[Guest Post] 6 Tried and True Tips For Today’s Entrepreneurs

This guest post is authored by Lomesh Shah, President and Co-Founder of NonProfitEasy. Lomesh combines his entrepreneurial passion with more than 20 years of international corporate experience and has been a strong advocate for using the power of technology for the transformation of the nonprofit sector. Continue reading [Guest Post] 6 Tried and True Tips For Today’s Entrepreneurs

11 Things You Must Follow When Starting A New Blog

This is a Guest Post by Tanmay from Tech Tips Geek.

Starting a new blog is always challenging. If you are new to blogging, it is quite possible that you are not so much familiar of this profession. The success of your blog obviously depends on the niche, you have chosen. But only the niche can not promote you on the internet. Thousands of people are entering in the blogging world everyday. So you can not leave other people behind without organizing yourself.


Having said that, a good start always helps you to become first in the crowd. Here are some few advice to start your blog.

1. The first thing about your blog is your blog name. It is very worth to get a descriptive blog name. Choose it wisely so that people can understand about the niche of your blog.

2. If you can afford, then choose a top level domain(.com, .org, .net, .info). The Domain name should be the same as your blog name.

3. Host your domain in a good/well known hosting company. Though a bad neighbour does not affect your blog but having good environment is always better.

4. Select the theme for your blog so that it matches with the contents. As example, if you are starting a technology tips and tricks blog and choose a magazine theme, the readers may lose attention. Hence blog theme must be appropriate enough.

5. Design your theme uniquely. Be influenced by other blogs but do not be dominated by them. Make your theme easy to navigate, so that readers can easily reach to the article, they need. Remove the unnecessary links if you are using free WordPress theme. e.g the Blogroll links, Meta links etc. Restrict theme templates, admin pages from crawling by the search bots by robots.txt.

6. Keep your best articles in home of your blog. This will ensure that the search engine will crawl them regularly.

7. Submit your blog URLto giant search engines:

8. Sign up for Webmaster account and submit your blog to get verified. Here is the list:

9. Reduce blog page load time so that search engines can easily crawl your site. Some plugin can really help you. Here is the list:

i) WP Super Cache

ii) PHP Speedy

Also adding an Expires header to the static resources like JavaScript, images, CSS files significantly improve the page load time. You can do it by adding the following lines in the .htaccess file from your server.

ExpiresActive On
ExpiresByType image/gif A2592000
ExpiresByType image/png AA2592000
ExpiresByType image/jpg AA2592000
ExpiresByType image/jpeg AA2592000

10. Try to get back links from some older sites with higher page rank. There are some ways to win back links.

i) Write a guest post for a well known site. It will help you to increase your page rank and also a fair amount of visitors.

ii) Another tricks can help you to increase your page rank – Some websites use do follow meta tag in their comment section. Find out such sites relevant to your niche and leave a comment.

11. Use SEO for better search engine ranking. This may take some time as your blog is so new in the web. To get some instant traffic you can follow a simple trick. Some sites publish the trackbacks. So find out that type of site ranking top in the search engine that matches with your article and give a credit to that site from your post.

Over of all you must be original and honest with your articles.

This is a guest post by Tanmay from Tech Tips Geek, where you can find the latest tips and tricks. Want to guest post for us? Read our Guest Post guidelines to find out how you can submit guest posts to us.

5 Smartest Tips to Handle Important Mail

We receive tons of email daily which makes it really hard to make sense of those clutter. It is so easy to miss an important note or get to it when it is too late.

The following tips will help you better manage your important email for you to always be able to handle it properly.

First let’s define how we can automatically identify all important mail:

  • By sender’s email address, e.g. [email protected] With many email services and clients, you are able to use a wildcard (*) to filter all incoming mail from some domain, e.g. *@yourjob.com filter will include all your work incoming mail;
  • By the keyword (usually in the subject). You can arrange to use some key phrases with your business partners or boss for you to easier identify urgent mail from them, e.g. "Important!" or "Needs response now!"

