5 Things To Remember Before Gifting Gadgets

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Gifting gadgets become a trend now-a-days. I thought of writing this article before Diwali, but I was too busy hunting tech gifts for my loved ones. But don’t worry; we still have Christmas and New Year ahead, so start preparing for it.

Tips to help to Buy and Gift Gadgets

1. Create A List : If you are going to gift only a single person, then you can skip this step and go to step 2 directly. If not, make a list of exactly how many people you would like to gift. Jot the names down on a piece of paper or use a sticky pad software. This is the first and basic step.

2. Choose Right Gifts : If you like a gift, it doesn’t mean the one you are going to gift it would also like it. Especially when you are going to gift a girl. Different people have different tastes. Everyone in your list, most probably, will have different tastes.

3. Make A Budget : This is an important thing. If you are going to gift a single person, then you don’t need to worry about the budget much. If it is for more than 3-4 persons, then you should make a budget to come up with a definite figure. Christmas and New Year are nearing, so make it perfect.

4. Best Buy And Price : Not all shops have everything. You have to visit dozen shops and compare the products for discounts. But if you are techie, you should check out online shopping portals. That would be more sensible. You can also visit electronic stores like eZone and Croma. Additionally also check 31 places to stop by before shopping online.

5. Wrap The Gift : This might sound silly, but it is worthy. Gifts often lose their effect when they are not wrapped up. Books are judged by their covers, that’s why gifts are wrapped. It will be a pleasure to watch your loved ones brighten up as they unravel their gifts.

Remember, without how you give’, what you give’ is nothing. So do it in a special manner and in the nick of time. Do you have any other suggestions to gift gadgets? Do tell me through your comments.

This guest article was written by S.Pradeep Kumar, a technical blogger and writer specializing in blogging tips, product reviews and tutorials. You can find him hooked on to twitter on weekends; follow him for an evening chat!

4 Cool Free Online File Converter Sites

Whether you have a video file and want to change it to an MP3, or your boss needs a Word document to be sent in PDF format, there are sites that will handle the conversion for you.


You don’t want to install fancy software that you’ll rarely use, and some of the programs out there don’t even work. Luckily, there are free sites that will do all the work for you. All you have to do is click a few buttons.

PDF Online (http://www.pdfonline.com)

You can turn Word documents into PDFs for a more professional presentation, and the conversion also comes in handy if you are sending the file to someone who does not happen to have Microsoft Office on his or her computer.

You can also turn text PDFs into a Word document, which can make copying and editing the PDF text that much easier. Once you’re done, you can convert it into a PDF again. PDF Online emails you your new document within minutes, and there are no pesky watermarks on the finished product.

Vixy (http://vixy.net)

YouTube videos are great, but the lack of a download option to keep your favorite clips is annoying. Vixy was created for the fanatics of streaming videos, like those on YouTube and MegaVideo.

You can save the video file in a variety of formats compatible with Windows, Mac, iPods, or your phone, meaning that you can take your favorite clips and show them to anyone anywhere. There’s even an MP3 only conversion option, so if all you want is the sound file, you can have that too.

Media Convert (http://media-convert.com)

This all-in-one website will change nearly any kind of video or sound file into any other video or sound file. If you have an FLV-format of a video or song, like from YouTube or Imeem, you can change it into a WAV, MP3, MPEG, or AVI file, among others.

There are also a plethora of other files Media Convert can handle, such as ringtone, text, presentation, and mathematics files. Just keep in mind that with some conversions, the quality of the finished product will be diminished, such as converting MP3s to WAVs.

Online Conversion (http://www.onlineconversion.com)

This isn’t a file converter site, but it will convert any unit of measurement to another unit of measurement. If you’re struggling to calculate how many pints are in five gallons, Online Conversion can help. There are U.S. as well as U.K. measurements, so metric and standard need confuse you no more.

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Comparison Of Popular Online File Storage Services

Guest post by Srikanth.

There are many services available. It is a very good idea to store your data on secured servers, this not only saves your hard disk space but also allows you to sync and recover any lost data during a system crash or any other natural disasters.

Here in are some of the paid and free online file storage services that provide tons of free and paid storage space to store your data securely. Many of these services also allow you to share files over the web and by using specific clients, you can also backup your data automatically without the fear of losing data. The table below shows a detailed comparison of some of the popular online file storage services, look at the table and decide which service best suits you.

