Samsung Galaxy S3 Leaks Again In Pictures; Looks Pretty Genuine!

The highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S3 will be announced in a couple of days from today in London by Samsung. The Galaxy S3 has become the iPhone of the Android world, and rumors about the phone are reaching an all new level. Over the last few days, quite a few pictures of the handset have leaked online from various sources, but none of them looked genuine to me and were from unreliable sources.

Today however, the folks over at SamMobile have got their hands on a couple of pictures of the Galaxy S III. From the leaked pictures, it looks like the Galaxy S III will come with highly curved corners and will use capacitive buttons instead of on-screen buttons like on the Galaxy Nexus. The pictures also suggest that the Galaxy S III will come with a notification led, which will be a first for the Galaxy S series of handsets from Samsung.

The tipster also stated that the S3 will come with a 12MP camera, and will run on Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich out of the box and the model number of the handset will be GT-I9300. Finally, the tipster suggests that Samsung will be showing more than one handset at its event in London, and this mysterious device model number is apparently the GT-I9800.

HTC One X Gets A Taste Of Stock Ice Cream Sandwich Via CM9

The HTC One X is the Taiwanese handset maker’s “hero” device for at least the first half of 2012. The One X checks in all the requirements for a super phone including a massive 4.7-inch SLCD2 display with 720p display, 1GB RAM, a blazing fast 8MP camera and a quad-core (technically 5) processor from Nvidia.

The handset has been getting ravishing reviews from critics all over the world, but nearly every reviewer has complained about HTC’s Sense 4.0 skin. Sense 4.0, like the previous versions of Sense, still looks extremely beautiful and HTC has even made it feel less bloated this time. However, Sense 4.0 is still no match for all the visual good ness introduced by Google in Ice Cream Sandwich.

Thankfully, one developer – TripNDroid – took matters in his own hand and started working on porting CM9 to the HTC one X. After working hard for a few days, the developer has managed to get a pretty stable build of CM9 working on the handset. All the major hardware of the phone works just fine under CM9, except for the Camera and Wi-Fi Hotspot functionality. The Mobile data feature is also a bit buggy, and takes time to connect after a reboot every time. However, once it gets connected it works perfectly fine.

Considering that HTC still has not released the kernel sources for the One X, the developer has done a darn good job! Except things to improve even more once HTC releases the kernel sources for the handset.

Interested One X (Tegra 3 version) owners should head over to this link for more information. A very early snapshot build of CM9 for the HTC One S was also released a few days ago.

Sprint’s Galaxy Nexus Having 3G Connectivity Issue; Fix On The Way

Back at CES, Sprint announced that it would soon be selling the Galaxy Nexus officially in the United States, and will be the second carrier after Verizon to do so. After a few months of complete silence, Sprint finally released the handset on April 18th for $199 along with a $50 credit in Google Wallet. The Galaxy Nexus sold pretty well, and was sold out within hours of its pre-order going live.

However, not all is rosy among Sprint’s Galaxy Nexus owners. Reports sugest that the Sprint’s version of the Galaxy Nexus is also suffering from network reception issue. The phone, apparently, has a very hard time connecting to the carrier’s 3G network.

The good news is that a Sprint’s community moderator has already confirmed that Sprint and Samsung are aware of the problem, and are working hard on rolling out a software update sometime next week. Below is the official statement -:

Sprint/Samsung are aware of this problem and will be releasing a software update to resolve the issue. Can’t commit to a date yet, but they are trying really hard to get it released early next week. Sorry for your troubles.

So yeah, if you own a Sprint’s Galaxy Nexus and are not able to connect to the carrier’s 3G network, just be a little patient for the software update to be available.

New Ice Cream Sandwich Build For Droid RAZR Leaks

Motorola had promised to release the Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Droid RAZR sometime in late Q1 or early Q2. However, there are just a couple of days left before April ends and Motorola misses its promised roll-out timing. Motorola is the only Android device maker that still has not updated any of its phone to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, other than LG.