1. Create a label / folder to organize all important email. If you are on Gmail, you can create a label (called TO-DO for example) and the create a filter to label all the important messages as TO-DO. Here are the Gmail filter settings to get this done:

Filter Email messages

For MS Outlook, you can create a folder and file any email sent with high importance in the Quick, the house is burning downfolder (for more MS Outlook tips refer to this post on getting organized with customized Microsoft Outlook rules

2. Automatically star all the important email or flag it for follow-up. If you are using Gmail, it has a handy option to automatically star all mail that conforms to your search setting:

Add Stars to Email Messages

3. Set up an SMS alert of new urgent email. This one is an awesome tip, yet not widely known. Most of mobile carriers offer free Email To SMS gateways which can be found here. All you need is to create a filter to forward all your mail with the set criteria to your personal email, e.g. [your 10-digit phone number here]@message.alltel.com

Set up SMS Alerts for Important Emails

4. Filter out unimportant mail. Really, this needs to be #1. In order not to miss urgent mail, you will need to get rid of all clutter: social media updates, automatic updates, etc – everything you still read (so no way to unsubscribe) but don’t really need in your inbox. Create a filter and add Skip the inbox, Mark as read, and Apply a label(I have SOCIAL label foe all that stuff):

Filter Out Unimportant Emails

5. Send an auto response containing other ways to get into contact with you urgently (including cell phone, IMs, etc). (For Gmail users) Use this post as guidelines: they did an awesome job explaining the process, so no reason to explain it again.

Set Auto-response for Emails

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10 Ways to Make Your Laptop Run More Efficiently

Whether it’s for work or pleasure, a laptop can be a real joy. However, if your laptop is not running as fast as it did when it was new, it may be time for some routine maintenance and cleanup.


Here are a few simple tips that you can use to make your laptop run faster, and last longer:

  1. Defragment your laptop on a regular basis at least once a week. Your computer breaks all of your files up into many pieces, and scatters them throughout your hard drive.  What defragmenting does is take all these mixed and scattered pieces, and re-organizes them neatly into a space where they can be easily accessed more quickly – The Best Free Defragmentation Tools.

  2. Cleaning your Registry is a must. One of the most important parts of Windows is the registry. Fatal errors to your laptop can occur from disfiguration or corruption of this section. The most common cause of registry problems is buggy software installation.  Keep your registry clean and consider getting and running a registry cleaner from time to time. There are many of these programs available online, and some of them are even free – Keep Your Registry Clean With Mr.Fix Registry Cleaner.

  3. Unclutter your hard drive of unnecessary programs and files such as entertainment, games, music, pictures, etc. If you allow them to add up, these files can clog the hard drive and slow it down. If your hard drive is too full, it can also cause problems with your computer’s RAM and processing capability. This can lead to significant slow-downs and frequent crashes – Windows Cleanup for Fast and Fun Cleanups.

  4. Get good virus protection. You need to run a good anti-virus program and spyware/adware program at least once a week, if not more. Many people do this every day at start-up. Most of these programs are able to run automatically on their own schedule without your assistance, which can save you a lot of time – The Best Free Antivirus and Malware protection.

  5. Empty the recycle bin regularly. It doesn’t do you a lot of good to delete all that unnecessary junk if it’s just going to sit in your Recycle Bin. No one likes taking out the trash but it needs to be done! – Recycle Bin tips and tricks.

4 Audio Editors For Blog Podcasting

Podcasts are everywhere and most of them are nothing more than sales talk. But, if your podcast has some meat, web users will listen. Sound professional and even more will listen.


To sound professional, you need an audio editor. Some are open source software, others stand-alone and some, like Sound Forge, are bundled (with Director, in this case).

Ready to get started? There’s plenty of software to edit and mix your audio files so you sound good.

Traverso DAW

Any DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) needs lots of functionality. Who knows, you may be working with .aif files one day and .wav the next. Or you may be importing both for use in the same podcast. That’s why I like Traverso.

It’s totally x-platform, you can add or remove lots of plug-ins and edit on the fly, even as the audio is playing. You can drop in a music bed in real time to monitor your progress.

