are to get rated. Expectantly the response so far has been overwhelming and the unnamed developer claims their servers have crashed several times failing to handle the user overload. It’s up and running now. So have you rated yet?

Facebook Launches Instagram Clone for iOS, Calls it Facebook Camera

In the days leading up to the Facebook IPO, one thing that pundits loved to harp on was its weakness in the mobile segment. One of the cornerstones of Facebook is its Photos feature, which helped it gain rapid traction in the first place. However, in the mobile segment, Facebook lacked a compelling app to leverage this advantage. Not only is uploading videos to Facebook through its iPhone and Android apps cumbersome, but viewing it also is a less than pleasant experience. As a result, upstarts like Instagram that made sharing photos from your mobile phone elegant and pain free quickly gained popularity. Zuckerberg himself realized this and went on to shell out a billion dollars to prevent Instagram from falling into its competitors laps.

However, long before Facebook purchased Instagram, it had set about to fix the void in its mobile offering. A team was hard at work to come up with a dedicated Instagramesque photography app. A short while back, Facebook unveiled its creation on the iTunes App Store.


The new app is called Facebook Camera. While Facebook wouldn’t win any awards for the name, it pretty much nails everything about the app. Facebook Camera is Instagram with a few differences. It features multiple photo effects to lend your snaps the ‘artistic’ touch, it enables quick sharing of photos, and it has a photo stream that just contains pics shared by your social graph. Its biggest advantage compared to Instagram is that it supports batch photo upload, which allows you to club multiple related photos together. However, it also has its share of disadvantages. The biggest one is that Facebook Camera doesn’t allow sharing of pics across social networks. No one really expected Facebook to make it easy for you to share your pics on Twitter or Google Plus, but this is still a very real drawback. Also, since the Facebook Camera photo stream includes pics that were not shared through the mobile app, not all photos look as classy as Instagram. Of course, folks who have a strong disdain for the artificial photographs popularized by Instagram will probably appreciate this.


The big question is how does Facebook Camera fit into Facebook’s future strategy. It will directly compete with Facebook’s Instagram, which is the current leader in the mobile social photography app segment. A Facebook spokesperson told TechCrunch, “As Mark asserted, we’re committed to building and growing Instagram independently, so I anticipate some healthy competition.”

Most people believe that Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram was a defensive move rather than an aggressive one. Zuckerberg didn’t want Google or Twitter to get a boost from Instagram’s existing popularity, so he acquired it. He had to promise to keep it independent, as otherwise Instagram wouldn’t have allowed itself to be taken over by Facebook. However, this also means that Instagram’s social graph is going to remain distinct from Facebook in the foreseeable future. Instagram doesn’t really tie into Facebook, and augment Facebook Photos. Even though Instagram is under Facebook’s control, Zuckerberg will obviously prefer if people used Facebook’s social graph to share photos on the mobile. It will increase the stickiness of the platform, and strengthen the lock that Facebook has on a user. This is probably why Facebook went ahead with the release of Facebook Camera, even after announcing the acquisition of Instagram.

Facebook Camera is currently available for download in the App Store for English speaking countries.

With Pinstagram You Can Enjoy Instagram In A Pinterest Style Layout

Instagram, the most popular smartphone app for photophiles, offers a great medium to capture, edit and share otherwise ordinary images in an extraordinary manner. Pinterest on the other hand has pioneered a great way to share images from various web sources and present them in a unique eye catchy web interface. Ever wondered how would it be to mash up two of the most popular image sharing services? Pinstagram offers a similar experience.


Login with your Instagram account and you’ll be presented with a Pinterest alike floating grid interface with images shared by your Instagram connections. You can like, pin and comment on them the same way you do on Pinterest. The interface is quite appealing akin to Pinterest.

Much like Facebook, Twitter or any popular social medium, Instagram is gradually growing into a platform developers can build upon. Before Pinstagram, there were a plethora of apps which had already provided ways to use Instagram from web, while the service(Instagram) is yet to launch its own web based platform. Notable mentions are Webstagram(Instagram on the web), Statigram(Instagram stats and browsing), Snapwidget(for showcasing Instagram images on a web page).

Contrary to buzz, the credit for even the very specific mashup idea, i.e Pinterest and Instagram, doesn’t go to Pinstagram. Pingram, an exactly similar startup, was there for quite long and hopefully is the first of its kind. Unlike Webstagram and Pinstagram, Pingram offers open access even to those without an Instagram account who can also share images to Facebook. Not to mention Instagram users can also enjoy their Instagram profile with Pingram. Pingram also offers an added advantage of browsing content using geospatial data, which undoubtedly is a great way to connect. Pinstagram, however, presents a much polished look for the users, which compliments the brilliant Instagram images.

