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Airtel Releases Mobitude 2010 – The Verdict Of Indian Masses

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Airtel recently released the Airtel Mobitude 2010, a unique survey that collects the mobile phone usage trends across the counrty. Airtel captured the preferences of over 150 million mobile phone users in India. The Airtel Mobitude 2010 includes annual analysis of music, images, video downloads and data traffic. Check out the findings of this unique survey below.

Categories Of Airtel Mobitude 2010:

A) Most Celebrated occasions
1. Diwali
2. Dusshera
3. Friendship Day
4. Holi
5. Valentine’s Day
6. New Years

B) Top 5 songs
1. Munni Badnaam Hui
2. Tere Mast Mast Do Nain
3. Pee Loon Hoton Ki Sargam
4. Zor Ka Jhatka
5. Gal Mithi

C) Top images downloads: Bollywood divas
1. Katrina Kaif
2. Kareena Kapoor
3. Deepika Padukone
4. Priyanka Chopra
5. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

D) Top images downloads: Bollywood actors
1. Salman Khan
2. Shahrukh Khan
3. Ranbir Kapoor
4. Akshay Kumar
5. Shahid Kapoor
6. Hrithik Roshan

E) Top images downloads: Sports stars (Male)
1. Sachin Tendulkar
2. M S Dhoni
3. Rafael Nadal
4. Roger Federer
5. Harbhajan Singh
6. Sourav Ganguly

F) Top images downloads: Sports stars (Female)
1. Sania Mirza
2. Maria Sharapova
3. Serena Williams
4. Ana Ivanovic
5. Svetlana Kuznetsova

Mr Atul Bindal, President Mobile Services, Bharti airtel said, “Today, people across India are increasingly relying on the mobile platform as their source of entertainment and information from songs, videos, wallpapers to applications. The findings of airtel Mobitude 2010 are a true manifestation of what appeals to the Indian masses. As the country’s largest mobile services provider we are proud to be a leading an industry connecting millions, bringing alive airtel’s brand proposition of ‘closer to what you love’ for our customers”

Wynncom To Sell Mobile Handsets In 36 Countries


Wynn Telecom, a domestic mobile maker that manufactures low-cost budget mobile phones, is aiming to export its handsets to 36 countries. Currently Wynn Telecom enjoys less than one per cent market share and the company is aiming to reach third position in the coming years in the domestic brands range.

“The mobile handsets market in India is about 12.5-13 million handsets per month. Wynncom brand sells over one lakh handsets per month in the country. We are set to export to 36 countries. As far as Wynncom is concerned, we will start doing that after this financial year. By the time our Indian market would have established strongly.” said Arvind Vohra, co-founder and managing director, Wynn Telecom.

Wynncom recently launched couple of entry-level multimedia handsets with features such as touchscreen display, 3.2 megapixel camera, 32GB expandable memory, MP3 player, Bluetooth with A2DP and more. Most of the handsets sold by Wynncom are Dual-SIM and they are available at pretty low cost.

Wynncom also allows you to send free SMS’s across India, UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines instantly through the inbuilt software provided by 160by2. The company sources recently said that, Wynncom got an inquiry from AT&T Canada for supplying 3G handsets.

Idea Cellular Selects Nokia Siemens As 3G Partners

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Back in October, we posted that, Vodafone has selected Nokia Siemens as their 3G partner. And now, Idea cellular commissioned Nokia Siemens Networks to supply equipment, build and manage its 3G networks in four circles Uttar Pradesh (East), Uttar Pradesh (West), Kerala and Haryana. Nokia Siemens Networks will allow Idea users to enjoy high-speed data and improved voice services in these telecom circles.

We believe that 3G has the potential to transform the way people communicate and the way businesses run. Our goal is to empower our subscribers by offering a reliable 3G mobile network that provides high-quality experience of voice and data services. Nokia Siemens Networks, as a world leader in 3G and as a long-standing partner for our GSM services, is well positioned to build our 3G network. It will allow us to reach our customers with new and innovative services in the shortest time possible and in a cost-efficient manner,said Anil Tandan, Chief Technology Officer, Idea Cellular.

Idea Cellular had grabbed 3G license for 11 circles Maharashtra & Goa, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh (E), Uttar Pradesh (W), Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, and Jammu & Kashmir.