Also, Traverso enables you to open numerous .wav and .aif files simultaneously without blowing out your systems’ cache. Powerful utility and easy GUI makes this one of my top picks for professional editors and beginners. Try it. You’ll like it.


Wavepad is a feature deep audio editor that comes with a kit full of special FX. It’s easy cut-and-paste GUI simplifies editing chores, but WavePad goes far beyond simple editing.

This editor comes with a package of FX echo, controlled distortion, automatic room tone generator and a bunch of other features that even the expensive audio editors don’t have.

WavePad works with .wav files, mp3 files and other Microsoft-based formats, but wait, there’s more. This editor is x-platform so you can import sound files in just about any format including .aif (Mac’s format), .vox, .ogg, .au, real audio and other popular formats used by YouTube and other social media sites.

WavePad is a real workhorse, enabling you to open as many time lines as you need, And mixing from stereo to mono is as simple as one click. I highly recommend WavePad for beginners cause you’re going to like what this editor does for you.

Free Wave MP3 Sound Editor

Free Wave MP3 Sound Editor is simple to use. That’s why I like it. It’s a strictly Windows-based tool that lets you record your podcasts in MP3 format.

Free Wave comes with a few FX features echo, noise reduction and such, but if you want to keep things simple and you don’t want a long learning curve, this is the editor for you.

BTW, even though Free Wave is strictly Windows based, your podcasts will automatically be translated from MP3 or .wav format to Mac’s proprietary .aif format, which means Mac users will hear you loud and clear.

Simple. No learning curve. A couple of features. If that’s all you need, Free Wave is all you need.

Expstudio Audio Pro

Lots of features with this editor/mixer including voice conversion and manipulation, easy zooming on the GUI for those fine edits, mic in the sound or import it from a full slate of sources, visual editing simplified.

Also comes with the full package of features standard:

  • Room tone generator
  • Noise filters
  • File conversion (.wav to .aif, .aif to .wav, for example)
  • Multiple markers with complete labeling functionality
  • Compression to ADPCM, GSM, ALF2 and other industry-standard compression formats so your audio sounds good on any system using any browser. In other words, listeners hear you, not noise.

Got something to say? Got something worth hearing? Consider adding podcasts to your site and change them often.

Regular, updated podcasts create site stickiness. Give visitors a reason to come back with professional-sounding podcasts.

This is a guest post by Edward Khoo, a tech blogger based in Malaysia. Follow him on Twitter @squall768. Want to guest post for us? Visit the Guest Post information page to read how you can submit guest posts to us.

How to add Windows Calculator to Excel 2007 Quick Access Toolbar

While working with excel 2007 worksheet, you would want to perform some calculation and make use of Windows Calculator. To access calculator you have to go through some steps, sometimes it could be a time consuming process. Adding Windows Calculator to the Excel 2007 quick access toolbar will help you reduce the hassle and save your time. It is pretty useful to perform quick calculations.

Below I’ve described how to add windows calculator in Microsoft Excel 2007 quick access toolbar.

How to add Windows Calculator to Excel 2007 quick access toolbar

It is quite simple process to add windows calculator in quick access toolbar. Follow the steps  below.

  • Open MS Excel 2007 and go to the quick access toolbar.


  • Click on the arrow and select More Commandsoption.


  • The Excel optionwindow will pop out. Now select Commands Not in the Ribbon.


  • The list will appear in the left side. Select calculatorfrom the list and click on Addbutton. Click on Okto apply this settings.


  • Now windows calculator is added in excel’s quick access toolbar and you can access it easily from toolbar.


If you want to remove the calculator from the quick access toolbar then right click on the item calculatorand click on Remove from Quick Access Toolbar.

Now you can perform all your quick calculation in the windows calculator from the quick access toolbar of your excel and save the time. You can also customize the quick access toolbar in MS excel 2007 adding more item in it and comfortably bypass the hassles and time consuming processes.

Note: There are some newer Microsoft keyboard that comes with a button which launches the calculator directly from it. It is even more easier to access the windows calculator.