Web host/ Features




Windows Live Mesh

Language supported





Free trial





Storage Space

50 GB free

For multiple accounts $6.95/month for 50 GB and $13.95/month

1 GB Free

$7.95/month for 5 GB and $19.95/month

2 GB Free $4.95/month unlimited for home users

5 GB Free

Maximum Upload file Size

2 GB

25 MB for Free users and 1 GB files for Paid users

No Limit


Bandwidth limit

No limit for paid users and 1 TB for free users

10 GB for Free users and No limit for paid users

No Limit

No Limit

Upload Options

Web based uploads, Windows and Mac Adrive clients for automatic backup

Web based

Through Windows and Mac sync clients

Through your web site and internet explorer plugins

System Compatibility

Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Mac OS x 10.4 and above systems

Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Mac OS x 10.4 and above systems

Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Mac OS x 10.4 and above systems

Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Mac OS x 10.4 and above systems

Option to delete files





Sync option















Web host/ Features





Language supported


English and German


English, German, French and Italian

Free trial





Storage Space

2 GB Free

500 GB for Paid customers

100 MB

50 GB Free and 1 TB for Paid customers

Maximum Upload file Size


200 MB for Free users and 2000 MB for paid users

100 MB

1024 MB for free users and not applicable for paid users

Bandwidth limit

Not applicable

500 kbps for free users and paid users can download 2.66 GB per day


No Parallel downloads for Free users and unlimited for paid users

Upload Options

Web based and through client

Web based or Direct upload

Web based or Direct upload

System Compatibility

Windows 2000, XP and Vista systems

Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Mac OS x 10.4 and above systems

Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Mac OS x 10.4 and above systems

Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Mac OS x 10.4 and above systems

Option to delete files





Sync option















Guest blogger Srikanth writes on Tech Inspiration blog about tips, gadgets, and technology. Check out his blog or Linkedin profile for more.

Open Source – Is It All Hype or Just Good Software?

This is a guest post by Randy Kemp

Open source software: Is it hype or just good software? Well, before we go into this question, we really need a definition. Let’s start with this good, basic definition of open source.


They say, Open source software is software for which the underlying code has been made available for users. Users are then able to read it or change it as they wish.This is a good definition. But how do we find good open source software, if such a thing exists?

Are you into country music? If so, do you remember a tune called Dust On The Bottleby David Lee Murphy? Well, the song is about this young lad, who goes to this country wine maker named Creal, for something to impress a young lady. And he pulled out a bottle of wine, covered with dust.

Let’s examine a couple lines from this song, and relate it to open source software. There might be a little dust on the bottle. But don’t let it fool ya ’bout what’s inside.So we get our first inkling about open source. It appears to be dusty on the surface, but it is good inside. And that is the problem. Not everyone has a person called Creal, to tell them what constitutes a good bottle of wine let alone good open source software.

Now let’s take another verse of the Murphy song, that gives us a better clue. There might be a little dust on the bottle. It’s one of those things that gets sweeter with time. Now before we get into this sweeter with timething, let me give you a bit of background, as to why I can speak on these things.

For several years, I was a software developer at Motorola, where I wore many hats. Three years of working with Oracle and Java, and three years of working with ASP.NET and SQL Server. In addition, I wore the hats of technical writer, project manager, business analyst, trainer, and six-sigma black belt. But I ran web servers for engineers, based upon the open source web server Apache, and scripted UNIX with Perl, another popular open source product. So let’s start this sweeter with time, with a product called Tomcat.

apache_tomcat Tomcat is a Java product, which is under the Apache organization umbrella, and the source was initially donated by Sun Microsystems. Tomcat is basically used to be a java interface between databases, like Oracle, and a web server. There was a lot of rumble initially that Tomcat was really buggy. But when it was released as open source, the worldwide community of super coders went to work cleaning it up. Today this product is in the same class as any commercial equivalent. So it has gotten sweeter over time.

lamp_logo Another example of sweeter over timeis L.A.M.P. L.A.M.P. is a hybrid of four products, named LINUX, APACHE, MYSQL, and PHP. What we have is an operating system (LINUX being the open source version of UNIX), a web server (APACHE), a database (MYSQL, even though I consider POSTGRESQL to be just as good), and a scripting language (PHP).

Each of these products has been successful for many years. But together, they constitute a powerful combination, for running complete web applications, with dynamic (database) content.