Last month, Tata Docomo launched its 3G services in 9 circles and this month Reliance Communications unveiled their 3G services in 4 important circles. Airtel is expected to launch 3G before the year end. On the other hand, Idea, Aircel and Vodafone will launch their 3G services in India by Q1 of 2011.

LG Unveils A155 And A120 Dual SIM Phones

lg a55 a120

LG recently unveiled two new entry level phones, A155 and A120. Both the handsets comes with basic features such as speakerphone, Music player, Dual-SIM (GSM+GSM) capability, FM Radio, GRPS/EDGE and so on. Sadly, none of the handsets comes with Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity.

LG A155 is a simple candybar phone featuring a small 2 inch TFT display wihh 144 x 176 pixels resolution, Music player, FM radio, Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP, MicroSD card slot, 2 GB expandable memory, Alarm, Calendar, up to 200 hours standby time, up to 3 hours 30 minutes talktime and a 900 mAh battery. LG A120 comes with a 1.77 inch display with 128 x 160 pixels resolution, FM radio, Dual SIM, dual speaker, integrated flashlight, up to 1300 hours of standby time, up to 13 hours of talktime and so on.

The price of LG A155 is not announced yet, but it is expected to cost less than $100. LG A120 comes with a price tag of 1690 rubles (approx.$55) and it is currently available only in Russia. Both the handsets are expected to launch soon in India and other Asian and European markets.

Govt. Agrees To RIM’s Cloud Based Monitoring For BlackBerry

After months of persuasion and talks between esteemed officials of the Indian Govt. and the BlackBerry makers, RIM – the Govt. is now satisfied with the solution which RIM has proposed to monitor BlackBerry services by the Govt. However, RIM is still not setting up a server in India, instead they are offering a cloud based solution. But this cloud based monitoring solution is only for BlackBerry messenger, and RIM has not yet told anything about monitoring the corporate e-mail services.

As per the current agreement reached between RIM and the Govt., RIM’s infrastructure is all set to ready to receive and process lawfully intercepted BlackBerry messenger data via the cloud computing-based system, from Indian service providers. However the system is not yet real-time. This solution comes well within the deadline time of December 2010, which was set by the Indian Govt.

RIM has already allowed the security agencies to monitor voice calls, SMS, chat conversation but the Govt. wanted same access to the corporate BlackBerry Messenger and BlackBerry e-mails. Earlier, Nokia had setup a server in India to let the Govt. agencies monitor data generated from Nokia devices. Not only this, a Rajasthan based company has already launched BharatBerryto counter BlackBerry services in India.

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India To See 26% Growth In Online Ad Market

As more and more Indians are getting on the internet, the web is becoming a high potential property for businesses to showcase themselves to users. According to a survey conducted by IAMAI, the online advertising market in India (including both text and display ads) is expected to grow by 26% to Rs 993 crore in the upcoming financial year.

Here are some charts that show the online ad spending according to various sectors. While, banking and financial services lead text ad spending (24 per cent of the total text ad spend), the travel sector leads the display ad spend accounting to 14 per cent share.

Another interesting thing to note in the survey was that the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) industry spends more on display ads than text ads. The display ad and the text ads spends for the FMCG industry stood at Rs 26 crore and Rs 13 crore respectively.

Charts via Aloo Techie

Uninor Announces Full Talk Time Hungama Offer

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Uninor announced a new full talk-time Hungama offer in Bihar and Jharkhand circle. It offers full talk-time with unlimited validity and additional local on-net night minutes. This offer is available in Special Tariff Voucher of Rs.15, Rs.30 and Rs.50. Check out the complete details below.

Plan 1:

Price: Rs.15
Talk-Time: Rs.15
Validity: Lifetime

Plan 2:

Price: Rs.30
Talk-Time: Rs.30
Validity: Lifetime
Benefits: 30 additional local on-net night minutes with 30 days validity

Plan 3:

Price: Rs.50
Talk-Time: Rs.50
Validity: Lifetime
Benefits: 50 additional local on-net night minutes with 50 days validity

The additional on-net night minutes can be used only for local calls between 10pm to 7am. this offer is expected to launch in other telecom circles. If you have any queries, feel free to ask us in the comments below.