A couple of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich firmware did leak for the Droid RAZR back in early March, but they were clearly a work-in-progress. Today, the folks over at have managed to get their hands on a new Ice Cream Sandwich build for the Droid RAZR, which is a ‘near’ final build. The build could have very well been the final build, but it has some minor bugs, due to which Verizon will not release it to the general consumers.

Anyways, interested Droid RAZR owners should head over to DroidRZR forums for the download link and installation instructions. Please make sure you have the latest OTA update (v6.12.181) installed, otherwise you won’t be able to install this leaked ICS update.

Via – Droid-Life

Sony LT29i “Hayabusa” Rumored Specs and Pictures Leak; Is Exactly What The Company Needs!

Back at CES and MWC, Sony announced a trio of new phones, which form a part of its Xperia NXT line-up. However, its flagship phone, the Xperia S, did not really felt like a true 2012 flagship handset. Not only did it sport an older generation Qualcomm S3 dual-core processor, its main selling point – the 12MP camera – was nothing to write home about. Most importantly, the Xperia S runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread, which is a strict no-no for a 2012 flagship handset.

However, ever since Sony has taken over Ericsson’s share, the company’s CEO has shown some serious promise about the company’s future. It looks like Sony is working on releasing a new flagship device sometime in early Q3 of this year, codenamed “Hayabusa”. According to rumors, the “Hayabusa” will sport a 4.55-inch 720p display, and will be powered by the next-generation Qualcomm S4 Pro processor that packs in an Adreno 320 GPU.

If   the device indeed uses the S4 Pro SoC, then expect it to be stacked against the Galaxy S III which is expected to trump all other Android phones in benchmarks. The camera at the back of the device is rumored to be a 12/13MP backside illuminated sensor, all packed inside a slim 7mm body with a 2000+mah battery.

If the rumored specs of the device is true, and Sony manages to release the handset sometime in early Q3, it might just be able to bounce back in the stiff competition among Android handset makers.

Via – Phandroid


Acer Starts Rolling Out Ice Cream Sandwich Update For A500

Acer, one of the world’s largest PC maker, has started rolling out the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich for its Tegra 2 packing Iconia Tab A500. Acer had initially stated that it will start rolling out the ICS update for the A500 28th April, but it looks like someone inside the company plugged the plug on the update a couple of days early.

The ICS update bumps the Android version to 4.0.3, and not Android 4.0.4, so technically Iconia A500 users will still not be running the latest version of Ice Cream Sandwich.

Reports from A500 users over at XDA forums suggest that the ICS update is still not yet available for the “Gen2″ variant of the handset. Also, if you own the A501 variant of the Iconia Tab instead of the A500 variant, there is some bad news for you. Acer does not plan on updating the A501 variant to Ice Cream Sandwich. The A501 variant of the Iconia Tab is sold by AT&T in the United States, and is also available in Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Latin America.

It is surprising to see that small tablet makers like Asus, Sony and Acer have already updated their tablet to Ice Cream Sandwich, while there is still no ICS in sight for Samsung’s popular Galaxy Tab series.

Via – XDA

Sony Tablet S Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Update Rolling Out Now

Beginning from today, Sony has officially started rolling out the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Japanese company’s first ever Android tablet, the Tablet S. Along with the bump in the Android OS version to Ice Cream Sandwich, Sony has also added some new features like a single motion panorama photo mode and the ability to directly access any SD connected to the tablet.

Below is the full change-log of the update -:

  • Enhanced lock screen
    • Direct access to Notifications
    • Unlock direct to camera
  • New panoramic camera mode
  • Enhanced Gallery media viewer
    • Direct SD card access + photo editing tools
  • Exclusive “Small Apps’ for multi-tasking
    • Calculator, Browser, Remote Control
    • Move to screen edge for reduced clutter
  • New Home Screen actions
    • Drag icons together to create folders
    • Add names to folders
  • Enhanced web browser
    • Switch from mobile to desktop web sites
    • Save pages for offline viewing
  • Access files directly from SD card
  • Native screenshot capture
    • Press “power” and “Volume –“

The OTA update is already live, and an update notification should automatically pop-up the next time users connect their Tablet S to a Wi-Fi network. Sony is also celebrating the ICS update by giving a $50 instant rebate along with a desktop cradle free to anyone who picks up a Tablet S until May 12th.

