Apple Magic Mouse Drivers for Windows

Magic Mouse, the world’s first multi-touch mouse by Apple was released sometime back. Initially the mouse could only be used by Mac users. However, thanks to a hack by the folks at Uneasy Silence, you can use the Magic Mouse on Windows too.


To use Magic Mouse on Windows, head to Uneasy Silence and download the appropriate drivers for your PC. You will find drivers for both 32bit and 64bit versions of Windows..

Download Magic Mouse drivers for Windows

Blacksn0w Will Enable Tethering on iPhone OS 3.1.2

George Hotz has been teasing users with sneak peeks of Blackra1n and a notice that Blacksn0w releasing on November 4th for Free, according to some new information provided by him, Blacksn0w will also enable tethering on iPhone OS 3.1.2.


This is good news, as you can start using the data plan on your iPhone (which costs $30 on a iPhone 3GS) to good use, and use it to surf the internet on your laptop or computer for free.

Blacksn0w is definitely worth waiting for. Hang on for 48 hours and await more teases from George before the grand launch on November 4th.

Get Rid of Explore Feature in Google Reader

Google recently added a new feature to called Explore, which suggests new feeds to users based on their reading habits.

google_reader_explore removed_explore_section

Many users apparently did not like this new feature, and there is no way to opt-out of the Explore feature as of now. If you are one of the disgruntled users, who do not want to have this thrown on your face, you can get rid of Explore in Google Reader by using a script for .

This works on too, however you need to add a new start switch to Chrome. You can find the instructions on how to install Greasemonkey scripts in Chrome. You will need to edit the script, once you have saved it in the User scripts folder for Chrome.


Just change the .tld to whichever Top level domain you use to access Google Reader in Chrome, in my example I changed .tld to .com. You might have to do the same in Firefox too. Thanks Shiva

Download Google Reader Remove Explore

Access Wolfram Alpha Free in iPhone & iPod Touch

Wolfram Alpha just released a new app in the Apple app store for $50, we thought it to be a ridiculous price and asked users to vote on it. If you are looking to access Wolfram Aplha from your iPhone or iPod touch, here is how you can save yourself $50 and do it without having to buy the expensive app.

It is a pretty old trick, but still many of you might not know about it. You might not be able to access all the features available in the application, but what the heck you are saving $50. So here goes.

Adding Wolfram Alpha to the Home Screen as a App link

 wolframalpha_iphone_url wolframalpha_bookmark_app   wolframalpha_save_iphone_home_screen

Step 1: Open Safari and browse to

Step 2: Click on the + symbol in Safari to add the site as a bookmark. In the bookmark options click on the Add to Home Screen button.

Step 3: Give the bookmark a appropriate name and click on the Add button.

Once you follow the above steps, you will see a new icon in the home screen, which will allow you to directly access the Wolfram Alpha site.

Search using Wolfram Alpha for Free on iPhone & iPod Touch

wolframalpha_iphone_app_icon wolframalpha_iphone_search wolfram_alpha_iphone_results

Step 1: Go to your home screen and click on the Wolfram Alpha icon. This will open the webpage in Safari.

Step 2: Click on the search box and enter your query and click on the Go button.

Wait a few seconds for the results to come up, it will be pretty similar to the results that the $50 Wolfram Alpha iPhone app will display to you. There, we saved you 50 bucks. Have fun and enjoy.

PwnageTool 3.1.4 to Jailbreak/Unlock iPhone 2G/3G/3GS with OS 3.1.2

The dev team has released PwnageTool 3.1.4 for Mac OS X which supports the 3.1.2 firmware release for iPhone software for iPhone 2G/3G/3GS and iPod Touch 1G/2G.

This latest version of PwnageTool can jailbreak iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPod touch (1G and 2G) running on iPhone firmware 3.1.2. The custom .ipsw firmware provided by PwnageTool, can be used to update the firmware to 3.1.2, and unlock the phone, so that it can use any carrier or SIM card.


Following devices are currently supported by PwnageTool 3.1.4:

  • The iPhone 3GS is now supported out of the box in PwnageTool 3.1.4 (or if you have upgraded to 3.1.x in iTunes)
  • The iPod 2G is still supported in PwnageTool 3.1.4 but you must already be jailbroken (we’ll update this if there’s a big demand from non-jailbroken ipt2G owners)
  • The iPod touch 3G is NOT supported

If you are using a iPhone 3G or iPhone 3G(S) with ultrasn0w and rely on ultrasn0w to obtain cellular service then you should only update your device with an .ipsw that is made with the new PwnageTool.

Download PwnageTool 3.1.4

Instructions on Using PwnageTool 3.1.4 to jailbreak iPhone

If you are looking for instructions to jailbreak iPhone 3.1.2 using PwnageTool 3.1.4, check out this post.

You might also want to check out a video on how to jailbreak iPhone using PwnageTool (The video is for a older version, we will update it once a newer video is available).

If you are just looking to jailbreak iPhone you can also checkout how to jailbreak iPhone with Blackra1n.

Warning: No Jailbreaking for iPhone OS 3.1.2. Atleast for a While

Apple has released a new iPhone OS update, build 3.1.2. This update is sent out to users using iTunes.