Samsung Launches The First IT Brand Shop In Kolkata

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Samsung Electronics launched its first dedicated IT Brand shop in Kolkata. You can check out the company’s latest IT products including the Netbooks, Notebooks, Mobile Phones, Printers and Hi-end Monitors at the new IT Brand shop located at CR Avenue in Kolkata.

The new brand shop in Kolkata represents our endeavor to have a Pan- India presence with our exclusive IT Brand Shops. These exclusive IT showrooms represent a one stop shop where our consumers can see and experience all our IT products in one location .These exclusive Brand Shops complement our presence in the large format retail stores as well as the Samsung Plazas where we have set up an IT display as well.The Brand Shop has on display the Company’s latest hi tech products like the World’ Smallest Laser Multifunction Printer,said Mr. Uday Bhat, General Manager, Samsung IT Solution Business.

Samsung is currently offering 17 netbooks and notebook models priced in the range between Rs.15,990 to Rs.22,990 for Netbooks and Rs.22,850 to Rs.55,490 for Notebooks. You can also purchase an entry-level mobile phone, as well as high-end Galaxy S under one roof. Samsung is displaying premium mobile models from its range of over 50 handsets priced between Rs.1600 to Rs.40,000.

Samsung already have IT Brand shops across India in cities like Delhi, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Allahabad, Bareily, Meerut and Lucknow. With the launch of Kolkata brand shop, Samsung now has 10 exclusive Brand shops which sell dedicated Samsung Products.

No, Google Won’t Share Gmail’s Encryption Keys With Indian Government

What is this Gmail encryption key which the Indian government want’s so badly? I hear you say.

You might remember that in August 2010, the Indian Government literally forced RIM to   allow access to its encrypted email and messenger data to the Indian security agencies. RIM agreed in setting up local servers in India to manage the encrypted email data of its Indian users.

Same drill with the renowned mobile manufacturing company -Blackberry. The company was allotted the deadline of August 31,2010.

But when it comes to Google and Gmail – the issue gets bigger. And more serious.

A Google executive has made it clear to security officials of Indian Government that under no circumstances, the company will share the encryption key of it’s email service with Indian security officials, reports TOI.

Google India products chief Vinay Goel said that the company can’t help the Indian government with the encryption keys for two reasons.

First and foremost, the Gmail service is governed by U.S laws and it’s impossible to offer real time access of Gmail to any Government official. The second reason is of course the privacy of Gmail users, sharing the keys might lead in compromising the privacy of Gmail users in India

In Mr Goel’s own words:

When users entrust their data with us, we are expected to protect it, which is why, user privacy is very important for Google. The Union home ministry or telecom ministry has not asked Google to share the encryption keys for Gmail, but even if the US based internet search engine giant received such a request, it will be impossible to offer real-time access to Gmail communication.

Mr Vinay Goel added -“Google is open to offering access only if there is a large scale risk to human life or property“.

But this might be unacceptable to the Indian Government because such a situation isn’t going to knock your door a week ago so that the security experts can contact Google authorities saying -” Hey ! Give us those encryption keys right now or else, our websites and email accounts are at risk.”

I am no law expert but India’s Information Technology (Amendment) Act 2008, gives the necessary authority to India’s security agencies such that they can demand that service providers provide the decryption keys available to them, when required.

Could this be because of the recent hack attacks on Indian Government websites ? That some crazy Indian group hacked three dozen Government’s websites of Pakistan ?

Will the Indian government ban Gmail (like they threatened Blackberry and RIM), if Google does not comply with India’s cyber laws and specifications?

Lot’s of questions and speculations. We will have to wait and see what happens in the coming days.

Reliance Launches 3G Services In India

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Last month we posted that Reliance Communications was expected launch its 3G services in India before the end of 2010 and now the company has finally launched its 3G services in 4 circles. Reliance has grabbed 3G license for 13 telecom circles in India Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Punjab, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Himachal Pradesh, Bihar, North East, Jammu & Kashmir, Orissa and Assam, out of which they have started 3G services only in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chandigarh (Punjab) circle.

