How To Import Bookmarks / Favorites & Feeds From Firefox, Opera & Safari to IE8?

provides users with a option to import bookmarks from , and Safari as IE Favorites, to import the bookmarks from external browsers to IE8, you will have to perform some simple steps.

Step 1: Go to the file menu in IE8 and click on Import & Export Options.


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Most Useful Web Accelerators For IE8

Quite recently we had told you about  Web Accelerators, a feature that allowed you to quickly share content, search maps and more, however the power of accelerators is limited to the accelerators you use, here is a list of the Most Useful Web Accelerators for IE8.


The accelerators have been divided into different categories for easier browsing, you can click on the links below, to directly jump to the categories you want.

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IE8 Web Accelerators

introduces a new feature called Accelerators which allow users to quickly share content and perform tasks with a single click, think of accelerators like Macros, where you can combine repetitive tasks into a single process.

For example, while browsing you come across a webpage where you find interesting information, you decide to email this information to one of your friends, the steps you would normally perform are.

  1. Copy the content or the URL of the page.
  2. Open your email client or load a new tab to open your webmail service.
  3. Compose a new mail and paste the content or URL into the message body.
  4. Send the email message.

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IE7 Browsing Mode In IE8

There are several tools that allow you to run IE8 and IE7 simultaneously to develop and test for both the versions of the browser, however with the introduction of developer tools for IE8, developers can now test their work in both the browsers from within IE8 itself.

To run a webpage in IE7 mode in IE8, open Tools > Developer Tools or use the F12 key to launch developer tools for a open tab.

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IE8 Includes Developer Tools

We are definitely beginning to like IE8 a lot more than we expected and are discovering newer and newer features in it, as a reader we want you to brace up today for a lot of IE8 related posts, we thoroughly apologize if this irks you, but we would definitely want everyone to know about why they should be using IE8 if ever, and these posts will help you make a decision.


Coming back to the post, IE8 includes a add-in called Developer Tools, which will allow you to analyze websites much more better than any other earlier versions of the browser.

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IE8 Creates Separate Processes For Each Tab

IE8 is finally out and while looking at the new browser, we can definitely say that it is much more faster than IE7, a full review and feature list will be posted shortly.


However just wanted to point our on a feature we saw in IE8, where each tab is created as a individual process, just like does.

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Download Internet Explorer 8 Today

Techcrunch reports that Internet Explorer 8, the latest web browser from Microsoft, other than their not-so-secret secure browser project Gazelle, will be available for download later today.


Microsoft terms IE8 as one of the fastest browsers on the market today, with features like Web Slices, Instant Search and Accelerators.

We will be doing a full review of the browser once we get our hands on it, in the meantime go ahead and download the browser.

Download Internet Explorer 8

How to Uninstall IE8 in Windows XP and Windows Vista

Internet Explorer 8 has some nice improvements over Internet Explorer 7, but that said many users have been through crashes and more over time, and may want to uninstall Internet Explorer 8 and continue using the older stable version, as with our tutorial about uninstalling Windows Media Player and Internet Explorer 7 in the past, we would like to continue the trend and show our readers how to uninstall IE8 in Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Uninstall IE8 in Windows XP

Uninstalling IE8 in Windows XP is pretty much simple. Open up the Control Panel and click on Add/Remove Programs. In the listed programs find Windows Internet Explorer 8 Beta X (where X would be the beta version you installed) and click on the Remove button.

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