This is guest post by Tanmay Ahmed from Softslas, where you can read everything about computers and technology. Want to guest post for us? Visit the Guest Post information page to read how you can submit guest posts to us.

Top 7 Ways To Watch Movies On Internet For Free Legally

Watching movies and browsing Internet are the favorite pass time activities of most of the people of 21st century. Then how does the idea of amalgamation of both the activities sound? Let me make it vivid, I am talking about watching movies on Internet for free. And yes, I am indicating towards all the legal ways. Now, you surely want to read this article to make the best of it. Below is the list of best 7 ways to watch movies on Internet for free:


When I say free movies on Internet, there is nothing bigger and better than Hulu. Whether it would movies or TV shows, Hulu has got it all to serve your requirement of a free online TV.


But the main limitation with Hulu is that it serves only American audience. It is indeed a King Gorilla in America. So if you are an American resident, you can enjoy the Hulu services for free. Visit Hulu.

YouTube Movies

is the first name that pops out of your head whenever you hear the term Online Videosand that it the reason why there are more than 1 billion views on YouTube each day. YouTube hosts number of full length movies, documentaries and TV Shows.


You can find some geo-restrictions on some of the movies, but overall this is my favorite online movie destination. Visit YouTube Movies.


Internet Movie Database popularly known as IMDB offers a huge collection of wonderful movies and TV shows for free. You will be surprised and thrilled by the collection of movies at IMBD. To be precise, it is simply HUGE and so does the tag line says, Earth’s Biggest Movie Database.


Visitors use IMDB as a trusted movie review destination but the count of the people using IMDB as online movie theatre is not less either. Visit IMDB.

Internet Archives

Internet Archives is the favorite stop of number of people who look for free online movies. And once you use it, it will soon become your numero uno free movie destination too. This portal features a huge collection of movies of almost all genres which include comedy, horror, action and many more.

internet archive

I have found Internet Archives as the best place to relish foreign movies. Here is the complete video library of Internet archive.

Free Movies Online (FMO)

FMO is the abbreviation of Free Movies Online. The name itself tells you the story. This is the place where you can watch TV Shows, Cartoons, TV Series for free.


FMO is one of my favorite destinations for watching movies of all genres on Internet for free because of its classy collection of movies and TV Shows. Visit FMO.

Classic Cinema Online

If you love to watch classic movies, Classis Cinema Online is the portal that you will fall in love with.

classic cinema online

This web site offers you with some wonderful movies which include Action to Westerns and even old cinema shorts and news reels. I recommend this site to your parents, grandparents and every other person who love watching classic movies. Visit Classic Cinema Online.

Film Annex

Film annex allows you to watch as well as download movies on Internet for free. Once you visit the site you will be surprised to witness its huge collection. All the films offered by Film Annex are made by independent directors living in different parts of the planet.


You can opt to watch them online or download them. If you own an iPhone, then this site can be accessed on your phone also.

These are some of the best web sites where you can watch online movies and TV shows for free. All you need is a computer and Internet connection, and you are on your way to relish some of the mind blasting movies for free. If you are aware of similar web sites which too offer such services, please share them with us. Visit Film Annex.

This is a guest post by Prasanth Chandra from  PCs Place who recently started  Review Unit , a blog about Gadgets, Software, Web apps. Want to guest post for us? Visit the Guest Post information page to read how you can submit guest posts to us.

Protect Your Important and Personal Data

Why to protect data?

These days most companies, large or small, store their data in computers and laptops. Maintaining paper files is not only cumbersome but also outdated. Some experienced computer users often take a backup of their important data to ensure that their data is safe in case of any untoward incident or unauthorized access. Storing confidential data on local network can cost your business a lot especially if it is accessed by an outsider or an unfaithful employee. Data security involves protecting the data by taking regular back-ups, providing restricted access and ensuring that an anti-virus program is in place.

How to protect important data?