“The launch of Reliance 3G is an integral part of our Vision 2015 of creating a “Wirefree India” built upon the ‘affordable 3G for All’platform. Personalization of Services, Simplification of Tariffs and a Content Rich Portfolio on the ‘Best in Class’ 3G Wireless Network will enable Reliance customers to get a much superior 3G service experience, significantly differentiated from others in the marketplace. Reliance 3G places us in a unique position with our suite of offerings covering 3G, CDMA, GSM and Mobile Broadband Data Services on the wireless platform”, said Syed Safawi, CEO – Wireless Business, Reliance Communications.

Reliance is the first private operator to launch 3G services in top 3 metros of India. The company has rolled out 3G services in a record time of around 100 days of receiving the 3G Spectrum. Tata Docomo offers highest speed of 21 Mbps, but you will be surprised to know that Reliance 3G network is capable of offering peak speeds upto 28 Mbps.

Reliance 3G offers cutting edge services like video calling, Mobile TV, video streaming and mobile applications. Reliance Communications will be launching 3G services across all 13 telecom circles, by the end of Q1 2011. Stay tuned for the Reliance 3G tariff and plans.

10 Most Popular Brands In India (Via Google Zeitgeist 2010)

Each year Google releases a “Year in review” called Google Zeitgeist with the help of which it showcases some wonderful data through the aggregation of millions of search queries that the search engine receives every year. This year, Google Zeitgeist for India had some nice revelations with the IRCTC (railway ticket booking) continuing to top the charts of the year-on-year fastest rising bracket for search queries in India.

The top three most popular searches among Indians on the web during the year 2010 were Songs, Facebook and Google. Amongst the fastest rising people, Indians searched for British actress Aruna Shields and this year’s new Bollywood sensation, Sonakshi Sinha and other favorites from Bollywood like Zarine Khan, Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan.

The zeitgeist also has a list of top 10 popular brands in India in terms of the search volumes generated by Indians on Google search. Here is the list:

Micromax Mobiles
Micromax Mobile ranks 4th among the top 10 popular brands in India during 2010

10 Most popular brands in India

1. Nokia

2. Samsung

3. Airtel

4. Micromax

5. Dell

6. Maruti

7. Vodafone

8. Apple

9. Sony Ericsson

10. HP (Hewlett Packard)

It is really nice to see a relatively new Indian brand Micromax making it to the top 10 in the list and that too it being the 4th most popular brand in India among the big guns!

LinkedIn Launches “Company Pages” For All Indian Companies

LinkedIn is a special networking website that helps over millions of professionals around the world connect with each other. Recently LinkedIn introduced a feature called “Company Pages” to help companies attract new customers by displaying their products, services and recommendations in a trusted environment. However, this feature was currently available to only 3 companies in India – Volkswagen India, Spear Logistics and Indus Net Technologies.

But now this feature – “Company Pages” has been made available to all Indian Companies irrespective of the company size and it’s business. This is a welcome move from LinkedIn as in today’s digital world, online showcasing and advertising surely helps companies to market their products better.

Hari V Krishnan, country manager for LinkedIn India said that LinkedIn has more plans about engaging with Indian Businesses in real time. He also said that LinkedIn will continue to invest in understanding the Indian consumer’s demands and concluded by saying that LinkedIn has seen almost 100 per cent growth in India this year.

Tata Docomo Launches Megapromo Contest

tata docomo megapromo

Tata Docomo announced a new contest for their pre-paid and postpaid customers. You can win existing prizes such as one Bajaj Platina MET 100′ bike each day and a Hyundai i10 d-lite’ car as a bumper prize. All you have do is just answer trivia questions based on General Knowledge, Bollywood/Hollywood, State Politics and History.

To make the contest more interesting for participants we have localized the content with questions based on general knowledge, movies, State politics and history. Through this contest, we aim at increasing the level of interaction with our customers to enhance our relationship with them. Megapromo contest is just another step in the same direction. I am sure that this contest would be a thrilling experience for our customers”, said NV Subbarao, Regional Head South East, Tata Docomo.

To participate in the contest, Tata Docomo pre-paid and postpaid customer has to send an SMS with keyword WIN to 52111 or call 52111. You will be charged Rs. 4 per SMS for each answer, and you will win points o each answer. If you answer maximum questions in a day, they you can win a Bajaj Platina MET 100 bike everyday. This contest ends on January 19, 2011.