Since the time Instagram’s or Pinterest’s popularity soared high, plenty of services have tried to ride on the wave. Leaving apart an initial surge in users, not many have made it big enough to get compared to the parent startups. Pinstagram is new and has been in news for some time now. There’s no question to the fact that it addresses a need and does so with usability in mind, yet, we’ll have to wait to see if Instagram community accepts it or not.

Download/Export Instagram Photos to PC, Dropbox or Flickr

Instagram is one of the hottest apps for iOS and with more than 35 million users combined. The app which did not have any revenue was so popular that went ahead and purchased it for more than $1 billion. However, the purchase by Facebook has left many users wondering as to whether they should continue using the app or not?

If  you are one of those disgruntled users and are looking to stop using the app, here is a easy way to export and download all the Instagram photos you have uploaded till now and back them up to your computer. You can also download and move them to a free service of your choice as well.

Export and Download Instagram Photos to Desktop PC

Export and Download Instagram Photos

Instaport is a web service which allows you to export all your Instagram photos and download them to your local PC (they are working on social export soon). To download all your Instagram photos, visit the website at and connect it to your Instagram account.

Once you have done that, you will be able to export and download all your Instagram photos to your computer. You can also select from to only download a smaller number of photos or select photos you have uploaded between certain dates. Additionally, you could also download photos which you have liked and photos with certain tags.

Export, Download or Backup Instagram Photos to Dropbox, Facebook or Flickr

If you are looking to download your Instagram photos to , Facebook (ironic Smile) or , you can use a very useful service called If This Then That or ifttt for short, which provides you with recipes to automatically perform tasks based on certain triggers or action.

ifttt is a very simple service and users can find recipes which will allow them to backup their Instagram photos to Flickr or save them to Dropbox or upload them to Flickr or among other places.

To setup a backup for your Instagram photos, sign up for the ifttt service and visit the recipe page for Instagram at Once there,  you can select the recipe you want to use and setup the required parameters. Once you have done that, just click the “Create task” button to create it. ifttt will then periodically run the task and backup your Instagram photos to your selected service.

Please note: While using ifttt, your older photos may not be backed up. You might have to use the first method to download all your photos and then upload it to  your choice of service.

Facebook Reports Q1 2012 Earnings; $1.05 Billion in Revenue, $205 Million in Profit

Facebook, which is expected to go public on May 17, has just released a new S-1 filing, which details its earnings for Q1 2012, as well as some other updates related to its business.

Facebook generated nearly $1.058 billion in revenue last quarter, with a net profit of around $205 million. Its revenue growth has slowed down as expected, as the base effect comes into picture and Facebook finds it hard to continue growing at the pace it traditionally has.

Of the total revenue, around $872 million was generated through advertising on its platform, and $186 million was generated by payment fees on virtual transactions.

It also released some updated user metrics — Facebook now has more than 901 million monthly active users, up from 845 million a quarter ago. It is seeing high engagement levels, with its daily active user base at 526 million. It is also seeing tremendous growth in mobile usage, with over 500 million mobile MAUs in April 2012.

Besides the usual financials, Facebook also released more details about the Instagram acquisition and its patent purchases.

It acquired Instagram in April for $1 billion. Of that, $300 million was paid in cash, and the rest was in the form of 23 million Facebook shares. This internal valuation values Facebook at $77 billion, which is much lower than the $100 billion IPO figure quoted often in the press.

Facebook also announced that the break-up fee for the Instagram deal is around $200 million.

It also announced that it acquired 650 patents from Microsoft for $550 million. It will also get licenses for other AOL patents owned by Microsoft as part of this deal. This is primarily a defensive measure, as Facebook gears up to defend itself from patent lawsuits like the one filed by Yahoo earlier this month. It has now acquired more than 1400 patents, and has around 50 of its own.

Instagram For Android Clocks 5 Million Downloads In 6 Days

The 6 developers behind the popular picture sharing service, Instagram, must be having the time of their life. A few days ago, Instagram released its much-awaited app for Android handsets, which crossed the 1 million-download mark in just a day. When the app was released in the Play store, more than 2000 people were signing up for the service every minute.

As if the successful release of its Android app was not enough, something bigger happened last night. Facebook announced that it would be acquiring Instagram for a whopping $1 billion. Yes, $1 billion for a service that does not even generate any revenue. Also, that whopping amount will be divided among the six Instagram developers only. Talk about hitting a jackpot!

Today, the Instagram app has crossed another milestone. It has managed to clock in 5 million+ downloads in the Google Play store in just 6 days after it was initially released. This makes the app one of the biggest Android app launches in the history of the open-source mobile OS. Other developers looking to port their popular iOS game to Android take some hint from the Instagram team on how to do so successfully!

