ICQ 7 Jumps On The Social Networking Bandwagon

The ICQ messenger is probably one of the most oldest instant messaging tool and service which still exists. However, instant messaging is no longer just about chatting with friends. Several IM clients like Yahoo Messenger 10, Windows Live Messenger and Digsby have made that jump to add features which support social networking sites like and .


The team behind ICQ have now released a new version, ICQ 7, which easily integrates with your Facebook and Twitter account. This release came three years after the release of ICQ 6 beta, which is a long time considering that the way we communicate has changed since then.

New Features in ICQ 7

  • Integration with Feeds from social networking sites including: Facebook, Twitter, and  
  • Track and keep tabs on your online activity
  • Easily Share pictures with your friends on ICQ
  • Import contacts from other accounts
  • More personalization options etc.

Download ICQ 7 [via Download Squad]