Via – Sony Blog

Samsung Lists Devices That Will Get Android 4.0 ICS Update In The U.S.

After releasing the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Galaxy S II, Samsung has now provided a list of Samsung devices available in the United States that will get the ICS update. While Samsung will be all of its handsets released in 2011 under AT&T’s network to ICS, the list looks extremely depressing for T-Mobile customers.

Below is the full list of handsets that Samsung will be updating to Ice Cream Sandwich -:


Galaxy S II (SGH-i777)
Galaxy S II Skyrocket (SGH-i727)
Galaxy Note (SGH-i717)
Captivate Glide (SGH-i927)
Nexus S (SGH-i9020A)
Galaxy Tab 8.9 (SGH-i957)



Nexus S 4G (SPH-d720) ICS Update is Available!
Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch (SPH-d710)



Galaxy Tab 10.1 (SCH-i905)
Galaxy Tab 7.7 (SCH-i815)



Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus Wi-Fi (P6210)
Galaxy Tab 8.9 Wi-Fi (P7310)
Galaxy Tab 10.1 Wi-Fi (P7510)


And T-Mobile Galaxy SII owners, here is what Samsung had to say about the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update for your device -:

We are in close communication with T-Mobile to ensure that eligible devices are upgraded to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich in the coming months and will provide updates as we have additional details to share.

The list will be updated as and when updates are confirmed or released, so T-Mobile owners should not lose hope.

T-Mobile ‘s HTC Amaze 4G Tastes Ice Cream Sandwich Thanks To A Leaked Update

HTC has started rolling out the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update for quite a few of its handsets, including the Sensation, Sensation XE, and the Vivid 4G. There are still quite a lot of handsets from HTC, which are yet t get the ICS update, including the Rezound and Amaze 4G. The Rezound has had its fair share of Ice Cream Sandwich leaks, so chances are advanced users are already running ICS on their handset.

However, until now there had been no Ice Cream Sandwich firmware leaks for the T-Mobile Amaze 4G. Now, thanks to XDA member, football, Amaze 4G owners can get a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich with Sense 3.6 on top of it. Many users, who have already installed the RUU, have not complained about any bugs or serious issues. There is a very high probability that this leaked RUU might just be pushed out as an official OTA update in the upcoming weeks.

To install the leaked RUU manually, users need to make sure they have S-OFF, an ENG HBOOT and a locked bootloader. Ironically, S-OFF for the Amaze 4G along with a few other HTC handsets was made possible only this last weekend. The download link of the leaked ICS RUU, along with further discussions about it can be found here.


Motorola Droid RAZR HD Pictures Leaks; Qualcomm S4 and HD Screen Onboard

Get ready for another Droid RAZR variant! Motorola has been working on a ‘HD’ version of the Droid RAZR codenamed Fighter. After quite a few blurrycam leaks and renders, the folks over at Blog Of Mobile have managed to get some somewhat clear pictures of the handset.

The Droid RAZR HD is going to sport a ~4.5-inch screen with 720p HD screen resolution, on-screen navigation keys, a 1.5GHz Qualcomm S4 processor, 4G LTE support, a 12MP camera, 1GB RAM, and a beefy 3300mAh battery for the MAXX variant of the handset. On the software side, the RAZR HD will be running a Blur-ified version of Ice Cream Sandwich. Oh! and yes it RAZR HD will still come with a locked down bootloader. God knows when Motorola will stop being insane, and provide an unlockable bootloaders on their handset.

The RAZR HD is going to be the first phone from Motorola to use a Qualcomm SoC, and thankfully Motorola is using the latest and great Krait SoC from the company. The Qualcomm S4 SoC also comes with a new 28nm 4G LTE baseband, which should put the RAZR HD’s battery life way ahead of the current generation 4G LTE phones.