Twitter Introduces Geotagging for Tweets

has announced the introduction of geographically locating your tweets or Geotagging them with the location where you have tweeted it from.


With the help of the new Geotagging feature, developers and advertisers will be able to use the geographical data and display local ads or information to you. Several services like Seesmic Web and Foursquare are already making use of the feature.

If you paranoid about your privacy, you have something to smile about. Geotagging will not be enabled by default and users will have to manually go to the settings page to enable this feature.

How to Enable/Disable Geotagging in Twitter?

To enable or disable Geotagging in Twitter, follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Login to Twitter and go to the Settings page.


Step 2: Scroll down in the account tab to enable or disable Geotagging.

Twitter also provides users with an option to delete all previous location data that has been geotagged on twitter, give users a complete opt-out of the service.

What do you think of the new Geotagging feature? Will you share you tweet location to get more personalized ads and content? Or are you too paranoid about your privacy to share this information with the world?

How To Disable Windows 7 Taskbar Tab Preview in Firefox 3.6

If you have used Firefox the Firefox 3.6 beta, you have probably noticed that Mozilla has introduced support for Windows 7 taskbar thumbnails. Firefox 3.6 allows you to directly select a tab from the taskbar. This is similar to how Internet Explorer 8 behaves in Windows 7. Some people love this behaviour while others find it annoying. I happen to belong to the latter group. I am a heavy multi-tasker and often have dozens of open tabs organised into multiple windows. Taskbar tab previews doesn’t make any distinction between tabs from different windows and is a major productivity bump.

If you find taskbar tab previews irritating, here is a quick way to get rid of them.

  • Type about:config in the awesome bar (address bar). Ignore the caution message and proceed.
  • Type browser.taskbar.previews.enable in the filter bar.
  • Disable-Taskbar-Tab-Preview-Thumbnail-in-Firefox-3.6

  • Now, you will be displayed a single entry whose current value is True. Double click on the entry to change its value to False.

That’s it. Firefox should instantly stop displaying tab previews in the taskbar.

via Tweaking With Vishal

Generate In-Depth Power Efficiency Diagnostics Report in Windows 7

Windows 7 contains dozens of hidden diagnostic utilities. In the past, we have shown you how to quickly access some of those utilities. Today, we will take a look at another hidden gem in Windows 7.

Powercfg.exe is a command line utility which allows users to control power settings. It has been present in Windows for a long time. However, in Windows 7 Powercfg.exe includes some additional features. One of them, is the ability to create neatly formatted Energy efficiency reports.

In order to generate this report, start the command prompt with Administrator privileges. The quickest way to do so, is to type cmd in the Start Menu and press Ctrl+Shift+Enter.

The command Prompt window should point to the \Windows\System32 directory. In order to build the Energy Efficiency report, you need to simply type the following command and press enter.

powercfg -energy -output C:\Power_Mg_Report.html

Here C:\Power_Mg_Report.html is the location, where the report will be saved. Feel free to use any other location.


Windows will inspect your system’s behaviour for about a minute and then generate the report. The report will indicate all potentially problematic settings and recommend steps to improve your system’s battery backup time.

How To Reduce Aero Peek’s Delay Time

One of the many new features in Windows 7 is Aero Peek. Just hover the mouse pointer over the extreme right edge of your taskbar and Windows will reveal the desktop. To be honest, I don’t really like Aero Peek in fact I find it pretty much pointless. But, a lot of people seem to love it. If you indeed find Aero Peek beneficial, here is a small tip to make it more convenient.

In order to avoid accidental triggering, Aero Peek doesn’t get activated immediately. Instead you need to wait for about half a second. This delay is mostly unnecessary and can be annoying. Fortunately for us, it is quite easy to make Aero Peek trigger instantly.

  1. Type regedit in the Start Menu or the Run (Win + R) box. This will launch the Windows Registry Editor.
  2. Now browse to the following location:


  3. Create a new DWORD (32-bit) value DesktopLivePreviewHoverTime from the Edit Menu.
  4. Aero-Peek-Create-DWORD

  5. Double click on this entry to edit its value. Set the base to Decimal and enter 0 as the value. You can actually enter any delay value you wish. Just remember that the unit of time used here is millisecond (1000ms=1s).
  6. Aero-Peek-Create-No-Delay

  7. That’s it. All you need to do now is logoff or restart to see the changes.

If you don’t want to go through all this trouble, you can also download this registry script. Simply double click on the script (.reg file) to apply the tweak.


Of course, if you don’t like Aero Peek and find it pointless, you should disable it entirely. Right click on an empty spot in the taskbar and select Properties. Uncheck the box next to Use Aero Peek to preview the desktop to disable Aero Peek.

based on Vishal Gupta’s Tweak

Change Default OpenSSH Password on Jailbroken iPhone/iPod Touch

A recent report suggests that a worm affects jailbroken iPhone and iPod Touch users. The worm specifically affects devices with OpenSSH installed using Cydia with the default password alpine.

Here are some steps which will allow you to change your default password for OpenSSH on iPhone or iPod Touch and avoid getting affected by this worm.

Step 1: Go to Cydia and Install Terminal.

Step 2: Open the terminal app, you will now be shown a command line terminal, type suin it and hit enter.

Step 3: Enter the default OpenSSH password alpineto login as root.

Step 4: Type in passwdinto the terminal window.

Step 5: Enter a new password and click enter.

Step 6: Re-enter the new password for confirmation.

That’s it, you are now safe from being affected by the rogue worm on your jailbroken iPhone or iPod touch devices.

Please note: We do not endorse users jailbreaking their iPhones or iPod touch. The above fix to avoid having the worm affect your iPod Touch or iPhone is just for informational purpose.

