Microsoft’s Developer Marathon in India Sets Guinness World Record

Microsoft’s Windows AppFest held at KTPO, Bangalore, has set the Guinness World Record for “Most Participants in a Software Development Marathon in One Location”. A little more than two and a half thousand (2567 to be precise) developers poured their heart and soul for eighteen hours to design, build, and test new Windows 8 apps.


Microsoft has been holding developer events across the world in an attempt to energize the developer ecosystem for Windows 8 ahead of its launch. Windows 8 features an entirely new class of touch-screen friendly apps that leverage web technologies. While Windows 8 makes developing Windows apps easier than ever before, it also eschews backward compatibility. Old apps will still run on desktops, but only in the classic mode, and in ARM tablets, they won’t run at all. Microsoft is making a bold move by redefining what we mean by Windows Apps, and its success hinges on developer participation.

AppFest is an initiative to get developers familiarized and involved with Windows 8, as well as to raise awareness about the opportunities offered by Windows 8. The Bangalore event was filled with activities throughout the day and night including performances from DJRink, rock band Swarathma and morning yoga sessions. Bhaskar Pramanik, Chairman, Microsoft India, remarked “The spectacle of thousands of developers toiling through the night has demonstrated great commitment to their work.”








[ Photos courtesy of Abhishek Baxi and Microsoft ]

15-year-old Breaks World Record for Fastest Typing on iPad

15-year-old son of Mikheil Saakashvili, President of Georgia, Eduard Saakashvili, achieved a world record for typing the English alphabets (A-Z) on an Apple iPad in just 5.26 seconds beating the previous world record of 6.61 seconds set by Charlie Joseph McDonnell in 2010. Now, Apple has a reason to award this guy!

Eduard Saakashvili Breaks World Record for Fastest Typing on iPad

“I am very happy” Eduard said in comments broadcast by Georgian television explaining that he had spent months practicing and getting ready for the event.

“Our whole family has been nervous. I am a very proud mummy today,” said President Saakashvili’s Dutch wife, Sandra Roelofs, who watched her son’s triumph.

The event was documented by an observer from Guinness World Records in the former Soviet republic’s Black Sea resort of Batumi.

Eduard was give three chances (attempts) by the Guinness folks to break the existing World Record record of 6.61 seconds. Eduard’s constant  practice helped him  break the record in the first attempt itself. Quite lucky!

Here’s a chance for you to challenge Eduard. Get yourself an Apple iPad (in case if you don’t have one) and stand a chance to set a new world World Record.

There are various techniques explained on the Internet to type faster. There are some video posted on YouTube which explain and demonstrates how one can type faster on an iPad.

Here’s a video demonstration to type faster on an iPad.

For the record, I took 8.5 seconds to type the English alphabet  on a conventional “tactile” keyboard. #Fail?