Instagram was initially launched on the iOS App Store around one and a half years ago, and has around 27 million iOS users to date. The iOS version had taken around 6 months to reach the 5 million downloads milestone!

Via – TheNextWeb

Facebook Acquires Instagram for $1 billion

Facebook has just announced that it is will be acquiring the massively popular photo-sharing app Instagram for nearly $1 billion. Instagram has gone from strength to strength since its release a couple of years back, and has already amassed nearly 30 million users. Its Android app hit the 1 million downloads milestone within just 12 hours of its release.


Facebook has a disheartening record as far as acquisitions go. Almost all of its previous acquisitions have been talent acquisitions, and even popular products like Friendfeed stagnated under Zuckerberg’s watch. More recently, Facebook acquired Gowalla, only to shut it down a few weeks later.

Thankfully, Zuckerberg has opted to follow a different strategy with Instagram. The Instagram team will operate with autonomy within Facebook’s umbrella. While Instagram will get the opportunity to leverage Facebook’s strong engineering team and infrastructure, Facebook might also integrate several of Instagram’s features into its own app. “We’re committed to building and growing Instagram independently”, affirmed Zuckerberg. He also vouched to retain “the ability to post to other social networks, the ability to not share your Instagrams on Facebook if you want, and the ability to have followers and follow people separately from your friends on Facebook”.

Facebook already had a massively popular photo-sharing feature. However, what it lacked was a simple app focused on just photography. If Facebook can manage to leverage Instagram’s assets without destroying its appeal, then the acquisition should prove to be immensely beneficial for both parties. The combined might of Facebook and Instagram will undoubtedly give a hard time to the Google Plus and Picasa combo.

Instagram Finally Arrives on Android

The wait is finally over. Instagram, which was named by Apple as the “App of the Year” for 2011, is now available in the Android Market. In less than two years since its release, the free photo sharing app has managed to pull in over 30 million users who have already uploaded more than a billion photos.


Instagram is undoubtedly among the most anticipated apps for Android. More than 430 thousand users signed up for the beta testing program, which was announced a few days back. Instagram makes it dead simple to take great looking pictures and share them with your friends through Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. While the quality of the picture depends greatly on the quality of the camera, smart filters ensure that the results are almost always eye catching.


Instagram for Android looks and feels like its iOS counterpart, which is of course a good thing as its simplicity and intuitiveness is what made it so popular in the first place. Instagram should work with all Android handsets running FroYo (Android 2.2) or above (with support for OpenGL ES 2). Unfortunately, tablets aren’t yet supported. The Android app is also a bit behind its iPhone counterpart with respect to functionality. Tilt shift/blur, share from feed, live preview and share to Flickr features are currently not available in the Android version, but all of them will find their way into the app in the near future.


[ Download Instagram from Google Play Store ]

Instagram For Android Sign-Up Page Goes Live

A couple of weeks ago at SXSW, Instagram founders announced that the official Instagram app for Android is under development, and that it is coming soon. He also stated that the app is in some ways, better than its iPhone counterpart.

Today morning, the Instagram sign-up page for the official Android client went live for all Android users to register. By registering, users would be first in line to get all the news and information about Instagram for Android whenever it is released. Instagram still has not provided us with a concrete release date, so until then users have to keep themselves content by using other similar apps like Picplz etc. Interested Android users can signup for Instagram for Android here.

If you don’t know about Instagram, I will not blame you for it. Instagram is a social image sharing service, which allows users to apply some filters on their images before uploading them. There are thousands of Instagram like services out there, but for some reason Instagram is insanely popular. Maybe because it is exclusively available for the iPhone only?

Instagram Is Coming To Android “Very Soon”; Will Be Better Than The iOS Version

Instagram is the most popular social networking image sharing service for iPhone users out there. The app allows users to add some wonky effects to their pictures after snapping them, and then uploads them for other Instagram users to enjoy. While there are thousands of similar services for Android like Picplz etc, the lack of an Instagram client for the open OS has always been a huge issue for many iPhone to Android converts.

While Instagram did talk about an Android version of their app quite a few months ago on their blog, the company has since then been quite mum about the app. Today at SXSW, the founders of Instagram, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, stated that the official Instragram app for Android is coming “very soon”. Surprisingly, they also mentioned that the app would be in some ways better than the iOS version. Considering how Android developers bitch about OS and hardware fragmentation issues, it is a surprise that the developers of Instagram are instead promising a better app than the iOS version.

Sadly, Systrom and Krieger did not mention a concrete date as to when the app will be released, except that it’s coming “very soon”. Well, until the Instagram apps lands on the Android Market, I will try my best to find out the why people are fascinated with an app that apply color filters on their pics and uploads them, when there are thousands of other similar service.

Via – The Verge