Now there are a couple of points here, that need to be shared, so as not to see open source as cut and dry.

  1. If you are running critical applications, make sure you give sufficient time, after a new architecture is introduced. So if Apache is going from 1 X to 2X, Tomcat from 5X to 6X, or Perl from 7 X to 8X, don’t be the first on the technology bandwagon. Wait until Apache 2.2 X, for example.
  2. Insure there are software support companies available; it is it critical to get a fix right away. I know, for example, that MYSQL has service contracts available, from the commercial company that oversees the software.

I hope you enjoyed this short introduction to open source software.  If you have any questions, please be sure to contact me, or leave post comments.  I love hearing from open source enthusiasts – even those who also need to be converted.

Randy Kemp is a B2B Technology Copywriter  (B2B-TechCopy), Motorola Six-Sigma Black Belt, Computer Scientist, Writer, Psychologist, former IT Consulting Company Owner, and Inbound/Direct Response Marketer.  He is committed to Providing Persuasion Artistry for B2B Technology Marketing Communications (I.E. white paper, case study, social media).  Please visit his website, for more audio and video social media links,  at http://www.b2b-techcopy.com

Sony Ericsson W995 Review


The Sony Ericsson W995 is the latest Walkman series phone by Sony Ericsson. This phone was unveiled by Sony Ericsson in the WMC in Barcelona earlier this year and now the phone is out in the market. The phone being a Walkman series phone surprisingly has some features of the Cyber shot series phone of Sony Ericsson, which makes it different from other phones of this series. The phone has an 8.1MP camera with Auto Focus, Image stabilizer, Video stabilizer, face detection, smile shutter, BestPic, Video light, LED flash, 16x digital zoom and geo-tagging.

The phone also has in-built a GPS, Wi-Fi, three axis accelerometer and is DLNA certified which means that you can view pictures on your television just by connecting your TV and W995 wirelessly using Wi-Fi. It also has a 3.5mm jack on the top and a kick stand for watching video.


Along with the phone come free accessories like the HPM 77 earphones, MS 410 speakers and an 8GB M2 card. The phone has an in-built memory of 118MB and is expandable up to 16GB. The phone supports GSM, GPRS, EDGE  850/900/1800/1900, UMTS/HSPA 900/2100 networks. Video call is also supported. The phone gives 9hrs talk time in GSM/GPRS/EDGE connection and 4hrs in 3G connection.

The phone has a 2.6 inch screen (diagonally) with 240*320 resolution. The display of the screen is brighter and sharper compared to other TFT screens. Pictures and videos where very sharp and bright in display.The screen is also scratch resistant. But the phone being a multimedia phone, it should had a bigger screen for better video experience.

The keypad of the phone is very good with keys placed at a good distance from each other, so typing was easy and fast. Three media buttons are also present on the right side of the phone, each for previous, play/pause and forward respectively. These buttons work even when the keypad is locked, so song changing is made easy. The camera button is also placed below the three media buttons.

The phone has 5 D shaped keys on the slider along with the navigation keys. Two keys for the phone browsing, two for call and end respectively and one for shortcut.

The camera is very good and can do the job of a digital camera pretty well. The camera takes very good pictures in the sunlight (as usual) and decent pictures in dim room.

As mentioned above features like Auto Focus, Image stabilizer, Video stabilizer, face detection, smile shutter, BestPic, Video light, LED flash makes a good camera. The video is recorded in MP4 format and is good in day light and video
light for dark condition.The only negative point is that no lens cover for the camera which makes it vulnerable to dust and scratches.

The music quality of the phone is backed up by the company’s latest music technology Clear Bass and Clear Stereo. The music is the clearest I have heard till now on any phone. The Bass is clear without any hint of distortion. The HPM 77 earphones are very good. The MS 410 speaker given free with the phone is loud enough compared to its size but the sound distorts when in bass equalizer and it doesn’t have its own battery, so the phone battery suffers. The phone’s speakers are at the top and bottom of the phone.

The phone has preloaded navigation applications like Google Maps 2.3.1 and Wayfinder Navigator (trial version), which is accurate enough, it also helps in finding nearby landmarks like restaurant, multiplex etc. The phone also has a fitness based application Tracker which calculates speed, distance and the direction of running/walking using the GPS. The Wi-Fi is very easy to operate and connect.