Why Notion Ink’s Grand Adam Tablet Could Be a BIG Fail

Before I start this post, I have to tell you that being an Indian I had high hopes over what Notion Ink was doing and how they were building a tablet which could take over the world. I had also interviewed Rohan Shravan the founder of Notion Ink back in March 2010 to get the details about Adam and how Notion Ink were working towards their goals of releasing the product.

Notion Ink Adam

I am very sure that you might have already read several articles from Engadget, CrunchGear and Android Police panning the product. I do want to  chime in with my own thoughts here which I discussed over with people within Techie Buzz, who were equally disappointed about it. Before I head start into the article, here are some of my 2 cents about things, the way I perceive it to be:

  • Notion Ink does not have any formal funding to research and create such a tablet on a grand scale. Of course, they would have been able to self-fund or get funds through people without letting it out, so this could just be something that is un-important.
  • As Police pointed out, US laws require product pictures which are final before posting them on sales site. Though Adam got the FCC backing on December 4, it would be hard to get that into a product so soon. Nevertheless, they could have at-least used that model to display what the device is actually.
  • Flat rate shipping costs does not bode well with everyone in general, specially when sites like Amazon do free shipping. Heck, try shipping a product in India and getting $50 for it.
  • The company either didn’t have time or money to get a proper lawyer to frame their documents. Android Police is all over it. This is definitely a bad and hurried signage for a product launch.
  • As Android Police pointed out, Notion Ink are competing with Samsung Galaxy Tab. However, unlike Samsung, Notion Ink does not have that clout in the market to get the raw materials for their products at a low cost. Of course, this can be done by importing the raw materials from China, but if you have even been to India and seen Chinese imports, they are as good as garbage.

I really do not want to delve into the problems that the sites I mentioned above went into and neither am I calling this as a failure but what the heck we have had $35 tablets which were Chinese made.

Here is what is totally wrong about this product. Notion Ink made a big announcement of the product launch on their blog, this was a norm. The post had pictures galore, but there were two things missing which are a norm in product launches.

  1. The picture of the actual product.
  2. A video that demoes the actual product.

All the Notion Ink blog post about the announcement had to show were pictures of their UI, which were pretty good, but nothing more. There were no pictures of any device running that UI, there were no videos displaying the UI. Also all the pictures of the actual product on the blog are sketchy at best, including the one I added to this post. Heck, even RIM did that with the  Playbook even if they came out of the blue, but they actually showcased some device.

What I really want to see from Rohan and the other folks at Notion Ink is to quell all these doubts and just show the two things I mentioned above. Once they do that everyone will just shut up. If they don’t, it will be a huge disaster for them and go the JooJoo way.

Although 3 of the current Adam variants show sold out on their site, I really doubt as to how many orders they got. It could just be 100 and sold out, it could all just be an hype.

All things aside. I really want everything I wrote to be untrue. I really had faith in this product, but it was a huge turndown. I sincerely hope I am wrong, unfortunately I don’t believe in that.

Update 1: More Bad News: In a post written by the CEO Rohan, which is …, well go ahead and read it. The CEO says that they held back full videos due to CES 2011, however, he promises a video on 18th December now. I really did not know that it took 8 days to produce a video.

Update 2: Things are only getting worse for Notion Ink. Here’s our follow-up on the situation.

eBay India Census 2010: e-Shopping On The Rise, e-Commerce Booming!

eBay recently conducted the online India census 2010 and the results of this census point to only one direction – India Shining Online! Here is a summary of the results of the eBay India Census 2010 according to which, the most sought-after product purchased from rural areas on eBay are the entry-level mobile phones. eBay has 3,296 e-commerce hubs of which 1,054 are rural towns whereas this number was 747 last year.

Coming to sale comparision between metros and rural areas, users from metros mostly buy smart phones and feature-rich handsets whereas users from rural areas mostly buy entry-level mobile phones. Coming to computer peripherals, users from the metros are mostly interested in netbooks whereas rural consumers are buying desktops which they feel are robust.

The cities Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Chennai and Bangalore as ranked as the top five e-commerce hubs on eBay in the eBay India Census 2010. South India alone accounts for 38 per cent of buyers on eBay. Buyers from West come second at 28 per cent. Coming to Kolkata, most dealers deal in technology and collectibles. 42 per cent of the total products shopped include technology, whereas 39percent account for collectibles as per the eBay census.