If you have a unlocked iPhone (through jailbreaking), the iPhone dev team has advised users against upgrading to the latest OS. If you do, you cannot jailbreak your iPhone. Well, at-least till the iPhone dev team release an update for PwnageTool and redsn0w.

WARNING! At 10.20AM PDT on October 8th 2009 Apple released the 3.1.2 version (7D11) of the iPhone OS.

If you care about your jailbreak and unlock, don’t update your device – 3G and 3G(S) owners should pay particular attention to this warning.

  • PwnageTool and redsn0w are not yet compatible with 3.1.2
  • There is no estimated release time for compatible tools (please don’t bug us about this).
  • Any information we have regarding this update will be posted here.

If you are eager to update your OS, hang on for a while. You can follow the iPhone dev team on to get the latest update. The official iPhone dev team twitter account is @iphone_dev.

Only View Unread Message/Emails In Gmail

Whenever you login to your account, you will be displayed a hierarchal list of emails based on received date. However, what if you want to only view unread messages in your Inbox?

In previous editions of , we have told you how to mark all unread messages as read, and also how to sort unread messages based on dates. Using another simple trick, you can only view the unread messages in your Gmail inbox.

The tip involves performing a search and saving the URL as a bookmark. Here are the steps involved for viewing only unread messages in Gmail inbox.


Step 1: Login to Gmail and perform a search using is:unread in:inbox. Use the exact terms without the quotes and click on the Search mail button. The search will display all the unread emails from your inbox.


Step 2: Once the search has loaded, bookmark the URL. (Hint: Pressing the Ctrl + D, should do the trick in most browsers). Give the bookmark a appropriate name and save it.

The next time you want to view the unread messages in your Gmail Inbox, click on the bookmark. You do not need to create multiple bookmarks for different accounts. When you click on the bookmark, it will display the unread emails, for the account you have logged in to Gmail with.

If you liked this trick, why not take a look at several more useful and interesting Gmail Tips?via]

Restore/Revert Back Old Google Search Box and Font Size

Google recently rolled out new changes to the homepage where they increased the the size of the search box and the size of the font to make it a lot more larger.

The bigger font is definitely not appealing and I guess many of you might agree with me, if you are looking to revert back to the old search box and font size in Google you can do so by using a script.


Once you have installed the script it will revert back the size of the search box and font size to the one we are all so used to.

The script works in both and , but you will have to enable userscript support in Google Chrome before you can use it.

Download Google Search – un-S-U-P-E-R-sized [via gOS]

Tutorial: How To Flash DD-WRT Firmware On Your Wi-fi Router

A few days ago I had told you guys about running  OpenSource firmware on your Wi-Fi router. Here are the steps you should follow to flash DD-WRT Linux Firmware on your Wi-fi router. Please keep in mind that here I am using a Linksys WRT-54G2 Wifi router which is completely compatible with DD-WRT firmware. Before proceeding with the steps please make sure that your Wi-Fi router is completely compatible with the DD-WRT firmware from  here. I would also like to notify my dear readers that they should follow the steps as I have said and if by chance they brick their Wi-fi router I should not be held responsible for it.

Step 1: Set your PC static IP to and Subnet Mask to


Step 2: Install Linksys tftp. You can download it from befsx41_Tftp.

Step 3: Disable your Anti virus and Firewall even the inbuilt Windows Firewall.

Step 4: Reset your router and plug in the ethernet (LAN) cable at the back of the Router in any of the provided slot except for the ‘Internet’ port.

Step 5: Start the Linksys Tftp utility and set the Server IP to Then set the password to admin or you may leave it blank. Try either of them, if one fails, try the other one.


Step 6: The first file you need to flash is the VxWorksPrep-G2V1.bin file.

Step 7: It will take some time for the flashing to complete, after its complete, your router should reboot, if it does not then do a manual reboot. Wait for atleast 2-3mins before doing a manual reboot.

Step 8: Again start the Linksys tftp.exe utility and now flash the VxWorksKiller-G2V1.bin. After flashing the file, again wait for 2-3mins for the router to reboot on its own and if it does not, do a manual reboot.

Step 9: Now flash the latest DD-WRT firmware available for your model. After the flashing is done, wait for atleast 4minutes so that the router sets itself up and reboots atleast twice. If the router does not reboot automatically, do a manual reboot.


Step 10: After that hard reset the router. Now go to via your browser and setup your new powerful Wifi router. Don’t forget to change back the static IP of your PC back to default.

After this if you ever need to upgrade to the latest DD-WRT firmware, you can use the web interface to do so.

To download the latest DD-WRT firmware for your model, please check If you face any other problem, please feel free to ask here and I would be happy to help.

Cross posted from the Gadgets Buzz blog.

Block/Disable Ads In Gmail With A Simple Signature Hack [Hacks & Mods]

is a really great email service, what with so many features making it one of the best online email service.

However there are several ads displayed when you open a email in Gmail, this can get a bit annoying, however according to a excellent tip from Lifehacker, you can now disable ads in Gmail by using a simple signature.

We tested it out as you can see from the image below and it works like a charm.


The trick involves adding a simple sentence as your signature and bam no more ads in Gmail, the sentence you need to add as your signature is;

I enjoy the massacre of ads. This sentence will slaughter ads without a messy bloodbath.

Copy it and go to settings and add it to your signature to disable ads in Gmail sidebar.

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