How to Fix Rundll32 or Error in Loading DLL?

One of the most infamous and commonly encountered errors, which is faced by an average computer user, is the rundll32 error loadingerrors. This is one of the erroneous message windows, which gets displayed on your computer screens before start up. The message can be highly intimidating as well as patience testing, especially if you are in a dire and urgent need for the computer. The major cause of these error messages is the occurrence of spyware on your system, and can surely cause you much inconvenience in situations where not using your computer may have certain financial repercussions. Apart from spywares, a lot many other reasons have been cited for the occurrence of such an error message.

The registry of a computer is a home to many different dll files, which are appropriately loaded as well as reloaded during the execution of various programs on the computer. These dll files have fixed location in the registries and are loaded from that particular location. However, there might be situations in which, some of the shared dll files can get renamed or relocated by mistake. This may especially happen during installing and uninstalling programs. Thus now when a particular dll file is required to be loaded again, the computer would search for the location of the dll file in the registry. On not finding the dll file there due to its relocation or renaming, the computer would slow down it’s overall activity and would forage for the dll file everywhere else, throughout the directory. In case the dll file has been deleted, or it has been relocated to a position, which is obscure and cannot be reached by the computer system, the result is the occurrence of rundll32 error loading.

The most appropriate choice when it comes to fixing up rundll32 errors is suitable registry repair software. Such software have been specially designed to repair the registry as well as the various effected files in the registry, in a manner, which does not cause any further damage to the registry. Many computer users often try to repair such rundll32 error loading messages on their own. However; this can prove quite costly for your registry, especially in case you do not possess much experience into the job. This is because any damage caused to the registry can prove fatal for your system. This is the reason why it is advisable to choose plausible registry repair software, when it comes to fixing a rundll32 error loading.

There is an innate strategy through which registry repair software functions and helps in preventing the occurrence of a rundll32 error loading. The very first thing, which any registry repair software does, is to scan the registry properly. Once this has been done and the real reason behind the damage caused to the registry has been diagnosed, the registry repair software cleans the registry of all the various pieces of erroneous and incomplete information. This is how the rundll32 error is prevented from occurring again.

This is a guest post by Bob is a freelance writer and software developer for Interested in writing a guest post for us? Check out the rules and guidelines to guest post for us.

How To Open .zipx Files?

.zipx files is a new advanced compression technology used by a popular archiving software called WinZip. Zipx files offer much better compression than the traditional zip compression and compresses files to make them much smaller.

In order to open .zipx files you will need to download and install a trial version of WinZip, PowerArchiver or Stuffit Deluxe.

All of these softwares are paid, however you can install WinZip and continue using it for free for a long time. Please note you will have to download WinZip 12 or higher in order to open .zipx files.

How to Open .nbu Files?

Nokia PC suite and Ovi suite allow you to create backups of your text messages, contacts, calendar entries and bookmarks. You can use the .nbu files to restore the backups to any phone which is supported by Nokia PC or OVI suite.

You can also use Nokia Explorer to browse and view the contents of the .nbu files, and also export the data to be used in or other compatible software, which support the VCS or VCF format.

Read a review of Nokia Backup Explorer and download it to access and browse .nbu files.

Twitter Releases Lists (Beta)

Not so long ago, Pallab wrote an article about Twitter incorporating a list feature that enabled users to manage the information overload. Today, just as I logged into my account I found an alert waiting for me with a large reddish orange New!preceding it that managed to catch my attention more than the super large (and no-doubt super-chirpy) Twitter bird. I had Twitter Lists – A great way to organize the people you follow and discover new and interesting accounts. in (Beta) of course.   So what is a Twitter List? And what differentiates it from the host of similar features touted by many Twitter clients such as DestroyTwitter’s Groups?

To better answer those questions, it would be easier to show the entire process of making a list and finding strengths (and flaws) of this new feature.


This picture shows my Twitter home screen as of now. There is of course the large alert, and along with that, my following/followers row has an addition called listed. This counts the number of lists you are a part of. Below the search bar is the Lists explanation and a link to create a new list.


Clicking that brings up an overlay dialog box that asks you two things: the name of the list and its visibility. The name of the list is becomes the page name (i.e. and a private list can only be accessed by you, while a public list can be accessed by anyone. Pretty straightforward.


The list gets created and the only occupant of the list is a search bar urging you to find people to add to that list or you can add them from your following page as well. I decided to go to my following page and add people.


Here I see an added button to the left of the settings called Manage lists in which <username> appears. Clicking on it brings up a checkbox. After clicking the checkbox I see a small Your lists: URLadded to the bottom of the user.

Add non follower

You can also add a user who does not follow you (and you do not follow the user either). Just a click and you are done!

Final List

And finally, the list view. Here you have made a personal timeline of stuff you want to see grouped under one view.

For all I know, the private list is indistinguishable from DestroyTwitter’s Groups feature. Thus, for me, this was nothing new. I guess the catch lies in the public lists which allow people with similar interests to follow, say, amateur astronomers and their like (the Twitter Team List is an excellent example).

P.S. Don’t forget to follow all the Techie Buzz authors at the Techie Buzz Twitter list.

Switch Back to Old Facebook News Feed

If you are one of the many people who were surprised to see a new homepage on , here is a quick tip that will allow you to switch back to the old Facebook Feed.


Step 1: Click on the more link in the sidebar in Facebook Home.

drag_facebook_status_updates status_updates_on_top

Step 2: Drag the Status Updates menu item and add it to the top of the sidebar.

Step 3: Refreshing the page will now display the live feed to you instead of the news feed by default. Enjoy.

You can also make use of Facebook Lite ( to view status updates instead of news feeds as default.

[via Steve Rubel Lifestream]