Manchester City vs QPR Highlights

Hey Manchester City won the Premier League title trampling the hopes of Manchester United fans, in the last minute of the season. Can things get any more epic than this? Well it cannot. So here is a highlight vide of the Manchester City vs QPR where City were gunning for a championship and QPR were gunning to not get relegated.

In the end Manchester City pulled off a magnificent victory that will go down in history. Catch up on all the highlights in the video below. I will try and update with a better video soon.

Manchester City vs QPR Highlights 2

Manchester City vs QPR Highlights 2

So are you a Manchester United or Manchester City Fan?

Android 3.0 Honeycomb Platform Highlights Released

During the CES 2011, Google’s latest version of Android meant for tablets Honeycomb grabbed the limelight with its awesome UI and features. Now, today Google has released an Android 3.0 Honeycomb platform preview which lists some of the major changes which will be brought about by the OS.

First and foremost, the UI of Honeycomb has been developed from the ground up for tablets unlike iOS, where the OS was ported from the iPhone to the iPad. The highly appreciated and loved Notification bar’ has been re-vamped to System bar’ in Honeycomb and is now located at the bottom of the screen.

Along with this, the internal applications like the Browser, Gallery, Camera and Email have been updated to sport new features and to take full advantage of the bigger screen. The text selection, copy and paste method along with the Keyboard have been improved in Honeycomb as well.


For developers, Honeycomb includes a new animation framework that will easily allow animating the various UI elements. It also includes a new DRM framework, support for HTTP Live streaming and support for digital media transfer. One major change in Android 3.0 is that the 2D graphics will be hardware accelerated. This will not only help in improving the system performance but will also help the developers to create much better graphics intensive applications.

Android 3.0 will also bring in support for multi-core processors and support for new enterprise policies like encrypted storage, password expiration and password history etc. Readers can read the whole Android 3.0 Honeycomb platform highlights here.

I hope that some of these changes will be incorporated in the future version of Android for mobiles as well especially the hardware accelerated 2D graphics feature.

Along with this, Google has also released a new version of their SDK which includes the new API for Android 3.0 and other enhancements. This will allow developers to make sure that their apps are compatible with the latest tablets running on Honeycomb.

Watch FIFA World Cup Highlights 2010

Watch FIFA World Cup 2010 Highlights online. Watch the highlights of FIFA World Cup 2010 matches online.

World Cup is finally underway and the opening ceremony of FIFA World Cup and 2 matches have already been played with Group A all even on 1 point each. With more than a month long of matches you cannot actually catch up on each and every match in FIFA World Cup 2010 unless you took a leave :-).

FIFA 2010 World Cup

Now that is fine because you can actually watch all the highlights of FIFA World Cup 2010 online at your own leisure. will be uploading the highlights of all the matches of FIFA World Cup 2010 Online everyday.

As a user you can skip the matches but not the moments that turned the match thanks to the availability of the highlights online.

To watch the highlights of all the FIFA World Cup 2010 highlights, you can visit the official FIFA website by clicking on this link. We will update this post when other resources for watching the full Video highlights of FIFA World Cup 2010 matches become available.

By the way, you can also watch the FIFA World Cup 2010 matches online at your office or home or on the go, if you do not know how, check out how to watch FIFA 2010 World Cup Online or use this alternative to Watch FIFA World Cup 2010 online.

If you use Google Chrome, you can use an extension to watch FIFA 2010 World Cup matches online.

You can also use an Excel template to track the FIFA 2010 group stages matches and knockout stages, you will find more about it in this post. Have fun and enjoy watching the FIFA World Cup 2010 Matches highlights online.

Update: You can also watch high quality video highlights of many FIFA World Cup 2010 matches online at ESPN. ESPN offers high definition video highlights of most of the FIFA World Cup matches, you can view them by visiting this link.

Watch Oscars 2010 Highlights, Acceptance Speeches and Red Carpet Online

Oscars 2010 is finally over and the winners have been announced. Hurt Locker won a bucketful of awards including "The Best Director" and The Best Movie, beating Avatar by miles.


So did you miss all the action last night from the Oscars 2010? Don’t worry you can relive all the Oscars magic by watching the rerun highlights of the 82nd Academy Awards online.

The official Oscars site has all the red carpet videos along with the Acceptance speeches by the winners of Oscars 2010. There are also several VIP cam videos along with some backsatage videos which were not seen by the public.

So head over to the Official Oscars site to watch the rerun of Oscars 2010 online.

Sachin Tendulkar 200 Runs South Africa Highlights

Earlier in the day we posted a small video of Sachin Tendulkar completing 200 runs. However, we all know that you are hungry to watch the entire batting highlights of Sachin’s innings. So here is a highlight video of Sachin’s 200 against South Africa.

We are still awaiting more high quality videos of the 200 runs highlights to be uploaded to the internet. We will update this post with more HQ videos of Sachin’s innings once they become available to us.

Sachin’s 200 Runs Video Against South Africa on YouTube

Today’s match between India and South Africa will go down into history books for several reasons, however, one of the most import reasons is Sachin Tendulkar creating a new record for the highest runs scored in One Day cricket and becoming the first cricketer to score 200 runs in the shorter format.

If you missed the amazing moment of history, there is a highlight video of Sachin reaching the 200 run milestone on . So if you missed the moment, catch it up in the video embedded below.

Congrats to Sachin on the milestone, you made us proud today.

Tiger Woods Conference Highlights on YouTube

A few days ago we told you how to watch the Tiger Woods conference live on CBS at Ustream, however, is also streaming the press conference at YouTube live. However, not that the conference is over, you can watch the recorded highlights at the same channel.

Tiger Woods

You can watch the entire press conference highlights at the YouTube channel, Citizen Tube. The broadcast is currently not happening, however, video highlights will be put up shortly on the YouTube channel.

You can also see the reactions to the press conference by visiting searching at this link here. Did you watch the conference live earlier today? What did you think about it? Did you think Tiger came clean?