Shrink And Upload Images With TinyUploads

Sharing recent vacation pictures with your friends has always been a lengthy process. First of all, you have to create a new account with the free image hosting services, upload all your images, and then you will be able to share them with your friends. Today we are presenting a cool new program that can easily shrink and upload all your images with a single click, without the need of creating a new account.

Tiny Uploads

Tiny Upload is an Adobe Air application that can easily shrink all your images and upload it to the Tiny Upload website with a single click. Now you don’t need image editing apps to shrink your vacation pictures for sharing them with your friends.

Tiny Uploads

Just drag-n-drop all your photos or complete folder into this program, select thumbnail and image size and then click on upload. All your images will be resized and uploaded to the Tiny Uploads website within few minutes. You will get a short URL after all your images have been uploaded. You can share this URL with your friend.

Tiny Uploads

Techie-Buzz Verdict

This program is simple and easy to use, but personally, I found something missing in this program. If by chance, you lose your album URL, then there is no way to recover it back, unless you haven’t cleared your browser history. All your images will be lost forever.

I think this program should have a “My Account” section, where it should store all the URL’s of the albums which we have uploaded earlier. Except this, all other features of the program are awesome. It will definitely save your precious time. Since the URL is short, you can share it with your Twitter friends as well.

Techie-Buzz Ratings: 3/5 (Good)

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Image Resizer Powertoy Clone Enables Resizing of Images from the Context Menu

Following Windows XP’s release, Microsoft had released several tiny applications called Powetoys for Windows XP. Although TweakUI went on to be the most popular Powertoy, there were many other gems like Image Resizer. Image Resizer enabled users to resize a picture or a group of pictures from the right-click context menu.

Unfortunately, Microsoft discontinued the tradition of releasing Powertoys with Windows Vista. Image Resizer Powertoy Clone is an open source application which brings the functionality offered by Windows Resizer to Windows 7 and Vista. It resizes selected images without altering the original image. You can use any one of the four preset sizes or specify a custom size. You can also ask Image Resizer to modify and overwrite the original image, in case you want to save space.


Techie Buzz Verdict

Image Resizer is good at what it does. If the specified output resolution doesn’t match the original aspect ratio, it will resize the image without altering the aspect ratio. In such cases Image Resizer will ensure that both the width and the height is less than or equal to the specified value. From what I could tell, Image Resizer doesn’t save images at 100% quality settings. This keeps file sizes in check without any perceivable loss in image quality. Image Resizer’s biggest strength is convenience. It has its own limitations, but is excellent for quick resizing tasks.

Techie Buzz Rating: 3/5 (Good)

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Desktop Photo Resizer

If you have a high resolution camera, you may know how hard it is to share the files with your family and friends, because of the large sizes of the images captured.

However we had told you about a Image resizer earlier that resized images on the fly that you send out using emails and IMs, however if you are looking for a tool to resize images on the desktop, Photo resizer is a freeware utility that serves the purpose.

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Resize Multiple Images

Taking photographs on your camera is quite a fun thing to do, but having to resize each and every image so that you can easily share them with your friends and family is definitely quite a pain.

Camera Images can be of pretty high resolutions which in turn shoots up the size of images to 2 or 3 megabytes each, sometime even more, now if you have taken 100 photographs imagine the amount of time you would spend to resize those images to a sharable resolution and size.

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Three Essential Microsoft PowerToys

If you plan on sticking with Windows XP for as long as you can, there are a lot you can do to optimize it and better your XP experience. Even though a lot of us are guilty of not performing it, basic maintenance is essential. If you don’t already do so, you should run Disk Defragmenter (Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Defragmenter) or another defragmentation tool on a regular basis. Not only will this speed up hard drive access times, but it will reduce the chances for data and operating system corruption. If you add regular anti-virus and anti-spyware scans to your maintenance regiment, you will keep XP running for longer periods of time without error. Performing maintenance is not all you can do to keep XP running optimally. Microsoft has also released some free tools that will help you use Windows XP more efficiently.

Microsoft’s SyncToy allows you to synchronize data between folders. This utility is easy to use, and it will allow you to quickly set up synchronization rules, and ensure that your data integrity is maintained while synchronizing. This is especially useful when synchronizing files between a flash drive (or external hard drive) and your desktop or laptop. It is easy to use and freely downloadable from Microsoft.

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Compress Image Size On The Fly [Imaging Tools]

Digital cameras have become a common place today, and sharing photos even more easier. But the fact that the image sizes are still quite large makes photo sharing a bit harder.

Imagine having to send several images that are more than 4-5Mb in size, and to top it the fact that most free email services do not allow attachments more than 20MB in size. So in order to send out 20 images you will have to compose 4 different mails. Agreed that there are several image sharing sites, but many people may be unaware about those or simply prefer to use images.

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Reshade, Increase Your Image Resolution Without Losing Quality

How many times have you come across a wallpaper that is not the right size for your desktop? Do you simply setup the wallpaper even though its resolution does not match your desktop resolution?

There are tons of services which will help you make your image sizes smaller than their current resolutions while providing same or lesser quality but what if you want to increase the size of the image to a higher resolution? Have you been able to do it without degrading the image quality?

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