How To Setup Google Public DNS on Your Computer

Recently Google unveiled a new product called Google Public DNS, which will allow your PC to perform faster NS lookups while converting domain names to machine readable IP address.

Here are some ways in which you can setup Google Public DNS on your PC.

Video Tutorial to setup Google Public DNS on Windows

Thanks Amit.

Step by Step Instruction to Setup Google Public DNS

You can find step by step instructions to setup Google Public DNS on , , , Ubuntu, Mac OS X on this instructions page.

What is the Google Public DNS IP

The Google public DNS IP address is and You can use these IP address to setup your main DNS server and the alternate DNS server.

What More?

You can find all the help and instructions you require to setup Google Public DNS on your computer by visiting this Google Public DNS page.

If you need more help, feel free to ask us in the comments.

How To Un-Google Yourself

Google is a search engine which does not see any boundaries, unless and until you show it some barriers, by blocking it using robots.txt. Many of us, including webmasters, like to have Google index our content as soon as possible.


However, some of us would prefer that we are not on Google. If you are someone who does not want to show up in Google search results, the Wired wiki has a nice little article which will show you how to Un-Google yourself.

They cover using robots.txt as well as social networking sites like and LinkedIn, so that you are covered all around. However, if you want to stop too, all you have to do is to convert your account to a protected one.

Another interesting point covered in the article includes how to choose smartly between image sharing websites, lest your wedding pictures make it to all of the Internet.

Un-Google Yourself [Wired Wiki via Donation Coder]

How To Print Selected Text on Webpages?

There are several times when you might want to just print certain text from a webpage. Instead of copying the text and pasting it in a Word or text file, you can use a simple trick to print selected text on webpages.


To print selected tables on webpages, first select the text you want to print on a webpage and hit Ctrl + Pto bring up the print dialog.


In the printer dialog, select the radio button next to Selectionif it is not already selected and hit the print button. That’s it, only the selected content will now be printed. If you are looking for more such solutions, you might want to check out how you can print only what you want in Internet explorer, or use the Print What You Like .

This trick has been tested in , and . Currently does not seem to support this feature, there is a lengthy discussion about the lack of this feature in Chrome, hopefully it should be added in the future versions.

How to Fix the Windows 7 BSoD (Black Screen of Death)

In the older versions of the Windows OS series, users used to be plagued by an abominable screen full of garish text filled with more numbers than letters and the background would be a scream-inducing blue. Since the screen always followed a crash or a death, it was called the Blue Screen of Death (a BSoD) by the users.

Windows 7 may not be as unstable as Windows XP or (gulp!) Windows Vista, however it does have its own share of problems. Though Microsoft removed the Blue Screen of Death, there are instances when you log in and the screen goes black with nothing but a minimized Explorer window. Since it apparently looks blank, this crashis termed a Black Screen of Death. This is usually caused by a malware infection and sometimes affects XP and Vista as well as older servers.

Luckily, Prevx has a solution in the form of a quick-fix. All you need to do is download their Black Screen Fix applet and it will clean up your system shell for you. It’s a tiny download (~48KB) and you can easily download it even while affected by the Black Screen by opening task manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del), clicking on new taskand typing this command:-

“C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe” “

(With the quotes intact)

Run the program (filename fixShell.exe, name Prevx 3.0) and you will find this dialog box.


Click yes…


…and restart! That’s that! Have fun with your old computer back.

(via BlogsDNA)

Track Outbound Links From Your Blog

Want to track outbound links from your blog? Use ? Use Google Analytics? Checkout this post I wrote on WLTC, which details how you can track outbound traffic when you are using a WordPress install and have Google Analytics as your tracking software.


You will see outbound statistics as you see in the screenshot above. Enjoy.

How to Add Custom Backgrounds/Themes to Twitter?

allows users to easily change the background of their profile to add custom backgrounds. However, not many users know how to do this. We had earlier written a extensive tutorial on how to create a personalized Twitter profile.

If you have created a personalized Twitter profile or want to add a custom background to your Twitter profile, here are some simple steps, which will show you how to do it.

Step 1: Login to your Twitter account and click on the Settings link on the top of the page.


Step 2: Click on the Design tabs in the navigation menu and scroll down to the bottom of the page.


