Sprint HTC Hero Android 2.1 Update On April 9th [Rumors]

Looks like Sprint and Verizon users have been pushed to the wall with 2.1 updates for the Motorola Droid on Verizon, and the HTC Hero and HTC Moment on Sprint being delayed over and over again.

Earlier we had some rumors which suggested that the Android 2.1 update for HTC Hero and Moment was coming on March 26th. A user also shared a voice message left by a Sprint rep which said that March 26th was the date.

HTC Hero Moment Android 2.1 Update

Alas, it looks like the Android 2.1 update is not coming today, and is instead going to be released on April 9th according to a leaked document that the Phandroid blog got their hands on.

Please take this with a pinch of salt as Sprint does not look to be too keen on releasing a much awaited updated on one of the best Android based phones they are selling. We’ll keep you updated on further progress in the coming weeks. For the bravehearts who can’t wait till April 9th, there is a cooked up HTC Hero Android 2.1 ROM available right now.

Android 2.1 "Eclair" ROM For HTC Hero

Now we are not sure if Sprint is going to release an Android 2.1 update for HTC Hero and Moment yet, even when we know that a Sprint Rep confirmed the March 26th release through a voice message.

HTC Hero

If you are too anxious and can’t wait for the 2.1 update for your HTC Hero, a XDA forum member has release an Eclair 2.1 ROM for GSM based HTC Hero.

The Eclair 2.1 ROM brings lots of features which are part of the latest Android OS including Live wallpapers.

If you want to update your HTC Hero ROM, head over to this post on the XDA Forums and download the ROM. Make sure to follow the exact instructions to root your room and flash it. And yes, this goes without saying that you need to make backups before you do anything with your phone.

Please root your device at your own risk, we should not be held responsible if you manage to brick your device.

Sprint Rep Confirms Hero Android 2.1 Update on March 26th Through Voice Message

Ok, let us be frank, it looks like either Sprint is playing games with its users, or someone definitely has too much time to fool around with HTC Hero users.

We last confirmed that the Android 2.1 update for HTC Hero was going to be released by Sprint on March 26th. However, some self proclaimed Sprint reps leaked a internal memo which said that the update was supposedly coming in April and not March.

Now, few days before March 26th, a forum member has uploaded a new voice message he received from a Sprint technical support representative which confirms that the Android 2.1 update is coming to HTC Hero and Moment on March 26th.

The tech support says:

The software release that is supposed to be coming out on March 26th is Over-The-Air (OTA), so you should get some type of notice on your phone that a software is available.

Whether this voice message was made up or real you judge for yourself. Listen to the embedded voice message by hitting the play button below.

What do you think? Is this a fake too, or will the Android 2.1 update make it to HTC Hero and Moment users on March 26th as we earlier told you?

Sprint HTC Hero Android 2.1 Update Coming March 26th 2010

Yesterday, we had news that HTC was supposedly going to release an Android 2.1 update for HTC Hero in late April, however, here is some news which will bring cheers to your ears.


According to a HTC forum member, who spoke with a Sprint executive to troubleshoot his HTC Hero which did not have service, the 2.1 update may arrive on March 26th, 2010 for Sprint users instead of the late April. The conversation below: (emphasis added)

I just got of the phone with the advanced support at sprint becuase my phone did not have any service since this morning. They tried all the basic trouble shooting and then said that they had seen this issue before but that the new firmware will address this issue they also stated that reactivating the phone is a work around for now. I kept on asking about the firmware release and they finally released a date for the 2.1 firmware. He stated and confirm that this update will come on 03/26/2010.

However, this update is not officially confirmed, and if released will only be available for Sprint users right now, other HTC Hero users might have to wait till April end to receive official OTA updates from HTC directly.

We will keep our eyes open for any official confirmation from Sprint with regards to this. In the meantime you can call the Sprint support and let us know if they do confirm this with you.