The phone has 7 preloaded games amongst which 3 are motion controlled. The phone is also Youtube compatible so watching and uploading videos on
Youtube is easy. The Music Mate 5 application helps guitar players to tune their guitar.

The coolest Sony Ericsson application TrackID is also present which helps recognizing song name, album and artist of songs using internet. Access NetFront is the default browser which is good compared to previous browsers. Java applications are supported.

The MediaGo file transfer application which comes with the PC Suite makes file transfer very easy. Now no need to convert the video before adding on the phone, just copy the video through MediaGo and it will convert the video and copy it simultaneously to the phone. Songs are also analyzed for SensMe in MediaGo.  SensMe helps creating playlist according to the mood of a song, like happy, sad, slow and fast.

The major negative point of the phone is the battery, which has not been made strong enough compared to the features available on the phone.

Overall the phone is a very good package of entertainment with good camera, very good sound quality and features like Wi-Fi, GPS and Youtube. The only negative point is the battery. I will rate Sony Ericsson W995 8.75 out of 10.

This is a guest post by Rahul Shah who is a class 12 commerce student from Kolkata. Rahul Shah will be joining the Mobile Buzz team soon as a regular author.

18 Unique & Handy PDF Tools

This is a guest post by Tehseen Baweja.

  are one of the most useful document formats around, but not having proper tools can limit their usage. Not everybody wants to spend hundreds of dollars to buy official Adobe software, so we have made a list of free tools that will let you do everything with PDFs from splitting and merging to filling them online. All these tools are free and most of them require no downloads or installations:

1. PDF Maker

Want to create a simple Text PDF but don’t have time to download softwares or upload documents? Check out PDF Maker. It is a one-click PDF generator that creates PDFs from the text you type. A rich text-editor allows to type and format text just the way you want. Once you are done, click on download and a PDF would be saved to your local drive.


2. PDF2Word

PDF2Word lets you convert documents from PDF to MS Word without any hassle. No login or download required, just browse to the PDF file on your computer and click convert.


3. PDF-Crack

You have a locked PDF document but you forgot the password! PDF-Crack lets you unlock PDFs without doing anything. Just browse to the PDF you want to unlock and click submit. PDF-Crack would unlock any PDF of up-to 5 MB for you instantly.


4. PDFToExcelOnline

PDFToExcelOnline converts PDF documents into Excel. It is a really useful tool that will let you keep your tables and spreadsheets. The converted file is emailed to you right away!


5. PDFind

Google and Bing are all excellent but sometimes you just want to search for PDF documents. PDFind searches for your keyword within thousands of PDF documents and displays PDFs containing your keywords. Selecting a search result would also provide you information about the PDF such as number of pages, language etc.


6. PDFVue

PDFVue is an online replacement of Adobe Acrobat. It lets you view PDFs online without downloading any software. Just open up a PDF from your local drive or a URL and start editing it. You can save your updated PDF and/or share it online.


7. Html to PDF Converter

Convert any web page or HTML document to PDFs without downloading any software through HTML to PDF.


8. MergePDF

Merge up-to 10 PDF files together without downloading any software. No registration required. MergePDF supports files up-to 5 MB each.


9. CountOnIt

Want to count the words and characters in a PDF document? CountOnit can do it for you for any PDFs up to 1MB.


10. PDF Notes Generator

Create customized PDFs for taking notes. Choose between blank, ruled or graph layout and print single-sided or double-sided sheets. You can also print on different paper sizes and select how dark the lines should be.


11. Vuzit

Vuzit lets you share PDF documents with the world. Simply browse to a PDF on your computer and Vuzit will create a permanent link that you can use to view the PDF online without any download or plugins.


12. PDF Escape

PDFEscape allows you to edit and fill out PDFs online for free. All you need is a Javascript enabled browser and you are good to go. You can also use PDFEscape on your website to allow customers to fill PDF documents online and email to you.


13. PDFMeNot

PDFMeNot is a light-weight online PDF viewer that open PDFs from your computer or a URL. You can also get the   for one-click PDF viewing.


14. PDFHammer

PDF Hammer is a free online PDF editor that allows you to secure your PDFs by setting a password. You can move and delete pages within a PDF and download the edited version. You can also use it to add metadata to your PDF.