Step 3: Click on the Change background imagelink.

Step 4: Click the Choose Fileor Browsebutton and select the image you want to set as the background for twitter. Check the Tile background button if you want to tile the background in case it does not fit the screen.

Step 5: Click on the save changesbutton and wait a few seconds for the new background to be applied to your Twitter profile.

Hope that helped you out. Don’t forget to comment and tell us if you enjoyed the tip or faced any problems while changing your Twitter background.

IQ Test Spam Hitting Twitter Hard

A new wave of direct messaging spam has began hitting recently. You might see some direct messages from your friends asking you to take a IQ test. First of all, DO NOT CLICK on those links.


Secondly, try and alert your friends who sent you the direct message about the problem. Most likely, they will be unaware about sending out those DMs, since they are sent out automatically.

If you are someone who has been affected by this sleazy scam, here is what you should do.

  1. Change your twitter password immediately.
  2. Do not provide access to Twitter Applications you do not trust.
  3. If you do, revoke access to unwanted Twitter applications periodically. Don’t know how? Read our tutorial on How To Revoke Access to Twitter applications.

Twitter Direct Message Scams usually happen in the unknown, as many users blindly click on links and then provide access to their Twitter account, to try out something their friends have asked them to check out.

As far as possible avoid clicking links that are sent to you through direct messages. We know that you would be enticed to click on them, but do restrain from it for your own safety.

Tutorial Spotlight: Upgrade to Ubuntu Lucid Lynx (10.04) from Ubuntu Karmic Koala (9.10)

All you geeks out there, who have 3-4 boxes sitting around running different distros, here is an easy way to upgrade to Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04 from Ubuntu Karmic Koala 9.10. Please note that Lucid Lynx is in alpha, so do it at your own risk.

Step 1: Open a terminal window on your Koala and type this:

   1: sudo sed -i 's/karmic/lucid/g' /etc/apt/sources.list && sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude dist-upgrade

Step 2: Upgrade Karmic Koala to Lucid Lynx

   1: sudo aptitude install update-manager-core
   2: sudo do-release-upgrade -d

Since we already know that you are geek when you are reading this, all disclaimers are kept aside. Just kidding, upgrade on your own risk and don’t do production machines, since Lucid Lynx is still in alpha. Head over and download the Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx ISO, if you would prefer to do a fresh install.

Tutorial Spotlight was presented from WebUpd8 on the tutorial to upgrade to Ubuntu Lucid Lynx.

How To Turn On/Off Thumbnail View in Windows 7 Folders

Working with images is an almost daily job for me and many others. It certainly helps if you can see what image files look like before you even open them. It’s also easier to scan long lists of images if you can see a thumbnail preview of each file in the list.

Here’s what I like to see:


Windows 7 typically has a thumbnail view of images turned on by default. You’ll may see this if you open up a folder of images. However, if you’ve played with Windows settings occasionally, the thumbnail previews can get turned off by accident. This happened to me recently and I’ve had to learn how to quickly return the thumbnails to Windows Explorer.

Here’s how to turn on or turn off the image thumbnails:

(Windows 7 and Windows Vista)

•  Open up a folder or double click Computeron your desktop.

• Click the Organizemenu to pull it down. Then select the Folder and search optionsentry.


• Click on the Viewtab to open up those options.


•  Either check or uncheck the Always show icons, never thumbnailsoption.

That’s all there is to it.

If you have any ideas or questions you’d like to share, be sure to add a comment below or email me. I’d love to hear from you.

Different Ways to Loop YouTube Videos

Quite sometime back we had covered a way to repeat YouTube videos. Here is another post, since there are several more ways in which you can loop videos since we wrote that post.


Here is a list of solutions to loop YouTube videos:

Loopy for YouTube – This userscript works in , (Steps), Internet Explorer and Safari. Check how to run Greasemonkey Scripts in IE, Safari and Opera.

Loop YouTube Videos – This website provides a solution that will work on any web browser. Just enter the YouTube URL or video ID and it will loop it for you.

Endless YouTube – Allows you to loop part or full video hosted on YouTube, has its own Greasemonkey script and bookmarklet too.

Do you use any other solution to loop YouTube videos? Do let us know through your comments.