Update: Commentator @Nasty confirmed with Sprint that the Android 2.1 update for HTC Hero will be released in late March, which confirms our earlier date March 26th, 2010. Have fun.

Update 2 – March 22nd: We just came across a voice message from a Sprint representative to a customer which confirms the OTA update for HTC Hero and HTC Moment on March 26th, you can read about it here.

Official HTC Hero Android 2.1 ROM Update Coming In April 2010

Quite sometime back we told you how all US phones are most likely to get an Android 2.1 update, several phones have already started to get the 2.1 update, and it looks like HTC Hero is the next phone in line for it.

Android 2.1

The information was passed on to a XDA Modaco member and re-posted by a XDA member, when questioned about the latest firmware for HTC Hero. (emphasis added by me)

Thank you for your enquiry about htc hero.

Some of the phones in our Android line up including your Hero are due to receive an upgrade, and it is scheduled to be released starting at the end of April. Your phone should be upgraded Over-The-Air. You can expect a pop-up message on your phone when connected to the internet once it is ready. When the upgrade is ready, we will notify you via our website and on various social media networks including Twitter and Face book.

If these steps have not helped, please let me know by responding using the link provided and I will be happy to check again for you.

Best regards,
Name removed
HTC customer support team
HTC Corp. Global Service Division

This could also mean that most of the HTC Android based phones will start receiving OTA updates to their device for Android 2.1 in late April.

HTC Hero Wins the Best Mobile Handset Award


GSMA announced the winners of the Global Mobile Awards held at Mobile World Congress where, HTC Hero won the coveted title of the Best Mobile Handset of 2010.

Here is the list of awards that were given out in 19 Different categories ranging from Mobile Marketing and Advertising to Green Mobile Awards etc.

Best Mobile Game

Winner: Iricom The Last City Fight For Your Life!

Best Mobile Music Service

Winner: Odyssey Music Group Deezer

Best Mobile Advertising or Marketing

Winner: CLANMO GmbH and OgilvyOne The IKEA PS Mobile Interior Planning Tool

Best Mobile TV Service

Winner: CBS Mobile TV.COM

Best Mobile Location Based Advertising Campaign

Winner: R/GA Nokia viNe

Best Mobile Enterprise Product or Service

Winner: Research In Motion BlackBerry Enterprise Server v5.0

Best Mobile Internet Service

Winner: adaffix Gmbh YELLIX

Best Mobile Money Service

Winner: Safaricom M-PESA (bulk payment & utility bill) extension to service

Best Use of Mobile for Social and Economic Development

Winner: Grameen Foundation, MTN Uganda, and Google The Grameen Foundation Application Laboratory (AppLab)

Best Mobile Money for the Unbanked Service

Winner: Zain Bahrain B.S.C ZAP

The Green Mobile Award for Best Green Programme, Product or Initiative

Winner: VNL VNL’s solar-powered GSM base station

Green Network Award

Winner: Mocambique Celular S.A.R.L (mcel) Eco Naturalmente (Naturally Thinking Green)

Best Network Technology Advance

Winner: SkyCross Inc SkyCross iMAT (isolated mode antenna technology) Antennas

Best Service Delivery Platform

Winner: Huawei Technologies Co Ltd Huawei SDP solution

Best Billing & Customer Care Solution

Winner: Mobile TeleSystems (MTS) You Individual Optimal Tariff Plan

Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough

Winner: Orange Mobile High Definition (HD) Voice

Best Mobile Handset or Device

Winner: HTC HTC Hero

Best Mobile Connected Device (non-handsets)

Winner: Novatel Wireless Inc. MiFi Intelligent Mobile Hotspot

Government Leadership Award

Winner: Kenya

GSMA Chairman’s Award

Winner: Carl-Henric Svanberg, Former CEO of Ericsson and currently Chairman BP

Mobile Industry Personality of the Year as Voted for by the Media

Winner: Steve Jobs, Co-Founder and CEO Apple