15. Web2PDF

Add a PDF creation feature to your blog or website through Web2PDF. Just copy-paste the Javascript code on your website and a Save Page As PDF button would be embedded on your website.



RSS2PDF allows you to create PDF documents from any RSS feeds. Just provide the URL of any website, feed or OPML and submit.


17. SpeedyPDF

SpeedyPDF is a light-weight desktop application that allows you to print any windows documents to a PDF. It is installed as a virtual printer so all you need to do is choose SpeedyPDF as your printer when you are trying to print something. Download SpeedyPDF here.


18. PDF to MP3

This lets you convert your PDF documents into an MP3 file that you can import into your iTunes and listen. It works by first converting the PDF into a text document and then converting the text into speech. You can download it here.

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10 Add-ons To Supercharge Blogging With Firefox

have always been adding some usefulness to in several areas, one of them is Blogging, here are some useful add-ons that will help you supercharge you blogging experience with Firefox.



1. ScribeFire (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/1730)

It is one of the best add-on possible for blogging. It offers some powerful and amazing features which can be seen only in few desktop blogging clients and with its recent Integration with Zemanta, it has become more powerful than some desktop clients.

Some of its features are:

  • Ability to right click on a portion of selected text/photo from any webpage to create a new post using its editor window.
  • Ability to save your posts as drafts for future writing.
  • Integration with Blog directory services like Technorati and Ping-O-Matic and many more.
  • Ability to share the post to various social networks with a single click.
  • Support for Multiple Blogs.

ScribeFire is compatible with Blogger, WordPress.com, Movable Type, WordPress (Self Hosted).

2. Zemanta (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/7571)

Zemanta is a plugin which integrates with your blogging dashboard and populates your dashboard with contextual photos, tags and links to add to your blog post and enrich it, just by watching what you are writing in your post. If you want, you can also filter Zemanta for specific keywords which are not present in your post.

This add-on basically just adds a sidebar to your posting editor and allows you to use photos, tags and even links with a single click and use them in your post.

Image Editing

As a Tech Blogger, I need to keep taking screenshots of the various websites or online services that I blog about. This is where add-ons like Fireshot and Picnik comes into picture and help us a great deal.

3. Fireshot (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/5648)

It is one of the most popular add-on for creating screenshots of web pages either entirely or just the visible part of the webpage. This add-on also provides a host of editing and annotation tools, which can be very helpful in modifying the taken screenshots and insert text/ graphical annotations to it. The screenshot can then be saved in 4 different formats PNG, GIF, JPEG and BMP.

4. Screengrab (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/1146)

An another popular add-on for web screenshots. You can capture the entire page or a particular selection as an screenshot and then convert it into a file later.

5. Picnik (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/4889)

We all know that Picnik is an amazing web photo editor. This extension simply adds a option in your right context menu, to make it very easy to to edit the image in  Picnik. Through this add-on, you can also take screenshots of the current page and import them into Picnik for any editing of the image.


Every person who is into Blogging accept the fact that commenting is an important part of blogging as well. This add-on acts as an auto-fill and can help you in automatically filling out the Comment Forms on various blogs.

6. EasyComment (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/9095)

Once Installed, you just have to click on Easy Comment icon on the status bar of Firefox and insert all your details like Name, Email and Website address. That is all.
The next time you go to any website/blog and click on the Easy comment Icon, all the fields are Auto filled by this add-on and you just have to add your comment and press the Submit Button.


There are at times when you come across a great article but not in position to blog about it, and if you add it to bookmarks, there are chances of losing it if you have a huge list of bookmarks like me :)

7. Scrapbook (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/427)

This add-on gives you a collapsible sidebar on which you can drag drop the article or add it via right click context menu for later reading. You can also tag that particular page with your annotations, to help you identify it later.

Everything is stored in folder like structure, locally which can help you a great deal in organizing all your clipped stuff.

8. Read It Later (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/7661)

Sometimes you want to save a page which are of one time read only. In such cases, it is not worth putting it in your bookmarks. This Firefox extension will help you in such case. It allows you to save the required pages for further reading which will be of one time interest only.


9. Shareaholic ((https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/5457))

Shareaholic is a small nifty add-on which allows you to easily share your posts to various social networks very quickly.

It simply adds a button to both your toolbar and context menu that makes all the social networks like Digg, Stumbleupon, Delicious, Friendfeed and Twitter accessible. Shareholic also allows you to customize which network you want and you don’t. Shareaholic supports 30 social networks currently.

