How To Keep Google From Tracking Your Searches

Google recently decided to club all their privacy policies into a unified version. The reason Google provided was that they wanted to provide a personalized experience by combining all the information across the services they provide.

However, this change has caused a lot of people to become paranoid. In fact, Google has also received warnings from the EU among others. People have been deleting their Google history so that Google does not hold this information any more.

Well, is that enough? Actually not, so the good folks behind "Joy of Tech" have come up with a foolproof way on "How to keep Google from watching your searches".

Stop Google Tracking

Do make sure to follow all the steps Smile. And yes, it is Friday and this was another episode of our  Smile.

Thanks Arpit.

How To Fight Anonymous: With Sarcasm

How do you fight an amorphous “organization” famed for its aping of a quote from V for Vendetta that goes “Behind this mask is an idea… and ideas are bulletproof!”? If the Boston Police Department’s reaction is to become to mainstay, this is the perfect and the most encouraging way to fight a bunch of mischief makers with no real disruptive skills: with sarcastic humor and employing down-to-earth police officers as “actors”.

Last week the Boston Police Department’s community news website was ‘hacked’ by Anonymous on the pretext of [insert random “fight the power/police/government/media” propaganda piece/reason here] and the site was taken down. The hackers replaced the website with a message that conformed to the aforementioned inserted pretext with the rap song “Sound o’ Da Police” performed by American rapper KRS-One.

Now, after a week of poking around, the Boston Police have managed to put the site back online, with a homemade video to boot where police officers, with their straightest faces, explain how they could not sleep because one of the most important sites in the entire web had been taken down. With a mockumentary-style shot of an Asian IT officer assuring everyone that the site should be working properly for a while.

The video shows the maturity of the police force starkly against the juvenile nature of these hackers. I, for one, welcome these humorous police officers.

Skype Easter Egg for Comic Sans Font

It is a well known fact that “Comic Sans” is the most hated font on the internet. In fact, there are several websites such as and more which show their hatred towards it. Why? Read here.

However, I haven’t seen any application or website as such dissing the use of the font. However, it looks like Skype has a hidden Easter egg which disses the usage of the Comic Sans font.

Skype Comic Sans Easter Egg

What’s the Easter Egg? Well, Skype gives users an option to change the font of the IM & SMS window through the “Options” menu. If you change the font to Comic Sans, it changes the smiley available in the message area to a frowning face.

Skype Smiley Face for Fonts

Changing the font back to anything else changes the smiley back smiling face. That is very sneaky Skype, guess they have a lot of Comic Sans haters in their programming department. What do you think? Do you hate Comic Sans too?

(via 9gag)

Do a Barrel Roll Google Search Fun

Google is known for its impressive however, there are several other interesting features in Google search which are hidden as Eastern Eggs and sometimes not so hidden like the Google Pirate Edition.

Google Barrel Roll

A new treat can now be found on Google search when you search for the term "Do a barrel roll". When you perform this search at the search page will flip over and rotate just like a plane would do while it is doing a barrel roll.

According to Wikipedia:

A barrel roll is an aerial maneuver in which an airplane makes a complete rotation on its longitudinal axis while following a helical path, approximately maintaining its original direction. It is sometimes described as "a combination of a loop and a roll". The G-force is kept positive (but not constant) on the object throughout the maneuver, commonly between 2-3 G, and no less than 0.5 G.

So go ahead and to a barrel roll at Google by search for "Do a barrel roll" or just click on this link.

Bonus: Try searching for "tilt" and "askew" as well.

Thanks for the h/t @slate.

YouTube 500 Internal Server Errors Have Trained Monkeys To Solve Their Problems

I have been using for the past 6 years or so. In those years, I have seen slow buffering and sometimes come across weird errors. However, today was the first time that I came across a YouTube 500 Internal server error and it was hilarious enough to not post about it.

YouTube 500 Internal Server Error

First of, the error says that is a 500 Internal Server Error and Sorry, something went wrong. However, they also claim to have a highly trained team of monkeys who can deal with it. Now only if I could find those suckers.

A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with this situation.

Have you ever seen a YouTube 500 error before? Do let me know. In the meantime you can check out our collection of funny 404 errors too.

Which Angry Bird Is Most Likeable?

have taken over the universe, almost literally. I have yet to find a single   person who has a smartphone and hasn’t heard about them. Most of the Angry Birds are angry because the pigs stole their eggs, but who is the most likeable Angry Bird?

