Mumbai BEST Bus Guides On Mobile Phones

Mobile 4 Mumbai has launched a new application which will allow users to find bus routes on the heavily used BEST transport system in India. This will allow users to find bus routes to various destinations, by looking it up on their mobile phones.


In addition to that you can also lookup names of bus stops which are not even available on the official BEST directory. Currently more than 42 lakh commuters travel daily on Mumbai BEST buses. Hopefully, this application will help solve the woes of people who have been travelling in BEST buses and getting lost in the process.

The Mobile 4 Mumbai app will work on any J2ME enabled phone and does not require GPRS, which means that the app will run out of the box on your cellphone.

For more information and to download the beta app, visit Mobile 4 Mumbai site.

Rediff Launches Rediff Blogs. Another Fail in The Making?, one of the biggest portals in India, which is also listed on NASDAQ, has launched a new service called Rediff Blogs. I personally was an employee of Rediff at one point of time, and they were very competitive back then. However, Rediff has had a huge history of failed products which are no more than Someone has it, let’s build our ownkind of products, which have seldom worked, though I would not comment on past products much in this post.


Rediff has scrapped their earlier blogging platform Rediff iLand, which they had created in-house (see what I was saying) and launched a new portal called Rediff Blogs, which runs on uhm WordPress MU. Rediff Blogs support 9 major Indian languages including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali, Kannada, Gujarati, Malayalam and Kannada. However, that’s hardly any innovation at all.

Whether Rediff Blogs will work or not is not something we can foresee, but what they are doing right now would not take more than 2 days for any person familiar with WordPress MU to do. Agreed Rediff is a big brand, but so are WordPress, Blogger and Drupal. If you are launching something, why not be innovative, and who needs another blogging platform anyways, don’t we have enough of it already?