1. Rename files: Rename the files and folders so that anyone who accesses it won’t get any clue as to what is contained inside just by reading the folder name. You can also move important file to deeper folders. One precaution that you must take here is to remember the location of the file because if you yourself forget where your files are, the whole purpose will be lost.

2. Encrypt files: Encryption is now becoming a popular way to protect data. Encryption transforms readable files into unreadable cipher and only after you provide a decryption key, you can access the data. You must always keep sensitive data encrypted to enhance security. Encryption also protects your files from Malware.

3. Disguise files: You can disguise files by changing its icon. This way no one will come to know what format it is or what is inside them. For example, you can disguise your important folder as Recycle Bin and the files as a picture.

4. Lock files: You can easily lock the files or folders by specifying a password. This way only you or anyone who knows the password will be able to access them.

5. Hide files: This is another smart move to protect confidential data getting into wrong hands. Hiding files is pretty easy. You can check the Help to know how it is done.

6. Put files in a encrypted virtual disk: Many software programs are available these days to help you create encrypted virtual disk where you can store all your sensitive data to avoid unauthorized access. You can easily dump all your important files and folders in this virtual disk. To an outsider, the encrypted virtual disk will appear only as something junk. You can also put the file in an encrypted dummy disk that needs a password to open it.

Pros & Cons of Different Methods of Data Protection

methods Protect local data Protect the data of removable medium(USB flash drive and CD) Speed of encrypting and decrypting Does the safe mode work? Does the protection of Dos mode work? if it is no copy? If it is no rename If it is no delete Estimate security of the whole
rename files support support Very high Yes No No No No Bad
Encrypt files support support Very low Yes Yes No No No Fine
disguise files support support High Yes Yes No No No Fine
Lock files support Not support Very high Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Very good
Hide files support Not support Very high Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Very good
Put files in a encrypted virtual disk support support Low Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Very good

What’s the best way to protect data?

This is a complicated question because every user has a different data security need. For example, some users have low security needs as their data is not highly sensitive whereas some users don’t mind buying an expensive data security software as they just cannot afford to lose the data. Let’s take a look at some common scenarios where a person would need data protection solution.

1) Free data protection software: The software for data protecting is mostly based on the principle of renaming files. It can not only protect local data but also store data in USB flash drive. You can choose it if you don’t have high data security needs.

2) Need to protect local data: You must use a software for locking files and folders, which based on the principle of protecting system for cored data. You can even hide data, to prevent unauthorized access and preventing modification, copying, and deletion of data. Such software programs can protect the data in a more secure way. One such program that is recommended is QIQI Folder Lock, which is safe, simple, useful, and costs only $24. You can download it right now.

3) Protect the data in USB: If USB is what you prefer, then you must choose a virtual disk software; actually software for encrypting data is also fine, but it takes long to encrypt and decrypt.

4) Protect the data on CD: If you want to save the data on a CD, a virtual disk software or software for encrypting is advisable. A virtual disk software helps in protecting data on CD and is convenient and safe. QIQI CD DVD Bit Locker (coming) is encrypted software for carving but has other specialty. It’s simple and useful when it’s being carved means being encrypted. And what’s most amazing is that it looks like an empty disk after carving is done. That’s why it offers high security.

In a word, you can choose the  appropriate software to protect your data according to the importance of the data and the way you like to  save the data. 

This is a guest post by Bob, he is a freelance writer and software developer at http://www.touchupsoft.com/. Want to write a guest post for us? Visit the Guest Post information page to know how you can write and submit your own post to us.

3 Really Smart Ways to Track Deals Online

Internet provides us with a huge number of opportunities to save money on shopping by giving us access to sites listing daily deals, coupons and sales. Actually, these sites and tools are so numerous that you may get lost. This post is about being picky and smart when choosing the ways to track online deals.

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Monitor Deals with Twitter and Seesmic

is an awesome resource for the most recent updates on any topic. The only issue is that there’s so much buzz there that it is easy to be overwhelmed. There are a lot of useful tools that help to make sense of that buzz – I am sharing the one I am personally using: Seesmic.

