HP To Launch A Tablet Device By October

According to DigiTimes, HP will release a tablet device by the end of October. However, it has not been confirmed whether the tablet will running the WebOS or Windows 7. The Vice-President of HP Taiwan, Mr. Monty Wong said that HP would announce tablet and mobile based devices after HP completes the acquisition of Palm by the end of July.   He also said that the company would not launch Net books running on the WebOS. According to him, net books are similar to PCs in their usage and functionality.


Mr Wong also said that the HP Slate featuring the WebOS and/or Windows 7 would hit the retail market sometime in October. Along with the launch of the HP Slate, users will also be offered access to a huge catalogue of applications. DigiTimes does not mention whether Mr Wong was talking about a WebOS based tablet or a Windows 7 based tablet. It is rumoured that HP is working on a webOS based tablet device dubbed Hurricane. The device is expected to hit the retail market in the third quarter of this year.

It is very well a possibility that Mr Wong was talking about the HP Hurricane only. We need to wait until the end of July or for some HP Slate news to leak to get a confirmation on this one!

HP Slate To Have a Faster Processor, More Storage and Two Cameras

With the whole world drooling for the recently launched Apple iPad, HP is trying to assure its employees, through an internal presentation, that HP Slate wouldn’t be anything less than competitive. As Engadget reports, HP Slate will have a 1.6 GHz processor compared to iPad’s 1 GHz, and the minimum storage would be 32 GB compared to iPad’s 16 GB.

HP Slate will also have an SD/SDHC.SDXC Card Reader providing up to 12 GB of extra storage for all those movies and songs. It will run on the very successful Windows 7 Home Premium edition and will have a VGA Webcam. While Webcam and SD Card give a big advantage to HP Slate, the smaller screen, lower-performing battery and an extra 50 bucks would make it difficult for HP to win the hearts.

Some other specs also include a 1 GB RAM, USB Port, a 1024 x 600 multi-touch display, an extra 3MP outward facing camera and an HDMI outlet. The whole list of specs is displayed below via Engadget.

Over all, iPad might be the better looking one of two, but when it comes to functionality and possible integration with other devices such as Computers and Mobile Phones, I believe HP Slate would be better off.   What do you think? Would you wait for an HP Slate or are rushing to get an iPad right now?

HP Drops Slate Video To Counter iPad Frenzy

For the past few days, almost every tech site has been writing about the which was released to public a day before Easter. It is not that iPad is out of the news yet, but HP has just released a video of the upcoming HP Slate on and from the looks of it this one is a definite beauty.

HP Slate

HP Slate, which will run on has a camera for video support, multi-touch support with pinch to zoom, USB ports, SD memory expansion, Adobe Flash support and more. With all these features and possibly more, PC World has dubbed the device as an iPad killer, however, it is really too early to call anything a iPad killer yet.

However, there is no denying of the fact that the HP Slate as of now is a superior device than the iPad with the Slate adding several pieces of hardware missing from the iPad. The HP Slate also runs on Windows 7 which would make it compatible with a lot of software already available for Windows. In addition to that, inclusion of a camera in the Slate along with USB ports makes it a much closer replacement for the netbook as opposed to the iPad, which lacks both of these.

HP Slate is not yet ready for sale and there is no release date available right now, however, considering that iPad just launched it would be critical for HP to get the device out as soon as possible to capitalize on the user interest in tablets.

Watch a sneak peek review of the HP Slate embedded below to see the beautiful device in action.