Well, we might all have our favorites, but comic drawing and illustration champion Oatmeal has created a comic to illustrate which Angry Bird is the most liked and which is the least likeable. Take a look at it below.

Angry Birds Like Meter

So do you agree with the Oatmeal or do you have your own preference? Do feel free to tell me about it and don’t forget to kill the pigs Winking smile.

No Facebook Is Not Closing Down On March 15th, The World May End Though

Over the weekend I saw many of my hassled friends on reading and believing a report from a satire website about Facebook closing down this March.

Facebook Shutting Down

The report which came out Weekly World News said that Mark Zuckerberg had said that they were shutting down Facebook because it had gotten out of control. The report went ahead to quote the Vice President of Technical Affairs at Facebook, saying that they would close down the website on March 15th.

After March 15th the whole website shuts down,said Avrat Humarthi, Vice President of Technical Affairs at Facebook. So if you ever want to see your pictures again, I recommend you take them off the internet. You won’t be able to get them back once Facebook goes out of business.

However, not one word of this news is actually true. The website in question is a satire site which posts fake news which is then consumed by gullible people who believe in it, or people who just want to have some fun. A similar site called Faking News ( exists and puts up spoof stories on Indian and international issues.

As for my friends and several other thousands of people who got fooled. Facebook is a lucrative business and only a fool would decide to close it after securing billions of dollars as investment, and Mark is not to be counted as one of those fools. Facebook also confirmed the same through an update on Facebook.

We didn’t get the memo about shutting down, so we’ll keep working away like always. We aren’t going anywhere; we’re just getting started.

So please think before believing and spreading panic. We also have rumors that the world is coming to an end in 2012. Unfortunately all requests to God for confirming or denying this fact have not been answered. We will post an update as soon as we get more information from God Smile.

Have fun and continue Facebooking.

MS DOS Themed Website Is Fun

My first ever introduction to computers was through MS DOS, where I spent countless hours creating nested directories, making it a pain for my professors to delete. I continue to use DOS even now and will continue to do it for a long time.

MS Dos Website

Thanks to Reddit, I came across a very cool site. A site which emulated MS DOS in a browser, complete with commands et al. Visiting the site brought back some nostalgia in the form of remember the good old floppy drive among other things.


Other than looking like MS DOS, the site works pretty well too allowing you to type in commands which actually produce output. The site was built by Michael Wilson, and this is what he has to say about it:

This is the hub site of Michael Wilson. It’s designed (ironically) to look like a 1980s single floppy-drived, green-screened, UNIX-loving computer of yesteryear. If you’ve got this far, you probably know what you’re doing. If you’re still confused type some of the commands below or click on the links above to visit my REAL sites like Facebook and Twitter.

For those who are interested, the site is built using JavaScript. Go ahead and give the site a try at, run some commands and have fun.

“My Blackberry Isn’t Working” and Other Literal Puns

BBC has a pretty decent comedy show called The One Ronniestarring the wizened eighty year old comedian Ronnie Colbert. While the comedian does feel a little guilty doing this show without his late partner Ronnie Barker (part of the The Two Ronnies while he was still alive), he is quite the riot as an old comic and manages to keep up with latest happenings to elicit that odd smirk or the riotous guffaw.

One of his latest sketches features him talking with an elderly grocer and general vegetable shop owner about how his blackberry was not working. Yes, he takes out the organic fruit, a blackberry, and asks the shopkeeper if there was anything he could do to fix it. The shopkeeper immediately asks him whether it ran out of juice! Hilarious puns and comedy that we’ve all grown accustomed to watching on the Beeb.

It is actually quite heartening to watch a comedy by elderly gentlemen stay in touch with the latest technology. While the sketch starts out with a blackberry, it goes into the territory of Apples and Eggs-boxes soon enough, giving you, the viewer, plenty of time to take in the jokes and laugh before proceeding to the next!

Watch My Blackberry Isn’t Workingon YouTube.

Friday Fun: Damn You Autocorrect [iPhone]

We haven’t done in quite a while, but I seriously come across a lot of websites which range from funny to making you laugh out real loud. I ‘ll try to pass on many such websites in future Friday fun episodes.

This week’s website is a funny take on the ‘s autocorrect feature which results in several people typing and sending out what they did not intend to. The website is called Damn You Autocorrect. Doesn’t sound funny? Just take a look at couple of examples below:

fuhrer_autocorrect donuts_autocorrect

If you liked what you see, go ahead and have your dose of laughter at Happy Friday Fun.