Seesmic is a handy desktop application that runs on . It is really cool when it comes to creating customized Twitter search alerts. Let me show you:

1. Open Seesmic and search Twitter for the deals you are interested in (I was searching for [Dell coupons] for example)


2. You should see your search saved in the right-hand panel:


3. Whenever you click it, you will be taken to your search.


4. Moreover, once there’s a new Tweet containing your search term, you’ll be notified by a small popup (for that you’ll need to configure the tool by going to Settings > Notifications and putting a tick next to "Notify about new search results"):


Create Your Customized Email Alerts

There are several tools allowing to customize email alerts be letting you choose what and how to track.

Buxr is a coupon codes and deals community that offers quite a few nifty features like contests, wish lists and deal alerts. The latter hides behind "Profile" link – it sends you the update based on the following settings:

  • The merchant name (or track all merchants);
  • Deal type (product, coupon, sale or all);
  • Search term (e.g. [laptops])


PriceGrabber is another service that lets you track what you choose. It sends you an email alert once your chosen product price drops below the level you specify:


Use Trackle to Monitor Deals and Prices

Trackle is a web based tool (registration is required) that offers quite a few money-saving opportunities:

  • Monitor Craigslist sales;
  • Monitor updates on the New York Times Best Seller List;
  • Monitor store deals and coupons: there are over 500 stores available.
  • Monitor Amazon deals;
  • Monitor Shopping.com deals;
  • Track any product price (just provide the product URL and the target price).

Moreover you can configure it to send email alerts, instant alerts and even SMS alerts:


Do you use coupons to save some money? Please share your thoughts!

The guest post is by Ann Smarty, a search blogger, social media enthusiast and funny screenshots lover. Interested in writing a guest post for us? Check out the rules and guidelines to guest post for us.

How to Fix Rundll32 or Error in Loading DLL?

One of the most infamous and commonly encountered errors, which is faced by an average computer user, is the rundll32 error loadingerrors. This is one of the erroneous message windows, which gets displayed on your computer screens before start up. The message can be highly intimidating as well as patience testing, especially if you are in a dire and urgent need for the computer. The major cause of these error messages is the occurrence of spyware on your system, and can surely cause you much inconvenience in situations where not using your computer may have certain financial repercussions. Apart from spywares, a lot many other reasons have been cited for the occurrence of such an error message.

The registry of a computer is a home to many different dll files, which are appropriately loaded as well as reloaded during the execution of various programs on the computer. These dll files have fixed location in the registries and are loaded from that particular location. However, there might be situations in which, some of the shared dll files can get renamed or relocated by mistake. This may especially happen during installing and uninstalling programs. Thus now when a particular dll file is required to be loaded again, the computer would search for the location of the dll file in the registry. On not finding the dll file there due to its relocation or renaming, the computer would slow down it’s overall activity and would forage for the dll file everywhere else, throughout the directory. In case the dll file has been deleted, or it has been relocated to a position, which is obscure and cannot be reached by the computer system, the result is the occurrence of rundll32 error loading.

The most appropriate choice when it comes to fixing up rundll32 errors is suitable registry repair software. Such software have been specially designed to repair the registry as well as the various effected files in the registry, in a manner, which does not cause any further damage to the registry. Many computer users often try to repair such rundll32 error loading messages on their own. However; this can prove quite costly for your registry, especially in case you do not possess much experience into the job. This is because any damage caused to the registry can prove fatal for your system. This is the reason why it is advisable to choose plausible registry repair software, when it comes to fixing a rundll32 error loading.

There is an innate strategy through which registry repair software functions and helps in preventing the occurrence of a rundll32 error loading. The very first thing, which any registry repair software does, is to scan the registry properly. Once this has been done and the real reason behind the damage caused to the registry has been diagnosed, the registry repair software cleans the registry of all the various pieces of erroneous and incomplete information. This is how the rundll32 error is prevented from occurring again.

This is a guest post by Bob is a freelance writer and software developer for http://www.qiqisoft.com. Interested in writing a guest post for us? Check out the rules and guidelines to guest post for us.