First Impressions: LogMeIn Ignition for the iPhone/iPod Touch

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logmein-00 When I heard about the public beta for LogMeIn for the iPhone, I knew that I–a current LogMeIn user–needed to get in on it.

LogMeIn is a remote access client that allows you to connect to your computer from anywhere in the world (with an internet connection.)

Needless to say, the beta didn’t disappoint me and LogMeIn Ignition was released for the iPhone yesterday (December 16.) At a whopping $29.99, this will probably be the most expensive app you’ll have on your phone. In this review, I’ll show you why it’s worth every penny and serves as a priceless replacement for using Safari to access LogMeIn online.

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How To Add Exceptions To Windows Firewall?

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Windows Firewall blocks incoming network connections to your computer to help protect it from malicious programs trying to connect to your computer and steal your data. Note that it does not block outbound connections, so if spyware or malware does ever get installed on your computer, it can send out data without any restriction.

Overall, having the firewall turned on is good, but there are many occasions when Windows Firewall blocks incoming connections for legitimate programs. Most of the time, you’ll get a dialog box asking you whether or not to unblock a program, but sometimes you have to add an exception to the Firewall list manually.

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Web 1.0 TO 2.0 Transformation

Following is a guest post by Praval who is a freelance writer/blogger and works for Uswaretech, a Django Consulting shop as a Web Evangelist and Online Marketer.

Not even the creator of World Wide Web, Tim Berners- Lee, would have ever thought that his creation will lead to the formation of the biggest human communication network. Since its creation, the Internet has evolved dramatically from being a mere platform to promote consumerism to a platform which promotes socialism and human interaction. New technology has transformed the way people use the World Wide Web. Today the internet users are looking more than just information; they are searching for rich experience.

The era of web 1.0 ended with the burst of the internet bubble in the new millennium and gave way to the birth of web 2.0

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