10. FireFTP (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/684)

For some reason, if you want to FTP to your site, this add-ons helps you a great deal. It is an integrated FTP Client within Firefox, which offers pretty good features like directory comparison, directories syncing while navigating, support for SFTP and SSL encryption, search/filtering, integrity checking, remote editing, support for dragging & dropping files, file hashing and many more.

This is a guest post by Vikas SN a Software Engineer and a Technology Blogger from the Bangalore who blogs at Techie Blues, where he writes about cool softwares and hack you can use, if you want your guest post featured on Techie Buzz, drop us a line through the contact us form.

Ubuntu Linux: How to Enable or Disable Swap Partition

In this post we shall discuss how to enable or disable swap partition in Ubuntu Linux. Ubuntu Linux or any Linux operating system can use a swap partition for paging in case if it runs out of physical memory. The swap partition is not a mandatory requirement for using Linux but it is advisable that you have a swap partition setup to avoid memory bottleneck in case you run out of your physical memory.

The aim of this post is explorer the ways in which we can enable or disable swap partitions it is assumed that you have already swap partition created during the Ubuntu Linux installation.

Method 1:

We can use Gparted partition manager to enable or disable a swap partition. If Gparted is not installed in your Ubuntu Linux then use the following command below to install it.

   1: sudo apt-get install gparted

This will install the Gparted partition editor which you can access from System>>Administration>>Partition Editor


The Gparted will now display all the available partitions in the hard disk that is selected. In this case we have a 14.99GB hard disk that has got a swap partition of 682.42MB.


To enable the Swap partition:

To enable the swap partitions right click on the swap partition and then select the Swapon’ option to enable the swap partition.


To disable the Swap partition:

To disable the swap partitions right click on the swap partition and then select the Swapoff’ option to disable the swap partition.


Method 2:

In this method we shall discuss the enabling and disabling swap partition from terminal.

To enable the Swap partition:

To enable all the swap partitions on your computer you can use the following command.

   1: sudo swapon a

If you would like to enable the swap partition for a particular partition then you can use the following command:

   1: sudo swapon U <uuid>

To find the UUID of all the partitions use this command:

   1: sudo blkid


In our example the UUID of our swap partition is 39be8652-da3d-4ad0-b11a-adb6c2ba3586 so the command will look like:

   1: sudo swapon U 39be8652-da3d-4ad0-b11a-adb6c2ba3586

To disable the Swap partition:

To disable all the swap partitions on your computer you can use the following command.

   1: sudo swapoff a

If you would like to disable the swap partition for a particular partition then you can use the following command:

   1: sudo swapoff U <uuid>

In our example the UUID of our swap partition is 39be8652-da3d-4ad0-b11a-adb6c2ba3586 so the command will look like:

   1: sudo swapoff U 39be8652-da3d-4ad0-b11a-adb6c2ba3586

That’s it you can enable or disable swap partition either using the Gparted GUI or using the command line.

[This is a guest post by Shivaranjan Bhoopathy. He writes articles on Linux, Windows and freeware softwares. A visit to his Blog is highly recommended. You’re sure to find something of interest.]

Three Things To Do After Installing Google Chrome

This is a guest post by Shankar Ganesh from Killer Tech Tips. If you want to write a guest post for us, feel free to contact us.

is a pretty slick and fast browser that is out in the wild today. Although it hasn’t captured a big market share, I bet a lot of people will begin using it the day Google Chrome makes it easier for developers to make add-ons.

Although Google Chrome is radical in many aspects, it still comes with a few annoyances that you should disable or remove, and here’s how you can do that:

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Control Your Privacy While Using Google Chrome

This is a guest post written by Tim Brazer who blogs at TimBrazer.com, you can catch up all the latest posts from Tim by subscribing to his RSS feed. You can also get in touch with Tim by email or following him on .

, identified as a browser with a minimalistic design while providing sophisticated technology "to make the web faster, safer, and easier" features incognito browsing; a stealth mode where you can browse from prying eyes leaving nothing behind; cookies, page history, and downloads. Everything is deleted when you exit.

With all of the features of incognito browsing why did Google create a unique ID for each browser downloaded? What does it do? It identifies you and according to Abelssoft, it isn’t easy to remove. That is until you use UnChrome.

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