GTA: Vice City Re-Released On The Play Store

A few days ago, Rockstar released Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on the iOS App Store and the Play Store. However, the Android version of the game was buggy with most people who purchased the game unable to even download the extra required files or the game failing to even start.

Thanks to all the 0-star ratings and negative reviews, Rockstar pulled the game from the Play Store but promised that it will bring it back soon with all the bugs fixed. Today, the company has once again re-released GTA: Vice City on the Play Store with all the bugs fixed.

Before you get excited, keep in mind that the game is incompatible with quite a few popular Android devices out there including some variants of the Galaxy Note 2, some U.S variants of the Galaxy S2, all Tegra 2 based phones and a few other devices.

If you get an incompatibility error, I will suggest you to email the Rockstar support team. Rockstar has also uploaded the whole 1.4GB+ of game files to the Play Store so the 15-minute refund window of the Play Store will start only after the game has finished downloading.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Coming To iOS And Android Later This Fall

Last year, Rockstar games released GTA 3 on the iOS and Android platform, and this year, they brought Max Payne to two of the world’s most popular mobile OS.

Today, Rockstar announced that they will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of one of its popular games – Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – that was released on October 29th, 2002, by releasing some never-seen-before artworks, new anniversary trailer, and a limited number of collectable promotional items.

Most importantly though, Rockstar will be releasing an Anniversary edition of the game, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, for selected iOS and Android devices. GTA 3 is one of the most graphically (texture) intensive games available for Android devices, and it looks like Vice City will be no different. Rockstar states that GTA Vice City will feature native high-resolution graphics and several other enhancements “unique to the iOS and Android platforms”.

The official announcement from Rockstar does not mention any exact date as to when the game will be available for Android and iOS platforms, except for a vague “later this fall”.