Search Image Galleries With Kalooga

Flickr and Google are pretty good when you are searching for a couple of images. However, they can be a hassle if you are trying to find a lot of images on a specific topic. Here’s where Kalooga can help.

Kalooga is a new way of searching for images! Instead of searching for individual images, Kalooga searches for web pages that have complete image galleries related to a specific topic. When you search for something on Kalooga, it will show you 4 thumbnails from each gallery, tell you how many images there are in the gallery and what website it is from. Clicking on any of the thumbnail would take you to the actual gallery page.

Searching for galleries, instead of individual images, can provide more relevant results and be less time-consuming. You can also add your own galleries to Kalooga so they become easily searchable by other users.

Download Images From Picasa Web Albums To Your Desktop

Picasa is a image sharing service from Google which is very similar to , however Picasa also has a desktop client that allows users to upload images from their desktop to Picasa Web Albums.

However the same client does not allow users to download images back to your computer, and you will need to manually download each and every photo to your computer.


Picasa Independent Album Exporter is a handy and , that will allow you to download albums from Picasa to your desktop.

We tested the software and were able to download photos from a user album, however this will only work if you also have Picasa installed on your computer, also you will not be able to download images from albums other than your own one.

Download Picasa Independent Album Exporter

Create Free Image Galleries Online With MyLiveGallery

Image galleries are a nice way to showcase your images but what if you want to quickly create a image gallery and share it with your friends?

My Live Gallery can come in pretty handy for when you want to quickly create a image gallery, without the need to create thumbnail images and learn HTML.

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[Yawn] Insert Images Into Gmail Messages

Aha another feature coming to the fore, how can we stop talking about these new features? No matter how stupid they are? This one, the add image thingy has been around for a long time now, albeit through a different method, and is a liftoff from , which is soon trying to become on the web, too bad Outlook’s counterpart Windows Live Hotmail is nowhere near.


Anyways now you can add images to your Gmail messages (yawn), like we could never could do that earlier, frankly speaking the earlier Gmail Labs features were really good pieces of engineering, but of late the new Labs features have been nothing but disappointing, this is nothing to rant home about, but we still do because we love Gmail and it is still the best free email service you will come across.

We love software all the way, but come on do something better, how about a Gmail Labs feature that bought you candy, what say?

Getting serious, one notable thing about this new feature is the ability to add images through a URL, rather than having to upload it from your computer, that is super cool. Also Gmail will add the images inline and not as attachments, so users who have images blocked by default won’t be able to see it, that would mean 90% of your geek friends would treat your images as spam.

However this new feature has a bug, where you fill see a failed message, without the need to do anything spectacular.


  1. Click on the insert picture icon.
  2. Close the file open menu without selecting any images.
  3. Wait for a minute few seconds and you will see the above error, failed, what failed, oh did I fail to upload a image?

Alas we could have some perfection now, and we must admit that the add image by URL is definitely good, and overall this feature is perfect for sharing lots of photos. Did you think we would hate Gmail?

Oh yeah, you need to enable this thing to work, go to Settings > Labs and enable Inserting Images option, once you have done that, to add images you will have to click on the picture icon in the rich text bar to add images, while composing your emails.

Import/Migrate Images From TwitPic To Flickr

Twitpic is a image sharing service, which allows you to quickly upload images for sharing with your friends and family. Twitpic is very closely associated with Twitter accounts.


If you are a user, you can now migrate images from your TwitPic account to Flickr with a service called Twitpickr.

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Check If A Image Is Fake Or Real

Have been subjected to forwarded emails which contains emails of ghosts? But hey, you can’t tell if that forwarded image is a real picture taken by a camera, or work of a Photoshop genius who had more time on his hands than his work permitted.

Like we said, most of those forwarded images are usually fakes and you can’t really tell just by looking at a particular image, whether it is indeed real or fake, to get rid of our confusion, a handy and useful software called JPEGsnoop will tell you whether a image has been edited by someone, or its a real photograph taken by a camera.

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Websites To Have Fun With Your Photos

The web is full of services that allow you to edit images online, create image reflection, create GIF animations, convert videos to GIF animation, watermark images and many more interesting tools. Turns out that, these are not the only things you can do with your photos, and you can easily use free online image services to have fun with your photos.


Hongkait has come up with a excellent list of 25 websites to have fun with your photos, which include websites that will apply creative backgrounds to your photos, create a photo mosaic from your photos, mix the hair up of different photos and son on.

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Create Videos From Your Photos

Viewing photos in a slideshow is a pretty good option, however there is not much fun in it, since it does not really depict how you actually enjoyed your trip. It would be really good if you could add some effects and background music while viewing your photos.


The Photo to Video converter is a handy utility that will allow you to create videos from your photos, allowing you to add background music, subtitles and play around with the transition effects.

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7 Services To Create Fake Magazine Covers From Your Photos

Yippee, I am on the cover of Fortune and Time magazine for March 2009, this is really the most exciting time for me, please do buy the magazine and enjoy the interview :-).

fake_fortune_magazine_cover fake_time_magazine_cover fake_fortune_king_of_wallstreet

Well not really, I am not on the cover on Fortune or Time magazine, but there are several services which will allow you to create fake magazine covers like the one you see above. If you are already eager to create your own fake magazine cover, don’t worry, we have you covered here, in this post we will list the best 15 online services to create your own fake magazine covers.

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Extract Frames From GIF Images

In the past we have told you about tools that will allow you to create GIF animation files and convert video files to GIF animations, however what if you want to extract frames or images from a GIF file?

Image Credit

Turns out that there is a tool called GIF Frame Extractor which will allow you to extract individual frames from a GIF Image.

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